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The hours after Bucky and Tony got home from a mission always went the same way: Tony would go down to the workshop to fix things, Bucky would go to their rooms to clean up, and eventually Bucky would lure Tony out to pamper him clean, too. Tony never got the chance to preen Bucky's beautiful black wings, to clean the dust and dirt of battle out, to remove broken feathers and help the new ones into place as they grew back serum-fast.

Tony's feathers were almost as fast, now that he'd perfected Extremis to not only keep him healthy and hale, but also give him access to technology with his brain. He had an intimate connection to Jarvis and the tower, he could hack almost anything in moments, and he had found a way to store the nanites for his newest armor inside his vibranium-enhanced bones. Plus, his risk of exploding was probably lower than before he'd injected himself.

Not to mention that it gave him the stamina to keep up with Bucky's libido.

Bucky had spent hours preening Tony, making sure his charcoal black wings laid just so, their caps of red and yellow neatly proclaiming to the world that he was more than they wanted to blame him for, and the bright flashes of arc reactor blue on his underwings its own kind of declaration. Bucky's wings were also black, but an iridescent blue-green-purple kind of black, as beautiful as any raven. Tony thought they might be getting more colorful lately, but it was hard to tell when he wasn't allowed to touch.

Today, though, today Tony was determined to do things differently.

"No one's got major damage to their equipment, for once," said Tony, threading his fingers through Bucky's as they walked off the quinjet. His nanite armor had retracted back into his body, so he was just in his black undersuit which, he had been assured more than once, made his ass look great. "Come up to the penthouse and let me take care of you?"

Bucky blinked, and stared down at him -- but not that far down, thank you very much. "You'd wanna do that?"

"Of course I would. Do. I do want to do that. I've wanted to for ages. Are you saying you always hide and preen yourself because I haven't asked yet?" Tony started tugging him toward the elevator faster.

Bucky shrugged. "I dunno. I was kinda embarrassed, too." He waited until they'd snagged an elevator to themselves to add, "I ain't molted this much since I was a teenager!"

"Is it a serum thing, do you think?" asked Tony. "Either way, I want to help. I love your wings, you know that."

Bucky muttered something, but he didn't argue when Tony dragged him into the penthouse that they shared. Tony waited for Bucky to shed his arsenal, then flew straight up to the bathroom.

Steve had told Tony how colorful Bucky's wings used to be, before the war, before everything. He'd seen pictures of them, multi-colored and shimmering like some kind of tropical wonder. The oil-slick sheen of iridescence was all that was left of his old shining brightness, and that had to be hard on his ego sometimes.

"I love them now, just the way they are," insisted Tony. His own wings had been dusty, matte charcoal from his childhood living with Howard's disappointment, and all through his party years living with the world's poor opinions on top of that. He hadn't developed any other markings until the arc, until Yinsen and Iron Man and doing something good with his life.

Tony had felt that itch again lately, like something wanted to change, but he hadn't let himself think too hard about it. Only true mated pairs would change their plumage to take on aspects of one another's colors, and while Tony had some pretty forever feelings about Bucky, he didn't know if Bucky returned them. Whatever way with words the man had once possessed, it had been lost with so many other things, and Tony hadn't pressed.

"They itch," complained Bucky. He dutifully shucked off his body-armor-lined tac gear while Tony skimmed out of his flight suit and went to set up the shower.

Tony's shower was basically its own entire room, big enough for both of them to spread their wings. It had directed showerheads so that they could clean just their bodies, but they could also stand in a warm rain from the ceiling and get soaked from head to toe to wingtip. He set it to steam up the room to start off, not sure how Bucky preferred to bathe when it wasn't just a rinse after sex.

Not that he minded the shower sex they often had during those rinses, but they didn't give him a full picture of Bucky's beauty routine.

"Let me at least get the stuff outta your wings first?" asked Bucky, making puppy eyes.

Tony chuckled and shook his head. "You first, then you can do mine," he said, motioning for Bucky to spin around and present his wings.

Bucky's feathers were glossy as ever despite the dust from battle, and Tony took great pleasure in brushing his hands over them, feeling them shiver under his touch. They were silky and soft, and Tony was going to draw out the process of preening as long as possible.

There were a few bits of this and that stuck in them, though nothing big had survived the fancy flying that went with Bucky's combat style. "You're doing well, icing sugar," said Tony, urging Bucky with gentle nudges to spread wider and let him really get in and get the dust and debris to fall away. There was also a light rain of little feather-bits, the daily life of a winged mammal that made Tony smile for how mundane it was to finally be able to help Bucky get rid of that itchy layer of shedding.

"Feels nice," admitted Bucky. He gave his wings another good shake, but Tony had gotten him good and very little else was left to fall away.

"Feels nice to me, too. Your feathers are soft." Tony wanted to say more, to babble out a whole river of words about the slide and glide of them under and over his fingers, the tiny soft down hiding beneath the strong outer feathers. The heat coming off the delicate skin of his wings, the muscle and whipcord and bone, all entrusted to his careful touch.

Tony gave the scapulars a last good ruffle and stepped back with a sigh.

"My turn," said Bucky, but he sounded relaxed more than the usual smugness he got when luring Tony away for a preening session.

Tony obediently turned, fanning his wings out for Bucky to return the favor. There was less to do for him, not only because of Tony's regular routine, but because his nanite armor protected his wings from small projectiles, and not just bullets, either. Still, Bucky took his time and was as thorough as Tony had been, adding to the fallen feather-fluff on the shower floor.

One of Tony's first non-weaponry commercial successes had been a multi-stage drain filter that could turn wet shower-fluff into particles small enough to wash away. He'd licensed a version of the same tech to vacuum manufacturers and other industrial services, and SI had a whole R&D team whose job was to keep bringing efficiency and lifespan up, and costs down.

When Tony had a problem he wanted to fix, he wanted to fix it for everyone.

Tony sighed and shivered his wings, listening to the soft susurration of them, flight and contour outside, semiplumes and downy feathers beneath to keep his wings warm and cushioned during flight. He felt that itch again that said he might be headed for a molt, which was annoying because he wasn't due for a couple of months yet.

Wings did what wings wanted, though, when it came to feathering.

"Have I ever told you how much I love the shine on your wings?" asked Tony. His own wings were matte rather than iridescent, dull and duller despite the colorful caps. Light sank into them and made him look menacing in the paparazzi shots he'd never been able to escape.

He'd even been accused of bleaching and over-dyeing more than once, as if he'd bother.

"It's hard to remember you mean it," said Bucky softly. "Compliments are still weird, now."

"You'll get used to them eventually," said Tony, wrapping his wings around Bucky warmly. "I think we're about ready for water, yeah?"

Bucky pressed a kiss against the nape of Tony's neck, stroked his knuckles over the vulnerable skin between his wings. "Yeah, blackbird, we can shower."

The water came on without either of them saying anything further, a warm rain that filled the whole space and soaked in ever so gently. They flapped about with giggles and kisses, getting their wings wet from every angle, and then Tony sat Bucky down on the shower chair and got the wing comb and cleanser. And then the hair shampoo for good measure.

The rain shower slowed to a stop as Tony began working the cream into the short feathers near the skin. It wasn't a soap like they used on hair, but cleanser with something resembling the natural oils, plus extra chemicals that would help remove the kinds of stuff that an Avenger could get in their wings. The wing-comb was mostly to make sure he could get down to the skin, which probably needed the conditioning moisture the most.

Once the scapulars and coverts and all the layers of down and semiplume were taken care of, Tony used his fingers to gently spread the thinnest coating down through the secondaries and along each huge, beautiful primary. He was surprised when Bucky started to molt under his touch, wet feathers piling up around him while new ones came in faster than even his Extremis regrowth.

The new ones wouldn't need cleanser, so Tony set that aside and instead used fingers and comb to make sure the sheaths were properly shed, and that everything settled into its proper place.

"Oh, wow," he said, brain finally catching up to what his eyes were seeing.

The sheen over the black base had warmed up, looking like fire caught in the depths of the black rather than the cooler raven-dark purples and blues. It made Bucky's wings shine brighter than ever, and Tony found himself in envious awe. On top of that, the coverts now had a thin crescent of metallic gold along their edges, making art out of the upper part of his wings. The primaries and secondaries lacked the gilding, but even those had their own variegation, turning matte black along the edges like little slices of night.

Tony pressed a soft kiss to one of Bucky's shoulders, and then the feathers on the opposite alula. "Jarvis, can you show him?"

A video feed appeared in front of Bucky, and Tony stepped out of the way so they could see his wings unobstructed, the deep black shining with red-gold highlights, the gilt-and-shadow edging making a pattern even a movie star might envy.

"What?" said Bucky, his wings fluttering and then stretching out again. "That can't be me."

"That's definitely you," said Tony, trying not to be jealous of the iridescent shine of them and mostly succeeding. After all, it wasn't like he ever really saw his own wings, which were now itching up a storm. He was the one who would benefit most from the beauty Bucky's new wings brought into his day-to-day existence. "Now everyone can see what I see in you."

Bucky stood and turned, waving the screen away, pulling Tony into his arms to kiss him. "You bring out all the good in me. Even this, you know, my wings have molted over and over but you had to be here to let me have this."

Tony nuzzled him and kissed, wings twitching and itching until he had to pull away. "Ugh, okay, sorry, but I need you to wash out whatever is making me itch before we get to the shower sex."

"You know I love preening you, Tony," said Bucky, nuzzling and kissing his throat. "Sit, I'm gonna get the cleanser."

Tony sat obediently, though not without sparing a very long and appreciative glance at Bucky's backside when he bent over to get the bottle. His wings were glorious, it was true, but his ass was a work of art.

Michelangelo could only wish he had Bucky's form to work from.

"If you don't stop staring at my sweet Fanny Adams, you're gonna fall off that chair," said Bucky, but he was grinning as he turned. "At least your priorities haven't changed."

Tony scoffed. "As if you don't love my ass just as much." Not that he agreed, thinking of his own butt as far too round, but whatever made Bucky want to grab him and hold on was good enough for Tony.

"Yeah, but ain't neither of us got America's Ass, so let's get your wings done so I can blow you." Bucky slathered his hands in the cleanser and started right in at the scapulars, getting in deep and combing it all through. The itch was getting better as he worked, and he made curious little sounds, tugging and resettling Tony's feathers even more than usual.

Given how he'd itched before, Tony wasn't going to complain. The extra attention felt heavenly, soothing his twitchy muscles and irritated skin, getting every feather cleaned, preened, and settled into place. Bucky tended to use his hands much more than the wing comb, which took longer but always left Tony a puddle of goo.

Happy goo, though. And usually horny, as well, with Bucky's touch like the lightest of massages, not quite a caress but not quite not a caress, either.

Tony's eyes had fallen shut, and when they opened again, he was surprised to see a lot of his own feathers mixed in with Bucky's, matte against the iridescence, warm red and yellow against the cool purple-blue-green of Bucky's old plumage.

"J, make sure you save all of the intact feathers from this molt," said Tony. He had a small lover's collection of Bucky's feathers from their time in bed, but he'd never had a full molt like this, a treasure trove to save and hoard and remember the subtler beauty of Bucky's old coloring.

"Tony's, too, please," said Bucky, which made Tony suspicious.

"Did I molt? Wait, are we having one of those storybook moments? Please tell me we match." Tony twisted around, but he couldn't really get an idea of his new coloring, if there even was new coloring.

Bucky huffed. "Lemme finish and you can see. You did molt, but we're not, like, wing twins or nothing."

Tony huffed impatiently, fluttering his wings a little, feeling the progress Bucky had made. He hated molting.

The process was faster than before now that Extremis sped up the growth, so he didn't have to spend days and weeks while everything fell out and grew back in stages. But it also meant that it was an hours-long ordeal to get every single stupid feather carefully teased free by himself. Not to mention shedding feather sheaths everywhere, even more than usual. Bucky was working efficiently inward to outward, getting every bit of his down and semiplumage along with the bigger, flashier feathers.

Tony let himself get back into that headspace of being spoiled. "Was it better, having me help with your molt?" he asked, trying to concentrate on the good sensations instead of all the old memories of looking like a half-plucked chicken.

"It was so much better, doll." Bucky let out a self-deprecating laugh. "I can't believe I did it by myself so many times like an idiot."

Tony laughed with him. "New rule, no one does solo preening time after missions anymore."

"Especially not during a molt," said Bucky, pressing a soft kiss to the back of Tony's neck, hands still busy in Tony's wings. He was almost done, just the big flight primaries left, and the relief from itching was almost as good as the relaxation from the massage.

"Especially not then," agreed Tony.

He fell silent, enjoying the sensations as Bucky coaxed each feather to grow out and unfurl and settle into place, one at a time. The flight feathers on a human were huge and strong, and some of the oldest weaponry was made of shed quills. Clint still saved his own shed feathers to make very specialized arrows, though mostly he used the equipment Tony provided.

Especially the exploding arrows.

Tony yawned. He got JARVIS to put together a meal for his overworked nanites, not just metals but organics to replace what had been used to heal the damage his body had taken during the fight. Not to mention growing a whole new fancy plumage. Bucky ignored the bots hard at work around them, some of them harvesting feathers for their collections, some cleaning out the leftover molting trash, and others coming in laden with bowls of odds and ends for his nanites.

They'd figured out awhile ago that making a kind of soup out of it all worked best, adding moisture to the mixtures of metals and other things by way of water or relevant oils. Tony dipped his toes in the two dishes they set down for him, one full of actual soup from what he could tell, and the other full of metal bits in an oily sludge. The nanites would consume it all, including the bowls, and use the raw materials to replenish their numbers.

Tony also ate the normal way for his own body, but between one thing and another today, his nanites' reserves had been greatly reduced.

"I think your feathers have some metal in them now," said Bucky, making a little chiming sound with one vibranium finger against Tony's feather shaft. "You're getting even stronger than me and Steve."

"Not stronger, just different," said Tony. "I still bruise like a peach."

Bucky chuckled. "So does Steve, but he still heals faster than it can show unless you hit the same spot over and over."

Bucky stepped back to survey his work and made a satisfied sound. "All right, JARVIS, please show Tony his wings?"

"Of course, Sgt. Barnes," said the AI, and the hologram reappeared in front of Tony, this time showing Bucky off to one side while Tony's spread wings were on display.

He gleamed.

The black feathers were still dark as soot, but the edges were gleaming gold just like Bucky's, meeting up with the line of shining gold where it used to be yellow, and an iridescent red capping the wing off. He flashed one underwing at the camera and that effect was even more spectacular, iridescent blue fading out to purple-black, every part of it shimmering even in the shower lights.

Tony had to swallow before he could come up with a somewhat damp-sounding, "Well, at least I don't have to be jealous of your shine anymore."

Bucky snorted a laugh. "That lasted all of, what, ten seconds?"

"I always loved the shine on your wings," said Tony, turning to look Bucky in the face. "That raven gleam like the depths of the milky way was amazing, but I admit I like that you match me now better."

"I even got some of your nice black," said Bucky, bringing a wingtip around to look at the matte edging. "Makes me think of my stealth kit, kinda."

Tony stood up and kissed him soundly, flapping his beautiful newly-molted wings to get his balance. "I love you, you know that, right?"

"I know," said Bucky, with a smirk that meant he remembered being made to watch and appreciate Star Wars. "I've loved you since the start, Tony. Since you were good to me when you didn't hafta be."

"Oh." Tony had no idea what to say to that, so he kissed Bucky instead, luring him out of the shower, doors opening and bots scattering behind them.

Tony had built this penthouse mostly for himself, but with enough forward thinking to have space for some athletic flight sex if he wanted it. The space itself was three floors high, with the suspended nest on the top floor accessed either by flying, or a spiral staircase that ran all the way down to the bottom level. There was a giant bed-pit on the lowest level, too, but that was more for movie nights and afternoon naps.

The bathing room was at the top, and Bucky swooped Tony up against him and flew them over the short gap before Tony even realized they'd reached the ledge.

The nest itself held a big, soft mattress with pillows everywhere, and instead of walls to keep them in like some people had, Tony used his nanotech to tag all the bedding and keep it from falling over the edge. This way they could lay back with their wings spread, and not worry about mashing their flight feathers against a wall.

Tony found himself in just that position, wings splayed, legs splayed, and Bucky above him in all his glory. Bucky's underwings were beautifully iridescent, like fire licking along each feather as he flexed and moved them, with the same gorgeous edging of black on the primaries, though the secondaries and above were instead spotted with gold and red specks like the sparks off a forge.

It might have been shallow, but Tony fell a little more in love.

"You are so beautiful, fuck. How did I ever bag you?" said Tony, trying to keep things light despite the way his heart was pounding, not to mention his blood going south as Bucky settled against him, clean skin and clean feathers and a wicked grin full of delicious intent.

"I seem to recall that I was the one who bagged you," teased Bucky, following it with a kiss that was as affectionate as it was filthy.

Tony arched up into him and gave as good as he got, hands sliding along Bucky's skin, finding and grabbing his firm ass. "Only because Steve dared you." Tony murmured it like a sweet nothing into Bucky's ear, nibbling along the sensitive shell.

Bucky groaned, half pleasure and half pain. "Can we not bring him up when we're getting down?" he complained half-heartedly.

Tony chuckled. "Well, it is the answer to my question." He pulled Bucky into a kiss over the protesting noise he made, which turned into giggles as it sank in that they'd basically had to have Captain fucking America play matchmaker.

"At least Sam has some game," said Bucky, shaking his head where it was buried in Tony's shoulder. "Otherwise none of us would be getting anywhere with anyone."

"Amen to that," said Tony, stroking one hand through Bucky's hair and scratching gently at his scalp while the other slid around to do the same to his scapulars.

Bucky melted gratifyingly, puddling himself over Tony like an affectionate cat and making a noise suspiciously like a purr.

"You always know how to make me feel good. I didn't expect that, y'know." Bucky murmured the words into Tony's skin, lips brushing as he talked, breath warm against Tony's neck. "Nothing ever felt as good as you."

"I will take that and be smug about it," said Tony, not wanting to get too serious despite their now-matching plumage and all that it implied about their hearts, and their futures. Tony kissed his temple tenderly. "I only ever want you to feel good things, honeybunches."

"I know that's cereal now," said Bucky, coming up for air and more kisses, these playful and sensual in turns.

"Doesn't mean it's not also a good pet name," said Tony with a little pout.

Bucky chuckled and kissed it away. "Whatever you say, honeycomb."

Tony rubbed up against him and couldn't resist singing, "Honeycomb's big, yeah yeah yeah! It's not small, no no ohhhhhh."

He lost his train of thought when Bucky's hand wrapped around the anatomy in question, bringing it to full hardness with practiced strokes. "Let's see if you're still as sweet as ever," said Bucky, sliding down Tony's body.

Tony groaned and let his head fall back as his body went from idle to full throttle under Bucky's ministrations. He spread himself wider, knees coming up so his legs nudged up against Bucky's feathers, and Bucky's wings came in to cradle them. The silky-soft caress of them was almost as good as the slick glide of Bucky's mouth onto his cock.

At least, until Bucky suckled at his length and teased along it with his tongue. Then the rest of the world faded away until he was nothing but want and sweet pleasure, need and the promise of fulfillment.

Bucky's hands cupped Tony's ass, thumbs finding and teasing at his hole while strong arms supported Tony's weight, pushing his legs up into the heat and silk of his feathers. Pushing Tony's cock deep into the heat and silk of Bucky's mouth. He made it all part of the sex, part of the pleasure: the wings that now held Tony's mark and the mouth that said such sweet things to him, the hand that Tony had upgraded and the one he'd been born with.

Tony didn't even try to hold back.

Pleasure swamped his senses and he drowned in it, letting it build and build until he exploded, sparks behind his eyes like the ones on Bucky's underwings, every part of him tingling with it.

Bucky's grin was utterly self-satisfied when Tony managed to blink back to himself. "I love how easy it is to rile you up these days, sweet thing."

"I'm definitely not complaining," panted Tony, getting his breath back and licking his lips, thinking about returning the favor.

Bucky kissed his way up gently, slowly this time, pausing to lick and nip at Tony's nipples, giving Tony's body a chance to resettle itself for another round.

It didn't take long.

Between Bucky's sheer hotness and Extremis, by the time Bucky had made his way up to Tony's mouth, his dick had made its way back to full hardness. Tony drowned himself in the kisses, muscles trembling as want turned to need, his body thrumming with all kinds of delicious chemicals, endorphins and hormones and all the rest.

Tony was so distracted by what they were doing that he was surprised when the world rolled, barely managing to get his wings tucked and avoid smacking Bucky anywhere unfortunate as they resettled in a different spot on the bed, Bucky splayed out this time and Tony on top.

"Is this a request?" said Tony impishly, grinding down and letting his wings arch up in a shameless mating display. Bucky's sharp inhale was as gratifying as the twitch of his cock against Tony's, eyes going possessive in a different way.

"You're mine now," growled Bucky. "My mate, for everyone to see."

Tony grinned, all teeth and fierceness, his eyes just as hot as Bucky's. "And you're mine."

"Should I finish registering your pairing finally?" asked JARVIS, because he was a fucking troll.

Fortunately, Bucky snorted a laugh and said, "Yeah, just do it on the downlow and see how long it takes people to figure it out."

"I love it when you use modern slang," said Tony. "Now quit bugging me about paperwork, J, I have a dick to suck."

There was an electronic sound something like a sigh, but JARVIS didn't bother to speak again.

Tony slid down Bucky's body and swallowed him down, knowing Bucky liked it best when the pleasure was sudden and all-encompassing. Nothing rough or painful, just good things swamping him in one big tidal wave that his brain couldn't do anything but accept. He bobbed his head and spread slickness down the shaft, tasting salt and warmth, his nose filled with the musk of arousal and the softer scent of clean feathers. The solidity of Bucky's cock in his mouth was a familiar one, hard shaft and softer plum of a head, silken skin and the hot pulse of blood all through it.

Bucky's moans were low and loud over the rustle of feathers, and his wings curled up to tickle at Tony's, giving them both the particular pleasure that came from sliding their wings together. Tony's arched into the caress automatically, mostly concentrating on what his mouth was doing. He wrapped his hand around the base of Bucky's cock and started to bob his head and suck in earnest, his other hand sliding down to cup and roll Bucky's balls in dextrous fingers.

Bucky was beyond words, nothing but delicious noises of need and want spilling from his mouth, while for once Tony had nothing to say.

He hummed a little, though.

Bucky's sounds started to change in pitch, and his balls drew up taut against his shaft, so Tony slid his fingers down to press behind them as he sucked even harder, with the little bit of roughness Bucky favored.

He was rewarded with a gasp and a flood of come, so Tony swallowed and pulled off to give Bucky a smug grin.

Bucky responded by getting in one last shot, come pulsing out and hitting Tony right in the mouth and adding laughter to the tenor of his voice.

"Asshole," said Tony, though his heart was light and so was his tone. He wiped his face clean and slid up for a kiss, making happy little noises of his own at the taste of them together, the way their wings slid over each other as they kissed.

"You're stuck with me now," said Bucky happily.

Tony beamed right back at him. "We're stuck with each other. You're the one who has to suffer my workshop binges and coffee addiction."

"I share your coffee addiction, and now that I'm yours I have no compunction about making JARVIS build me that reading nook in your workshop," said Bucky, radiating smug joy.

Very, very smug.

Tony laughed and kissed him. "Good luck finding space for it." He lay down on top of Bucky's broader form, wings tucked in so Bucky's could come up to cradle him. He nuzzled into the warm space of Bucky's neck and left soft kisses there, completely free of the urge to leave marks on the skin for once. He felt like purring, like a cat that got exactly what it had been hinting at without even having to ask.

As if the thought summoned her, Tony heard Alpine's little chirrup of greeting and felt the bed sway ever so slightly as she landed on it and stalked over to them. She wormed her way into their cuddle shamelessly, her white fur a warm contrast to bare skin, white wings folded against her back.

"I know, he was yours first," said Tony, kissing her head when she got close enough. She headbutted him for another, making Bucky laugh, and Tony got a hand free enough to pet her and smooch her soft little peach-fuzz noggin just the way she liked.

"I think what she's saying is that now we're both hers," said Bucky, putting his own hands to good use petting her with one and Tony with the other.

"She's right," said Tony, sighing softly and settling closer. He could still feel the buzz of desire sitting low against his spine, but it was banked and easy to ignore right now. The cat would grow bored and leave soon enough, and then they'd both be ready for a second round.

No need to rush when they had their whole lives ahead.

Sometimes, Bucky thought he was still dreaming in cryo, suspended in an idea of a perfect future instead of the usual nightmares that came with the cold. But the sensations of Alpine's little claws kneading into his bare chest, one alula tickling at his nose as she flexed her wings, those were too real for it to be a dream. Especially when she opened her mouth in a huge yawn and gave them both a face full of stinky cat breath.

"Ugh, Tony, you have got to stop feeding her those weird cheeses," said Bucky, wrinkling his nose.

Tony laughed and kissed the bridge of her nose. "Don't listen to him, sweetheart, we love our stinky cheeses, yes we do."

"The litterbox reports that they have no adverse effect on her digestion, other than the breath issue," said JARVIS. "Her health continues to be excellent, Sgt. Barnes."

Bucky snorted. "I still can't believe you put a robot in the litterbox to deal with her poop so you don't have to scoop it."

"It's very logical and saves on vet trips," said Tony, still making kissy faces at what was theoretically Bucky's cat. She spread her wings so she was shading both their faces in the least useful manner possible, and put one delicate paw on Tony's mouth.

Tony pushed it away and laughed. "Yeah, okay, no more kissing. We're gonna have sweaty people time, now, anyway, so you should find another napping spot."

Alpine licked Tony's nose.

Bucky shook his head with a laugh. "We should probably have some water before we get to the athletic stuff. I mean. If you want a mating flight. That is, we don't have to..."

Tony put a finger over Bucky's mouth in an echo of the cat. "Hush, of course I do. We'll have J raise up the bed and get the bots to rearrange the living room. Unless you wanna go outside for it?"

Bucky let out a relieved laugh. "I really didn't wanna deal with photographers, but I'd never give up my mating flight because of them. Here is perfect," he said, kissing Tony sweetly. They didn't often take advantage of the full height of their penthouse atrium, but Bucky was glad they could. Mating flights were an exception to a lot of public decency laws, but that didn't mean he wanted his on the 11 o'clock news.

"It's okay if JARVIS records it, though, right? For posterity?" said Tony, trying to look more hopeful than horny.

Bucky, of course, was not fooled. "You mean for our own personal porn later, and yes, of course it's okay. I wanna see us, too."

Alpine, sensing that the attention had wandered away from her for good, walked on carefully-placed paws to take off directly from Bucky's stomach, making him grunt at the sudden weight, not to mention the slight mauling from her back claws as she leapt into flight.

"How does she make herself weigh that much?" said Bucky, shaking his head.

Tony chuckled. "Cat gravity. I'm assured they all have it." He sat back up so he was straddling Bucky again and accepted two tumblers of berry smoothie from one of his hovering server-bots, while the other delivered water and iced coffee to Bucky.

There was a forlorn beep from downstairs and Tony laughed and said loudly, "DUM-E, you and I both know you can't be trusted with hover capabilities."

Bucky cracked up laughing, looking up at Tony with his two drinks and the affection for his oldest bot shining out of his face. "Only you would make and keep a robot that's stuck on the ground," he teased, though even You's hovering was very limited, and Butterfingers was also permanently grounded.

Tony downed half of each smoothie and then dumped them both into one cup, handing the empty off to a bot. "They're all idiots, but they're my idiots," he said with a shrug, taking the coffee off Bucky's hands so he could actually sit up without spilling or damaging anything important.

"Just like me," teased Bucky, sliding his wings out and up as he sat up right into Tony's personal space, thwarting his attempt at caffeine with a sweet, greedy kiss. "Your idiot now."

"We'll have to go ring shopping later. Never let it be said I refused to put a ring on it," teased Tony.

Bucky laughed into the kiss that followed, silencing Tony's belated attempts to protest that also Bucky wasn't an idiot. They both knew that, compared to Tony, almost everyone was. Bucky kept up okay, but he wasn't really that much better than the bots in some ways.

"At least you trust me with the power of flight," said Bucky, rubbing their noses together affectionately. He used his left arm to bodily move Tony off of him, stealing his smoothie away and downing it just as fast as Tony had. They tasted okay, but all the supplements in them meant that no amount of berries and skyr would make them truly palatable.

The bot took away the empty while Tony drowned the taste in coffee.

"No one will ever clip your wings with me around," said Tony, surprisingly adamant. "We're gonna fly together as long as I can get it up."

Bucky stole the coffee and took a big sip. "If that didn't tell me you love me, sharing your coffee would."

Tony huffed, but didn't protest when Bucky took another, longer sip before handing it back. "You'd better feel loved, this is that special high-octane cold brew I made."

Bucky's wings were waving lazily rather than resting the way Tony's were, some part of him unable to resist flashing Tony his own colors, the proof that he was worth loving. "I'll make sure to show you extra athletic appreciation," said Bucky, leaning in to kiss him and getting a less than pleasant mix of coffee, smoothie, and dick breath. "Hm, maybe a mint first."

Tony laughed. "We're better than Alpine but not by much," he agreed, crawling off Bucky to rummage through the little compartments around the bed's edge. He wiggled his perfect ass and flared out his own wings showily as he did, and the display made Bucky's heart flip over in his chest.

They really were made for each other.

"Are we gonna fuck or just frot?" asked Tony over the crunch of mints. He tossed the tin to Bucky and waggled the lube bottle at him.

"We'll want that either way," said Bucky with a shrug. He popped a few mints, the pure peppermint kind that made his mouth tingly, and grinned wickedly. "Want me to eat you out awhile first?"

Tony left out the lube, flipped the compartment closed, and rested his head on his folded arms. "Bucky," he said, with a serious tone that was totally at odds with the way his ass waved in the air, "I always want you to eat me out."

Bucky laughed as he was meant to, then drank some water, capped the bottle, and popped a few more mints. "You know I can't resist when you wiggle your butt like a cat getting ready to pounce."

Tony giggled and spread his knees a little wider, arching his back and displaying his wings, and all thoughts of cats gave way to Bucky's own need to pounce.

He sprang forward just a little faster than he might have before Tony enhanced himself so well, sliding his body over Tony's in a perfect fit to bite gently at the back of his neck. "Mine," Bucky whispered into one pink ear.

"Mine," agreed Tony, wrapping Bucky in his wings for a moment.

Bucky began kissing his way down the bumps of Tony's spine, tasting the sweetness of him, salt and a tinge of metal on the tongue and the scent of his skin filling up Bucky's mouth and nose like the finest cologne. Bucky loved the scent of his feathers, too, but Tony's golden-warm skin, that was the smell that he'd grown fully addicted to. He teased a little bite at the curve of Tony's ass, licked at one of the dimples in the small of his back, savored the journey rather than rushing to the destination this time.

Tony was as vocal and wriggly as ever, making unabashed noises and encouraging comments, getting as much contact as possible without actually changing his pose at all. Feathers brushed feather and skin, both Tony's and Bucky's wings moving almost of their own accord to increase the intimacy of the moment, this prelude to their first true mating flight. Bucky crouched down and spread Tony's cheeks, licking at the heat of him, hands shamelessly groping Tony's ass while his mouth went to work. He worked his tongue all around and then inside, kissed and nibbled and licked until Tony was wet and ready.

He never took much work to open up these days, but sometimes Bucky took his time anyway.

Today, he was too greedy, too ready himself, and he slicked his cock and his fingers with the good lube, feeling it slippery and silken as he worked two fingers in where his tongue had been and then deeper, deep enough to set Tony's brain stuttering, the stream of filth and science coming out of his mouth getting broken up and mixed together.

"Love how ready you are for me, sugar-sweet and open as a dream," said Bucky, aware he wasn't really making sense and not caring one bit. Tony was like everything good in the world all wrapped up with a bow, and now he was wearing a gift tag that had Bucky's name on it for all the world to see.

"Love, love it more if you were in me," gasped Tony, tightening around him deliberately. "Gotta get us in the air and fuck it out."

"Makin' love, doll," Bucky shook his head, giving a few more thrusts of his hand before sliding his fingers out and tugging Tony up against him, pulling him up kneeling so the two of them were front to back, but not joined quite yet. "It's definitely makin' love today."

"Sentiment," said Tony, but it held no edge, his usual snark smothered under fondness.

Bucky helped them both get to their feet, still pressed together, a sweet embrace before they took flight. "Are you ready for me to catch you, doll?"

"I'm ready to chase you right back," teased Tony, though there was no bite to it. They both knew Tony would want to show off as much as Bucky or more, the two of them displaying their new wings to each other and using them to play a game of chase and catch before they joined up mid-air for the finale.

Tony twisted around and kissed him, and then stepped away and right off the edge of the bed, launching himself into a dive that he ended with a snap of his wings just above the floor. Those beautiful red caps were on full display, iridescent fire limned in gold, with his void-black feathers below each edged in the same shining gold. Fully extended, they made a gorgeous, shimmering pattern that shifted dizzyingly as Tony flapped them to keep from having to land.

Bucky followed off the bed, which JARVIS retracted upward so it was out of the way, but instead of diving down he did fancy loops, making the best use of the space that he could and showing off his maneuverability. Tony came up to join him, and it became a proper dance, each of them swooping and diving, circling and doing their most impressive-looking flight moves.

Mating flights weren't about tactical moves, which they both had far too much practice at thanks to Steve. They were about impressing a mate with the beauty of their display, the intricate and unique way they flew as they circled around one another. Tony was good at posing his body and wings together, making shapes that set Bucky's heart and body aflame just like the fire in Tony's wing-caps, strumming at instinct and inclination alike.

Bucky did his level best to match it, knowing that he was better at intimidation than seduction but also that Tony found his murder poses sexy in their own right. Bucky moved and flew, observed and remembered, thinking of all the times he'd wanted Tony more not because he was posing prettily, but because he was competently building or destroying, or sometimes a little of both. He put his own deadly competency into his moves, too, and was rewarded with a brush of wing, a soft gasp of want, the scent of Tony coming closer.

His wingbeats wafted sweetness and that musty-musky smell that clung to feathers, clean and subtle but detectable to Bucky's enhanced senses. It was mixed with the animal scents of rising desire and the sweat of exertion, and even a hint of the products from their shower. Bucky filled himself up with Tony, eyes and lungs and the sound of his breaths, the susurration of his feathers, the heavier noise of beating wings. Tony was his whole world in this moment and it was as inevitable as gravity that they would meet, and kiss, and join together.

Tony collided gently with Bucky in midair, their wings moving in sync as Tony's legs locked around his waist, as Tony's lips locked with his. Bucky managed to get himself slipped inside to where Tony was slick and hot and ready, and it was a different kind of dance to keep from falling out of the sky despite the pleasure trying to take over his entire brain. Tony was better at the multitasking, but Bucky was a lot of extra weight to carry even with Extremis, so Bucky pulled a few brain cells out of his dick and did his part to keep them flying.

Tony didn't seem to notice the lapse, kissing and making delicious pleasure sounds right into Bucky's mouth, riding him with force and intent in every thrust. Bucky let the rhythms take over, wingbeat for wingbeat, thrust for thrust, hands holding Tony firmly to him and his well-honed survival instincts put to work keeping them from colliding with walls, floor, or even the ceiling.

Bucky could see why most people did their mating flights over a field of long, soft grass as part of their honeymoon.

Other than a few light brushes of wingtips to walls, though, they managed to keep everything going long enough for their tightly-wound bodies to coil even tighter, to hit that eternal moment of peak tension, to spring loose in a rush of ecstasy. Bucky could feel it coming and brought them up as close to the ceiling as he dared, knowing they'd both lose it when they came. Knowing he was gonna go first.

Bucky arched up toward the beautiful skylight above him and closed his eyes to the sun shining through as he came, clutching Tony and trying to keep from dropping like a stone while his wings and limbs refused to work properly. He emptied every bit of love, pleasure, and remaining energy into Tony's body, and then dredged up a few last ergs to flap his wings and keep them aloft.

Tony had kept his senses long enough for Bucky to regain his, but as soon as they were back up high, he tightened around Bucky and drove himself over the edge using Bucky's cock, Bucky's body, for his own pleasure. Bucky kept them from crashing but the sight of Tony's face as he came was deliciously distracting. He was grateful that, after a last sweet kiss, they were allowed to touch down and collapse into the big pillow pit in the living room.

It was bad luck to touch the ground before the mating flight came to a peak — for both partners — and the final kiss was the traditional way to conclude before feet returned to earth.

"I love you, my mate," said Bucky, the words easy after so much time practicing them in his head, against Tony's skin, into their kisses.

"Love you, too, Buckaroo," gasped Tony, still breathing hard and grinning like a loon. He snagged the closest blanket and mopped them both up halfheartedly, flopping onto Bucky completely once they were less likely to wake up unpleasantly stuck together. "J, no visitors until we're decent, and make a note to deep-clean the pillow pit before our next movie night."

"I love your brain," said Bucky, kissing Tony's forehead with a grin of his own. He loved that Tony rebooted right away, and loved even more the small kindnesses he did for their friends, that few people seemed to notice or appreciate. Or hadn't, until he'd pointedly pointed them out.

There may have been a knife involved in the conversation.

Tony made a happy little mumble and snuggled closer, clearly well on the way to his much-deserved postcoital nap.

"Make sure there's dinner or something for when we wake up?" said Bucky, getting a quiet beep of acknowledgement. Bucky made sure they were somewhat covered and then followed his mate down into slumber.

They still had a lot to talk about, but there would be a tomorrow for the two of them, now.

JARVIS woke them a few hours later for their dinner orders, and they chose to get up and clean up enough to join the rest of the team for pizza.

"Shall I make a happy announcement to the team for you?" asked JARVIS.

"We wouldn't want to spoil the surprise," said Tony, looking like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth.

"What fun would that be?" asked Bucky, pulling him in for a kiss. They helped each other get decent enough, jeans and loose shirts in one of Tony's favorite casual designs that tied around the waist rather than having to be fastened under his wings. Not that he minded going around topless with Bucky, but Natasha rightly protested that it wasn't fair they could go tits out and she couldn't.

She enforced this rule with very unsexy nipple-pinching.

Tony pushed his sleeves up and went to the flying shaft, making sure the space was free before he floated down to the Avengers' communal floor, with both Bucky and Alpine following. The cat landed on Bucky's shoulder and preened her left wing as though she belonged there, and Tony had to admit it was a good look for them both.

They swanned casually into the room.

Well, Tony swanned and Bucky did his usual mix of sneaking and strutting as the parts of his personality warred over how to be around other people. Tony brushed a wing against his and Bucky moved up to take his hand, smiling down warmly.

"I hear there's pizza?" said Tony, pulling out a chair and pretending he didn't notice everyone staring. He gave his wings an extra little flare and fluff before he tucked them behind his chair as he sat. "Did we get enough garlic knots this time?"

"We also got the stuffed cheese sticks you like!" said Steve cheerfully, backing into the room with his arms full of food boxes. His white wings flared out behind him for balance, the red chevrons looking like splatters of wet, fresh blood. Or, Tony supposed, pizza sauce. "Those tip packets your assistant made up are real popular with the delivery guys, even if it seems like a crazy amount of money to me. Helps us get our whole order right every time."

He turned around, and it was lucky that Bucky was on one side and Clint on the other to catch all the food.

"Shit, sorry," said Steve, distracted for the moment helping them get everything laid out and not dropped on the floor.

When Steve straightened up, though, it was worse than Tony had expected. His eyes were huge, sparkling with tears, and his whole face was suffused with emotion. He brought his fists up to his chin and a grin the size of Brooklyn broke out.

"You're finally mated!" said Steve, with the tone of someone seeing a kitten for the first time in their life.

"He's gonna put a ring on it, too," said Bucky, flopping into the chair next to Tony with false casualness. "You want your usual, doll?"

"Extra breadsticks," said Tony. He locked eyes with Steve and said, "All that sex wore me out."

Unfortunately, even that didn't work. "Oh my gosh, you already had your Mating Flight?" cooed Steve, his voice at least an octave higher than normal. Tony could hear the capital letters.

Bucky rolled his eyes. "Cut that out, you're gonna give my mate heartburn."

All at once, Steve dropped his cuter-than-a-basket-of-puppies act and grinned much more normally. "Congratulations, asshole. I told you you deserved him."

"I am also deserving of my murder muppet," said Tony. "Also also, you are a fucking troll, Rogers. Don't pretend you haven't been practically sending me ring catalogs for weeks now."

"Oh, I've already got a tux picked out for the wedding, don't get me wrong," said Steve with a smirk, piling pizza and garlic knots on his plate, although Bucky slapped his hand away from the stuffed breadsticks with great prejudice.

"How'd you switch colors so fast?" asked Clint, coming around to look at their wings. Tony flaunted his new markings shamelessly, proud of his beautiful Bucky-influenced plumage.

"Super serum for Buck," said Steve, snagging a breadstick while Bucky was distracted. "I guess Tony's Extremis is working out, too?"

Tony nodded. "Yeah, plus we helped each other in the shower with the molting, you know that always makes it faster."

"Naked helping," said Bucky, giving Steve a smirk. "Gay naked helping."

"That doesn't work anymore," said Steve all singsong. "You're maa~aates!"

"Yep, and thanks to Extremis, my ass isn't even sore from the flying fuck," said Tony.

That got him.

Steve made the TMI face and sighed. "Okay it still works a little. I bet Clint didn't need to hear that, either, you know."

"Oh, don't mind me," said Clint, sitting across the table and visibly enjoying his pizza and the drama. His wings were an iridescent purple that flashed between deep ultraviolet and bright arc-reactor blue, and he also used his own shed feathers to fletch his arrows. "They're both hot, I'd watch that porno."

"You have watched that porno," said Tony, around a delicious mouthful of cheese and olive stuffed breadstick. "JARVIS told me you watch all the Avengers deepfake porn for him."

"Just doing my duty for the team," said Clint smugly. "The Bucky/Tony stuff isn't very well faked, though, weirdly. There's a ton of high-end Cap/Bucky, but you can still spot the flaws if you look carefully."

Steve took a deep breath in through his nose and let it out slowly. "I assume you watch it for him so JARVIS knows how to spot non-porn deepfakes?"

Clint nodded, gesturing with his pizza, which threatened to part ways with its cheese. "I mean, I also watch it to get off. It's, like, multitasking."

"The human concept of uncanny valley is very useful for spotting deepfakes, Captain." said JARVIS, "and pornography is the most publicly available material at the forefront of the technology."

"Clint's weird fetishes aside," said Bucky, "I assume you're gonna be my best man, ya punk? Small wedding and all that shit, yeah?"

"We'll do an all-expenses-paid destination wedding, Avengers and associated, yeah." Tony shrugged. "Gotta have Rhodey as my best man, we can let Pep and Nat give us away."

"I shall make up a potential guest list," said JARVIS, "and look into private venues."

"Aww, you love us!" said Tony. "Also, ping everyone who needs to know that we've got something to tell them if they want to video call or stop by."

"Make sure they know it's something good," said Bucky. "Not like the thing with the vent bots."

Tony hid a wince behind his pizza at the mention of the vent bots.

"Want Lucky to be the ringbearer? Or DUM-E, I guess, but you never let him out of the tower." Clint continued to shove pizza into his face, completely unconcerned to have his porn habits outed to the group.

It wasn't the first time, anyway.

There was a whoosh on the landing and Natasha's voice floated up, saying, "What's all this about...? Ah." She took up a spot at the table and accepted the plate of favorites Clint passed her. Her own deep, dark red wings settled, the matte feathers barely reflecting light at all. Perfect for covert work, unlike Clint's flashy feathers. "Congratulations, and also fuck you for your easy molts."

"Thanks, and fair," said Bucky with a chuckle. "You wanna give me away?"

"Sure, I'll be your daddy," said Nat with a wink and a low, sexy laugh that was almost entirely fake.

The rest of the table laughed with her, which got a more genuine giggle at the end.

One by one the others trickled in: Pepper with her beautiful dove-grey wings and curved markings that matched her strawberry blonde hair, Rhodey and the colorfully patterned plumage that had helped his family trace their lineage back to Africa, Thor with his feathers in every shade of gold and lightning in the depths instead of shadows. Sam's wings were another unique pattern, barred browns and golds that came from a different African region than Rhodey's. Peter, who came in via the balcony door, had beautiful red and blue wings with black and white patterning that should be ridiculously easy to spot, except his powers had come with unique chromatophores that disguised them against their background.

Everyone congratulated them, and JARVIS ended up ordering sushi and shawarma to supplement the pizza as the night wore on and a party spontaneously ignited. He also treated them to a few cases of chilled sparkling grape juice, since Tony was avoiding alcohol and Bucky and Steve couldn't really feel it, anyway. Bruce came in last and mixed drinks for those who wanted them, his wings a mossy green on the back with flashes of bright, fuckoff purple and orange underneath like a warning.

The Avengers were a colorful group to be around, and for once, Tony didn't feel dull and outmatched. He leaned more and more into Bucky as the night wore on, drunk on happiness and full of good food and the pure, unanticipated joy of being truly mated and not just fluttering from bed to bed until he was too old to do even that.

"Thanks for telling me, you know, with your friends, Mr. Stark," said Peter, sidling up to him with an expression of hope.

Tony sighed and pulled him into a hug. "You're my friend, too, dumbass. It's not like the rest of them don't also strain my heart on a regular basis."

"I heard that," said Bucky, coming up to give Peter a hug that seemed to please and shock the kid in equal measure.

"You also resemble that," said Tony, rolling his eyes. "Just because you can heal doesn't mean you should be trying to get hurt."

"Do I hear Tony trying to tell someone else off for running into danger like an idiot?" said Steve. "Hey, Pete. Coming to practice this weekend?"

Peter beamed. "Yeah, Aunt May says I can stay here in the tower as long as I get my homework done."

Tony ruffled his hair. "We'll invite Ned and MJ over and do pizza and congratulating me on marrying a nonagenarian on Saturday night," he said, as if he offered to hang out with Peter and his friends every day.

He might not be the best at being a good mentor to Peter, but he'd been trying harder since Bucky had forced him to admit he cared about the kid.

"Uh, seriously?" said Peter, bouncing on the balls of his feet. "That would be amazing! I'm gonna go call them right now so they can both get permission. Uh, how late can they stay?"

Tony chuckled. "JARVIS is your chaperone, so it can be all night, but then Sunday has to be homework for everyone, including me probably."

"Awesome. So, so awesome, oh my god." Peter hugged him again, quick and happy, and then scampered off to pull out his phone where it was quieter.

Bucky kissed Tony in a way that was definitely a reward, and maybe also a little bit fucking with Steve.

Steve, who immediately began to singsong, "You're maa~aated! Tony and Bucky, mated, oh, gee, K-I-S-S-I-N-G."

Bucky flipped him off, but didn't stop kissing Tony.

"You know this means you have to come to practice on Saturday, too," said Steve, once they came up for air.

"I know," said Tony. "I need to test out the Bleeding Edge armor more. I'm still getting the hang of it responding to my brain instead of my brawn."

That started them down an enjoyable rabbit hole of all the things Bleeding Edge could theoretically do, with Bucky adding ideas and comments to Steve's strategic brain children. Tony hadn't really talked about Extremis or Bleeding Edge much; he had mixed feelings about having made himself into a new kind of super soldier by necessity as much as any personal desire to become posthuman. Steve and Bucky made it feel easy, for once, accepting that it was who he was, the future made into a person or perhaps the other way around.

Tony leaned up to kiss Bucky on the cheek with a soft smile.

"What was that for?" asked Bucky, smiling down at him.

"Just appreciating that I have a good mate," he turned to Steve and added, "and a good friend."

Tony was not prepared for the way Steve's face went all soft and complicated, nor for the hug that swept him up and off his feet, even though he was definitely not that short.

"I'm just so happy for you," said Steve, voice holding the genuine emotion that had been missing in his earlier trolling.

Tony gave in and hugged back, hanging on until Steve put him back down. "I'm happy for us, too, Captain Cold." He stepped back only to watch Bucky get the same treatment, though Bucky's toes stayed on the floor.

Tony started a mental file on nanotech wedding rings, slipping it onto the server once it was formed up solidly enough for JARVIS to understand. Then, somehow, the Steve hugs started up a whole cavalcade of hugging, and after that Tony and Bucky managed to make their goodbyes as the party began to break up.

Bucky always enjoyed watching Tony fly, especially from below when he got to enjoy both the man's form and his form. Knowing Tony was his, now, really his and not just until Tony inevitably tired of him, well, that made the view even better. Seeing the wings they'd made together, knowing his own were mate-matched was more satisfying than any dozen nights in Tony's bed.

He'd have taken the dozen nights, but this was so, so much better.

"You're looking very pleased with yourself," said Tony, tugging Bucky backwards into the penthouse with a smug grin of his own.

"I'm about the luckiest fella I know, to get a mate like you. Ain't no one else like you," teased Bucky, voice low and just a little rough with the emotion hiding behind his glib words.

Tony pulled him into a very hot kiss, and then Bucky heard the electronic locks click behind them, Tony affecting the world around him with his amazing brain. Tony was like the future to Bucky's distant past, and he brought Bucky along and Steve with him.

"I'm the very luckiest, because I got the better super soldier. You come with tech toys," said Tony, putting Bucky's metal hand on his ass.

"Fetishist." Bucky was smiling, though, amazed as always that Tony enjoyed, loved, all of him. "Love you anyway."

"I love you too, Buckaroo. Now, let's go get settled in for the night, because dollars to donuts Steve is gonna come knocking at some ungodly hour for one of his horrible morning flight runs."

Bucky laughed, because it was so true and Tony would come, anyway, letting himself be dragged to some overlong route and off to the latest weird little breakfast place that Steve had found afterward. They were on a mission to try every single greasy spoon in the entirety of New York City, one morning flight at a time.

"Yeah, but you love being that guy who tips a grand and makes some server's whole month, so quit your whining." Bucky got a good grip on Tony and launched them upward straight to the restored bed, figuring his super-teeth and Tony's techno-body could handle one night without brushing.

Bucky just wanted to snuggle up to his mate, his husband-to-be, and fall asleep knowing that Tony would still be his when he woke up again.