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A brief moment

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Every time he came over, he longed for his touch.

The feeling of Leon’s fingers trailing down his body, both boys staring into their eyes as Leon reached more sensitive spots; playing with his nipples, fondling his thighs, and even playing with Franklin’s dick on a good day. 


And right now, that dick was all Leon wanted. 

He pulled Franklin’s cock out, watching it grow as he undressed. Franklin slowly pushed himself back on the bed to get in a more comfortable position. He slid his pants off to reveal his entire lower body, even raising his shirt a little to tease his homie. Leon wastes no time. He forgets the condom and lube, he won’t need it for this session. 


He sits himself on Franklin’s dick, holding back moans as he feels the immediate pleasure. He could hear Franklin groan under him as he could feel his cock entering Leon’s hole. 

Leon picks up the pace, riding Franklin’s dick, moaning out as the pleasure continues. Franklin grabs Leon at his thighs, continuing the work for him, feeling his penis enter and exit his hole. 


The pleasure overloaded their nerves. Franklin’s thrusts became sloppy as he neared his release. He releases inside Leon, his body shuddering as he came into him. Leon moans, but relatively stays silent during the ordeal.


They share a kiss and have a brief make out session before Franklin gets a hold of Leon’s dick. Leon gasps as he notices, but doesn’t do anything to stop him. Franklin slowly begins to stroke his cock, looking in his lovers eyes as he did so. It didn’t take long for Leon to release, ejaculating all over Franklin’s hand.