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Hermione Soulbound

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Hermione slumped on the cold stone floor of a deserted corridor, trying to keep from crying as pain wracked her body. She had bruises blooming over her small frame from the beating she had just endured. Several Slytherins from different years had grouped together to participate in 'bashing the Gryffindor'. She was grateful she had come away with only bruises. It could have been so much worse.

She sniffled as quietly as she could, as she tried to curl further into herself, and a wave of dizziness passed over her. Hermione was now more frightened than angry – had her lungs been punctured? She was alone and far away from help. Warm hands brushed her hair from her face and tilted her head up and she stared into the concerned visages of Fred and George Weasley. Tears pooled in the corner of her eyes as her friends carefully examined her.

"What happened 'Mya?" Fred murmured as he gently massaged her arms, wincing at the wheezing sounds of her breathing. George cooed softly to her as he inspected her side and her legs – she was in bad shape. The Twins flicked concerned glances at each other; they knew Hermione needed the Hospital Wing and fast.

George stroked her hair, "It's going to be ok 'Mya. We're going to get you to the Hospital." She whimpered and snuggled closer to him, seeking his warmth and Fred frowned in concern, "Her body temperature is dropping, we need to hurry." George nodded as he carefully wrapped his arms around the younger girl, allowing her to soak in his heat.

Fred conjured up a stretcher and levitated it up to waist height, and George gently lifted Hermione onto it, his heart breaking each time she whimpered.

Fred flicked his wand and the stretcher moved forward; he darted ahead, keeping in a defensive stance as George followed walking forward but continually turning in a circle watching for further attackers as well as keeping a careful eye on Hermione.

The Twins barely relaxed when they entered the Hospital Wing, calling for Madame Pomphrey. They would not rest until Hermione was healed.

Hermione groaned as pain seared through her again, and Fred and George were instantly at her side soothing her when Poppy Pomphrey bustled in, "What's the problem this time Mister Weasley's?"

George drew back allowing the nurse to view Hermione's broken body, who gasped in outrage, "Who did this? Out of my way boys."

Madam Pomphrey ran several diagnostic spells and frowned in concern, "Fred, I need the following potions from my office: Blood Replenishing Potion, Skelegrow, Bruise Paste, Sleeping Draught and a Pain Reducer. George, go get the Headmaster."

The boys were about to follow her instructions, but before they could even step away to do her bidding, the doors to the Hospital Wing banged open as the Headmaster strode in followed by Professors McGonagall and Snape.

Professor McGonagall was about to begin a tirade when she was cut short by Severus Snape striding forward to grasp the young Gryffindors hand and whisper, "Hermione, sweetheart, can you hear me?"

Fred and George frowned at each other over such an endearment on their witch.

A low moan came from Hermione, "Dad?"

Severus smiled and brushed some hair from her face, "I'm here now, we'll get you healed and then I want your memories of the attack."

Madam Pomphrey cleared her throat, "Severus, she's having trouble breathing, we must begin immediately."

Professor McGonagall stepped up, "Fred and George Weasley, if you had anything to do…"

Severus snapped his head up, "No Minerva, they saved her life. I owe them my gratitude. Besides we will need their help to heal Hermione."

"I think, Minerva, that this is our cue to leave. Please keep us updated Poppy, Severus. My thanks Mister Weasley's." Albus Dumbledore led a sputtering Minerva McGonagall from the Hospital Wing.

Professor Snape looked at the Weasley Twins with sardonic amusement, "Well boys, how far along the bonding process are you?"

The Twin's eyes popped, they hadn't told anyone, not even Hermione, of the soul bond between the three of them. Fred coughed, "We haven't yet with her," as he and his twin blushed as red as their infamous hair.

A sly smirk crossed Snape's face, "Just between the two of you then? Interesting." He thought for a moment. "Hermione's 17th birthday is in two weeks’ time. You'll have to be bonded to her by then. She will likely inherit some unusual powers that might cause problems with the bonding if you wait until after her birthday."

Fred and George exchanged glances. George wondered "So does that mean…" Fred continued, "that we get to…" "call you dad?" they coursed together as they smirked at the shocked look on their professor's face. A slow smile appeared on Snape's countenance, "Only in private," he murmured as he bent back over his daughter.

Hermione woke to the unfamiliar sensation of having two warm bodies wrapped around her. She relaxed as the familiar scents of Fred and George filled her with peace. She breathed deeply and relished the ability to do so without pain. She frowned as she realized she didn't know why she should be relieved.

"You're thinking too hard, 'Mya, go back to sleep," George murmured as he wrapped his arm tighter around Hermione and shifted closer. "He's right, 'Mya. We'll talk about it all in a bit," Fred yawned as burrowed further into her other side and rubbed George's arm. Hermione sighed but relaxed as their warmth and reassurances enfolded her and pulled her back into a gentle slumber.

When Hermione next woke it was to find Fred and George sitting up, leaning over her, and kissing passionately, even while one hand from each twin remained securely attached to her. A tingle ran through her at the exotic sight above her. She raised her hands, one for each twin, to join in their explorations. The boys broke off their kiss to grin down at her.

"Hello beautiful," Fred whispered.

"Morning love," George smiled.

The twins bent down to kiss her cheeks, when she opened her mouth to respond, they pounced, tangling their three tongues together in a sloppy but intimate kiss.