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Family ~ Wilhemina Venable

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     I had been traveling Europe for the past two years, until I decided to visit my cousin Jeff at his robotics company. I haven’t told him that I was coming because I want to surprise him. Currently I'm on my way into the building, carrying a small package. The guards must think that I'm making a delivery, and that's why they let me in. Well, technically I am.

     I remember vaguely on which floor his office is, because he has told me a few times, but that was a couple of years ago. The elevator door opens, and I step out into a white hallway. I can make out a desk at the end of it and a woman in a purple suit sitting there, typing on her computer. Her fiery red hair is pulled into a tight, high ponytail and her glasses finish off her look. This has to be Ms. Venable. She looks exactly like I pictured her from the stories Jeff always tells me, maybe even a little bit more beautiful. If it is her, I am on the right floor. I walk towards her, knocking on the glass door before opening it slowly.

     "Are you Ms. Venable?" I ask her.

     "And who wants to know that?" she asks, now seeing the package I'm carrying. "Are you here to deliver this package?"

     "Sort of. It's a present for Jeff," I reply. She rolls her eyes, probably thinking that I’m one of his many young lovers. Yuck!

     "Just leave it here and leave," she says sternly.

     "Could you please tell him that y/n is here and that I would like to see him?" I request. Ms. Venable rolls her eyes again, but does as asked, because she knows that Jeff isn't one to bond with his 'conquests' and will probably tell her to make the young girl leave. However, after Ms. Venable tells him that I am here to see him, he tells her to lead me to his office. She huffs but gets up, leading me to Jeff, her cane tapping against the ground is the only sound that can be heard on the entire floor.

     As we reach the office door, she knocks and enters. I'm right behind her, excited to see my cousin again and telling him all about my travels. The moment I see Jeff, I run towards him, throwing the package on the desk, before jumping into his arms. I can all too good imagine that Ms. Venable is rolling her eyes behind me.

     "y/n!!!" Jeff exclaims.

     "Hello, dear cousin," I giggle.

     "So, how was Europe? Seduced any hot chicks there?" he asks grinning. Now it's my turn to roll my eyes. "You know, Jeff, the reason people travel isn't necessarily to have sex with the next best person," I mock him.

     "Yeah, yeah." he replies. I tell him about the different cultures I encountered in Europe, and then I pick up the package and give it to him. He raises an eyebrow. "A gift? For me?" he asks.

     "Actually, for the three of you," I glance at Mutt and Ms. Venable, who is still standing in the doorway, looking a bit shocked. I open the package and pull out three dream catchers I made while traveling from country to country.

     "I had quite a bit of time to kill while traveling so I thought I'd make these for you," I say, giving Jeff a pitch black dream catcher, extending the dark blue one to Mutt – his favorite color as Jeff told me. Both of them thank me and examine my work. Finally, I make my way towards Ms. Venable, holding out a bright purple one. She analyzes the construction before taking it. I smile at her and can make out the faintest of smiles on her lips.

     "So y/n, you came at the right time, because we're having a party at the company to celebrate its achievements this evening. And now it will be a 'welcome back party' as well," Jeff grins. I am speechless, but when it comes to a party there is no way of not going when it comes to Jeff, so I simply smile and hug him goodbye, still needing to sort a few things out and unpack my stuff. I tell Mutt goodbye as well, walking towards the exit. Then, I turn towards Ms. Venable. "Goodbye, Ms. Venable. I hope I'll see you later," I say, winking at her. She stiffens a little and swallows, before replying with a simple 'goodbye'.


     I checked into a hotel and unpacked my things. Not really having the proper attire for a party, I just went with a white blouse, black pants, and a pair of black boots. Once the party started, everyone was drinking and some even doing drugs. I mean, I know my cousin's vast consumption of coke, but that doesn't mean I approve.

     At the moment I'm sitting at the bar, drinking my second bottle of beer, as I notice a flash of purple at the entrance. Ms. Venable is walking towards the bar, wearing the same clothes as this morning. When she reaches the bar, she takes a seat a few chairs away from me. I feel quite cheeky, so I get up and sit on the chair beside hers.

     "So you came," I smile at her.

     "Of course I came, I work here," she says, rolling her eyes.

     "So…you're Jeff's cousin?" she asks after a short period of silence.

     "Yep, I bet you thought I was one of his lovers, am I right?" I grimace a little.

     "Well, can you blame me? Jeff and Mutt have quite the reputation around here, and you would have fit right in," she says matter of factly.

     "Yeah, well, even if he wasn’t my cousin, I wouldn’t start anything with him. I don't even swing that way," I laugh a little. Ms. Venable just raises an eyebrow.

     "May I buy you a drink, Ms. Venable?" I ask her.

     "And why would you do such a thing?" she asks me, eyebrow still raised.

     "Well, first of all, I want to be polite. And secondly, maybe I'd like to get on your good side," I grin.

     "Well, good luck with trying," she responds.

     "You're talking to me, so I must be doing something right."

     She rolls her eyes again. It's kind of sexy to be honest.

     "So, how about that drink?"


A few drinks later

     "Why do you keep staring at me?" Mina asks me.

     Hehe. I've been calling her Mina since our third drink...or maybe forth? I don't remember. And she hasn't called me out on it.

     I don't have to think before answering, the alcohol that is running through my veins doing the talking.

     "Well, you're downright gorgeous and entrancing, and I just can't take my eyes off you." She's speechless, something that doesn't usually happen.

     "You wanna dance?" I ask her.

     "You know I can't, y/n," she replies, looking towards her cane.

     "So you would want to?" I grin.

     "I-" she starts to say, but I interrupt her.

     "You can hold onto me. I can convince the DJ to play a slow song for me," I smile, getting excited at the slim chance of dancing with Mina. "I don't know, y/n. I-"

     "I'll be right back, Mina," I enthusiastically kiss her on the cheek and skip towards the DJ's desk. As I make my way back to Mina, a slow song starts playing and I smile. I hold my hand out to her, and she takes it, hesitantly getting up and walking the small distance to the dance floor, leaving her cane at the bar after the bartender promised to keep an eye on it. I put my hands on her waist and Mina places her arms around my neck, holding on to me as a worried expression crosses her face. We sway a little, and I pull her even closer to me as the song comes to an end, asking her if she is alright. She nods and we walk back towards the bar. Mina sits down while I grab her cane and hand it to her.

     "Thank you," Mina says. I look at her cane. "Don't mention it." I smile. "No, I mean for tonight," she clarifies. "Oh, you're very welcome. Maybe you'd like to go out with me sometime?" I ask sheepishly, rubbing my neck. "Perhaps," she smiles slightly.

    The rest of the night is full of flirting – mostly on my side – and getting to know each other. It's quarter to two now and most of the employees already went home, but Mina and I are still sitting at the bar, enjoying each other's company. As even Mutt and Jeff decide to call it a night, the both of us make our way out of the building, shivering a little as the cold air hits our skin. While saying goodbye, I force myself to refrain from doing something stupid, but instead of me leaning in for a kiss, she does. Her lips connect with mine, and they are so soft. Our lips fit perfectly together. I pull her closer and stroke her cheeks with my thumbs, while her hand is curling around the back of my neck. However, before it can get too heated, we pull away, breathing heavily. I smile and bite my lip.

     "Goodbye, Ms. Venable. See you tomorrow," I purr into her ear, pecking her lips and turning around, before walking back to my hotel.

     Damn am I glad that I visited Jeff today.

     This night, I just can't seem to get that special redhead out of my head, and I fall asleep with thoughts about fiery red hair and soft lips brushing gently against mine.

-the end-