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she was like the moon dressed in saturn

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She hears the mentions of an "important meeting--" , and something along the lines of Mona meeting her master jarringly named "--that stupid old hag" ; but frankly, the words flew over her head. 


Because Mona comes in with her hair unbound and midnight splayed down her waist. The girl was complaining about something, gesturing about, but Fischl only notices the way she looked. Like a waterfall wearing the soft sheen of moonlight. Dark ends curled slightly, bangs a little too long, past her eyebrows. 


Then there was the blazer that sat on Mona's shoulder's like a cape, secured at the collar with her hydro insignia. The deep sapphire jewel complimented the colour of the girl's silver eyes. Running gold lining the edges of the jacket, white gloves turning messy books over in her search. 


The unexpected gap from the usual astrologist's appearance sends Fischl's insides aflutter. 


"Is something the matter?" Mona chimes, absented-mindedly aware of the gaze as she continues to search for her catalyst. Fischl shakes her head, but shoots a look at Oz. The bird servant disappears into the third dimension obediently. 


There was something charming about a slightly unkempt and yet handsomely dressed astrologist distracted with her task at hand. 


Feeling compelled, Fischl slides off the couch and walks over, earning a curious tilt of the head from Mona. 


It was almost comedic how Fischl was modestly dressed in pyjamas, the taste of breakfast and burnt toast still lingering on her tongue, but she wrapped her arms around Mona anyway. The latter laughs softly, hands immediately grabbing Fischl's arms as she turned around to face the blonde-haired girl. 


"Yes princess," Mona returned the hug warmly and Fischl revelled in the warmth. "Is something wrong?" 


"As the arrival of the tapestry of darkness beckons in the slow hands of time..." Fischl mumbles, burying her face into Mona's blazer. "It's a pity that even one of royal blood finds oneself susceptible to such displays." 


Mona tilts the girl's chin slightly with a gloved hand, perplexed and yet finding the entire exchange incredibly endearing. She plants a soft kiss on Fischl's warm cheeks, waiting. 


"C-Come home early today..." Fischl stutters, abandoning character. Then adding as she flushes into red, "Also, you look good today!" 


A generous laugh bursts from Mona's lips, pink dusting her cheeks as well.  


"Thank you, I'll try not to take too long." 


They hug for a while, catalyst still not found, with Fischl wrapped in the arms of her astrologist dressed like a dream, and Mona ends up arriving to her meeting a little late.