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Today I bring you the first-ever data book explaining a few things about the story!

As well as touching on certain subjects, Semblances, Aura techniques, that will be important for later chapters in the story, but nothing of a spoiler! (Too much if a spoiler)

Remember, this only covers the "Prologue Arc" and "Aura training Arc" of the story.

I'll also mention Canon stuff and My Canon stuff.

Let's get into it!





For those of you who have read "Pineapple" by Imyoshi, Jaune uses dust with his sword, however, in order to be different, I did want to do something different and I always was fascinated by the concept of Aura in Canon and how other fanfic authors use them.

Thus, Aura Techniques were created!

Each aura Technique is based on other Anime powers.

"Aura Slash" or "Arcus Mortis" was a direct take from Ichigo's Getsuga Tenshou

"Aura Sight" is a combination of Observation Haki and the Sharingan

"Aura Step" is a combination of Flash Step and the body flicker technique.

These are only three of many more Aura techniques that have been shown so far, and are the main ones used by Jaune. It should also be noted that certain aura Techniques come with a price, should the user not fully master them.

An unmastered "Aura Sight" can strain the eyes if used for to long without proper training. If used for much longer then the user can take, their eyes will begin to bleed, and should they continue to keep using it despite the pain and bleeding, this is when permanent damage occurs, such as complete blindness.

When "Aura Step" is incomplete and unmastered, the reality is a simple gain of speed, however, should the technique be used a lot longer then needed, the muscles of the legs become sore, and the more it is pushed, the more it causes damage to the body, cashing muscles to tear or worse for bones to break.
Also, Aura Techniques are able to be used by common Huntsmen but never mastered as stated by Taiyang in Ch.10.

This is mostly because their Aura is only at 100% (the average percentage of everyday huntsmen) and because some semblances are directly connected to Aura, thus causing the semblance to be powered mostly by Aura and certain external factors. People with Higher Aura levels have enough to actually master the Aura Techniques of their choosing. However, it should be known that Magic can also boost a person's Aura greatly should it be their own magic.

Ozpin, before completely fusing with the soul of Ozma, had an Aura percentage of 100 even when he had a semblance, but once the fusion between them was complete and the magic was permanently in Ozpin, his aura was boosted greatly by 1,000%.

The same is the same with Taiyang Xiao-Long, his Aura was at 300%, but this was before his Semblance was unlocked, but when his semblance was unlocked, his Aura was boosted when to 500%. However, it should be noted that Tai has no magic, it was simply that not all of his aura reserves were opened.

This is theorized to be because his Semblance kept parts of his Aura reserves locked. It may also be the case for many other huntsmen who don't have their Semblance awakened, though it is unknown as most Huntsmen usually have regular Aura reserves which result in the common 100% Aura. Though a rare few have High Aura Reserves.

Though it should be known that Tai and Ozpin are not the only people with High Aura reserves. Some are well known.

Raven and Qrow Branwen once had the common Aura percentage of 100, but after being gifted with the magic to turn into birds by Ozpin, their Aura has gained a slight boost of 300.

Willow and Winter Schnee also have high Aura reserves at the percentage of 500%, however, this could be possible due to the fact that they are Schnee's, one of the most powerful families in Remnant.

Of course, Jaune Arc is theorized to be one of the many few people to have high Aura Reserves, however, many Aura Reader's, a term for people who can use their aura to read others Aura, such as Glynda Goodwitch and Professor Peach we're unable to read his Aura Percentage, which may speak volumes to his hidden potential.

However, he also isn't the first to have a situation like this. The leader of Team STRQ, Summer Rose, also has large Aura reserves. It was stated that her Aura Percentage was 900. Her aura is just as strong as Ozpin's.

Certain Semblance also uses Aura to power them. Yang and Ruby's Semblances are Examples of Aura-powered Semblances, but it should be known that most Semblances use Aura to power them. However, some Semblances don't use Aura to power them, such as Healing Semblances and draining semblances.

However, it is Unknown if Boosting semblances (which are rare), as well as Copy and Cloning Semblances, use Aura to power them.

But back to Aura Techniques.

How some Aura Techniques work is strengthening a person's body by pushing Aura into a certain part of the body.

However, this has consequences. As stated before, overuse of a certain body part or muscle with to much Aura can cause temporary or permanent harm to the user's body.

Some Aura Techniques have three stages in order to master them, such as "Aura Sight" and "Aura Step".

Aura Sight's first stage allows the user to see their opponent's movements in slow motion in order to react to them quickly. The Second stage of Aura Sight allows a person to identify A person's Aura based on Color. And since each person's Aura has a different shade of color, this makes them easy to identify. The Third and Final stage of Aura Sight allows a Person to seemingly predict a Person's Movement and attacks, allowing the user to prepare and react to the enemy's movements.

Aura Step's first stage allows the user to run faster than they usually are capable of. The second stage of Aura Step allows a person to seemingly disappear and teleport, however, in actuality, they are moving so fast that they appear that way. The third and final stage is similar but much faster as it is said that when using the third stage of "Aura Step" a person is able to create multiple after images, however, the only person to achieve this level is none other then Ozpin Himself.

Also, a very important note to mention is that some of these Aura Techniques were created over 100 years ago while some have been created recently. Aura Sight, Aura Step, and Aura Slash/Arcus Mortis were Aura techniques created a long time ago.

However, the Aura Technique that Taiyang Xiao-Long uses in Chapter 11 is called "Aura Fist" by most, it was created by Taiyang himself, and while many call it "Aura Fist" Tai himself calls it "Dragon's Punch"

Another Power that was seen Recently was the Aura ability Ozpin used in Chapter 10. This ability can not be stated just yet. But the information that can be given about it is that a person must be born with it, it can not be learned. The only person who is shown to use the ability right now is Ozpin himself. However, he is not the only one, as a Certain old Faunus Revolutionary by the nickname of "Black Betty" is another person able to use this ability and her's is a lot stronger than Ozpin's, even now.

However... they will not be the only ones to have it as a few other Characters will have it later down the line, but it is unknown when they will unlock this ability.





Who are the strongest students among the four academies that aren't part of the staff?

Well, that is hard to determine currently due to all the potential many 1st and 2nd-year students have been showing.

From Beacon, Team CFVY and Jaune Arc are said to be the strongest students, though Jaune's Spot is under debate, due to the fact that he slightly lacks in Swordplay and hasn't awakened his Semblance. However, his strategic mind and Intelligence, as well as his quick ability to learn almost any Aura technique, and the fact that he's quite unpredictable make him dangerous to certain people. Not to mention, he has yet to master his Aura Techniques and Unlock his semblances, meaning he has a lot more room to grow and become powerful. It's not uncommon that he may grow stronger due to family members such as his Grandmother, who is a legend in her own right, as she was one of the many leaders in the Faunus Revolutionary War.

As for Team CFVY, there is a lot to say about the sheer power this team has.

Despite her teasing behavior and sometimes Cocky attitude, Coco Adel is by far one of the smartest and strongest leaders In Beacon, her loyalty and leadership rival her fashion sense. Her physical strength is also proven by how easily she can carry and wield her weapon, known as "Gianduja", against other huntsmen and Grimm. And when you meet her, you better pray that you don't go against her fashion sense

As for Fox Alistair, despite, his comedic attitude, he is a demon when he fights, it does not matter the opponent, be they human or Grimm, even playing with his opponent's, just like a fox in the wild. Despite being blind, he does not let that stop him from being one of the most brutal yet efficient fighters at Beacon Academy. His intelligence is average, but his manipulative skill and sly words make him a force to be taken with caution. He is just as cunning and sly as his namesake.

As for Velvet Scarlatina, while she seems like a delicate flower, and resembles the stereotype of a shy bunny, do not let her kind and soft nature fool you. Her skills and Semblance make her one of the deadliest people to make an enemy, so don't make her angry. Her intelligence in technology and her photographic memory make her intelligence rival that of Jaune Arc and even her own leader, however, she is not always comfortable showing how smart she is, which is why she hides it from strangers.

As for the strong and tall Yatsuhashi Daichi, while he is noble and kind, he is a force to be wrecked with, after all, not just anyone can swing such a sword with so much force he can kill three Beowulf's in a row. Yatsuhashi is also skilled in ways of Aura techniques, and while not a master, he is close in certain aspects. Is intelligence is average, but his fighting ability is incredible as he is able to go up against full-fledged huntsmen and even Grimm a lot stronger than he is

These people are hailed as the strongest in Beacon amongst its student body.  In fact, these Beacon Students are given the nickname: "Beacon's 5 Beasts"

From Haven, Sun Wukong, Sage Ayana, Arslan Atlan, and Team CMEN are said to be the strongest people in Haven.

Sun Wukong, due to his speed, skill, and his sheer adaptability to any situation makes him dangerous and not to be underestimated. His intelligence and natural leadership ability make him a true poster boy for team leaders. While not having that much education growing up, he is a fast learner when it comes to new subjects and can easily understand other leaders' strategies. Many have actually compared him to a young Lionheart.

As for his Teammate, Sage Ayana, while he has not made an appearance yet in the story, he has earned himself the right to be one of the many to be the strongest among the four academies, as he is wise beyond his years, thanks to his upbringing and one of the most skilled fighters next to his own leader and Arslan Atlan. However, what truly makes him a force to be reasoned with is his Semblance... which some say is actually Sentiant...

Speaking of the Lioness herself, Arslan Atlan deserves to be one of the students to be hailed as the strongest at Haven Academy. She had participated many times in The Mistral Regional Tournament and is considered the 2nd strongest person in Mistral next to the one and only Pyrrha Nikos. She is both skilled in hand-to-hand combat, her Semblance, and even in using other fighting styles, she is unrelenting, like a lion on the hunt.

As for the entirety of Team CMEN (Carmen), while not much is known about them, they are ruthless when it comes to fighting. The leader, Cinder Fall, seemed to be very manipulative and while never seen fighting, her intelligence and Tactical mind almost surpass that of most team leaders in the four academies.

Then there's Marceline Black, she is one of the most ruthless Students among them, her cocky attitude backs up her skill and sheer strength is on par with people like Yatsuhashi Daichi and Sage Ayana, despite her body weight. Being trained to be an assassin makes you truly one of the strongest people in any academy... and one of the deadliest. Though she seemed to be very Anti-Social.

Next is Emerald Susitari, one of the most social and seemingly friendly members of CMEN, however, her fighting capabilities are on par with her partner Marceline. She is sneaky and quiet, and you will not expect an attack. Like a thief stabbing you in the back.

Not much is known about the fourth member of the team Mint/Neo. She is elusive and rarely seen, but when she is, be careful, as she is just as deadly and ruthless as the rest of her team.

These are the strongest student within Haven Academy. They have also been given a nickname, which is: "The 7 Emperor's"

Then there is the student who hails from Atlas, however, there only seem to be two promising students, Penny Polendina and Ciel Soleil, though not much is known about the two. Many say that Penny fights like she isn't human as she doesn't tire, making the misconception that she loves battle, yet she is one of the kindest and most innocent students within the academy.

As for her partner Ciel Soleil, she seems like every wannabe Atlas soldier, strict and uptight, however, despite her frame, she is one of the most powerful huntsmen in her academy as no one has seemed to beat her. However, this isn't completely due to her skills, but also because of her rare and strong semblance.

More detailed information about them is needed

Not much is known about the Shade students but the strongest student from the Academy seems to be Team BRNZ, Team NDGO, and Carmine Esclados. However, more detailed information will be told as the story progresses.





What are Ruby, Yang, Blake, Weiss, Nora, Ren, and Pyrrha currently doing after their failed initiation into Beacon?

Well here is the current information gathered by a certain bird on behalf of Ozpin.

Ruby Rose: After failing to get into Beacon early, she had returned home to the island of Patch and is still attending Signal academy. She has become more determined to reach her goal early as well as to hone her skills and Semblance, as well as study a lot more. She has been invited by Headmaster Ozpin to try to get into Beacon again next year. In her free time, she continues to train with her weapon, "Crescent Rose", and try to fully master her Semblance. However, she still has not taken lessons in order to improve her hand-to-hand combat.

Yang Xiao-Long: After failing to get into Beacon, she had returned home to the island of Patch. Since she is waiting to retake the Beacon initiation, she is currently working part-time with her Father, Taiyang Xiao-Long, to help get rid of Grimm and to help with some odd jobs here and there. She has upped her training regiment and tried to get control of her anger as well as her Semblance, her fighting style has improved and her physical strength almost rivals that of her own father now. As for her studies, she has been keeping up with them, but not because she wants to.

It should also be noted that she has been spotted going back to Juniors bar a few times after its reconstruction, this is most likely connected to the search of her estranged mother. Oddly enough, a strange raven has been seen watching over her...

Blake Belladonna: After failing to get into Beacon, Blake Belladonna has not returned home to the Island of Menagerie, but she has been spotted in the City of Vale, spying and gathering information on the organization she was once a part of, specifically tracking the movements of her mentor and/or ex-lover, Adam Taurus, who hasn't been seen much if either. From what information was gathered, she seemed to be doing fine and not in any harm at all as she had been keeping to the shadows. It is unknown if she has kept up with her training, but it is undeniable that she has. Currently, she has been staying with the bookstore owner known as Tukson, living above his store.

Weiss Schnee: [This information is direct observation and quote from Headmaster General James Ironwood] - "After failing to get into Beacon, Weiss Schnee, heiress to the SDC, returned back to Atlas. Not much has been seen of her, besides the appearance of her next to her father, but from what I've seen, and from what Winter has told me, she appears to be at least doing ok, that is the best both I and Winter can hope for. Winter tells me that she is still training and still wants to become a huntress, however, she refuses to attend Atlas Academy. From Winter's report, Ms. Schnee has been training harder than ever, in fact, she may be progressing faster than Winter was... Maybe even her own mother. She has also become quite protective of her younger brother, Whitely Schnee, after a supposed "accident" that broke his leg and arm and forced him to be in the hospital for days... Besides that, she seems to be in good health, at least in the physical sense..."

Pyrrha Nikos: After failing to get into Beacon, The Champion of Mistral, Pyrrha Nikos returned home to the city of Argus. There she is still training and participating in small tournaments. her training has been the same as she had been mostly been seen doing photoshoots for many other things besides Pumpkin Petes. She was invited to attend Haven Academy by Headmaster Lionheart, but she too refused, still wanting to attend Beacon. From a recent article, it was stated that she had stated that she wanted to slowly move away from doing tournaments in order to focus more on her training and studies as she wants to focus on preparing for her Huntress career, and her mother is happy for her.

Lie Ren and Nora Valkyrie: After failing to get into Beacon, the two did not return home to Mistral, in fact, it appears they have no home to go back to. They were last seen in Vale City working at a local diner in the southern part of the city, and have been staying at a local orphanage, where they appear to also be helping take care of the kids alongside the orphanage's owner. They have appeared to be upping their training regime as well as taking one day to help get rid of any Grimm infestation from nearby towns. They both seem really close and it seems that it is their bond that strengthens teamwork, they have also been offered to try next year for Beacon by Glynda Goodwitch, who has taken an interest in both of them, mostly Nora.

This is where they are now, but the question remains... will they return to Beacon next year?





As most know, the common and longest enemy against humanity is the Grimm. They have tormented and plagued humanity since the beginning. While they are dangerous in terms of combat some of them also have their own unique powers.

Take Nevermore's feathers, for example, they are able to fly with immense speed but when shooting off their feathers, the feathers become hard and sharp and are able to penetrate Stone and Metal.

If stung by a Deathstalker and you survive, the venom of the Grimm is dangerous but not deadly. While the venom isn't deadly, the effects of it will give the person extreme hallucinations of what they fear the most.

Rapier Wasps also have stingers and their own venom, which is worse than a Deathstalker's. Their stingers can shoot off their Abdomen and sting or pull targets. If stung, the venom of the Rapier will cause intense shooting and aching pains all over the body of the subject, this can sometimes lead to the death of the stung subject.

Wyverns are somewhat myths in the world, due to the fact that not many have been seen in over 300 years.

Wyverns are giant and dangerous Grimm who can not only spawn other Grimm but also have a variety of powers. Some were said to be able to breathe fire, like dragons in fairy tales, Fly at speeds that rival that of an Atlas Flagship, this breaking the sound barrier, and that they can also command Grimm it creates, however, it is said that some were able to fire a blast of black energy balls, killing and completely destroy buildings and many other things.

In fact, it is said that these black balls of energy, which are chalked up to magic, can actually bypass the protection of Aura, making this ability extremely dangerous.

However, despite the amazing and destructive powers this Grimm has, what makes it more dangerous is that it is highly intelligent, it has been said that these Grimm show intelligence even when young, making them even more dangerous.

In olden times, it was said that when commanding the Grimm it creates, it was able to find the weakest spots of a Human fort or army, even shown to destroy food and dust supplies in order to weaken a Human army. Tales of old even say that they could even speak! However, these are just stories and myths, no one really knows if these powers are real and if the Wyvern even exists...





In the story, many Characters take on new and different roles than in canon. However, we'll be focusing only on two in this small section.

Ozpin in this story is a bit like his Canon-self, however, with seeing the potential in Jaune, he takes a more active role than in Canon. As he is seen willing to teach Jaune how to master his Aura Techniques and even send him to someone who can help him achieve the next stages of his Aura techniques.

Ozpin is actually taking a few similar roles from other Anime Characters. Ozpin is a combination of Zangetsu, Urahara, and Captain Yamamoto. Ozpin has Urahahra's playfulness and intellect. Zengetsu's knowledge and willingness to teach the Main Character new things about their techniques and learn new things about themselves. And of course, Yamamoto's sheer power and ability to make others shit themselves.

As for Tai, he's also taking a bit more active role in this story and will continue to do so. He's a bit of a combination between Rengoku from Demonslayer and Jiraiya from Naruto. I like the idea that Tai is a bit similar to Rengoku in a few aspects, both seem upbeat even though they have been through a lot and how I get this feeling that Tai is someone of strong convictions and is someone who will stay true to those convictions, and both are amazing and powerful fighters. As for the Jiraiya aspect, both are mentors who help the Main Character grow both physically and mentally, while also giving them the wisdom of similar situations as they use to be like the Main Character. Not to mention both used to be part of legendary and powerful teams and let's admit it, we all thought Taiyang was a bit of a perv/lady's man back in the day, I mean, how else did he manage to seduce the other two members of his team (Poor Qrow... no bitches man)

Now does this mean they'll suffer some of the same fate as the Characters I sort of compared them to... Eh, I haven't decided yet.

I'll admit, there won't be a lot of main Character deaths in the Sugar/Crash, but in the sequel... oh boy! I got a lot of major deaths!





Canon-wise, categorizing Semblances in the Wiki is a huge mess. This is why I've just kind of made up my own categories.

So in this section, I will be talking about the Canon Semblances and Characters who in Canon don't have one/haven't been seen yet, who've I given a Semblance to. But I will also be touching on Semblance-related questions.

Also, there will be some types of Semblances that I would consider Sub-Categories, so if it has a Sub-Category label, then you know it's part of a Sub-Category

(also, if I mess up with categorizing certain Semblances, then all I can say is that I'm sorry).  (Edit: I don't want to Talk about the Wiki page since to me, it's a bit of a mess...)

Let's start with the first two we've actually seen in the story, Arslan and Taiyang's Semblances.

Arslan Atlan's Semblance is called "Cruel Burn" and this Semblance is an elemental Semblance, a Semblance that can control a certain element or variation of an element. "Cruel Burn" was displayed in Ch.9, and it allows Arslan to create fireballs and shoot them at people, however, that is not all her Semblance can do. As with all Semblance, there is a chance it will evolve. While this occurrence is rare, there have been cases of Evolved Semblance throughout history.

Arslan is one of these people who actually already has an Evolved Semblance.

However, she has tuck to her Fireballs and has not fully shown what else the Evolved version of "Cruel Burn" can do, but it might be better to not know...

Next up is Taiyang Xiao-Long, his Semblance is called "Anemoi", and this Semblance is an elemental type Semblance. "Anemoi" was displayed in Ch.11 and allows him to create large gusts of wind around his fist, which he can speed up and shoot at opponents, sending them flying, he calls this wind punch "Gale Impact".

Taiyang is, unfortunately, not one of the blessed to have an evolved Semblance, however, just because his Semblance is not evolved, does not make it any less dangerous, as "Anemoi" used to its fullest potential has been known to blow away a fully built house.

Now we get to the other Character's Semblances. However, I will not fully reveal what they can do but I will give what type of semblance they are and if they have the potential to Evolve.

Let's start with the girls:

Reese Chloris's Semblance is called "Voice", it's classified as a Hallucination Semblance, a Semblance that gives Hallucination to whoever the user chooses, Illusion and hypnosis Semblances falls under this category. As for its Potential to Evolve, can it? It can not, due to its simplicity and its abilities, it is a powerful semblance on its own.

Nebula Violette's Semblance is called "Shayde", and it's classified as a Teleporting Semblance, A semblance that allows the user to Teleport using certain methods and certain restrictions. Can it evolve? It has potential, however, it seems unlikely, as each Teleporting Semblance is different and has restrictions, like Raven Branwen's.

Raven's teleporting Semblance only allows her to teleport to people with who she has a connection, and a restriction like this causes her Semblance not to evolve. It seems to be the same with Nebula, as she has a restriction on her Teleporting Semblance as well.

Dew Gayl's Semblance is called "Unbreakable", and it is classified as an Armor Semblance, a Semblance that can harden the Protective Aura around a person's entire body. Can it Evolve? The potential is there since Armor Semblance sometimes has certain time restrictions, so it's possible that she could prolong the time restriction or break free from it completely.

Gwen Darcy's Semblance is called "Silentium Agni", and it is classified as a Domain Semblance, a Semblance that traps both the user and opponent in the DOmain of a certain range. Gwen's Semblance has a range of 15 feet. Can it evolve? No. Domain Semblance's are few, (but not rare) but those that have them can not evolve them. No matter what, a Domain Semblance can not evolve.

May Zedong's Semblance is called "Fumetsu no Kusari" and it is also classified as a Domain Semblance, with a range of 30 Feet. As stated with Gwen, it is impossible to Evolve this Semblance.

Ciel Soliel's Semblance is called "Cronos", and it is classified as an Ace Semblance, A type of Semblance that is extremely rare in the world. These types of Semblance also can be classified as more then just an "Ace Semblance", as Ciel's Semblance is also classified as a Domain Semblance, one that has both a Time and Distance Range. So it can not evolve.

Penny Polendina's Semblance is called "Wonderland", and it is classified as a Hallucination Semblance, though it is more accurately classified as a hypnosis semblance. Can it evolve? I do not know...

Edit: I had no Idea Neon's Semblance wasn't named or really Expanded upon, but it appears to be a Speed Semblance which leaves a rainbow trail behind, and I know it's based on a meme, but I won't be naming it after that, instead, I'll be calling it, "QuickNeon", and it will be a Power Semblance.

Now for the Boys:

Sage Ayana's Semblance is called "Onyunyo na ọkpụkpụ", and it's classified as an Ace Semblance due to its crazy and unnatural nature, In fact, if you encountered this Semblance, you'd think it wasn't, as it's more like magic. Can it Evolve? No, the type of Ace Semblance that Sage has can not evolve.

Brawnz Ni's Semblance is called "Tremor", and it is classified as a Power Semblance, a Semblance that seems more like a superpower, (Yang, Ruby, Pyrrha, and Ren are a few examples of having Power semblances)

Roy Stallion's Semblance is called "Fuego" and it is classified as an Elemental Semblance, however, while it does mean "fire" in Spanish, it isn't a Fire or heat element. Can it evolve? Yes, it has the potential to evolve and become much stronger than it is already.

Nolan Porfirio's Semblance is called "Hebe" and is classified as a Healing Semblance, a type of Semblance that can, of course, heal wounds. Can it evolve? Maybe, Nolan's Semblance is extremely strong for a healing semblance, but since it's already strong, there is a possibility that it could not evolve.

Ozpin apparently has No semblance listed in the Wiki, which is ok since I think Ozpin, the person before fusing with Ozma, wasn't able to unlock it, and so when they fused, and it was most likely replaced with Magic, they focused on using Aura Techniques and Magic.

Anyway, let's move on to the Categories of Semblances.

These are the Categories of the Semblances of our main Characters.

Sub-Category Elemental Semblances: Semblances that control a certain Element or variation of an element. Neptune, Roy, and Arslan are users of Elemental Semblances. This is a Sub-Category to Telekinesis or other Kinesis Semblances.

Sub-Category - Hallucination/Illusion semblances: Semblance that gives the user the ability to make people hear, see, or feel things. Neo, Emerald, and Penny are users of Hallucination/Illusion semblances. This is a Sub-Category to the Category of Mind/Soul/Intelligence related Semblances Category.

Sub-Category - Teleporting Semblances: Semblances that allow the user to teleport. Nebula and Raven are users of Teleproting Semblances. This is a Sub-Category of Power Semblances.

Sub-Category - Armor semblances: Semblances that give the user a stronger to more protective Aura coating around their body. Dew, Rhodes, and Tol have this type of Semblance. This is a Sub-Category of Power Semblances.

Sub-Category - Domain Semblances: Semblances allow the user to create large or small areas, even pocket Dimensions, where they are in control or are bale to store things, and each Domain is different. Gwen, May, May Marigold, and Fiona Thyme have this type of Semblance. (through May Marigold is also Categorized in both the Sub-Category of Cloaking Semblances and the Power Semblance Category). This is a Sub-Category to Power Semblance Category. (Side Note: These Semblances were names and based on the "Domain Expansions" in the Anime: Jujutsu Kaisen).

Ace Semblances: Semblances that are extremely rare amongst huntsmen and Semblances in General. (It should be noted that Boosting, Draining, Time Manipulation, Glyphs, and Sentient Semblances fall under this category). Also, if you're wondering why Glyphs are part of the Ace Semblance Category, well we know that it's the only inherited Semblance of the Schnee family, and it's a very versatile semblance as it appears to have more than one ability. This has no Sub Category.

Power Semblance: Semblances that seem like superpowers. Octavia is a user of this type of Semblance, using a speed type Semblance. This has five Sub-Categories, Teleporting Semblances, Armor Semblances, Domain Semblances, Conversion Semblance, and Cloning Semblances. Also if you're wondering how Yang, Ruby, Pyrrha, and Ren fit these criteria, well their semblances are more akin to superpowers.

Yang's Semblance, "Burn" is able to take damage and give it back 10 fold, this is a bit similar to Black panther's suit, taking kinetic energy and releasing it to a bigger extent.

Ruby's Semblance, "Petal Burst", as stated by Penny in vol.8, is able to disassemble herself at a molecular level and reassemble at a chosen location, negating her mass, which I think is kinda related to how The Flash is able to phase through objects, by speeding up parts of his body on a Molecular Level.

Pyrrha's Semblance, "Polarity" is able to control Metal, much like Magneto in X-Men. (seriously, I have nothing else, that's all the wiki pretty much gives us, she just is able to control metal objects)

Nora's Semblance, "High Voltage", allows her to be able to produce and channel electrical energy into her muscles, which give her all that enhanced strength, which again, kinda like Thor, though, we also know that she isn't immune to being electrocuted. she was hurt by Hazel during the Vol.5 fight and then once again when she absorbed too much during Vol.8, which gave her permanent scars.

Ren's Semblance, "Tranquility", allows him to cloak people's emotions and hide them from the Grimm, making them Invisible, like how some magical beings in almost any type of movie/show can hide or mask their abilities from other magical users, which is sort of like a superpower.

Healing Semblances: Semblances that allow people to use their own aura to heal others' wounds. This has no Sub-category and isn't a Sub-Category itself.

However, these are not the only Semblances Categories that exist, there are much more types.

Sub-Category - Cloning Semblances: Semblances that allow the user to make clones of themselves, known users are Blake Belladonna, Sun Wukong, and Flynt Coal. This has no Sub-category and isn't a Sub-Category itself.

Telekinesis or other Kinesis Semblances: Semblances that allow people to control objects or even elements to a far greater extent than Simple Elemental Semblances. Some Elemental and power Semblances Evolve to this type of Semblance. A Sub-Category of this Category is Elemental type Semblances. Also if your wondering why this isn't a Sub-Category to Power Semblances, well, in our world, Telekinesis powers would be considered a natural ability, and yes we still call it a superpower but to me, it's a bit different.

Mind/Soul/Intelligence related Semblances: Fox, Velvet, and Yatsuhashi are known users of this type of Semblance since Fox can communicate with others telepathically, Velvet can mimic people's moves, including their fighting style, and Yatsu can temporarily erase the minds of others, break mind control, and heal others' minds. (I would say that Canon Ren of Vol.8 Also evolved his Semblance to this type of Semblance since he is able to read a person's emotions, which is possible for certain Semblance's to do, cross over into a different type of category). A Sub-Category of this Category is Hallucination/Illusion Semblances.

Sub-Category - Conversion Semblance: Semblances that convert energy and then can release the energy by 10 fold. Adam is a known user of this type of Semblance, however, Yang is also part of this category.

Probability Manipulation: Semblances that manipulate the probability of an outcome. The known Canon users of this type of Semblance are Clover Ebi and Qrow Branwen, though both are also in the Category of Passive Semblances. However, it should be noted that Pyke Rite of RWBY: The Grimm Campaign is able to control the Probability Manipulation outcome to his will. (I don't know if Grimm Campaign is Canon)

Passive Semblances: Passive Semblances are Semblances that work without the users wanting them to be used, they will activate whenever it's really a roll of the dice.

There are a lot more Categories and Sub-Categories, but I will not label them all because that would take ages to do.




Before ending this, I want to give a huge thanks to All of you who love and support the story of Sugar/Crash.

Also, if this goes well, I'll be making another one covering the next two Arcs. That will deal with whatever powers and Characters are in them.