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Serenity in You

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I was playing hide and seek with my younger siblings, Lucy, Peter, Edmund and Susan.

I'm older than Peter who is 13-years old, but I am 33-years old—though, it has never extinguished the child in me.

It's the second World War and I miss my home, my parents, my family. I got send away from London along with the younger ones, because I was useless, like always. I'm the family's black sheep. I feel bad for myself. I want to go to a world where I could be accepted just as I am. Different. Not a freak.

Peter has told me that I should get a job, but depression has locked me into my room. I'm sad all the time and cry for my parents who I'm afraid to lose. I hate this war. I hate my life.

I want to be treated as an equal and as a child-spirited adult, who likes to play with siblings.

"One... Two...", counted Peter as his voice echoed in the large, expensive corridor.

I had to hide somewhere and quickly. I ended up following Lucy's shadow as I knew her the best. She was the expert at hide-n-seek.

Peter will never find me, for I am determined to win this game.

I ran down the stairs with Lucy and up another set of stairs. She's very fast even though she's only 8. We bump into stupid Edmund, who steals Lucy's and my hiding place.

"I was here first!" he whined.

I grit my teeth and put my hand on Lucy's shoulder, "Come on Lucy, he's not worth it!"

Lucy looks up at me with her brown orbs and smiles, "I know a place, big sis!"

She opens up a door to a room and bump into her accidentally, for she stood frozen by the door.

I start by asking what's wrong, but see a cloth covering something in the ominous room.

Closing the door behind me, I follow Lucy up close and Lucy steps behind me.

I don't know what it is, but this calls for me, whatever it is.

As we close in, I take a hold of the cloth and rip it away and gasp.

There's a massive wardrobe.

Lucy opens the doors and steps inside the closet, "Hurry up, Peter is gonna find us!" I say on que as I hear Peter arguing with Edmund behind the door.

I close the doors and we start slowly moving through rows of fur coats. Lucy takes my hand in fear as we descend farther and farther away from sunlight.

Suddenly I feel something poking my cheek and it's almost as if has gone down 20 degrees.

I stumble forward as something trips over and fall face flat on something cold. It's snow?!

How? We are inside a wardrobe. How could there be snow? Lucy looks in awe the surroundings, and as I lift my Gaze up, I'm greeted by a forest. A winter wonderland.

"Lucy stay behind me! We don't know what this is yet!" I shout to her as she starts moving away from me. I don't want to lose my baby sister.

"It's okay, Peggy!" she assures with her sweet voice.

We then start walking around the forest, carefully analyzing our surroundings. This could be dangerous.

It was snowing, but I wasn't cold. Lucy on the other hand was shivering, "Go get a coat, Lucy. There's plenty in the wardrobe".

She did as I told her to.

"Why aren't you getting one?" she asked in confusion.

I smiled reassuringly, "I don't feel the cold. It kinda feels like home.. In a way..."

I twirl my platinum blonde locks and my shimmering blue eyes smiled at the scene before me.

As I back away I again stumble and fall a hill down until I land onto something— or someone.