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I Am Barely Breathing

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“Lena! What a surprise.”

“What can I say Lex, You’ve become predictable.” Lena responds as she enters the room.

Lena draws a gun and points it at her brother.

Lex turns around, gun drawn as well and mirrors Lena.

“So, Where’s the infamous Supergirl?” Lex asks.

Up in the skies above Nyxly blasts Kara with Kryptonite before she’s tackled out of the air by J’onn. There's a loud crash that sounds through the building as Kara falls through the ceiling. 

In a pile of rubble with her depleting powers, Kara pushes herself up weakly, stumbling out of the mess of concrete mixed with other stuff and falling onto the floor of whatever room she’s landed in. She picks herself up and steps out of the room and into a hallway. She hears the familiar heart beat and makes her way towards it before her super hearing fades out.

Kara leans against the wall as she continues through the building to help hold herself up, she can hear voices arguing near her.

Pushing herself off the wall and nearly falling onto the floor Kara walks towards the voices.

”Think of all that we could accomplish together, if we just take our rightful place as humanity’s saviors.” Lex speaks.

”Saviors?” Lena laughs to herself, “Of course, this was always all about you.”

Lex lifts his chin and clenches his empty fist.

“Your Megalomania.” Lena says.

“How dare you?!” Lex snaps, “I gave you the world.”

Lex takes a step forward.


Lena takes a step back.

“I supported you. I set aside my own goals for you!” Lex yells.

“You’re a monster Lex.” Lena states.

She takes another step back.

“But that doesn’t mean I have to be one too.” Lena finishes, she notices something out of the corner of her eye move.

Lex raises his gun and pulls the trigger.

“KARA NO!” Lena screams.

Kara jumps in front of Lena with the last of her strength, trying to block Lena from the bullet and feels it pierce her skin. Kara lands on the floor and curls into herself; she presses her hand against the wound as blood runs through her fingers.

Lena gasps as she feels a sting of pain in her abdomen, she looks down and sees red seep through her shirt, she touches it and pulls her hand back to see her own blood on her fingers.

Pulling the trigger again only to hear a click after click, Lex realizes he had only one bullet, he looks at Lena as she looks back at him with blood on her hand.

“Two birds with one stone.” Lex smirks and tosses his gun to the side.

Lena raises her gun and shoots Lex until all she hears are the clicks and the thud of her brother's body hitting the floor.

Dropping the gun to the floor, pressing her fingers against her abdomen. Lena rushes over to Kara, falling to the floor Lena carefully lifts Kara off the floor to lean against her, wrapping her free arm around and putting her hand over blood covered hands.

“You’ll be okay.” Lena speaks softly as tears run down her face.

Lena helps clean some of the blood and dirt off of Kara’s face, wiping away the tears falling from Kara’s eyes. 

“You promised me you’d be okay.” Lena inhales shakily, pulling Kara closer to her.

Lifting one of her arms away from her wound, Kara wipes away a single tear from Lena’s cheek, her blood smears on the pale skin. Kara smiles weakly through the pain, she looks into emerald eyes.

“Are you okay Lena?” Kara asks, sensing something is wrong.

“I’m fine darling.” Lena lies, pressing her fingers into her abdomen.

“You’re lying.”

“Everything’s fine Kara.” Lena reassures.

“Lena..” Kara looks into emerald eyes again.

“Hey, I killed my brother for you.” Lena's jokes, trying to distract Kara from the thought that something’s wrong.

“Ha.” Kara laughs weakly, “Good one.”

Kara coughs up blood.

“That’s not so good.” Kara exhales.

“Kara.” Lena rests her forehead againsts Kara’s.

“I’m dying Lena.” Kara whispers.

“Hey, don't talk like that. You’re going to be okay.” Lena picks up her head to look at Kara.

“Please Lena.” Kara says softly, taking both of her hands and cupping Lena’s face and pulling her closer.

“I love you Lena.” Kara whispers.

“I love you too Kara.” Lena leans in and kisses Kara, getting a little bit of blood on her lips as she kisses the kryptonian.

“You’re really beautiful Lena.” Kara leans into Lena.

“It’s going to be okay Kara.” Lena comforts.

Kara hums softly as she shivers.

“I’m cold.” Kara mumbles.

“I know darling.” Lena weakly pulls Kara closer.

“Hold me now..” Kara sings quietly.

“Til the fear is leaving..” Lena continues.

“I am barely breathing…” 

Wrapping both her arms around Kara, Lena lays both of them down on the floor, her breathing becoming shallow. Kara feels Lena’s arms go limp around her as she feels herself slipping away, tears falling from her cheek.


“Wake up Kara.”  


Kara wakes up to the feeling of warmth wrapped around her, Lena holding her with her face buried against her, the room feels bright around them.

“I missed you.” Lena mumbles sleepily against Kara.

“I’m right here.” Kara runs her fingers across the skin of Lena’s back, connecting the constellation that maps across pale skin, “And i’m not going anywhere.”

“Promise?” Lena looks up at Kara.

“I will always be there and I will always protect you.” Kara speaks softly, “I promise” 

Kara feels Lena move beside her, turning her head to look into emerald eyes and smiles softly.

Lena cups Kara’s face and kisses her, Kara pulls her closer and deepens the kiss.