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Our Hollow Council

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Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick.

Kronii glared at her pocket watch as the seconds ticked away. Being the Warden of Time, she could only guard it. Guide it. She couldn’t stop time. But how she wished she could right now.

Standing on the parapet of the Council’s Hall, she watched the mellow sun rise slowly above the horizon. By any standards, the view was beautiful. It always was here in the domain of gods.

But no amount of beauty could plaster over the anguish she felt at the moment.

She heard quiet footfalls on the concrete floor behind her. With a clack, Kronii shut her pocket watch and turned around.

“Mumei, why are you here? You should be resting,” she said tiredly.

“How can I be resting when you’re out here stressing away?” Mumei replied weakly. Kronii’s sapphire eyes caught the glint of sun in Mumei’s flowing brown hair.

“I’m sorry I shouldn’t have left you alone…”

“No, it’s ok I just wanted to be with you at least until-“

“Don’t!” The Warden interrupted, eyes filling with tears for the umpteenth time in the past day, “Don’t you dare say it!”

Mumei’s expression softened, and she padded forward towards Kronii. “Hey, it’s going to be alright.”

Kronii could hear the smile in Mumei’s voice. How could the Guardian of Civilisation be so positive at a time like this?

“You know, even after all we’ve been through together, I still don’t know how you’re still so optimistic about everything.”

The council had originally been five friends, who would go to the ends and betweens of dimensions for each other. Bae, the embodiment of Chaos. Sana, Speaker of Space. Fauna, Keeper of Nature. Mumei, Guardian of Civilisation. And Kronii, Warden of Time. Together, they were the Council who protected and watched over this universe and all the souls inside it.

But the humans they guarded had slowly but surely destroyed nature, defiled space, and created order from the chaos of the very universe that gave them life.

Now only Mumei and Kronii remained. Their duties to the Council had prevented them from interfering with the human’s activities that slowly ate away at the spirit of their friends. But Kronii was not about to let her last precious friend, her precious Mumei, be taken by those insufferable humans.

She loved the other Council members, but she Loved Mumei. And she would more than readily abandon her duties to protect Mumei.

“I know what you’re thinking, Kronii,” Mumei whispered into her ear. “Please don’t hurt them.”

Kronii’s face contorted into one of heartbreak as she pushed away from the petite Guardian. “How can you say that? Those damn humans are killing you with their stupid wars! And politics! Like they did with Sana, and Fauna! And Bae! They don’t even know that- GWAK”

Kronii’s heated rant was cut short by Mumei grabbing her and pulling her in. Mumei’s lips was on hers. Being the Warden of Time didn’t help her as time froze and everything became background noise. Mumei’s lips are on mine! She was vaguely aware of a gloved fist bunching up her ribbon. An arm snaked around the back of her neck and Kronii wrapped her arms around Mumei’s waist.

After time started working again, they broke apart, faces flushed and breathing ragged.

“Thank you, Mei. I needed that,” Kronii mumbled shyly.

“I love you Kronii.”

“I know.”