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To forgive divine

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Shea parked the car and Lloyd hopped out carrying the picnic basket. It was a beautiful day and Shea had to admit this had been a good idea. Lloyd sped on ahead insisting he could find the perfect picnic spot while Vanessa and Shea brought up the rear walking along hand in hand as they usually did these days. Vanessa turned towards Shea and smiled and he felt overwhelmed with love for her. Before he thought about it he blurted out "Let's make a baby" At her look of surprise he explained "I love you. You have always wanted kids and before I never felt ready or settled but now, ever since we got married, I've been happier than ever. It will be perfect, you are beautiful, you will make gorgeous babies" Vanessa laughed and Shea could hear the delight in her voice. She kissed him and then said "Yes, let's."

Shea had initially enjoyed their relaxed attempts to get Vanessa pregnant but now it had been over six months and still nothing. Unfortunately Shea had been enthusiastically open with all their friends about the fact that they were trying and everyone had been initially asking for updates and then later inundating them with suggestions and advice. Some had been initially even fun or at least interesting but now they felt as though they had tried everything and nothing had helped. Lloyd had been the one person who Shea had relied on not to behave that way and now today out of blue he came with that "I heard about a possible suggestion which might help" which Shea had heard times without count. Shea would not have it and in this case he did not have to be polite or diplomatic he could just shut it down completely. Shea cut off Lloyd's "I just think that maybe this...". "I don't want to hear it OK" He was just tired of everyone's opinions. He knew Lloyd was as enthusiastic about the idea as they were and as invested in the outcome, but he was not able to handle anything else. To his surprise Lloyd did not immediately quiet. "I consulted with one of my friends from med school who's a fertility expert and ..." Shea could control his toy at least "Lloyd I'm serious shut up!" Lloyd stopped trying to say anything at the warning in that blunt a statement given in that sharp a tone. After what had happened with Max Shea pretty much never told Lloyd to shut up, so Lloyd knew persistence would not end well. Shea almost relented when he saw how dejected Lloyd was but he just could not bring himself to listen to another "you should try" statement. "Lloyd" Shea steeled himself against Lloyd's hopeful look. "Don't you dare go to Vanessa with this you hear me." Lloyd slumped further "Yes sir I understand."

Shea parked his car in front of the house and took a deep breath. Lloyd had been that much more wary around him since Shea had shut down the conversation on Vanessa's pregnancy even though a few weeks had gone by. Lloyd hadn't seem to hold a grudge and clearly he had not talked to Vanessa because those conversations always made her alternatively sad and cranky but she had been nothing but happy and relaxed lately. Shea felt it was because they had finally stopped trying and were now just enjoying themselves. However Shea had not intended to make Lloyd this uncomfortable so he finally decided maybe it was time to talk about it, much as he hated having relationship discussions and especially so with Lloyd. Shea got out of his car and walked in the door, determined that this time they would have a real conversation together as a family, even if he had to listen to Lloyd's advice, and was almost knocked over as Vanessa flung herself into his arms "I'm pregnant. We're finally going to have a baby."