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i think you know, i’m waiting for you

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It was early evening by then, the sky fading into shades of pinks and dark blues, laughter echoing and the alcohol flowing freely. Kara was sat at a table surrounded by her friends, the surface littered with empty beer bottles and discarded wine glasses, with Kara sipping at her own Aldebaran rum and coke. Her sister and her wife were off on their way to their well-deserved honeymoon, leaving Esme in James’ trusted care, who had headed home with his adorable niece in tow around an hour ago. It was nice to see everyone in one place again, conversation coming easily in the way that a gathering of old friends could bring. It made her happy, she had dearly missed Winn and James, and seeing them get on so well with their current Superfriends circle filled her heart with a quiet content.


Kara couldn’t stop thinking about one person in particular, and she found herself zoning out more often than not, eyes lingering on the person in question’s form and feeling dazed. Lena was sitting between Brainy and Winn, hands moving passionately that Kara instantly knew without needing to tune in that Lena was talking about her new tech project. The two men looked captivated, and Kara was reminded of the way that she herself felt whenever Lena explained her latest prototypes — the way that Lena’s eyes lit up with excitement and pride that made Kara feel like she could just listen to Lena talk about polyatomic anions for the rest of her life.

And that was—

That was fine, right? That Kara wanted to spend her days with this woman by her side, wanted her in more ways than one, ways that Lena probably didn’t feel the same about.

Earlier, they had had a heart-to-heart of sorts, and Kara wanted to tell her more than anything her true feelings for her best friend.

Instead, she had come up with a half-truth, a flimsy offering of I don’t even know what that would feel like for me, connecting with someone as my whole self.

Lena had simply given her a watery smile, replying in a soothing tone and finishing their conversation with an El Mayarah falling from her lips, and Kara felt the rush of those three words lodge in her throat again. If it wasn’t for Nia calling them away to see off Alex and Kelly, she probably wouldn’t have been able to stop the confession from spilling out.

Kara’s hands idly played with the near-empty glass as her mind kept replaying their words to each other. The rum likely wasn’t exactly helping, but she needed her brain to be fuzzy for a bit, then at least her thoughts wouldn’t be as loud.

It was conflicting, because half of her knew exactly how many hard conversations that had ended in nothing less than them both crying at the end in order to repair their previously fractured relationship to get to where they were now — the strongest tight-knit pair they’ve ever been. Letting the weight of her feelings pile on would only rock the boat violently and probably cause Kara to fall off and get eaten by sharks (okay, so that last part was definitely tacked on by her slightly drink-addled brain).

The other half, however, knew they had made a promise to be honest with each other going forward, and while this secret was of a different nature… she still found herself making the same decisions she did with her true identity as to not lose Lena forever — she had already experienced what that felt like, and she didn’t think she could go through that pain again (neither could Lena).

Maybe she just needed to find the right time, maybe gauge how receptive Lena could possibly be. And if Lena didn’t feel the same, then it would be fine, because then she wasn’t harbouring this secret, and then at least her feelings would be known, because Lena deserved to know.

Kara felt her heart do a double-take at that idea, a bout of nerves settling in her chest.

She must have been quiet for a while because she was brought out of her daydream by Nia, who placed a hand on her forearm.

“You okay?” she asked, and the table’s conversation slowed as her friends looked over at her.

Kara waved a hand in dismissal, sitting up straight and coming back to the present with a reassuring smile. “I’m good, just a little tired. What were we talking about?”

“How Lena looks like a vampire mob boss,” Nia supplied, drawing a snort from Lena herself.

“I may or may not have drawn inspiration from my teen years,” Lena replied with a wiggle of her eyebrows and earning a round of laughter. “I’m just seeing what works for me.”

Nia hummed, “Seeing if it’s the forest witch or the goth witch aesthetic you like best?” Lena nodded her affirmative.

“You look beautiful in anything, Lena,” Kara said softly and blushed pink when her brain registered her words. They had left her mouth without permission, her tongue no doubt loosened from the drink. It was worth it though, when Lena’s gaze landed on her with a small, affectionate quirk of her lips. Her brain had fried itself when she had first seen Lena today, all the purple and the dark makeup and plunging neckline was simply too much for her to handle.

“She has a preference though!” Nia grinned teasingly, and Kara’s eyes widened at the direction this seemed to be going in.

Kara watched Winn’s face transform into one of realisation, the man throwing both of his arms in the air slightly drunkenly. Winn was always a bit of a lightweight, and she couldn’t help but feel a twinge of fondness for her old friend… even if she did have an inkling that he was about to say something that would no doubt make her want the ground to swallow her up.

“Kara, that explains so much!” he exclaimed, and a crinkle made its way between her brows.

Uh oh.

Her hands nervously worried a poor napkin that had fallen victim to her fidgeting hands. “Uh, what do you mean?” The whole table was intrigued now, even J’onn seeming to tune in fully.

“How you always got tongue-tied whenever Lena was around in the early days of your friendship!”

Her face heated up more as the group shared a chuckle, including Lena, who was still looking at her, green eyes sparkling in a way that only made Kara’s heart stumble more.

“Every time you wore a suit during an interview, she wouldn’t stop gushing about how nice you looked once she got back to CatCo,” Nia, the traitorous woman explained, punctuating her statement with an elbow nudge.

“I didn’t start wearing full suits until around two years into our friendship,” Lena said slowly, only fuelling the fire that was making Kara’s face impossibly redder. Lena’s face twisted into a grin. 

Rao, was it getting really warm in here? Or was that just her wanting to die from embarrassment? 

“Glad to see I’ve still got it,” Lena said with a sip of her whisky, and then she freaking winked at her, at Kara, she winked at Kara and it had sent a different type of heat through her and oh god now the glass in her hand was completely and utterly decimated (tipsy her seemed to have a lot less chill than usual). Had Alex been here, she probably would have told them ew, stop that, get a room in classic older sister fashion.

Feeling everyone staring at her and her outburst, Kara let out a strained laugh, quickly brushing the shards of the former glass into a pile and onto a napkin to be disposed of. “Sorry, my superhearing heard a firework going off uh, downtown and it spooked me.”

The group didn’t look completely convinced, with Lena being the least, but they dropped it and went on to talk about that one quiz CatCo had published where you could Choose Your Favourite Lena Luthor Gala Looks and We’ll Guess Your Star Sign! She still felt the weight of Lena’s curiosity on her from time to time and her pulse didn’t seem to want to quieten. Maybe she should lay off the drinks for now.

Everyone was still in high spirits as the night fell, blanketing the sky with darkness. Nia had pulled Lena to dance, leaving Kara, Brainy, Winn, and J’onn at the table to converse about what awesome things Winn had gotten up to in the future. J’onn also gave them snippets of stories he had from his two-hundred years of living, and Brainy and Kara tag-teamed in regaling Winn with everything he had missed since he had stepped on that ship.

Kara noticed a change in mood as the music in the background grew slow. Brainy stood up suddenly, swaying a little as he smoothed down his shirt.

“I must dance with my girlfriend, for it is a romantic display of affection,” Brainy said dramatically in that endearing way he often did and put up a finger. “Also because I love her very much.” He stumbled and Kara’s arm darted out to steady him, the Coluan wine he had been consuming throughout the day clearly muddying his motor movements.

“Woah, buddy, steady there.” 

Brainy brushed her hand off and shrugged, shaking his body out, straightening, and making his way to his girlfriend, drawing a laugh from the three left at the table. J’onn and Winn shared a suspicious conspiratorial look, and Kara squinted at them.


Winn leaned back in his chair, nodding in the direction of the dance floor behind Kara, a sly smile on his face. “I think Lena wants to dance with you,” Winn said, and J’onn hummed in agreement.

Kara laughed nervously, hand going up to push her glasses up but remembering halfway that she had discarded them hours ago, her hand flopping down into her lap awkwardly instead. “No she doesn’t.” She stole a glance behind her and saw Nia trading Lena for Brainy, and turned back when Lena’s eyes landed on her.

“Go dance with her, Kara,” J’onn smiled at her, in a strange, fatherly knowing way, leaving no room for argument.

All of the air rushed out of her lungs, “Okay.”

Kara stood up from her seat and willed her limbs to obey her, making her way over to where Lena was waiting for her, but not before catching the fading words of Winn and J’onn’s conversation… Something along the lines of making sure the future stays intact, whatever that meant.

Winn’s words were quickly emptied from her mind once she was in front of Lena, the rest of the world disappearing in the way it always did when her best friend’s attention was on her.

“Would you like to dance?” Kara asked, mentally fist-pumping in victory when she couldn’t hear any trace of her jitteriness, her voice sounding confident to her ears.

“I thought you’d never ask,” Lena replied, smiling wide as her cheeks dimpled adorably. She pulled Kara closer and looped one arm around her neck, using the other to position Kara’s hands on her waist before moving back to join the other. “This isn’t a middle school dance, Kara,” she added, voice equal parts smooth and teasing, settling closer and Kara hesitantly moved one of her hands round to the small of her back, tugging their bodies flushed. While they were both in heels, Kara was still a tiny bit taller than Lena, and she felt the strong urge to just cradle her into her arms and fly them both away from here, shielding them both from everyone else.

“Better?” Kara murmured in question as they swayed to the beat ear-to-ear. Their closeness made Kara’s heart take off again, and she wondered if Lena could hear it thundering away where they were pressed together.

Lena sighed softly, her breath tickling Kara’s neck, “Perfect.”

It felt nice to be dancing with Lena, letting her expensive perfume wash fill her senses, and feeling the softness of her silk shirt under her fingers. How she longed to have this every night for the rest of her life, to slow dance with Lena in the kitchen, or maybe twirl her around in the living room to draw those giggles of delight.

Rao, she really was in deep, but how could she not be? Lena was her best friend, her most important relationship besides the one with Alex. The woman who she could finally drop all of her armour around and just be Kara, with no superhero expectations other than to be her friend. Lena had done the same for her too, no longer afraid to show vulnerability in front of her and just be Lena, without the weight of her last name whenever they were together.

It was Kara’s turn to sigh, her hold tightening around Lena’s waist.

“Everything okay?”

Kara hummed, “Just thinking about how lucky I am to have you.” 

She felt Lena hide her face in her neck, the curve of her lips pressing against Kara’s skin, sending a flutter of butterflies to erupt in her stomach. “I’m so lucky to have you too,” Lena responded quietly, her hands absentmindedly playing with the stray hairs at the nape of Kara’s neck which sent an involuntary shiver down her spine.

Kara bit her lip, a question bubbling from her throat. “Do you want to maybe hang out later?” She wasn’t ready to part with Lena just yet. “We can get takeaway and watch something.” Kara felt the rumble of Lena’s laugh as the woman in her arms pulled back to face her. Lena rested one of her palms on Kara’s collarbone, thumb stroking idly as she smiled at her.

“Always thinking about potstickers, you,” she said and poked Kara in the sternum, fingertips touching her bare skin. Lena’s expression was brimming with fondness, “Of course, darling.”

(And again, how could Kara not fall for this woman when she was looking at her like that?)

“Hey!” Kara exclaimed, playfully rolling her eyes. “I never said anything about potstickers, but now that you mention it…” she trailed off into an excited grin.

“As long as I get my lo mein with extra veg, I’m definitely down with that,” Lena easily agreed, and Kara felt another burst of love for her, crackling and effervescent between her ribs.

“We’ll leave in half an hour then?”

Lena returned the smile. “That sounds good.”



As promised, the two said their goodbyes to their friends and headed back to Lena’s apartment for a change. Lena allowed Kara to hop in the shower first, since she was the guest, and ten minutes later, Kara emerged from the bathroom dressed in a pair of shorts and an MIT hoodie, feeling much more relaxed. Lena informed her that the food wouldn’t be too long, before disappearing to have a shower herself. 

It wasn’t too long until Lena finished, and Kara had occupied herself with the task of scrolling through the movies and shows they could watch on the couch. Lena, fresh-faced and hair damp, entered the living room with a pair of sweatpants, a very familiar sweatshirt, and fluffy pink socks.

“Hey, heads up, I’m going to blow dry my hair,” Lena informed as she leant against the doorframe.

“That’s my sweatshirt!” Kara couldn’t help but exclaim. “Thief.”

It wasn’t even the first time, but seeing Lena wear her clothes made her heart swell about ten sizes. She looked so cute, with the sleeves a little too long and covering her hands, the faded NCU logo on the front showing just how well-loved it was.

“Says you, Ms. MIT,” Lena quipped and Kara pouted, “I think we’re even.” She went back to her bedroom, but not before yelling, “Remember to cover your ears, Kara!”

One round of blow drying later, Lena returned to the living room to find Kara with her hands still firmly over her ears, watching some episode of a cartoon, their takeaway spread out over the coffee table like a mini banquet. Kara felt herself perk up when she saw Lena, removing her hands.

“The food came!” Kara exclaimed with the glee of an eight-year-old in an ice cream parlour. “Oh, and I found a movie we can watch!”

“Sounds lovely.”

Lena sat down right next to Kara, helping herself to a plate and a pair of chopsticks. They ate in a comfortable silence, letting the sounds of the movie fill the gaps. It didn’t take long for them to finish all the food and the movie, and they washed the dishes together, with Lena on drying duty while Kara scrubbed the plates and cutlery. It was quiet, the sound of the sloshing water and the occasional clatter of dishes echoing around the dim room. They worked together like a well-oiled machine, moving around each other with the sort of comfort that came easily to them.

“Can I ask you something?” Lena spoke up after a while, and Kara looked up from the spoon she was washing, only to end up being splashed by the tap.

“Oh shoot,” Kara grumbled in annoyance, dropping the offending item and swiping the water droplets off of her clothes before they could soak in while Lena laughed at her from the dish rack.

“I’ve never seen someone angry at a spoon before,” Lena grinned, “it’s cute.”

Kara couldn’t help the pink that crept its way onto her face, stomach doing a low swoop at being called cute. From Lena, no less.

She fished the spoon out and rinsed it properly, handing it off to Lena as if it was the hot end of a poker, an exaggerated frown etched into her lips. Lena only shook her head, endeared as she dried it and put it back into its rightful place in a drawer, wiping her hands on the tea towel and passing it to Kara to do the same since they were finished.

They resettled in the cushions of the couch again close but not touching, with Kara tucking her legs underneath her while Lena crossed her legs, looking so soft and comfortable as she threw a red blanket reminiscent of Supergirl’s cape over them.

“Did you want to ask me something earlier? Before I got so rudely assaulted by the spoon?”

Lena fell into another bout of giggles, “You really have it out for that spoon.”

Kara whined, “I didn’t want to get your hoodie wet!”

“Ha! So you admit it is my hoodie!”

Lena’s triumphant smirk only made Kara pretend to check her nails, feigning indifference, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” She cracked a smile when Lena smacked her arm lightly, the movement jostling them both. “Anyway, what was your question?” Kara watched Lena’s face morph into a somewhat more serious expression, and she waited curiously.

“Do you ever see yourself getting married?” Lena asked and Kara stilled, the air getting caught in her lungs. “I just… wondered, since we were at a wedding and all.”

“I…” Her brows were pulled together in thought. “I don’t know… I guess I haven't really had the time to think about something like that.” She bit the inside of her cheek, fingers wrenching together in her lap as memories of moments with Lena began to unhelpfully replay in her head like some sort of taunting film reel.

It didn’t help that Lena was looking at her with a glint of gentle curiosity in her eyes. Rao, this was just such a confusing situation, being in love with your best friend when you’ve only just settled back into friendliness a few months ago after a year of distance and heartbreak.

Kara shook her head quickly and swallowed, “What about you?” Lena definitely noticed her sudden deflection but didn’t mention anything.

“Well, not really,” Lena responded, but Kara detected the tiny slumping of her shoulders, causing Kara’s lips to twitch into a frown for a second. “My last name doesn’t hold as much negative weight as it did on Earth-38,” Lena continued, “but I still don’t really see the whole marriage thing working out for me. Married to my job I’m afraid.” She shrugged and let out a laugh that sounded a little too self-deprecating for Kara’s liking.

The I would marry you in a heartbeat stays on the tip of her tongue — Kara figured that was too much to say to someone who considered her their best friend.

But… maybe Kara could let her in a little bit, let Lena know that Lena wouldn’t be alone, regardless of if she ended up married or not.

“Anyone would be lucky to have your love, Lena,” Kara said sincerely, because it was true. Lena was so, so good and warm and kind and so many different things that Kara was in a constant state of wonder whenever she was around her.

Lena was so deserving of love.

Kara inched her hand closer to Lena's, touching her pinky against hers gently, feeling warmth flood through her when Lena simply upturned her own palm and slid it under Kara’s, intertwining their fingers. Kara let out a long sigh as she wrestled for courage — it was now or never.

“I haven't been honest with you,” she said, meeting Lena whose face flickered with uncertainty at the mention of secrets, but she didn’t pull her hand away. Instead, her hand remained in Kara’s and the weight of it gave Kara the steel to continue. She swallowed, throat bobbing nervously, “It’s not bad, I promise.”

Lena breathed out, “It’s okay, I trust you.”

And Rao, those three words hit her right in the chest, blooming and making their home right in her heart as she exhaled shakily.

“I said that I didn’t know what it felt like, to connect with someone with both sides of me,” Kara started, staring at their joined hands, her thumb drawing circles across Lena's. “But that wasn’t true. I know what that feels like because I feel it with you, every day.” Lena didn’t respond, but Kara could hear the uptick in her heart rate. 

Kara pushed on, finally opening the barriers she had placed on the floodgates, “I’m most myself whenever we’re together. You make me feel like I could do anything, even when you didn’t know that I was Supergirl. You said earlier that I shine my light to inspire others… Well, you’re my light, Lena. It’s like you’re my yellow sun, making me stronger, inspiring me, making me a better person.” 

Kara’s lips quirked up into an awed smile, “Believing in me. You make me feel whole. I just… wasn’t sure how to tell you earlier.” She finally looked up once she finished, eyes widening to find tears welling up in Lena’s. “Hey, it’s okay, don’t cry,” Kara comforted, letting go of Lena’s hand and moving them to gently cup her cheeks, thumb sweeping away the dampness on her face. It was like their roles had reversed from their other talk that afternoon.

Lena let out a wet laugh, wrapping her fingers around one of Kara’s wrists. “Sorry that was…” she sniffed and grabbed Kara’s hands again, holding them between the two of them on top of the blanket. “That was really nice of you to say.”

“You deserve to hear it, Lena. Every day,” Kara said truthfully, chest aching with the swirl of emotions that filled it.

Her words earned her a watery smile from Lena, eyes tinged with redness as another tear slipped its way down, and Kara wanted nothing more than to kiss it away, to soothe the salty sting with her lips. She settled for the back of her index finger instead, a featherlight brush across Lena’s cheekbone.

How long had she been in love with her? Kara thought it might have been as early as their first meeting, a young CEO and Cat Grant’s assistant standing across from each other over the white expanse of the desk in that office all those years ago. Of course, she knew she didn’t realise until around a year into their friendship, when one time during a lunch date she looked at Lena and was never able to look at her the same way, never able to look at her without being rendered breathless because her best friend was just so beautiful. Maybe it was the way the light hit her face perfectly that afternoon, or maybe it was the way she smiled in that unrestrained way she only did around Kara — she was pretty helpless after that.

And she never stopped falling in love with her, because every day she finds out something new about Lena and falls for her all over again (like Sisyphus and his boulder, only she was being crushed with the overwhelming weight of her feelings for her best friend — and yet, Kara wouldn’t have it any other way, because these feelings were some of the best parts of her, her ability to love with her whole heart).

“I…also haven’t been entirely truthful,'' Lena said quietly. Her body shook slightly from the force of her deep breath, and Kara straightened with focus when she continued, louder and more sure. “I actually can imagine marrying someone someday. Well, I guess it’s more of a hope but… I’m not sure if they feel the same way.”

Kara felt her stomach drop like a pile of bricks. Lena had feelings for someone? Was it someone they knew? Was it James?

Lena shuffled closer and leaned in, releasing Kara’s hand in favour of reaching up and tucking a loose blonde strand behind her ear, fingers skimming across Kara’s jaw and making the pulse in her neck jump at the touch. Her breath hitched in her throat, like her heart had wedged itself there. Their faces were only two inches apart, and Kara could see the different shades of green that made up Lena’s eyes, could feel her breath against her lips.

“Lena,” Kara whispered, terrified to find out what answer Lena would give. “Who are you talking about?”

She watched Lena’s brow twitch, and Kara’s eyes flitted down to where she worried at her lip contemplatively, lingering a little too long. Kara met her gaze again, the green holding an intensity she didn’t expect that made her body coil with anticipation. Both of their hearts were hammering against their rib cages, and Lena’s hand nudged her closer, their noses touching.

“I love you, Kara.”

A gasp left Kara as Lena spoke the words with conviction, bringing them into existence and making all of Kara’s feelings explode into fireworks.

“And I know that maybe you don’t feel the same—”

“Can I kiss you?” Kara asked, eyes dropping to her lips again, mind still racing about the fact that Lena loved her, loved Kara.

Lena’s breathless yes was swallowed by Kara, cutting her off by pressing her lips against Lena’s softly, both sighing into the kiss. 

It was gentle pressure, until Lena tugged her by the collar of Kara’s hoodie, tilting her face to kiss her deeper. Kara couldn’t help the moan that slipped out when she felt Lena lick her way into her mouth. She pulled her on top of her so that Lena was straddling her, the blanket falling to the floor as they let years of pent up tension control them for once.

It sent a pleasant rush of heat all through her body, and her hands slipped underneath the hem of Lena’s sweater, marvelling at the warm softness of her skin. It made Lena shiver in her lap, and Lena pulled back to trail kisses across Kara’s jaw, placing a kiss against the fluttering pulse in her throat. Kara used her hand to bring Lena’s face back up and captured her lips again, pouring as much of her feelings into the kiss as she could. Lena only kissed back harder, threading her hands into her hair and pressing her into the cushions of the couch, leaving Kara’s head to spin.

“You’re so soft, Lena,” Kara mumbled between kisses, charting her way down the column of her throat, nipping and sucking a small mark into Lena’s collarbone, who made a noise of approval. She kissed her on the mouth again, completely wrapped up and drunk on the feeling that Lena’s kisses gave her, the way that she smelled like shampoo and the lingering traces of familiar perfume.

“I love you so much, Kara,” Lena murmured against her mouth, slowing down their kisses until they were both flushed and catching their breath.

Kara could hardly make out the green of Lena’s eyes, the pupils obscuring the colour, her own likely the same, gaze dark and heavy as they watched each other’s chests heave. Kara slowly slipped her hand out from under her sweatshirt, and Lena ran gentle fingers through Kara’s hair smoothing it down, nails scratching every-so-often against her scalp that made Kara go pliant in her hands. 

She wrapped her arms around her torso and pulled Lena into a tight hug, burying her face in her shoulder, with Lena’s heart rate a rumbling comfort below her. Lena continued her ministrations, pressing a kiss to her hair. They stayed there, just holding each other and basking in one another’s warmth. 

Kara never wanted to let Lena go, not when she knew now that Lena felt the same, knew what it was like to kiss her, to hold her in her arms and run her hands across her smooth skin. Her heart felt like it was trying to escape its bony cage, beating in tandem with Lena’s.

They eventually extracted themselves from their embrace, pulling back with Lena still firmly in Kara’s lap and Kara’s hands now resting on the woman’s thighs. Her eyes met Lena’s and they smiled at each other shyly, cheeks tinged pink.

“Rao, I love you, Lena,” Kara said, that awed expression crossing her features again, drawing a light laugh from Lena. “I never thought that you would…”

Lena bit her lip, shaking her head, “Me neither.”

“I’ve loved you for so long that—” Kara paused, organising her thoughts into something less jumbled from their recent makeout session, “I think I’ve loved you since that first day, I didn’t know it then, but I knew you were going to change my life somehow.” She gave Lena a soft, sad smile, nothing but honesty in her words, “Even when you were angry at me, I never stopped loving you.”

It was what had kept her up most nights during that time, beating herself over how she had hurt the woman she loved the most dearly so horribly. Her love for Lena felt like a persistent ache, a longing for things to be right again — it was why she had fought so hard for her, still believed in her above all else. She had only shut her out after the events of Mt. Norquay to protect herself.

Lena’s warm palm touched her cheek as her mouth lifted into her own sad smile, laced with regret. “Me too. That’s why I was so hurt when I found out. I was already so deeply in love with you that it just… broke me.”

“I’ll never stop being sorry for that.” Kara leaned into the touch, sighing.

“We both played a part in that, Kara,” Lena said quietly, “I’m sorry too.”

Kara gave her a brighter smile this time, eyes crinkling at the corners. She turned her head to press a kiss to Lena’s palm. “I’m just glad you’re in my life again.”

Lena looked at her, expression shining with nothing but love, and Kara would gladly have that look directed at her forever, they could probably replace Kara’s sun grenades with them, both having the same dazzling effect on the Kryptonian.

“Me too, I’m so incredibly happy with where we are now,” Lena replied, that double-dimpled grin eclipsing her face, and Kara placed a quick kiss on her lips.

Kara couldn’t help but wiggle her eyebrows when she pulled back, “Right now? Where you’re in my lap and we’ve literally just made out like teenagers?” Kara’s face held smug satisfaction when Lena blushed, but she wasn’t expecting Lena to lean in next to her ear.

“We could also be doing a lot more,” Lena said in a low, honeyed voice, and Kara could hear the smirk in her tone, rekindling that rush of heat in her belly. “If you’re up for it.” She felt Lena’s fingers stroke the back of her neck, raising goosebumps under the touch.

Lena’s lips brushed against the corner of her jaw, and the fire had now definitely been relit. Kara snapped, hands sweeping under Lena’s thighs and lifting them both from the couch, which drew a startled yelp from her. Kara quickly apologised with a loving kiss.

She had never been up for anything more.



“I can’t believe you told me that you want to marry me,” Kara spoke, hours later as they laid cuddled up next to each other, bare skin sliding against the soft sheets with a pleasant ache in their bones.

Lena peered up at her from her spot on Kara’s chest, an affectionate smile on her lips. “Be quiet, you.”

“Lena wants to marry me!” Kara said in a sing-song voice and Lena laughed at her, pressing a kiss to her chin.

“Of course I want to marry you one day, doofus.” Lena rolled her eyes, fingers gently tracing the dips and divots of Kara’s neck. “How about we go on a date first? Tomorrow maybe?” Lena asked.

She could feel the overwhelming sense of love pooling in her heart, bursting at the seams for this woman. Without a doubt, Lena was it for Kara, and she couldn’t wait to start this new chapter of their lives, one that led to a future together.

Kara took one of Lena’s hands and brushed her lips against her knuckles, “I would love nothing more.”