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The underground garage door lifted and Nicte gunned it down the ramp, letting the engine thunder and echo in the vast cavern beneath their house purely for the pleasure of it. As expected, Tally met her by the parking space allotted to Nicte (Sarah's collection of motorcycles overran the other three-quarters of the garage, while Tally's Subaru was kept spotless and closest to the door), and Nicte let the gas pedal do the talking. Tally made a cute face and covered her ears, but she was grinning like a fool when Nicte finally killed the engine and stepped out.

The two-seater sports convertible was a shameless ego purchase that Nicte was never going to make until Sarah surprised her with a signed purchase contract in her name. After the year and a half Nicte had endured since her release from prison and subsequent trial-by-public-pitchforking, their relationship had finally turned a corner.

The car was just a bonus, but a sexy one if Nicte did say so herself.

Nicte's swagger was back in a way Tally hadn't seen in months. Tally instantly launched herself into Nicte's arms, squealing with excitement. "God, you look so hot in this thing," she gushed, ditching Nicte after a firm cling and jogging circles around the car while she checked it out. The black paint was spotless and Tally was glad to see Nicte hadn't smashed it up racing home. Any cops that came across her would've been Pushed in the opposite direction, no doubt.

"She's a beauty," Nicte agreed, tossing the keys absently in hand while she watched Tally prance around the vehicle like a kid on Christmas morning. Meanwhile, Nicte was fairly certain she was the one getting a present with how damn fine Tally looked in those shorts. Her eyes wandered down every time Tally danced passed her.

"You have to take me for a ride," Tally demanded without losing a beat on her third go-round, fixing Nicte with wild eyes and the kind of exuberance you couldn't fake. Nicte's smirk softened and she gave the keys another toss.

"That can be arranged," she crooned, sauntering closer. "Where you wanna go, gorgeous?"

"Anywhere, just make sure you tell Sarah I got shotgun first." Tally beamed and threw her arms around Nicte's neck so she could plant a firm kiss on her lips. "You really do look good, babe, and it's not just the car. I like seeing you this happy."

"I am happy," Nicte agreed, sliding her hands across the bare skin beneath Tally's t-shirt. "Really. And it's only maybe forty-percent the car."

Chuckling to herself, Tally landed another kiss before slipping free to go around the passenger door. "Where do you want to take me first?"

Nicte's tongue slipped across her bottom lip as she followed. "I had a few thoughts," she admitted, waiting for Tally to open the door and bend down to check out the inside. Conveniently, that perfect ass of hers was left out on display. Nicte was almost certain it wasn't on purpose but then Tally could be a really big fucking tease and feign innocence when she wanted to play it up.

Flexing her fingers, Nicte stepped up behind Tally and grabbed her by the hips, smirking when Tally let out a soft gasp into the car as soon as she felt Nicte's cock digging into her through her jeans.

"Thought I'd start with something a little closer to home," came Nicte's next thought, subtly grinding herself up against Tally's core. The redhead's legging shorts were thin for summer heat and didn't leave Nicte much of a barrier to wander through. Tally made a noise inside the car again, gripping the head of the passenger seat, and pushed back into her, signaling her agreement.


Nicte tugged Tally out of the car entirely and slammed the door, and Tally barely blinked before she was shoved up against it.

"Sergeant Batan," Tally growled, and Nicte went a little feral. The smoke in those hazel eyes set off an inferno in her veins each and every time.

"Major," Nicte purred, leaning in close and barely resisting the urge to grab that bottom lip between her teeth. "Permission to fuck you senseless."

"Granted." Tally's dimples popped and Nicte nearly burst through her pants, no matter it was purple silicon she'd tucked in there at a rest stop a few miles back. The urge to shred Tally's clothing with her bare hands was strong.

Their mouths crashed together and Tally swallowed Nicte's growl, thrusting her weight forward while Nicte tore at her clothes. Nicte got Tally's shirt off without breaking away for more than half a breath and cupped her breasts in a rough thrust, thanking the goddess that her girlfriend hated wearing bras around the house.

"Mm, fuck," Nicte moaned when Tally broke the kiss and started shoving at her head. She flashed the redhead a brilliant grin and dropped to her knees, not before kissing her way down every inch of Tally's ribbed stomach, swirling her tongue around her navel and biting down on the edge of her shorts.

Tally shifted over until she was leaning back against the hood of the car and planted her heels into the cement floor. Nicte made quick work of her shorts and underwear, letting Tally step one leg out of them for more range, and swept her pussy up in her tongue. Tally leaned her palms into the hood and tipped her head back, letting Nicte guide her legs apart and move closer between them.

No one could accuse Nicte Batan of being submissive, but Tally did love a good rank kink.

She wet her lips and tipped her head down after a while, watching Nicte's tongue draw masterpieces until Tally's clit was throbbing and she had trouble keeping her moans from filling the garage. For someone who enjoyed it rough from time to time, Nicte's mouth was a goddess when it came to the slow burn, and Tally's swollen clit ached for more. She jerked her hips into Nicte's face and was immediately shoved back against the car. She whimpered and spread her legs more. "Nic…"

Her extra senses tingled and the flesh on the back of her neck shivered. Tally knew Sarah was behind them before Nicte and curled a hand into Nicte's hair with a firm tug. Nicte glanced up at Tally, then to the right where Sarah was leaning ever so casually against the open door of the house.

Wearing those fucking leather pants Nicte wanted to both eat and set on fire whenever Sarah squeezed into them, and nothing more than a wide open blouse that barley hid her tits.

These two had planned something for her triumphant return, all right.

Nicte merely smirked around Tally's clit and gave it a firm suck. Tally smashed her thigh into the side of Nicte's head and Nicte grunted, wrapping it in her grasp and yanking it over her shoulder. The fingers in her hair started pulling every which way and Nicte knew it wouldn't take much more to send Tally off a cliff. The wet bundle of nerves was like glass on her tongue.

So she swiped the flat of it across Tally's slit for one last bit of luck and rocked back on her heels, grinning when Tally nearly tried strangling her with her thighs to keep her in place. Nicte's jumped to her feet, thrusting Tally into the car and attacking her mouth a second time.

Tally didn't seem bothered by tasting herself on Nicte's lips and hooked that same dangerous thigh around her hip, fumbling the stubborn jeans between them to free Nicte's cock.

Nicte kissed Tally as deliberately as she ate her out, working her tongue against the one trying to deprive them both of oxygen after being denied orgasm, and let her eyes wander over to Sarah.

Sarah merely smiled and hitched a hand loosely into the front of her pants, resting her head against the door. It was no secret she loved to watch her partners together and Nicte got a kick out of Sarah knowing she was about to fuck their mate up against the hood of her brand new $140 000 car. A car that Sarah had so kindly paid for.

Tally grabbed the sides of Nicte's face and yanked her back to where her attention belonged, biting roughly on her lower lip in punishment. Nicte grunted and refocused.

Fumbling hands from multiple sets eventually popped Nicte's dark jeans down over her ass, freeing the silicon dildo she'd stored there. Nicte hitched Tally's ass up onto the hood of the car and entered her in one good, firm thrust, grunting as Tally sucked in a sharp breath that echoed across the garage.

Sometimes Nicte felt like they were fucking in the batcave. Sarah's weird obsession with making everything bigger helped the illusion.

She grabbed Tally by the hips and started rutting into her, knowing how close her girl already was only minutes before. Tally's voice unleashed out into the garage and she fell back against the hood of the car, and Nicte stared down at her like she was screwing Tally twice over with her eyes.

No one was more beautiful than Craven when they fucked her. Nicte had this insane urge to ruin Tally and protect her all at once, giving it to her hard and soft and all variations in between. Tally could ask for the stars and Nicte would go hunting, just as she knew Sarah would bring down the sky.

"Fuck." Nicte closed her eyes and flexed her grip, yanking Tally's hips a bit farther over the hood so the metal didn't dig into them. She planted her feet apart and bore down, pounding into their girl until Tally's orgasm released in a flood and left her flailing for something to hold onto. Nicte roared out her approval as Tally's release coated them both, and she just about transmogrified into a beast when she realized Sarah was touching herself over by that fucking door.

"Get over here," Nicte snarled, planting her dick in Tally as deep as it would go and holding it there while Tally writhed and jerked around it. Her words were harsh but her hold on their girlfriend was soft, stroking the sensitive patch of skin along her hip and over her ass while she came down from her high. Nicte wanted to consume Tally whole again but knew Sarah would be wanting her taste.

Retired Sarah Alder was an aesthetic Nicte had gotten used to very early on. She tracked her with her eyes, the smooth swagger and easy going pace. Sarah was still the General in many ways but when it came to their domestic and love life, she was a revelation.

Nicte couldn't bring herself to pull out of Tally while Sarah stepped up behind her, brushing NIcte's ponytail away and leaning down to press that hot little mouth of hers to her ear. Every cell in Nicte's body ignited and she closed her eyes for a beat.

"Do you like your present, love," Sarah's faint husk traveled up the back of Nicte's neck. She waited only just before planting a feather-light kiss where the words fell. "It suits you and Tally."

Below them, Tally whimpered and Nicte tugged on her hips again, watching how those hazel eyes rolled back into her head.

"Love it, Sare," Nicte whispered thickly, drinking up the sight of Tally lying flushed and thoroughly fucked beneath her. "You want a turn?"

"Oh, yes."

To Nicte's surprise, Sarah pushed her open jeans lower down Nicte's thighs and stroked the length of two fingers through her wetness around the harness, of which there was plenty after taking Tally whole. Nicte was still a coiled spring and she closed her eyes with a hiss, jerking against the touch.


"Nic." The smirk in Sarah's voice irked Nicte but in the way where she wanted to turn around and smack it off with her mouth alone.

"Shouldn't I be the one thanking you for your kindness?" Again Nicte was the one who shifted inside Tally and pulled out a bit, only for Sarah to press into her from behind and keep her from going any further. Tally's body stretched to accommodate Nicte one more and she unleashed a heady moan.

Purposefully, Sarah reached between their bodies and ran her fingers around where Nicte was connected to Tally. Both sets of eyes bore down at their youngest partner and Tally flushed with colour, lying open and exposed on the hood of the car and without an ounce of shame to her name.

"I-I think you should show Sarah," Tally managed to fumble out loud, all while pressing a hand into Nicte's stomach and sliding it slowly up and down the firm surface. Nicte was on fire from top to bottom and Tally knew she wasn't ready to give herself over yet.

Sarah seemed pretty poised to take control if she could. It was always a pleasure being the one who got to watch them sort it out, and Tally smirked breathlessly while she waited. Sarah danced her fingers across her swollen clit and gave it a little tweak, drawing a squeak from Tally, who nearly bit her bottom lip off and squirmed.

Sarah finally allowed Nicte to pull out of her, and Nicte bumped Sarah back with her ass so she could lean down and suck a few long, good tastes of their mate's arousal. She hummed in appreciation as Tally moaned on the car and stepped back to swipe a hand across her mouth. "Taste her, Sarah."

Sarah slid a hand around Nicte's waist until she was knelt in front of Tally and lapping up what Nicte had left behind. Tally moaned hard and dropped her skull against the hood of the car with a loud 'bang' this time, followed by a muffled 'ow'.

Grinning, Nicte stepped around Sarah and pulled back her long tendrils, giving her hair a good tug. "Make her come again," she ordered, and she pressed her wet dick against the side of Sarah's neck. Sarah moaned into Tally and curled around her thighs to hold her in.

Nicte's eyes traveled to the beautiful girl in front of them and something shifted in her, softened a bit. She leaned into the car and dropped her mouth to ghost across Tally's belly, taking her time in re-memorizing everything about it as she worked her way back up to her breasts. One hand dropped back into Sarah's hair and wove itself there accordingly.

Tally whimpered, knowing she was doomed, and Sarah's mouth and Nicte's dominance sent her over the edge again.

Eventually Tally's body couldn't handle it anymore and she had to close her legs off, nudging insistently at the top of Sarah's head to show her mercy. She rolled slightly and Nicte took her up in her arms, hauling her from the car and planting her onto solid ground again without letting go.

Tally was very much a bleary-eyed bambi, quaking and swollen and requiring a time-out. Nicte sucked a firm kiss to her shoulder and gave a little nip for the cause. "You good, Tal?"

"Mm-hm," Tally murmured drunkenly, a stupid grin forming as she buried her nose into Nicte's hair. "Gimme a minute or six."

Nicte chuckled and gave her a firm pat on the ass. "I'll give you ten if you help me get Sare here in the front seat."

Both sets of eyes turned to Sarah Alder, who had remained crouched with one hand on the side of the car as she watched them. Nicte's thighs were burning with use and need, and she reached for Sarah, pulling her to them.

Tally was the one who opened the door, fumbling the handle twice when nothing in her would coordinate, and leaned in to adjust the seat. Somehow she managed to eject the hard top roof instead, and Nicte immediately smirked with fresh inspiration.

"That'll do," she grunted, waiting for Tally to close the door again before grabbing Sarah and throwing her face first against the side of the vehicle instead.

Sarah might have had a good five inches in height or more on Nicte but Nicte could work with anything. Her hands pushed aside the open linen top and cupped her breasts, tweaking her nipples until Sarah released a harsh groan and thrust back into her waist.

Tally was the one who got Sarah's pants the rest of the way open and she helped Nicte pull them down her legs. Tally stayed crouched and chose to explore her wife's thighs from there.

Sarah's energies had shifted and she listened when Nicte pulled back on her hips, drawing her out enough that Nicte's had no trouble pressing flush against the taller woman's pussy. She reached between them and rubbed the head of her cock around Sarah's entrance, letting Tally's essence mix with her own, and gradually sheathed herself inside. Sarah tightened around her, Nicte grunted again, and she hauled back on her hips until she was buried deep.

Tally moved to take off Sarah's shirt, and Nicte barked, "Leave it."

She pounded into Sarah from behind, keeping a steady pace and drinking in the delicious sounds General Alder made when she was being mounted. By now Nicte's brow dripped with sweat and she was starting to overheat.

Tally, ever the Knower, appeared behind her and leaned down to suck a hard kiss along the side of Nicte's neck, leaving her mark and simultaneously tugging Nicte's jacket back off her shoulders. It landed somewhere on the floor where the rest of their clothes disappeared to and then Tally pressed in behind Nicte — as best she could while Nicte drove herself home into Sarah without so much as a smoke break.

Sarah's hands clutched the rim of the open window, her feet quaking as Nicte picked up the pace. "Enough," she called back, momentarily confusing Nicte but drawing her to a halt.

"Sare?" Nicte licked her lips and fought to catch her breath. She leaned over the long expanse of Sarah's back and sucked a firm kiss against the back of her shoulder. "Did I hurt you?"

Sarah's husky laugh did things to Nicte's insides that she couldn't pronounce. "Not for lack of trying," she teased, and Nicte chuckled into her skin.

Nicte stepped back upon request and Sarah moaned when her cock slipped free, now dangling and covered with both of them. Tally took the opportunity to press her naked self up against Nicte's back and peeled off the black t-shirt that was beginning to stick to her with sweat. It wasn't too hot in the garage but it had gotten significantly warmer in recent minutes.

Nicte kicked off her pants entirely too, which left her in nothing more than her strap and a sports bra. Impatience got the better of her when it came to discarding the last item, and besides, Sarah had just popped open the passenger door again and jerked her head at the leather seat.

"Sit," Sarah ordered, and for once in her life Nicte didn't argue with her. Verbally, anyway; Nicte did take her sweet time and flashed Sarah that cocky little shit of a smirk that drove her up the wall. Sarah just narrowed her eyes, grabbed Nicte and shoved her down into the car.

Without missing a beat, Nicte shifted back in the seat, leaving one leg dangling out the side and adjusting her angle so Sarah had plenty of room to climb into her lap, which she did.

Nicte's eyes dropped hungrily to the open display of her perfect breasts and she grabbed Sarah by the open linen shirt, hauling her in quickly.

Smirking, Sarah planted a knee on the outer side Nicte's lap and gripped one hand each on the rim of the car and the windshield behind her, holding off. Nicte growled with as much patience as a toddler wanting their birthday cake and tried to haul her inside again, to which Sarah just leaned away.

"Fuck, Sare," Nicte husked, all but bearing her teeth at her partner. "C'mere, damn it."

"You really would do better to learn some patience, Sergeant Batan," Alder said stiffly, and behind her Tally grinned like an idiot.

Nicte, however, was impatient and horny and kept trying to yank Sarah closer. "Then fucking punish me already," she growled, finally succeeding in hauling her inside the car.

Sarah played her own game, though, and twisted around to sit her ass in Nicte's lap instead of straddling her. Nicte was momentarily disappointed she didn't get a good view of Sarah's chest from here, but she supposed this would be just as good. The seat was only so big and her partner was a gazelle standing on a ladder.

Tally watched from beside them as Sarah teased Nicte, grinding her ass back and holding onto the open top windshield for leverage. Whatever position she had managed to find and create a steady rhythm with, it was apparently doing wonders for Nicte, whose eyes were suddenly rolling back in her head as the base of the strap-on dug into her clit and she wasn't even inside Sarah yet. Tally's fingers found the back of Nicte's neck and she gave it a firm rub, working up a slow, high ranged seed that momentarily drifted through the air between them.

Nicte suddenly felt everything about this moment swell and she sucked in a sharp breath when Sarah finally shifted herself up from the mess that was Nicte's lap and sank down onto her cock again. Whatever Tally was doing amplified the sensation of Sarah bouncing around in her lap, thrusting that perfect ass and the base of the strap into her clit.

"Tal…" Nicte's mouth went dry and she nearly swallowed her tongue. "Where the fuck did you…?"

Tally just smiled and kept the seed going, increasing the frequency just enough that Nicte nearly bucked Sarah right over the windshield.


Nicte could feel what she was doing to Sarah without warning and suddenly the two of them were a desperate mess of limbs grinding and thrusting and pulling, each one frenzied to get off and synced enough with each other to pull it off.

Nicte's fingernails left semi-permanent marks on Sarah's hips as she guided the General's thrusts down at more of an angle, and Sarah finally roared her release. It rolled through Nicte and Tally gripped the tense muscle along the back of her neck, sending that seed through her again and crashing Nicte right over the edge with her.

Blinder than her bats in that moment, Nicte closed her eyes and collapsed fully back into the seat. Sarah stayed wrapped around her cock and fell back too, both of them struggling to pick up the remainder of their bodily autonomy from where Tally had blasted it off into outer space.

Nicte was barely able to talk and pulled Sarah's heated back against her, wrapping her waist in a shaky hug. "Mmph. That was new," she chuckled, kissing the back of Sarah's shoulder. "Thanks for sharing, General Orgasm."

"Yes," Sarah breathed, tossing her hair back and throwing a lazy smile over at their younger partner. "Quite. Your Work?"

"Might be a little off-canon," Tally said smugly, leaning into the car and allowing Sarah to pull her into a hard kiss. Tally's delight at throwing both her partners off didn't distract her from dipping a hand to feel the damp curls between Sarah's legs, where she remained sheathed on top of Nicte. Sarah bucked in place again and made the bottom half of the pair groan.

"I'm gonna need to get this fucking thing detailed, aren't I?"