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"My dear Heechul, I'm so sorry for your loss."

Heechul smiles at the woman in front of him, her name a mystery to him. Her hair is done in a tidy knot, her eyebrows are thin and sharp, which is in stark contrast to her kind, sad eyes. From hthe way she hold her head, Heechul can sense that she's part of the upper-class. She probably was a friend of his husband. Well, ex-husband you could say. He bows his head to her and lets his hat shield his face, a secret smile on his lips.

"Yes, it is truly a tragedy that he left us so soon. Way too soon. How dreadful that no one can find what the cause was. It truly saddens me that there is such a mystery surrounding his death. I just wish to know what happened to my love," he speaks sadly, all though the smile never leaves his lips. He slowly looks up from under his hat at the woman who was nodding, the sad look in her eyes deepening.

"Yes, truly a tragedy," she agrees, "Especially since he had no health issues. He was such a healthy, life-loving man. It's such a mystery how he died so young." She leans down to Heechul's ear. "All though I must say that there have always been people who have wanted him gone. He was a rich man, after all." She straightens her back and gives him another nod before walking away. Heechul turns the other way, a smile yet again forming. A rich man indeed.

The evening was uneventful. He got condolences from many people, most of whom he didn't even know the name of. He doubted they knew his. Not that he wanted to, really. It was all formalities anyway. He knew what to say and how to look, but that doesn't erase the fact that it's tiring to have to talk with so many empty voices,

He walks towards the table with drinks and fills a glass of blood red wine. He sips it slowly, making sure his lipstick doesn't get messed up. He has to look like an elegant man who is grieving, not like some low-life widow. He grabs a small mirror from the pockets of his black cloak and opens it, making sure he looks as regal as ever. His eyes still are red from all the crying he had to do today, but that isn't too bad. If anything, it only sells the act more.

In the reflection of the mirror he sees someone coming up to him again from the back of the room - probably to say empty words yet again - when he notices something in the corner of his eyes. Or rather, someone. Quickly he turns to the figure in the black suit and starts walking towards them, his black coat making a sweeping gesture behind him and heels making a clicking sound.

Standing in front of the figure, he finally lifts his head enough to show his eyes to the person, having shielded them for the rest of the night. Except for when he needed to 'cry', of course.

"Good evening, Min Kyunghoon," he says, looking in the eyes of the man in front of him. The man smiles at him and lowers his head.

"A good evening indeed, Kim Heechul," he replies back. They stare at eachother a few moments, eyes never leaving the other, before Heechul interrupts the silence.

"So, I take it everything is.. arranged?" He asks, looking around him to see if people are close. When he notices there are people nearby he swiftly guides them to a closed-of area nearby. Kyunghoon nods his head and lowers his voice so that only Heechul will hear.

"Yes, the money will be deposited by tommorow night, so we have a week to stay here, to make sure it doesn't look suspicious, before-"

"-before I move, because this place makes me think of my husband and of how much I miss him," Heechul finishes, sniffing loudly. The plan is printed in his head. They can't afford to make any mistakes.

Kyunghoon smiles at him. "Yes, before you move to another place. I'll move a few days before. No one is watching a poor servant, anyway."

Heechul tuts and shakes his head. He grabs the front of Kyunghoon's suit and drags it towards him. He lets his lips graze the other man's ears.

"Some people do," he whispers, turning his head to the side and kissing his jaw. He hears Kyunghoon let out a quiet laugh and pulls back, smiling too. Kyunghoon pulls him forward and gives him a real kiss.

"Yes, some people do. Now let's go back, darling. We don't want them getting suspicious, do we?"

"Why would they have to get suspicious, love? We didn't do anything wrong. It's not our fault a little poison slipped in his drink without anyone noticing," he whispers. Kyunghoon chuckles.

"Of course not, we have to make sure your next husband doesn't meet the same fate, do we?" he teases back.

"I've heard stargazing from high buildings is a romantic date. Would be a shame if something were to happen."

Kyunghoon quickly grabs his hand and squeezes it.

"It sure would be, darling."