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Gimme your body

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They walked through the street with their heels in their hands and their drunken laughs in the air. They were walking back to Heather's house after the party and were happy. Veronica was cracking jokes while Heather cackled and tried not to fall on her ass or face.

"You should have seen his face when I shoved him into the pool!" Veronica laughed. Heather laughed with her, she felt great with Veronica. She looked over at the brunette and smiled more. She quickly shoved Veronica into a bush and laughed hard. Veronica yelped and looked up at Heather and smirked. "Game on fucker!" She laughed and tried to get up, but was too drunk and she quickly gave up.

Heather cackled and went over and got on her knees next to Veronica and was laughing hard. Veronica grabbed Heather by the arm and pushed her playfully. Heather gasped and giggled and pushed her back. "You are such a dumbass." Veronica joked. Heather looked at Veronica. "I'm not the one in a bush." She said back while trying to get up and help Veronica up at the same time.

Veronica smiled and slowly got up with Heather's help. "Ok ok, let's get back to your house, or we will stay out here all night." She giggled and kept holding Heather's hand. Heather nodded. "Alright nerd." She giggled and walked, more so stumbled with Veronica down the sidewalk.

Heather saw her house and looked at Veronica. "Here we are, Ronnieee." She said smiling like a dork and walking across the street with Veronica to her front door. Veronica was giggling and kept holding Heather's hand. They walked through Heather's front door and Veronica closed the door behind them. Heather walked Veronica to the stairs, but Veronica looked over to the kitchen and wanted a snack.

"Snackk time." She said pulling Heather towards the kitchen. Heather followed and eventually got them to the cabinet full of snacks. She opened it and looked at Veronica. Veronica smiled and took some Ritz and set them on the counter. She then let go of Heather's hand and got on the island counter and looked at Heather. "Walking all that way was too much." She said smiling.

Heather nodded and walked over in-between Veronica's thighs and wrapped her arms around Veronica's waist and watched her. Veronica grabbed her Ritz and was about to open them when Heather leaned in and bit her bottom lip. Veronica went wide eyed and looked over at Heather and kissed back. She set the Ritz down and wrapped her arms around Heather's neck gently and closed her eyes.

Heather felt up Veronica's thighs and slid them up Veronica's dress. Veronica smirked and got off of the counter and picked up Heather. She pulled away from the kiss and looked at Heather. "I know damn well you aren't dominant, so don't even try it." She said kissing Heather again. Heather blushed more and held on to Veronica's shoulders.

Veronica walked over to the stairs with Heather in her arms and managed somehow to get them upstairs and into Heather's room. She stumbled over to the bed and set Heather down on the edge of the bed. Heather looked up at Veronica and bit her lip. Veronica looked down at her and got on her and started to take off Heather's dress while marking her neck up. Heather let out a whine and gasped. She felt so good, yet was embarrassed on how Veronica could get her like this.

Veronica managed to pull Heather's dress off and started to rub her knee against Heather's center. Heather let out another whine and eventually scooted back and laid down. Veronica crawled forward and grabbed Heather's legs and put them over her shoulders and pulled off Heather's panties. She looked at Heather in the eyes and tossed the panties behind her and got down to business.

Veronica was laying on her stomach in-between Heather's thighs and was kissing up her thighs gently. Heather let out whines and pleads for Veronica to just fuck her already, but Veronica wanted this moment to last a decent bit. She knew Heather would not take long with how she was acting. Veronica licked up Heather's thigh and got to her center, she licked up Heather's folds and heard Heather moan and felt her grip her hair.

Veronica kept going, she sucked on Heather's clit and loved the noises that Heather was making, not only the moans, but the wet noises from her and Veronica together. Heather couldn't help the noises she was making, she absolutely loved the feeling of Veronica taking control of her. She loved how she could be under control instead of taking control for this bit.

Veronica slid her tongue into Heather's wet cunt and felt up her thighs. Heather cried out and was absolutely in love with the feeling Veronica was giving her. Veronica played with Heather's clit with her two fingers and was happy. She didn't know that she could make the absolute mythic bitch of Westerburg cry out her name, but she was absolutely loving it.

Eventually, the time came to where Heather was getting to her climax, she was arching her back a lot and breathing fast, she let go of Veronica's hair and gripped the bedsheets and cried out more. Veronica was going fast, but making sure Heather was doing ok, she kept an eye on her while fucking her.

Heather moaned one last time before her climax came crashing down. She slowly relaxed and straightened her back on the bed and laid fully down and panted. Veronica slowly stopped and licked up Heather's cum. She slowly took Heather's legs off of her shoulders and sat next to her.

"You ok? Can I get you anything?" Veronica said softly and combed her fingers through Heather's hair. Heather whined softly and turned over, facing Veronica and cuddled into her. Veronica laid down with her and cuddled her. Heather nuzzled her face into the crook of Veronica's neck and yawned. Veronica rubbed her back and kissed her head.

Heather eventually fell asleep and Veronica was left there holding Heather and making sure she was ok. She knew about Heather's past, so she was nervous that Heather would be scared. She cuddled into Heather more and eventually dozed off. It felt good to feel safe.