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the sounds that my brain makes when i'm alone

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You really are worthless, huh? Everything you do fails. And now this. You broke it. You broke your relationship. You fucking broke something again. You broke Cordelia’s heart. She will never talk to you and if she does, that will be to kick you out of here. You are just like Hank and she will tell you that.


No, don’t say anything.

“Misty? I know you are there”

Just stay here until she is not mad.

“Misty, come out of there!”

Okay, do it, she is too mad.

“Hey, darling! Why did you flee out of the room like that?”

Don’t say anything, she will get furious.

“C’mon tell me, please?”

Take a deep breath before say the stupid thins you are about to.

“I just thought I made you mad and you wouldn’t want to talk to me again”

“No, even if I was mad I would want to talk it out”

She’s right, bit you don’t deserve it.


“I know your mother did this, but I am not her and you know it”

“Yeah just…”

“It’s alright, darling, now let’s go back in bed”