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Na Heedo was not someone who thought before acting. She never had been and if she was sincere, she would never want to change all her spontaneity. She thought it was a vital part of her personality, even though she sometimes got in trouble for it. As it was exactly what she'd gotten herself into a few minutes ago.


She was dumbfounded. She couldn't believe that she had fought not one but two girls just to defend Go Yoorim, the girl who deeply hated her. And she couldn't believe that Yoorim had heard everything those girls had said too, her stomach hurt just thinking about the other girl hearing such cruel words. So obviously she defended Yoorim. She fought for Yoorim. For Yoorim’s honor. 


And she regretted it immediately as soon as she left the bathroom, hearing only the complaints and threats of the two girls she had beaten up and Yoorim's heavy breathing behind her. Sighing, Heedo walked faster but was stopped by a hand on her wrist.


“Who are you to take my side? I said I was fine.” Yoorim exclaimed and Na ignored her, trying to release her wrist. She wanted to be able to walk out of the empty school hallway and onto the football field to at least think to calm herself down. “Why did you take my side and make me look like an idiot?” Go yelled and finally Heedo realized that her voice was cracked.


She turned and faced the other girl in confusion. Heedo understood that she was in pain and hurt from the comments she had heard earlier, but didn't understand why Yoorim was saying such hurtful words to herself. The other girl was crying and Na bit her lip.


“Yah, why are you crying?” Heedo asked in confusion, wanting the girl to stop crying.


“I don't know what to do… why do you keep doing this. Do you know how difficult things have become for me because of you?” Yoorim exclaimed and Na tried at all costs not to take steps back, not to cry, not to react to the hurtful words. Yoorim's increasing teardrops made her feel even more useless.


"What did I do?" Na tried again, wondering what she'd really done to the girl she'd always admired. “Right now, it was because what they said made me upset, and…”


“I am Injeolmi.” Yoorim interrupted her, still crying desolately. Heedo opened her mouth in shock, trembling softly. She tried to say something, but Yoorim practically ran down the school hallway.


Automatically, Heedo thought of Baek Yijin. He hadn't lied. He was not Injeolmi. He wasn't the person Na Heedo had been in love with for months, and he never could be. Injeolmi was her biggest obsession, Go Yoorim.


Go Yoorim, who was beautiful, smart, had a sharp tongue, and was extremely rude. The girl she wanted to rival since she had seen her shining and winning a gold medal on television. Her biggest goal was to be that girl's rival and Yoorim was her virtual passion. How ironic and small did the world have to be?


Realizing she was overthinking it, Heedo ran after Yoorim. She gasped softly but followed in the heavy footsteps of the girl who was still crying (and she could hear the sobs). She was taller, so she caught up to Go quickly, pulling the girl back to her. Yoorim still had tears in her eyes and her face was completely wet.


Na sighed, hearing the noise of students talking in the distance, and then saw that there was an empty room next to them. She pulled Yoorim with her and only stopped walking when Go was leaning her hip against the teacher's desk.


"Repeat this." She demanded, but it sounded more like a request. As if she was begging. And Go Yoorim seemed to understand her request as a disappointment, as the girl looked down in embarrassment.


"I-I'm Injeolmi." She repeated, without her usual confidence. This brought Heedo's world to a standstill for the second time. "I'm sorry for being injeolmi," Yoorim whispered and Na finally looked into the normally icy eyes of the other fencer.


"Why are you apologizing?" Heedo asked, annoyed. She approached the other girl, who looked down and sobbed softly. The taller's hand rested on the table and she bent down just a little to be at Yoorim's height.


“I-I…” Go didn't seem to be able to find his words. But Heedo could understand what she meant. She sighed and closed her eyes, bowing her head just slightly. The girl who hated her the most in the world was actually her confidant. Na still couldn't believe it.


Heedo opened her eyes again and then realized that Yoorim was staring at her deeply. She remembered the words she had said to Yijin when she thought he was injeolmi. I wanted to be with you. She swallowed, knowing those words were dedicated to her confidant. Which was none other than Yoorim.


She wouldn't repeat the words, but she wondered if she felt the same way about Go. Her gaze scanned the entire face of the girl, who was also staring back at her, sobbing every few seconds. Yoorim didn't cry anymore. But she had a sad, sorrowful look in her eyes as if being injeolmi, the person Heedo trusted most in the world, was such a bad thing.


“Injeolmi,” Heedo whispered, snorting softly. She shook her head, chuckling to herself before standing up a little. Yoorim looked at her hopelessly and Heedo smiled at her, shaking her head. Her hand connected with the shorter girl's face gently and Na thought immediately of how many times she'd wanted to hit that pretty face.


She then thought about how many times she dreamed of touching injeolmi's face. And there she was. With eyes closed, as if the touch were forgiveness as if the touch were a lover's touch. They had virtually never had conversations like that. But… the spark was always there.


Heedo looked at Yoorim's cracked pink lips, feeling butterflies in her stomach like she'd never felt before. Her finger slid from the flower girl's jaw to touch her lower lip, where Heedo pressed gently. Her touch brought alertness to Yoorim, who opened her eyes but didn't pull Heedo’s hand away. There was something in Go's eyes too. Something so magnetic that Heedo just felt herself being pulled towards her until she brushed her lips against Go Yoorim's.


The first thing Heedo noticed was that the touch was tentative and felt fragile. Therefore, her hand automatically held Yoorim's face against hers, before she slid her lips gently against the shorter girl's, her other hand touching her waist and pulling her against her.


The second thing Heedo noticed was that the kiss didn't taste like pine, as she had expected. Yoorim tasted like chocolate, with a slight salty tinge from her tears, and Na immediately searched for more of it, letting her tongue slide across the girl's open mouth, gripping her waist tighter. Go didn't hesitate either and moved closer to her, hands intertwining Heedo's back and bringing her closer to her, while their kiss seemed to last an eternity.


When they finally both pulled away, they looked at each other panting, nervous and shocked at what had just happened. Yoorim looked a little better, her haggard gaze had been replaced by a haze of passion. Heedo was delighted with the look of the smaller girl and her hand went to Go's neck, pulling her towards her until they kissed again, more agitated this time.


Tongues made contact and so did their bodies and Heedo pushed Yoorim until she was sitting against the teacher's desk, their strained kisses becoming more aroused and confused, a faint hint of saliva joining them each time they parted, but neither of them could make it stop. Heedo murmured, satisfied with the kisses, hearing Yoorim humming every time she did something right.


They broke apart after a few seconds and Heedo's kisses descended to the other girl's pale neck. She felt Yoorim raise her hand and ruffle her hair and smiled a little, not imagining the other girl could be so affectionate. A few seconds later, they heard the door open and Heedo immediately turned away from Go, looking at the door in fear.


“Did I… did I disturb something?” Moon Jiwoong appeared, looking confused. He looked at the messy appearance of the two and Heedo tried to fix her hair that was out of the clip, hearing Yoorim rustling behind her, showing that the other was also trying to fix herself.


Heedo watched the look of recognition come to Jiwoong and swallowed hard, a little nervous thinking about how he would react to knowing that, in a way, she had stolen the girl he liked. Na was nervous and when she felt Yoorim's small hands touching her back, she shivered slightly.


“Jiwoong-ah, I barely saw you at school today,” Yoorim spoke shyly and the boy lost the look of recognition, something like hurt rising in his eyes.


"I-I'll let you guys date," Jiwoong muttered before practically running out the door. The two fencers stared at each other, a nervous look on both of them.


The word “dating” was awkward and invoked a bitter feeling inside Heedo immediately. She thought about what her mother would say if she ever showed up dating another girl and how she never realized there was a possibility that “injeolmi” could be one. She bit her lip and saw that Yoorim seemed to have the same doubts.


“Are we girlfriends?” Go asked slowly, testing the word in her mouth and looking at Heedo, who swallowed hard again. She sighed, thinking her reaction a few minutes ago was exactly that of a girlfriend.


She was so obsessed with Yoorim before that she didn't know how she never thought that obsession had another name. And now, she could only see herself being the other girl's girlfriend. She would like to kiss her as often as possible, take her hand in hand and maybe even take her to the beach. The thought of being Go Yoorim's girlfriend was too good to think about, but...


"Shouldn't we have a real date before then?" Heedo questioned quietly, blushing furiously. She felt Yoorim's hand squeeze her arm tighter as the girl giggled softly, making her want to die right there.


"Definitely." Go agreed but hugged her body from behind anyway. In a way, it yelled girlfriends a lot even though they weren't (yet) it.


Heedo smiled happily. They still had a lot to talk about, Yoorim still had a lot to explain, especially about her treatment of Heedo and how she managed to be so cruel. But they had all the time in the world. Long enough for them to understand what they were and what they wanted to be.




Na Heedo realized, a little belatedly, how intimate her actions with Yoorim were. Their soft touches that sought each other out, skin-to-skin contact being essential whenever they were side by side or the exchange of secret glances and smiles. Or rather, not so secret, after all, they were being recorded for the channel where Baek Yijin worked.


And in one of those moments, while they were smiling secretly at each other, the young man approached and looked at them confused. Heedo tensed immediately, fearing what her friend's reaction would be.


“Are you on a blind date?” He asked joking and Heedo bit her lip, turning to look at Yoorim who had an extremely shy expression. She tried to hold back her smile, but it was impossible.


"It's a date," Heedo said, teasing her friend who immediately lost his smile. He walked over and knelt in front of them, looking shocked.


“You… you?” He babbled and that made both girls laugh, shaking their heads.


"Not yet," Yoorim responded and patted Baek's head, which he gasped. He then broke into a gigantic smile and patted them both on the shoulders, looking extremely happy.


“I always knew you guys had too much tension not to be something else.” Yijin scoffed, seeming to want to say more. However, the fact that they were being recorded still persisted in the heads of the three and Yijin had a mischievous look on his face. “When your training is over, I'll take you both out for ice cream! It is on me!" He exclaimed before getting up.


The two girls blushed furiously and Heedo ran a hand through her bangs, nervous and shy. She looked at Yoorim, who was eating her food with a smirk on her face, looking happier than all the other times she'd seen the girl. Perhaps happier than she looked when she won the gold medal in the games.


And Yijin kept his promise. After class and training, the boy accompanied them to a nearby place, where there was ice cream. It was close to Yoorim's mother's restaurant too and the three of them were nervous and shy.


“So, when did you guys settle?” Baek asked shyly. He had a crooked smile as if the question was going to tease the two girls, who were really looking down.


"Today," Yoorim replied, looking the boy in the eye. Heedo took her hand and squeezed it lightly, making the smaller girl look at her in confusion.


“I hope you know that I will always be here for you two.” Yijin interrupted the two's gaze, tapping them both on the head. Heedo pulled away, making a childish pout and that made Yoorim kiss her cheek.


“Thanks, oppa… your support is important,” Yoorim muttered softly and the boy smiled again.


"I don't know how you're going to handle a savage like Heedo, so good luck." He scoffed and Heedo finally snapped out of the nervous fog she was in, smacking him hard on the shoulder.


“Yah! She is already lucky to have me!” Heedo exclaimed and then caught her words, blushing furiously and looking away when she heard the laughter of the two in front of her.


“Do you want to have dinner at Yoorim's mom's restaurant? I think it's still open. I will pay." Yijin asked, looking down the street. Heedo swallowed hard, turning to face Yoorim, not quite knowing how to respond.


After all, it would be the first time she saw Mrs. Ko after sticking her tongue in her daughter's mouth. She knew that the woman was extremely kind and that there would be no judgments, but that was not how she would want to see the woman again.


"We will. She'll be glad to see you again." Yoorim muttered, pulling Heedo's hand gently. The taller girl sighed and nodded, all her insecurities suddenly gone.


The three walked to the end of the street and Heedo and Yoorim still had their hands clasped, with the smaller girl leaning slightly towards Na. Yijin, beside them, didn't seem bothered to be the third wheel, in fact, he still had a smile on his face.


Yoorim's mother greeted the three of them with a big smile and immediately guided them to the table by the door, hugging each one individually and patting their heads. Heedo swallowed hard, sitting down with her head down next to Yoorim. Go took her hand under the table and leaned gently towards her.


"She's the last person who will judge you," Yoorim whispered in her ear and the taller girl nodded but was still tense.


"So what's the celebration?" Yoorim's mother asked the three of them as she placed the bowls on the table, pausing to study them.


“You will soon find out,” Yijin said confidant, causing the woman to close her eyes. Mrs. Go gently patted his shoulder with a dish towel, but the boy ignored her, casting a teasing look at the couple in front of him.


Heedo found herself kicking him under the table and immediately snapping that look away from him, who then laughed. Yoorim ignored them and served Heedo quickly, putting her own food in later. In thanks, she squeezed Go's knee under the table and the girl smiled in her direction. The three ate in silence, nothing but praise for Mrs. Go occasionally.


“Your food is really delicious, Ms. Go,” Heedo muttered to the woman when she was satisfied. The older woman smiled and stroked her head. She looked around the restaurant and, when she realized that the four of them were the only ones left there, she sat down with them.


“Maybe I'm getting things the wrong way, or maybe not, but know that you're always welcome here, Na Heedo.” Mrs. Go said, her gaze straying between Heedo and Yoorim. "And as long as you don't hurt my daughter, you can call me omma too." She muttered and the chopsticks that were in Heedo's hand immediately dropped and Yoorim started choking beside her.


“O-omma!” Yoorim tried to exclaim, but her voice only came out muffled. She had tears in her eyes from choking, but those tears also meant something else.


"What? Do you think I didn't see how you looked about to feed her? When you walked in hand in hand, I knew.” Mrs. Go exclaimed in self-defense and the two girls in front of her gasped in shock. "Who knows how long you've been together, but know that I will always support you."


Yoorim's mother's support was significant for Heedo, who couldn't hold back her own tears. She curled up on Yoorim's shoulder, crying loudly and her (not yet) girlfriend hugged her shoulders. Heedo could feel the other girl's sobs as well, before feeling Mrs. Go’s arms around two.


The support from Yijin and Yoorim's mother was extremely significant. Heedo couldn't deny that she was very fond of Yoorim and was happy that she had the support of two people so important to them.


Yijin offered to take her home and, after much crying, Yoorim offered to drop them off at the bus stop. The two were still walking with their hands entwined and Heedo knew that she must have had her face swollen from crying, but she was extremely happy.


"Wait," Yoorim spoke, loud enough for Yijin to hear, but not for the whole street to stop. "We'll be back in a minute." She warned and then pulled Na Heedo away, not waiting for the tall boy to respond.


Yoorim seemed to know all those places well, as she ended up pulling Heedo into a dark alley. Na smiled at her, looking up to see that the moonlight was the only thing illuminating them.


“Are you okay with all this?” Heedo asked, thinking that was the smaller girl's concern.


“Wait, what? I was going to ask if you're okay with all this.” Exclaimed Yoorim with a cute pout. Heedo started to laugh, before pushing the shorter girl to the wall. She stared at her with bright eyes and watched Yoorim sigh before cracking a smile.


“I didn't imagine this day would be like this when I got out of bed today. And we still have something to talk about. But… it doesn't have to be now.” Whispered Heedo, gently caressing the curve of the shorter girl's jaw.


“I need to apologize.” Yoorim nodded, her hand joining Heedo's on her face. Her hand was so small and so cute that Na leaned down to kiss her nose softly.


“I already apologized to you a long time ago, Go Yoorim,” Heedo murmured softly, before leaning in for a kiss.


Unlike the kisses they'd shared before, that kiss was soft and sweet. Heedo didn't take her hand away from the smaller girl's face, who leaned on her shoulders, squeezing them as her kiss got more intense. The two smiled and the kiss ended with a series of soft pecks. Yoorim was still smiling as she leaned in to kiss Heedo again, this time with more force and intensity, their tongues fighting softly.


Heedo pushed Yoorim gently against the wall, managing to master the kiss against the smaller girl and realizing how spicy the kiss was. She had no idea Go liked so much pepper in tteokbokki, but there they were.


“Guys, it’s already late.” Yijin's voice sounded at the entrance to the alley and Heedo walked away laughing softly. She placed one last kiss on Yoorim's lips before actually pulling the girl out of the alley, finding Baek with a smirk.


"Yah, you bastard, it's still early," Heedo exclaimed indignantly and clapped the boy on the shoulder, who laughed softly.


"I'm demanding to be godfather to the first child after having to patrol an alley entrance for you to kiss." He scoffed and this time, it was Yoorim who punched him hard enough for him to groan, falsely, in pain.


Heedo reluctantly released Yoorim's hand, seeing the girl blush furiously at how touchy-feely she was being. She followed Yijin to the bus stop, pouting at being so far away from Yoorim. The tall boy tapped her head gently twice to get her attention and Heedo pouted at him.


"Yah." She spoke, doing aegyo and he hit her again.


“You are so clingy. No wonder you already wanted to be with injeolmi the first time you met.” Yijin scoffed and that made Heedo kick his leg. The bus approached and the two of them got on, Heedo pushing Yijin away so she could sit in the last vacant seat.


She couldn't wait to get home and be able to text injeolmi. Do not. To Go Yoorim, her (unofficially) her girlfriend.


Heedo got home and showered in a matter of minutes before sitting down in front of her computer, already texting the girl she liked so much. Yoorim, however, was faster.


injeolmi: I miss you already~ I hope tomorrow doesn't take too long.


Heedo put a hand over her mouth to keep her from screaming, but she ended up doing it anyway. She smiled and typed a message just as corny, trying to contain the blush that crept over her face. She really wanted to shout to the four corners of the world how much she adored Ko Yoorim. Her injeolmi. Her rival. Her lover. And the owner of the best kisses in the world. Heedo couldn't wait for tomorrow. Like Yoorim, she could only hope that tomorrow didn't take long.