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Do you want to adopt a child with me?

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It’s a sunny and warm day in New York and Emma Swan it’s pleased that her boring day is finally coming to an end. Having to leave Storybrooke for something so petty as to pay some bills she had left behind in Boston - so she wouldn’t get a bigger bill or worse arrested - is very inconvenient. No thank you. Her life is much better now. She is also a better person now. After some rough years in Storybrooke she is actually warming up to the small town, and yes although it is hard to believe that fairytales are real and that she finally found her parents after 28 years or that her son was and is being raised by the Evil Queen, she is actually getting used to the magic place where all Disney characters live.



Another helpful fact is that she and Regina are actually getting friendly with each other, Evil Queen or not, Regina Mills is a very interesting person for Emma Swan and one of the reasons of her stay. The older woman intrigued her to a point of Emma dreaming about her, but she rather not explore about that part yet.



Since the curse was broken Emma and Regina decided to co-parent Henry, each one of them has a schedule so the kid can be with both of his mothers. It wasn’t easy at first for Regina but for Henry’s happiness she would do anything. Emma also took this opportunity to get closer to the other woman so she usually will stay for dinners and even movie nights.


Having to be in NY when she could be having fun with Henry and Regina is torture, yes, she is overreacting but she got so used to be in the presence of her two-favorite people (don’t tell Snow or David) that a few hours away from them feel like weeks.



After her meeting with a few officers from Boston and some others from NY as an intermediated on her deal, she is finally free to go. She is ready to go home but on her way to the precinct she remembers seeing a few hot dog sellers in Central Park and she is really hungry at the moment and Regina won’t let her eat junk food as much as she ate before so she is taking this opportunity to do so.



She sits next to a big tree and enjoys her first hot dog. She tastes on the first bite the poorly seasoned meat mixed with a dry bun and a cheap ketchup and mayo to help everything taste completely incredible to her. It isn’t Regina’s gourmet food but it’s enough for her right now.


She looks around the park noticing what other people like to do, retaining everything from this beautiful view of pure nature in the middle of a big city. She hears a small whimper but when she looks up after taking another bite of her hot dog she sees no one. Shrugging and taking another bite finishing her first hot dog, she hears it again this time louder followed by a sniff. She carefully gets up, evolving her other meal in some paper so she can help whoever needs it. She takes a few steps when she notices a small child on the opposite side of the tree where she was sat next to before.



Approaching the small creature very slowly so she won’t scare it away, she decides it’s best to kneel down so they both could be on the same eye level.



“Hi” The child looks startled after hearing a voice so close to her but before she could get up and run Emma continue. “I’m Emma. Can you tell me your name?” The child doesn’t answer. “Where are your parents?” Still nothing but at least the kid doesn’t run, the small girl hugs her knees tighter to her chest, her blue baby eyes are red and wet, as is her nose. “Are you lost?” The child finally responds by shaking her head in a ‘No’ motion. “Do you need help? Are you hurt?” Emma gets carefully closer to the child noticing some bruises on her arms and a hand print on her right cheek. The little girl nods at Emma’s question and Emma’s eyes wide at the possibility of child abuse. “I will help you okay? I’m not going to hurt you; can you tell me your name?”



“Chloe” it’s a whisper and Emma almost misses it due to the noise on the background.



“That’s a beautiful name. Do you know how old you are Chloe?” The blonde girl puts her hand in the air with all of her fingers up.


“Okay. Are you hungry? I have a hot dog with me although I don’t know if a five-year-old kid can eat ketchup and mayonnaise but it’s probably alright otherwise I’m in trouble” She says while opening the napkin that was covering the hot dog. “Here. Take small bites okay?” After receiving a nod, she decides to call the police.



After answering a few questions from the police and updating them on what she knew about the child, the child services come to talk to her.



“Hello, I’m Samantha Jones. I work at the child services and I would like to ask you a few questions regarding Chloe, is that ok with you Miss?”


“Swan. And yes”.



“So, tell me how you found her?”



“I was eating my hotdog and then I heard someone crying and when I looked around I found no one so I kept doing my business but then I heard it again so I got up to have a better look and she was sitting on the opposite of the tree I was sitting”.



“Was anyone with the child?”



“No. She was alone when I found her”.



“Did she say anything to you?”


“She told me her name, and her age. I asked her if she was okay and she said no so I called the police. I notice she has some bruises on her arms. Also, I fed her my hot dog which contained sauces and I don’t know if a kid of that age can eat that but she seemed hungry so, I hope she’s fine”.



The brunette woman smiles and shakes her head lightly. “Once in a while it probably won’t be bad for her. The sauces. Regarding the other matters you did the right thing in calling the police. She’s a foster kid so we need to take some matters about that –”



“She’s a foster child?”


“Yes. Apparently, this new family she has isn’t clearly the best so we are going to pull her out of there and charge the family with child abuse. It’s her third family this year, I don’t understand how people can be so cruel to children”.



“Does this mean she’s going back to the system?”



“She has to. There’s no other choice. She will have to wait and hope for another family to choose her”.



“Well, I can take her. I mean I can adopt her. I choose her”.


“Miss Swan, I know this is a very emotional day but –”



“I’m serious. I will adopt her. I will do anything to save her from the system, that child went through a lot and she deserves to know what it is to have someone by her side who loves her and will protect her”.



“I hope you know how serious and adoption is”.



“Oh, I know. I went through the same, the difference this time will be a better childhood”.



“Very well. We need for you to come to the office so I can check a few things as well as the background and finances”.






“She will be at the hospital for a while so they can take pictures of the evidence to make a strong case against the family. Then my partner will take her to the orphanage until the process is concluded”.



After hearing that she did not have the conditions to adopt Chloe, Emma become mad at herself, at the system, at the lady who’s name she’s forgot because her brain can’t stop thinking at the stupid thing she did next after hearing those words.


“I’m sorry but due to the information we gather it seems you do not have the conditions to adopt her Miss Swan”.



“What you mean, what conditions is needed to adopt a child?”



“As incredible as it seems Miss Swan, love isn’t enough. We checked your background and although you don’t present the cleanest record it appears that you got your life around, however it says here that you are sharing a small apartment with a woman called Mary-Margaret Blanchard which it seems does not have enough space for a small and growing child and unfortunately the salary you make is not enough to provide Chloe with a fullness life of education and healthiness. I’m sorry”.


Sorry she said. Well she is sorry as well then. She hopes they don’t find out she is lying because things could get out of control from here.



“Actually Miss Jones, I’m currently living with my girlfriend and her son for a quiet while now and she has enough space in her house for another child. Regarding your concern for her education and health I guarantee you that that won’t be a problem. You see my girlfriend is the Mayor of the small town I live and let’s just say that she’s comfortable with money, so her salary plus mine will be enough to make Chloe have a comfortable and fulness life”.



“Well in that case, I will need for your partner to come in here so we can have a talk and fill the paperwork needed so you can adopt Chloe. I will need both of your information in paper and your signatures to complete the process then you can take the child with you. Do we have an agreement?”



“Yes ma’am” Emma says smiling.



“Great. How soon do you think you can come with your family? We can schedule for a week from now”.



“Oh, there’s no need for that. I will be here tomorrow morning. At what time do you guys open?”



“Hm … well since we have to deal with this at the orphanage due to the main paperwork being there



“That’s not a problem”.


“I will say 9 o’clock”.



“It’s a deal!”



She’s screwed. How will she convince Regina to come with her to New York to adopt a kid? She will probably say Emma’s crazy which she isn’t wrong but still. She will close the door on her face to which she probably deserves it. But even with all these thoughts in her head a small part of her is hoping for the best, that she will be able to convince the other woman and adopt Chloe. How hard can it be?


She decides to focus on driving back as fast as possible to the fake small town but without going to much over speed limit, the last thing she needs is to be arrested for going too fast.




As soon as she arrives to Storybrooke she goes to Mayor’s house. She knocks and a snappy Regina opens the door.



“What? Do you know what time it is Miss Swan?”



“No, I’m sorry. It’s just… Can I come in?”



“No. Did you not hear what I just said?”



“Please Regina is extremely important. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t”.



“Fine” The brunette sighs and lets the blonde inside. They sit on the couch on opposite ends.



“So, what is so extremely important that you need to talk with me in this precisely moment that couldn’t wait until tomorrow at a reasonable hour?”



“As you know I was in New York fixing something’s with the law… anyway I found a kid on the park and she was being … hm … mistreat by her foster parents so I called the police who called the child services and now that couple is going to jail for ever laying a hand on a child”.


“Miss Swan, not that I’m not happy for you saving a child from abusive parents but what on earth do I have to do with that?”



“I’m getting there. So, how was I saying, after all that I figured it out that the little girl is an orphan and has been in two foster homes before that only this year so I asked the woman in charge of the child services – Samantha – if I could adopt the kid, unfortunately, after doing all the checkup needed to see if I had all the requirements I found out that I didn’t” Regina stays silent while listening to Emma with an intriguing face after all she isn’t expecting to hear that Emma had tried to adopt a child without even thinking about it. The blonde sometimes forgets to think before heading straight ahead towards a situation without checking the consequences of her actions. Although that was one of the things Regina lov– likes about Emma it is also one of the things that pisses her off the most.


After receiving nothing but silence the blonde continues with her speech. “One of the reasons for them not to let me adopt is that I am currently living in a small apartment – as you know – with Snow and they said that it hasn’t enough space to raise a small child – which I can agree on, that apartment is very small for three adult people and since David and Neal are living there as well it would mean not four but five living there, although I didn’t tell them about David and Neal. The other reason is about money, she said that my salary as a Sheriff isn’t enough to make the kid have a comfortable life. That’s when you came in the conversation and before you get mad at me let finish and explain everything and then you can do whatever” The brunette gives her a glare but her eyes shows no wrath only curiosity.



“I was so mad that I didn’t fill the requirements that I … I said that I could give all that to the child. I told them the information isn’t updated. I explained to them that I’m not living with Mary Margaret but my girlfriend for a quiet long time now, and that my so-called girlfriend happens to live in a mansion with a lot of guest rooms that could easily be turned into a kid’s room” Regina gives Emma an ‘I can’t believe the shit I’m hearing’ look. “I also said that with both of our salaries both kids could easily have a healthy and very educational life, and before you ask – yes I mention Henry but only because he will be in your information, mine had nothing with him on it since it was a closed adoption so they don’t know he’s mine and they don’t need to. It might complicate a few things which I don’t want to”.



“So, let me get this straight. You came at two in the morning to my house to tell me that you lied to the law enforcement about having conditions to adopt a kid – which you don’t have – after being specifically in that city to solve the problems you had before with the law –”



“I know it sounds crazy”.



“It is crazy! Have you completely lost your mind?” Regina gets up and starts pacing towards the kitchen. Emma follows her not giving up just yet. She can’t, the hope she feels is stronger than ever.



“Listen –”



“Absolutely not. I have listened enough of your craziness through the years but this takes the cake. You’re not dragging me into this –”



“Regina please, if it wasn’t important I wouldn’t be here literally begging you. I told the lady we would be there tomorrow to get the kid.” Emma lets a sigh of frustration out; how hard can it be? Well apparently, very hard. “I know all this sounds crazy and believe me when I say that the last thing I wanted was to lie to the law and involve you in any of this, however I had no choice. I know how hard it is to grow up in the system and after hearing that she already went through so much I wanted to be able to do for her what no one ever did for me – save me from all that crap, but more importantly love me. She just needs love and a family to show her that it’s possible, that it’s not her fault that all those other families didn’t wanted her. That she isn’t the problem, they were”.



They both stay in silence for a while, when Regina turns towards the blonde she notices that Emma is crying.



With a raspy and emotional voice, she breaks the silence. “I know it’s no excuse to lie but it’s a little lie that will make a very happy kid and I only need you to sign the papers, I’m not asking you to take care of the kid.”


Regina can very much understand the subtext during Emma’s speech, she was talking about herself and how many families have let her down during the years. Regina feels the guilt increase inside of her for being the one who had made that happen but it seems that Emma doesn’t blame her for that, at least not yet.



“If you think I would adopt a child and not take care of them then you came to the wrong house” Regina says but with a soft voice that Emma only hears when she talks with Henry or when it’s a movie night and she lets her guard down. Hope is something Emma Swan is very used to at and usually that hope is crushed but even after all those times where her hope was crushed over and over again she can’t stop the hope that has being increasing inside of her since she left New York. So, yes, she hopes once again that Regina is saying what she thinks she’s saying.


“We already co-parent Henry, we have been having very good moments and the kid has been very happy. The schedule system works great and I think we both consider each other friends, right?”





“So, what do you say Regina. Do you want to adopt a child with me?” The brunette frowns but says nothing. Neither had notice that in the middle of the argument they had woken Henry up and he was now sitting on the stairs in suspense just like Emma.



“You’re crazy! Actually, we both are” Regina’s driving the Mercedes while Emma is on the copilot seat and Henry is on the backseat, both smiling like maniacs. Her poor car wouldn’t be able to take another trip to New York and Regina had said that she wouldn’t enter the dead yellow trap, not even if she paid her to. Regina has been rambling since they got in and neither of the other two occupants could stop smiling for the ride.



Before arriving to New York Emma had tried to explain to Henry what had happened but words and sentences weren’t her forte so Regina step in and explained everything.

Henry is very excited to have a sibling and he is trying to be on his best behavior so he can convince his mother to visit some places in NY. Emma is doing the same, she is trying not to piss Regina off but she can see that the brunette is just as excited as their son to be in a different city. Emma is driving once they arrive at the big Apple, they had left Storybrooke very early which made them arrive an hour early. They decide that they can have breakfast after dealing with the paperwork, Emma didn’t want to mention with Henry in the car that the kid – Chloe – would probably be hungry, plus they could make a little small talk while eating to get to know the little girl better.



Emma stops at a Starbucks so both she and Regina can get caffeine into their bodies and Henry a chocolate smoothie. That boy is taking some advantage from this trip they both know it, but neither made a comment about it.



At 9 they walk through the doors of a very old building. “Good morning, my name is Emma Swan I have an appointment with Samantha Jones at 9”.



“Miss Swan, welcome. I will let her know that you are here”.


“Thank you” She turns around to see Henry making faces at how bad the condition of the building is, and Regina scolding him about it. Probably. She can’t hear what they’re saying but she can’t stop the nerves she has for doing this. But they can do it! They talked about it in the car while Henry was sleeping.

Her name is called once again and she shakes her head lightly of the day dream she was having. “Yes?”



“Follow me please” The receptionist opens the back doors and the ‘family’ follows her. They are led to a spacious office with two big windows behind a dark and modern wooden desk with 3 white chairs – that looks very expensive – two of them in front of the desk and a big white couch at the end of the room with a small glass table next to it. This place looks very different from the entrance, and Henry is mesmerized by it. She hears someone clear a throat and turns around to see the woman she talked to yesterday.



“Miss Swan. It is a pleasure to see you again” The woman says while shaking Emma’s hand.  “Miss?”



“Mills. Regina Mills” The brunette says shaking as well the other woman’s hand.



“Well, I’m glad to have you both here” Miss Jones says walking towards her desk. “Please” she informs with her hands. “Take a seat” Both Emma and Regina sit on the chair in front of the other woman while Henry goes to the couch and takes one of his comics out to pass time.



“So, Miss Swan has probably already explained a few basics to you Miss Mills but before I go get the papers I would like to know a few information about you”.



“Yes, of course”.


“Very well. Do you have your ID ma’am?” As they go through the basic information Miss Jones asks again about the living situation since she was a little confuse last time.



“Ah yes, so let me explain by telling you the whole story maybe that way some of your other questions will be answered and the concerns disappear. It all started –”



“We need a story”.



“What are you talking about?” After driving for a while Regina stops to put gas on the car and they take that opportunity to switch seats.



“We need a story to back up our relationship”.






“Because she might ask about it. She found out I am living with Mary-Margaret so we need to convince her that I am living with you instead – cuz you know we are supposedly dating - but that I forgot to change my information”.



“Okay fine. So, they know we aren’t married. Do they know when you came to Storybrooke?’



“I don’t think so. I think they only have the basic information like where do I live, how old I am, what’s my salary, how much is my rent but nothing like the dates of things. They don’t know I had a baby because that information doesn’t appear on my personal sheet since I gave him up for adoption and it’s a close adoption so I told them that my partner has a son so he could fit in the picture without raising suspicion”.



“And it didn’t cross your mind to think of somebody else to be that partner?”


“Well not really. It would have been more complicated”.



Regina sighs and after a few moments of silence she says “Okay, so you and I have been dating for over – let’s say 7 years – so you met henry when he was a kid but not in the beginning to be in the adoption papers – since they don’t know you’re his birth mother- you moved in 3 years ago –”



“3 years? We have been dating for so long and I only moved in in the 4 year of our relationship, I don’t think so”.


“What do mean with ‘I don’t think so’ it’s a perfectly reasonable time”.



“No! I would have had move in long before that. Maybe in the first year”.



“Absolutely not! Who do you think I am?”



“I would have convinced you!”



“Oh, really Miss Swan?” She says sarcastically.



“Yes, you wouldn’t be able to stay away from my cuddles. I will actually say that by the way”.



“Don’t you even dare



“It’s the truth. I am an amazing cuddler once you experience you won’t want anything else”.



“I would never let something so insignificant like that change my mind”.



“Oh, I guarantee you


“Can we continue Miss swan? I was abruptly interrupted while I was telling our story” Henry smiles while listening to his parents bark at each other, both women completely unaware that their son is wake and very happy to hear the discussion.



“Oh, of course. My apologies your majesty” Regina gives her a dead look but continues the story.



“As I was saying – you move in 3 years –”



“Are you serious? –”


“And we have been living together since but you forgot to change your information. Anything in the house is payed equally with both of our salaries to which gives us enough money to spend on Henry education, on his soccer practice, the pool maintenance –”



“You have a pool?”



“No, but they don’t know that. Its only to make seem that we have a very a fortunate life –”



“Oh. Now I want a pool. We should get a pool –”



“So, it wouldn’t be a problem spending some of that money on a new child. We can give her a good life, she will go to a good schooland in the future, we hope she goes to a good college – she can do any sports she wants and we still would have enough money for a dog”.



“That’s a good story”.



“I love it! Mom can we have a dog?” Henry says excitedly scaring both of them who thought he was asleep.






“Emma can have a child but I can’t have a dog! That’s unfair”.



“Sweetheart, you can’t even compare the two things and Emma is an adult”.



“We could have a dog”. Regina gives Emma another dead glare to that proposition.



“I said no to both of you. And you should really focus on this new child that is already going to be a big part of your time instead of a dog”.



“Yes babe. I’m sorry”.


“Don’t call me that!” Regina barks with no malice in her voice.



“We are supposed to be dating what do you want me to call you?”



“How about my name?”



“Honey? Sugar boo? Darling? Dear? Sweetheart? My queen? My one and only? Love of my life?”



“Emma stop”.



“Then tell me one you like!”



“I will tell you this, if we crash because of you I’m not responsible for my actions”.



“I will call you babe”.




“So, I need you both to fill the paperwork and after that I want to talk about a policy that is being implanted after a child suffers abuse from a previous family” They both fill the paperwork needed signing at the end of the page” As you know is very important for us to know that the child is in a safe environment, previously and unfortunately that didn’t happen and we will check and punish the person responsible for that. We are from now on going to be more carefully with it. With that said I want to say that you seem a lovely family however we need to take some precautions and with that I mean that there will be some surprise visits to your residence from an employer of ours to make sure that everything is alright. The social worker will have to see the residence, the kids’ room, the school sheets – only to make sure she’s doing well – and talk to her in private for a few minutes so she can say what’s on her mind. Also, I advise to the kid to have a few appointments with a therapist so she can open about her trauma so she can move on and trust you both”.



They aren’t at all prepared to know about the surprise visits. It was obvious they would never hurt a child but after this news Emma will have to actually move in to the mansion and that was something that neither of them discussed previously.


“If we are clear about all that, I only ask you now to sign Chloe’s paper with her new last name and home information, like the name of the school and your address once again” Miss Jones says while taking the previous papers away and putting new papers in from of them. “After all this she’s all yours. While you sign that I will get her so she can finally join us” and so Miss Jones leaves the room.



Emma looks at Regina in panic just like she looked when she saw magic for the first time. She is afraid Regina will burst to the doors and say that the deal is over. However, to both of their surprises face neither is mad at the inconvenience.



“Regina –”



“We will talk later” The brunette says firmly. Emma is screwed, she knows it. She can feel it. “I think we should name her Chloe Swan Mills”.



“What? Why your name is last?”



“Because Henry last name is Mills so it would make more sense if hers is as well so we don’t confuse her. Mills – Swan doesn’t even sound nice to begin with”.



“I had the idea to adopt her” She whispers.



“And without me it wouldn’t be even possible. Think of me as your sperm donor” Regine whispers back.



“Eww. Don’t say that”



Chloe Swan Mills




When Chloe makes an appearance neither Regina or Henry knew what to expect but it definitely wasn’t a small little girl with a dark bruise under her right eye and cheek, with two big scratches on the left side of her forehead between her hair line area and her eyebrow, with three little scratches on the same side on her cheek and red eyes – probably from crying. Also, her hair is disheveled, her clothes have little dark brown spots – mud? –  and the sole of her shoes are detaching from the main fabric. She has a green old and dirty backpack that is almost as tall as her and a dark green jacket that isn’t definitely hers due to the size of it – it could fit two Chloe’s.


Regina and Emma are both furious at the sight in front of them, although Emma knew how bad kids could react when they find out one inside has been adopted but she never thought that they could go as far – or at least someone would let them – to hit such a small and innocent human being. Chloe, on the other hand, is trying to show that she is calm but deep inside both Regina and Emma could notice the fear and hurt in her blue baby eyes.

Regina wants to scream and throw fireballs at everyone’s who is working there for letting something like this happen but Emma gives her a ‘We are almost out of here’ and ‘We will protect her from now on, let it go’ look. Emma literally could feel the fire inside Regina and the room is definitely getting warmer even though they don’t have magic in this world.



The bruises on the little girl have three different colors going from blue to purple and then green. Her hair is a dark blonde or light brown – or honey as Regina decides on that precise moment – has a little mud – she hopes it is mud – spots also, it doesn’t look like her hair has been cut recently so Regina decides to remind herself about making a list of all the things they need to do for the new kid.



Regina snaps out of her own mind and observes the child looking at Emma fondly like she is her savior – and well in this case the blonde actually is a real hero. Emma kneels to hug Chloe as gentle as possible since she doesn’t know if there are more bruises.



“You’re safe now” The little girl exhales the sob and probably not for the first time in 24h cries. Emma steps out of the embrace and looks at the rest of her family because yes, she considers Regina family, she always has. Now even more since she found out that she probably is completely in love with the brunette and – yes – this plot she did to adopt Chloe was necessary but she doesn’t mind the arrangement at all, although she doesn’t want to make the older woman uncomfortable she can’t stop thinking about playing families with her.


Emma decides that Henry is probably the safe choice to present first to the kid. “This is Henry, my son, he’s 14 and very sweet I promise” Henry blushes and opens his arms for Chloe. “Careful” she whispers and Henry tries not to squeeze the little girl to hard.

When Henry steps away Regina approaches the little girl with a soft smile. “This is Regina she’s… my girlfriend” she says while looking at the brunette and receives a reassuring smile from her. Regina gets down on eye level with the little girl and opens her arms just like Henry did. Chloe squeezes the brunette and lets her body weight fall on her. Regina embraces the small girl with such care not to hurt her thinking about all the bruises under her clothes.


“Welcome Home, Dear”




They arrive at a local diner. They sit on a booth next to a window, Henry on one side with Regina beside him and Chloe and Emma on the other side. Emma reads the menu to Chloe but the kid doesn’t know what half of the things are. Emma decides to ask for pancakes for Chloe with an orange juice, some eggs, bacon and toast for her with coffee, Henry asks for pancakes as well with strawberry milk and Regina asks for a yogurt bowl with fruit and a coffee. Chloe seems mesmerize with the pancake flavors and Emma smiles knowing the feeling of tasting a pancake for the first time.



“So, I been thinking,” Regina starts, everyone looks at her. “We need a lot of things for Chloe, like a car seat for starters. We can’t go around with her on our laps, it’s both illegal and dangerous. We also need the basics, like clothes, bathroom utensils, school supplies, etc… We could buy some of the things here in New York and take home with us, but we could also buy them and order to take them in a truck to Storybrooke. She will need a bed of her size, and she can choose the decorations but we don’t have enough space in the car to take everything with us, so what do you think?”



“Hm… I think it’s a good idea. We can go to Target or Walmart whatever is close. They can deliver what we can’t take with us in the car”.



“Okay so after we finish here, we go directly to one of those places”.




After buying everything they think Chloe will need they go to Five guys to eat something quick so they can go back to Storybrooke. On the way home, both Henry and Chloe are sleeping on the backseat while Emma drives out of New York.



Upon arriving at the Mifflin Street, Regina stops the car at her entrance. They both know they need to talk about the arrangement of both Chloe and Emma at the mansion but they are all so tired that they decide to call it a day. Emma takes Chloe to one of the guests’ rooms and Regina wakes Henry up so he can go to his room. Regina takes the bags from the trunk and takes it to the living room. Chloe was still dirty and with her old clothes so Regina takes a few clothes, the shampoos and the conditioners she bought to the room Emma took the little girl. Emma is already undressing the child when Regina enters the bathroom.


“Here” The brunette gives two bottles, one of which, to the blonde. She puts down the clothes and organizes the space. She also searches for a towel. When everything is done, Emma is looking at her. “What?”



“I don’t know how to do this. I never bathe someone before”. Oh. Regina nods absently and knells down where Emma is. Step by step she explains while bathing Chloe so Emma knows what to do next time.



After putting Chloe to sleep both women leave the room and go downstairs. “I should probably go and let you rest. It has been a crazy day”.



Regina smiles. They really should talk but both of them are exhausted. “I will see you tomorrow. Bright and early if you want breakfast” she teases.



“I wouldn’t miss it” the blonde replies with a soft smirk.




“The social worker will do surprise visits so I need to pretend I live here. I can leave some of my things around here, we can hang some pictures we have of the 3 of us”



“You should leave some of your clothes as well, just in case”



“Yes, of course!” Emma says after taking a huge bite of her pancake.



“You eat like a child, have I told you that?” Regina asks with a raised eyebrow.



“Yes, a million times actually” the blonde responds with a smile.



“And yet you have learned nothing” Emma sticks her tongue out in a childish way making Regina roll her eyes at her.


A few days pass by and both women stablish a routine between themselves and the kids. Everything seems to be working perfectly, Emma arrives at the Mills mansion everyday at 7:20 AM so she can eat breakfast with all of them, Regina had given Emma a key to her house so the blonde could enter whenever she wanted or in case of emergencies.



The last few days Emma has been sleeping on the guest room, her excuse to spend more time at the Mills house has being ‘too tire to drive to Snow’s house’ or ‘to drunk to drive to Snow’s’. Regina doesn’t mind, she actually likes to have Emma there, the blonde gives a little more light to the house and both kids love to play with her. Emma usually helps with house tasks which helps Regina get some rest when she’s too tire.



On weekends they go have breakfast at Granny’s with Snow, David and baby Neal. Those family gatherings have been happening very frequently lately and although Regina thought it was weird at the beginning now she fully accepts and enjoys.  Since the moment Emma told her parents that she adopted a child with Regina they have been incredible and weirdly supportive about it, the blonde knew they wanted more grandkids but she thought they would find odd that she adopted a child with their ex-enemy. Apparently, Snow loved the idea and kept calling and trying to meet Regina so she could spend time with the brunette and talk about their kids and the best way to parent them. Snow has been trying to befriend Regina and Emma has been loving every moment of it, it’s been kind of fun for her to see her mom trying to make Regina her best friend while the other brunette tried to escape every single time.



Snow and David didn’t find weird when Emma slept at the Mills house, they also encourage their daughter to do so, it was like they knew she was in love with the other woman.


The blonde prefers not to think about this.



As another Wednesday went by with no magic accuracies thank-god, Emma decided to go on patrol for a while. Soon Chloe and Henry would leave school and she would pick them up and take them home.



When the blonde went to pick the kids from school she texted Regina to let her know like she always did.



Picking the kids now. At what time will you be home today?


Okay. Probably 6 why?



Do you want me to do something?



No there’s no need but thank you. Are you with the kids right now?






Give them a kiss for me. Oh, and they can only play after doing homework!



I will. Don’t worry I promise we will only play games after school homework.



Okay good. I have a meeting in 10 minutes so I will be unavailable, call me if it’s an emergency.



Everything will be fine, we do this every day. But I will call you if there’s an emergency. Good luck with the meeting! You got this!! :)



Of course I do, have you met me. Thank you anyway! I will see you tonight xoxo



See you night xoxo


After Henry finishes with his homework he joins Emma and Chloe in the living room to play Buzz with them. They are at the end of the game when there’s a knock on the front door.



“Did your mom forgot her keys?”



“Maybe, she was very distracted today due to the meeting with Jasmin’s father”



“Very well” Emma opens the door and sees a woman that she never saw in Storybrooke before. “Hello, can I help you?”


“I’m Vanessa Holland from the social services of New York, I’m here to see Chloe Swan-Mills regarding her new home and parents. And you are?”



“I’m Emma Swan ma’am” The blonde extends her arm to shake the red head’s hand. “Nice to meet you”



“Likewise, Miss Swan.” The red head says while shaking Emma’s hand. Emma opens the door to the other woman so she can come in.



“My girlfriend is still working, she will be here around six. This is Henry our son and this is Chloe” Emma says standing next to the kids.



“Hello, it’s a pleasure to meet you all. If you don’t mind I will like to start”



“Yes, of course”.



“Where is her room?”



“Follow me”



A set of keys echoes on the front door and after a few moments Regina comes in and it’s confronted with a new woman in her house.


“Mommy!” Chloe is the first to greet her before hugging her legs tightly. Henry is next with a ‘welcome home Mom’. Followed by Emma who says ‘Hi babe’ and before Regina can say something Emma pecks Regina’s lips. Confuse by the action and seeing Henry smirk behind Emma she is ready with a remark to reprehend Emma but once again the blonde is faster and introduces her to the social worker.



“Babe, this is Vanessa Holland. She’s the social worker who came here to see if we are treating Chloe the right way”. Oh. Regina thinks. So, this is why Emma is acting like this, not that she doesn’t like it, on the other end, she loves it but she has to be careful with her feelings, Emma is her best friend and she isn’t going to ruin that because of a possible crush. Okay maybe more than a crush.


“Pleasure, I’m Regina Mills” The social worker smile and shakes her hand.



“Likewise. Your girlfriend already showed me all the rooms of the house and I must say I’m impress. Everything is clean and very organized. Chloe’s school sheet is very impressive as well with very good grades and Miss Swan also showed me that she is playing soccer as an extra activity. I only need now to speak with Chloe alone.”




“Oh. Of course. My study is right there, take your time” Chloe and Vanessa went to Regina’s study and after the door is closed the brunette pinched Emma.




“Hey! What was that for?”




“You couldn’t have texted me with a warning?”




“I’m sorry, I was a little busy showing her around the house”




“Well a little warning would have been nice babe”




“Listen, I’m sorry. It was all so fast and I wanted to be paying attention so she knew how serious we are doing this so I didn’t remember to text you”




“Everything went well?”




“Yes, she doesn’t suspect that I have been sleeping on the guest room. I took everything out of there while she was on Chloe’s room”



“Okay, good. I’m going to start the dinner”




“I’m glad everything went well” Emma says after taking a sip of her wine. Both her and Regina were outside on the chaise long sipping their wines. After Regina calmed down for the fuzzy feelings Emma made her feel with the kiss and the anxious of having the surprise visit of the social worker she could finally relax and think better of what it meant what she felt while kissing the blonde.



She knew she was falling for her but at the same time she was scared. Emma had become her best friend and the last thing she wanted was to lose that, not to mention that she was the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming both ex-enemies. She doesn’t know what to do and being alone with Emma under the stars doesn’t help.



“Yeah, Miss Holland was very nice. Wish I knew what her and Chloe talked about”



“Yes, I’m curious as well but it must have been something positive because she came back with a smile before leaving”



“I guess so” Regina yawned.



Emma looked ate her and with a soft smile said. “Come on it’s getting late and you had a busy day today”. The blonde gets up and helps the brunette get up as well.



“Thank you”


“For what?” Emma asks confuse.



“For today. With the social worker”



“Shouldn’t I be the one thanking you then? After all, you are doing this because I literally dragged you into this situation and let’s be honest if it wasn’t for you helping me, things would be out of control or worse, I wouldn’t have Chloe. So, thank you Regina for being there for me when I need it”. Emma finishes with a soft smile and sparkling eyes.


Regina smiles, taken back for such meaningful words. “Always”. Under the stars both women look into each other’s eyes, smiling like to teenagers in love.



“We should go sleep” The brunette whispers.



“Yeah” The blonde whispers back. Nodding a few times, the blonde takes a step back and Regina breaks the eye contact. Both disappear to their rooms after saying goodnight.




“I’m a coward”



“Yep. You had an opportunity to kiss her and you didn’t! Emma you have been waiting for years to this opportunity and you wasted it”



“I know. It’s just, uhg, it’s frustrating she’s my best friend and I don’t want to ruin that”



“I know but still, I think you should give it a shot and if things don’t go well, apologize”



“If things don’t go well it gets awkward and I lose a friend Ruby!”



“Don’t be so dramatic. Regina wouldn’t do that to you. You have become such good friends do you really think she would give up on that friendship just because you kissed her?”



“No but – “



“No buts, do something nice to woo her. Like make dinner, light up some candles and put some rose petals on the floor” Ruby says moving her eyebrows in a suggestive way. Emma rolls her eyes.



“Thinking better don’t cook, you aren’t a great cook and you could burn something, that would ruin the whole wooing thing”


“I don’t know. I think I should just keep quiet and try to move on”



“Really, do you think that would work?”






“Exactly so it’s time you do something about it”



“Okay maybe I can give small hints first”



“Yes! You go girl”



“Keep quiet. The last thing I need it’s for the whole town to know”



“Oh honey, you have no idea” Ruby says smirking giving her a wink while finally moving away and leaving her to her thoughts”



“What’s that supposed to mean?”







So, the wooing begins. Emma starts doing small things to give some hints to Regina in order for the woman to find out that she likes her. Emma goes every day to Regina’s office with food from Granny’s. The blonde also comes home sometimes with a bouquet of flowers and gives it to Regina. The brunette finds it weird especially after the explanations given by the blonde, “Oh, I thought it would be nice” and “The house needs a little more color” and “As a savior I’m trying to help small business”. Other things the brunette started to find weird was getting home and find the blonde in the kitchen learning how to cook, in those days they would get to the point of cooking something new from the cookbook together. Some other things Regina started to notice is when they are alone, more specifically after dinner the blonde looks a lot at her with something in her eyes that she can’t quiet figure it out.


Emma keeps letting a few hints now for a few more weeks but when nothing happens and when she doesn’t get something from the brunette she starts to get frustrated.



One day she is so sad that Regina finally notices that Emma isn’t well. She asks the blonde if she is okay trough the day but the blonde gives her one of her fake smiles and nods. A few more days pass just like that and Regina starts to get worried.




“Are you sick?”






“Are you sick?”



“No. I’m fine”



“No, you are not. Please talk to me, I will try to help you. Whatever it is we can figure it out”



“It’s nothing I swear”






“Seriously it’s nothing that you need to worry about”




“Just do what I suggested the first time and stop sulking”



“I’m not sulking”



“Yes, you are! You walk everywhere with a face that someone kicked your puppy. So, get your composure back, and be a woman again, be Emma again”


“What do you want me to do?”



“I already told you. Emma, I love you but this can’t keep going on forever, it’s not healthy. Woman up, cook her something, rose petals and candles and tell her how you feel. I bet your parents won’t mind to be with their grandchildren for one night”



“Maybe you are right. I should just get over with it and do it”



“Okay now, don’t think like that. Be romantic, Regina loves romance”



“What if everything goes south”



“Then I will be at the Rabbit Hole with a drink ready for you”




And so, it goes. Emma asks her parents to have the kids for one night, she prepares the house for her surprise dinner with Regina, lights up some candles around the balcony and garden outside and since it’s a nice summer day she sets up the table outside as well, some rose petals around and on the table. She’s also cooking one recipe that she trains for a few days with granny to make sure everything would be perfect.



Now she waits for dinner to get ready – a few more minutes – and for Regina to arrive. When the front door opens Emma gets out of her thoughts and gets very nervous and anxious. Regina walks up the foyer, takes her heels and jacket off and finally Emma sees the brunette.



“Hey. What is going on? Where are the kids?”



“Hi. The kids are with my parents for today”



“Oh. Why?”



“I thought it would be nice for us to have some alone time and relax”


“That’s nice” the brunette says smiling, walking towards her. “Are you cooking?”



“Yes. It’s something I learn this last few days”



“It smells really good”



“Thank you” the blonde says shyly. “Wine?”



“Yes please” Emma opens the bottle of wine she chooses and pours it on both glasses.



“I love this wine!”



“I know” The cooking timer goes off and Emma tells Regina to go sit at the table that she would be right there. When Regina goes sit on the kitchen table Emma corrects her and says it’s the table outside.



When the brunette gets outside she’s surprise to see rose petals on and out of the table. There’s also a red rose on the middle of the table, and she takes it to appreciate it. Emma comes from the kitchen with their dinner smelling like divine and sets it down. Regina could see how nervous Emma is and to be honest she isn’t that oblivious to not know what it’s happening right now and to be honest with herself she is also nervous.


“This is beautiful Emma”



“Thanks, I hope you like it, I know I’m still not very good at cooking but –”



“Emma I’m pretty sure it’s delicious”



The blonde gives her a smile and they both sit down.



“How was your day?” The blonde asks trying to dissipate her nerves.




“Are you telling me they are on a date?”



“Yes, that’s why you can’t go there Snow.”



“Oh. I just thought it was a girl’s night”



“It is, but it’s their night”



“Okay. I won’t go there. But I hope they tell me at least how the date went”



“I’m pretty sure you will be one of the first to know how it went”



“Good, those two idiots took to long! I thought they were dating since they adopted Chloe”



“No, they are just crazy”




“Everything was delicious, thank you for dinner”



“Your welcome”



“Here let me help you”



“No there’s no need”



“Emma. Let me help” The blonde nods and both women go to the kitchen do the dishes. After they finish they go once again outside to enjoy the rest of the night. They sit down on the hammock looking at the stars.



“So, I didn’t tell you but I did all this for a reason” It is now or never Emma thought.


“Hm really? And what might be that reason?”



“So… hm… there’s a thing I need to tell you but you have to promise me that no matter what, you will still be my best friend”



The brunette knows or at least she thinks she does. The petals, the dinner, the flower, the candles. She can also see how nervous Emma is and that comforts her knowing that she isn’t the only one who knows how important they are to each other.



“I promise”



The blonde nods absently. “I have been - so for a while – hm.”



“Emma relax”



“For a long time, since my first year here on Storybrooke I have been attracted to you but then things between us weren’t as good as they are now, anyway with time I started to get feelings for you and at first I thought it might be a crush but as time went by the felling’s remained and they got deeper over time. What I’m trying to say is that I like you, well more than like”


Regina smiles through Emma speech and when she’s finally over she kisses the blonde.



Caught by surprise Emma let’s out a little scream but as soon as she comprehends what is happening she kisses the brunette back.



“I like you too. I have been having these feeling for a while as well but I didn’t want to ruin our friendship so I kept quiet.”



“Well I’m glad it all worked out at the end”



“Yes, me too” Regina says before kissing Emma.



“So, about that dog”


“Emma we are not adopting a dog”




They ended up adopting a dog and named him Matty.