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sins of the sea (hiatus ; writer's block)

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Lightning riddled the sky, thunder shaking the trees with its intensity. The storm was right on Liyue Harbor’s doorstep. And in the eye of it stood a humanoid figure, glaring red eyes piercing through the flying debris and powerful winds. It had horns and a swishing tail, malice leaking from it and coating itself like a dark aura. It hovered- no, stood on the ferocious waves of the harbor, threatening to drown the docks and sink the ships. Everything about it was a black shadow, save for where Electro energy coursed through its body. Racing up in jagged lines from its fingertips, the ends of its horns that pulsed with each sound of thunder, and its neutral spine and scars that streaked across it like the lightning in the sky.


Its presence spoke of death, and it was knocking on Liyue’s door.