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    ♦ Welcome, top!Draco lovers! ♦
    It has been said that Draco will only top Harry
    when pink unicorns fly through the sky.
    Beware that in this community pink unicorns
    are flying through the sky all the time. ♥

    Art by Luoo, banner by Corona_0304.

    ♦ The Dracotops_Harry Collection ♦
    is for Draco/Harry fanworks in which Draco tops.
    If you don't like slash or are turned off by the idea of Draco topping (or Harry bottoming), this Collection is not for you!

    The Dracotops_Harry Fest is

    • ... running on LiveJournal and AO3.
    • ... cross-posting on Dreamwidth and tumblr.
    • ... a non-anon fest.
    • ... is not a self-posting fest. The mods do the posting of the header posts on LiveJournal. Participants post their fanworks to an unrevealed AO3 Subcollection, and the mods reveal the fanworks.

    (Open, Moderated, Unrevealed)