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Time and rules

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“8.28am” Kara registers as she glances at her watch, the thought causes her heart rate to rocket and her hands to start fiddling with her glasses.
‘I hate this job’ she thinks, ‘the stupid computer software, the squeaky chair and the pretentious douche who always takes 10 minutes at the new coffee machine ‘roasting beans’ like he owns the concept of coffee’.

“8.29”, ‘anyone could’ve predicted that the Catco stocks would plummet when Ms Grant left but never to the extent it did - layoffs hit hard, really hard.’

“8.30”, ‘finally.’
*Ding* The elevator doors open and she waltzes out, hips swaying, back straight and raven black hair contrasting the dark red lipstick that’s been carefully drawn on her lips. Her lips. Kara glances down and notice the files in her handbag, ‘I can’t believe she did more work when she left at 1.38am’ Kara thinks astonished, ‘I’m more concerned than impressed because the files in her bag are becoming a trend.'

Kara’s cheeks begin too flush as she feels a gaze, she quickly shifts her concerned look from the handbag to her. Shinning green eyes flutter and then turn stern when she registers Kara’s worry. Without hesitation her walk continues, into her office, door closed.

“8.34”, ‘I know I’m not supposed to worry, it’s not part of the plan. I know humans do this love thing differently; relationships start online, are between two people, three people, six people, they date casually. I’m just not used to this.’ Kara spirals.

“8.35”, *message alert*
*12.30? - L*
Kara lets out a breath she didn’t realise she was holding in, ’Phew, the worry didn’t scare her.’
*I’ll be there - K*

“12.25”, ‘why can’t I fix my hair?’ Kara brushes her hair with a frustrated huff, excitement and nerves bubbling inside of her. With a little jump of energy she leaves the bathroom ready for her 12.30 meeting.

“12.30”, *knock knock*
“Ms Luthor?”

“Ms Danvers, come in.” Her voice smooth, collected sends shivers down Kara's body.
She finishes her last piece of work and Kara feels her eyes watch her shift around the room, Kara’s hand running over the bumps in the sofa, breathes increasing in anticipation. She stands from her chair and slides to the front of her desk, slightly leaning against the front, arms crossed and eyebrows slightly raised. Kara swears she sees her smirk slightly causing her too blush.

“Ms Danvers, are you going to fiddle with the couch all day? I think you of all people would understand the limited time I have free.” Kara giggles and edges her way closer to the woman, the scent of perfume getting stronger.

“I’m sorry Ms Luthor, I wouldn’t want to waste your precious, precious time” Kara places her hand over hers and Lena laughs - it’s small but it’s a laugh you don’t want to miss, well a laugh that the blonde woman craves.

Lena takes a sharp breath and places her hand on the curve of Kara’s back, slowly, sensually lowering it as she simultaneously leans in littering a small breath onto Kara’s lips. “You, Ms Danvers have been staring at my lips, outside of this office.”
Kara leans in a places a soft kiss against Lena’s plump, dark red lips, “Can you really blame me boss?” Lena’s hand finally reaches Kara’s ass and she glides her hand against the kryptonians cheek, her fingers reaching and grabbing her blonde hair with a slight tug.
Kara, currently placed between Lena’s legs, falls into a kiss going from soft to desperate, passionate and harsh. Kara’s hips start grinding against Lena, Kara wearing a pastel blue pantsuit and Lena a black skintight dress with a small plunge on her chest. Lena moans quietly when she feels Kara beginning to grind, pulling her closer so every inch of her possible is pushed against her body. They revel in the desperate kiss for a moment before Lena lightly pushes against Kara’s chest, moving her until Kara’s back hits the wall, Kara’s breath hitching and Lena’s eyes

“Fuck Kara, you’re so beautiful”, Lena stops for a moment coming to the realisation she made her thought public and Kara attempts to hide her fluttering heart. Shaking off the moment fast Lena continues, placing her hand on the zip of Kara’s pants while kissing her neck, Kara’s head falling back as blood rushes to her core. “Talk to me Kara, tell me what you want”
“Your lips”, she grabs Lena’s face and runs both her hands through the shiny black hair, enjoying her limited availability to make Lena dishevelled.
Kara leans into Lena’s lips, giving her a slow kiss, her tongue grazing her top lip before lightly grabbing it with her teeth and pulling before going straight back in to feel and taste every part of her bosses mouth.

“Your lips Ms Luthor, please”, Lena’s eyes glint with excitement and adrenaline before answering, her left hand going under the blue shirt, feeling Kara’s abs tense and sliding up too her chest, grabbing Kara’s left breast, deeply massaging the skin while tempting the nipple the way she knows Kara likes. Her knowledge confirmed by Kara’s deep moan and small shudder.
Kara becoming inpatient uses her hands to gently but affirmatively push Lena’s head down to her pants, Lena using the opportunity to pull down the pants and glance up at the woman begging for her lips.

“You know I love to hear you Ms danvers but please remember the rules, not so loud that your fellow colleagues have a new piece of gossip for the break room” Kara looks down, realising how hard these rules were becoming too follow.

“Of course Ms Luthor, I’ll try”

“Good girl” Kara moans as quietly as possible, “don’t worry, you’ve done so well so far”. Lena pulls down Kara’s boxer briefs and slightly nudges her clit with her mouth sending a jolt through Kara and helping Lena realise just how sensitive she really was. “You’re so wet Kara”.
“Well maybe you shouldn’t wear dresses like that and walk past me multiple times a day” Kara says with a breath of anticipation.

“Well that’s something I just can’t promise you darling” and with that Lena lightly pushes her lips against Kara’s clit, using her tongue to draw circles while Kara stifles a moan as well as she can. Lena gets deeper and faster, licking and savouring the fluids coming from the woman shuddering above her.

“M-m more”, the brunette looks up for a second catching the blue eyes pleading for more.

“Don’t worry about me darling, be rough, use me.” Kara’s brain stops for a second, overwhelmed by the woman kneeling in front of her.

“Use you?”

“Yes. Stop thinking, but bear in mind that I’ll double tap your thigh if I want you to stop .. though staring at you right now I couldn’t imagine myself doing so.”

Kara, not being able to wait anymore grasped Lena’s hair and pushed her centre against Lena’s lips pushing down hard, harder while intensifying the grip on her hair.

Lena felt a pool forming in her pants, but attempted to focus on the gorgeous woman currently grinding on her face, the forcefulness unlocking a hunger in her she hadn’t experienced in a long time.

“Tongue Ms Luthor”. Lena does as she’s told for a second before stopping.

“Wow Kara, you’re doing so good at telling me what you want, it’s fucking hot.”

Lena continues, Kara grinding harder, faster.

“I’m nearly there, oh god I’m gonna cum,” Lena moans against her clit, the vibrations sending her closer and closer to the edge, a sign for Kara that she could let go.

Kara orgasms, shuddering and gripping onto Lena for support and the brunette goes slower and more particular allowing Kara to ride out the euphoria.

Lena eventually makes her way up the surprisingly toned body of her assistant and connects their lips.

They both stand leaning on each other revelling in the buzz, both simply but secretly enjoying each others company too much to part.

“Lena, I want to talk to you before I leave.”

“I’m sorry Ms Danvers, you know that’s against the rules” Kara recognises a small waiver in her voice, something that’s never happened outside of sex before.

“Yeah well, I want to change the rules… Lena.”