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a gentle touch

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It’d been Shang Qinghua, of all people, who had spirited Shen Qingqiu away. The An Ding Peak Lord had come to Qing Jing, wailing about a Western town that was being haunted by a ferocious but unknown monster. Shen Qingqiu had listened impassively then scolded Shang Qinghua for wasting his time, kicked him off peak, and promptly made plans to accompany him.

Luo Binghe had pouted but arranged for the carriage, cooked snacks for Shen Qingqiu, and had even found time to complain to LIu Qingge about how much he disliked whenever Shang Qinghua dragged his precious shizun away. It was a rare day in which Liu Qingge willingly listened to his whining but that’s because he too is mystified by the friendship between the two Peak Lords.

And it is a friendship, no matter how often Shen Qingqiu rails at him or smacks him with his fan. They’re constantly working on projects together that keep them in the libraries for hours, if not days. They share a dialect, one that Liu Qingge has never heard before, and understands less of though they can both speak it fluently. Shen Qingqiu has gifted him a fan before.

So it’s not a surprise that Shen Qingiu is willingly going with Shang Qinghua but it is disappointing. All the more so that Shen Qingqiu had refused both Luo Binghe’s and Liu Qingge’s company when they had attempted to wiggle their way onto the trip.

“You think this master is so weak?” Shen Qingqiu had declared, glaring them both down even as they insisted they weren’t demeaning him but only wanted to assure his security and health.

Still, Liu Qingge understands that Shen Qingqiu has impressive knowledge of demons and creatures. He is the most suitable of all the peak lords to go examine the issue in question.
And most of all, he understands the desire to prove one’s strength, and the shame of being perceived as weak.

Liu Qingge spent the day on Bai Zhan, avoiding Yang Yixuan who was determined to cheer his shizun up. He’s not upset. Shen Qingqiu will only be gone for a week and if there’s any trouble he will call for them immediately. He’d reluctantly imbued Luo Binghe’s demon blood so that he’d be able to summon him in case of an emergency.

Liu Qingge shivers as he remembers the feeling of the thick blood filling his mouth and slowly entering his body; he’s done it a few times so that Luo Binghe could work him through a qi deviation or poisoning. But once they’d done it just for the sensation. Liu Qingge hadn’t been able to look at either of them for the next couple of days, taking refuge in a night hunt. It was cowardly but even to this day, they have not repeated it, and Liu Qingge still doesn’t know how he feels about it.

When night falls, Liu Qingge’s feet take him on the familiar trek to Qing Jing. It’s late enough that the disciples are all in bed; a few are taking advantage that their shizun isn’t here to practice music but the sounds are faint. It isn’t until he’s at the front door to Shen Qingqiu’s bamboo hut that he recognizes he has no business being in Shen Qingqiu’s home when he’s not here. But Liu Qingge can’t remember the last time he slept in his room at Bai Zhan.

Liu Qingge stands at the door, listening to the whispers of strings, woodwinds, and night insects chirping, before huffing at himself and entering. He can practically hear Shen Qingqiu making fun of him.

He pulls the crown and tie from his hair, tossing them onto the empty vanity, a bit unnerved by how little time he’s spent in his own quarters. He legitimately can’t recall when he was last there. There was that one time he’d been poisoned by a Western demon (because of some nonsense that it wanted revenge against Luo Binghe and was targeting the people closest to his heart. It really was foolish; that’s obviously Shen Qingqiu but Liu Qingge had been mistakenly attacked instead).

But he’d hallucinated far too much to know what was real and what was a figment of his imagination. He’d woken up in his room, Luo Binghe holding him in his arms and transferring spiritual energy to him. His hand had been warm against his chest, where the wound had been, and Liu Qingge coughs as he forces himself to stop thinking about how gentle Luo Binghe had been.

It has to have been at least two years; that seems a little long but Shen Qingqiu pouts when he leaves their bed early in the morning. How would he even handle a whole night? The man is utterly ridiculous. It’s not like he would be alone anyway; Luo Binghe is always there, sticking to his side.

Liu Qingge sits on the bed, not quite comfortable laying down by himself. He skitters his fingers against the smooth bed sheet as he tries to figure out where to spend the night. Staying anywhere else seems wrong but he’s not sure this is the right place for him. He looks up when he hears Luo Binghe enter the bamboo house. Luo Binghe murmurs a greeting and goes straight to bathe. Liu Qingge blinks, having expected more of a reaction.

The stale odor of blood wafts in and Liu Qingge gets up, partially to investigate. Shen Qingqiu wouldn’t like it if either of them got injured while he was away.

He watches as Luo Binghe fills up the tub, not even bothering to heat the water up. Liu Qingge raises an eyebrow at him as Luo Binghe strips and sinks into the cold water. It isn’t until Luo Binghe is chin deep in the bath that he realizes Liu Qingge is there.

“Ah, Liu-shishu, if I’d known you were watching I would have given you a better show,” Luo Binghe says. His tone is sultry but nothing in his movement screams ‘seductive’. If anything, he’s closed off, drawing up his legs and pressing his chin onto his knees.

“I smelled blood,” Liu Qingge says and Luo Binghe huffs a tired laugh.

“Nothing gets past Liu-shishu’s nose,” he murmurs. Liu Qingge isn’t sure if that’s a dig or not. Liu Qingge sits down, out of the potential splash zone, and gestures at him to keep speaking. Luo Binghe raises an eyebrow. “There’s not much to tell. Shizun isn’t here so I took the chance to take care of some unsavory demons who have been skullking about the edges of my territories.”

His eyes slide shut, his tiredness probably overpowering everything else, and Liu Qingge braces himself to fish Luo Binghe out before he can drown. Shen Qingqiu wouldn’t like hearing that his husband drowned in the bath while his lover watched it happen.

Liu Qingge looks at him, absently roving over the curve of his cheek and the cut of his jaw and nose; he’s mostly looking for injuries but he can’t even find minor scratches. Luo Binghe hadn’t taken the time to wash before so he can see the streaks of blood in his hair and along his neck. But that’s all he can see. Luo Binghe opens one eye.

“Does Liu-shishu desire something?”

“Not really,” Liu Qingge answers before realizing that Luo Binghe’s voice has gone low and husky. He flushes and scowls. “Definitely not!”

“Alright. No need to fuss, Qingge. We’ll just sleep.” Luo Binghe chuckles and the tone is gone when he speaks. Instead he sounds exhausted, and Liu Qingge wonders if he was being truthful about where he’s been all day. His story checks out so far.

Liu Qingge should turn on his heel and leave Luo Binghe there, let him pass out in the water if that’s what fate ordains, but he’s not that heartless. Instead he retrieves a towel, standing at the doorway to wait. Luo Binghe smiles at him, a flicker of something crossing his face too fast for Liu Qingge to begin to identify. He doesn’t misbehave though, quickly washing off the blood and grime from the fight and accepting the towel Liu Qingge holds out with a brief thanks.

Liu Qingge leaves him to finish his own nighttime routine, hesitating when he’s faced with the bed once more. He’s generally on one side of Shen Qingqiu, and he’s rarely in the middle. It’s ridiculous because there is no middle right now. Luo Binghe will be on one side and Liu Qingge will be on the other. Liu Qingge huffs at himself again and climbs in, waiting for Luo Binghe to join him.

It doesn’t take him long. Luo Binghe turns off the last of the qi-infused lights and the flames of the candles, the smoke unable to overpower the soap from his bath, then he shuffles to the empty side of the bed. He slides in, a respectable amount of space between them. Liu Qingge is on his back, staring up at the ceiling without thinking. He doesn’t turn his head to look at Luo Binghe until he clears his throat, hand sliding under the blankets to his waist.

“If Liu-shishu wants-“

“Shut up.” Liu Qingge scowls and presses his hand over Luo Binghe’s mouth. Luo Binghe’s eyes twinkle but he moves his head away to dislodge Liu Qingge’s hand.

“Alright,” he says. Luo Binghe turns over and that seems to be the end of it.

Liu Qingge stares back up at the ceiling, hoping Shen Qingqiu is safe, that he will reach out for help if it’s needed. He would drop everything to fly to him. Luo Binghe would do the same.

Liu Qingge is still, letting his body relax and his mind clear, but Luo Binghe doesn’t share the same discipline. He keeps shifting, trying out different positions, and Liu Qingge ignores whenever a foot or an elbow brushes against him. He’s made his stance on any amorous activities clear; while Luo Binghe has perfected the art of whining to get what he wants from his shizun, it doesn’t work on Liu Qingge, who is more liable to hit him and call him a degenerate.

But after the dozenth time getting jolted out of his relaxed state, Liu Qingge finally turns to glare at him.

“Cut it out,” he snaps and flips onto his side, turning his back to Luo Binghe.

There’s no answer for a moment then Luo Binghe sighs, shifting so that his hand rests on Liu Qingge’s waist.

“Do you mind?” Luo Binghe’s voice is soft, vulnerable, and Liu Qingge’s breath hitches as he imagines the look on his face. He knows what this expression is like; Luo Binghe never hesitates to use it on Shen Qingqiu when he sincerely desires something, and Shen Qingqiu always folds for him.

Liu Qingge shakes his head and Luo Binghe’s arm finishes curling around him, bringing his back flush against his chest. They’ve done this before, plenty of times, but Shen Qingqiu is always somewhere in this tangle of bodies and limbs.

If it’s hard for Liu Qingge to be in this bed without Shen Qingqiu, it must be a thousand times more painful for this sticky demon lord to be without his precious shizun. He understands missing Shen Qingqiu. If Luo Binghe wants to embrace the nearest warm body to help him sleep through the night, well, Liu Qingge isn’t going to take it personally. He can’t (and won’t) pretend that Luo Binghe is an adequate substitute but he has gotten dreadfully spoiled about sleeping beside someone.

Luo Binghe burrows his face into the back of Liu Qingge’s neck, fitting himself snug to the curve of their bodies. Liu Qingge grumbles a little at how his hot breath tickles when it hits his neck but it’s easy enough to ignore. He can tell it’s helping Luo Binghe, who has already physically settled down even if he keeps shifting where he puts his hands.

Liu Qingge doesn’t bother to do more, not when he’s finally found himself drifting off. Luo Binghe’s breath is evening out, and his hands have settled around Liu Qingge’s waist. Liu Qingge has a thought come to him, that this isn’t as bad as he thought it would be, but he loses it as he slips into a dreamless sleep himself.

He wakes like normal, peaceful for a moment until he remembers how he went to bed. Liu Qingge turns his head over to see Luo Binghe, who is gazing out at nothing with a strangely pleased look but quickly schools his expression when he sees that Liu Qingge is awake.

“Oh, I thought you would sleep longer,” Luo Binghe says. He huffs a little. “I suppose that was foolish of me. You usually wake up early.”

“Don’t need a lot of sleep,” he says. He means it mostly because of his cultivation but even before he had cultivated his golden core, he prefers the cool mornings over the evenings. It baffles him that Shen Qingqiu is the opposite; you’d think a Peak Lord devoted to the arts would see the benefits of early mornings. But no, Shen Qingqiu would stay up all night if he had it his way, and as it is he’s the last of the Peak Lords to wake up.

Shen Qingqiu always lingers in bed but Liu Qingge is the opposite, leaping out as soon as he’s awake. He stands up, stretching out his back, aware that Luo Binghe is watching him. Liu Qingge ignores him, a little surprised that Luo Binghe hasn’t gotten up. Usually they’re both up and out, though Luo Binghe is always eager to slide back into bed and coax Shen Qingqiu into a good morning kiss (and occasionally more, if Shen Qingqiu is in the mood for it). But a few minutes later, Luo Binghe is also shuffling out and begins to get ready for the day.

They’re both quiet, avoiding bumping into each other even though there’s more space today; when there’s three of them it’s easy to knock elbows. Liu Qingge is picking up Cheng Luan to head out when Luo Binghe speaks.

“I should be back earlier today,” Luo Binghe says, rubbing some kind of oil or cream into his face.

Liu Qingge blinks at him.


“Yes,” Luo Binghe says with a nod. Now he’s rubbing the oil off. What’s the point of putting it on if he’s just going to take it off? Utterly ridiculous. Shen Qingqiu does something similar. “I’ll be meeting a contingent of South-Eastern demons but they will be strictly limited to the morning. The afternoon will be for deciding on a new general for the 2nd Northern division but the ceremony will take place another day; assuming he survives and his second in command doesn’t kill him.”

Despite himself, Liu Qingge is intrigued. He has some knowledge of demonkind but it’s mostly in the context of fighting them. Politics bore him, he has no head for them, but it sounds like demonic politics are much bloodier than cultivator politics.

“Does that happen often with demons?” Liu Qingge asks.

Luo Binghe makes a noise and a careless shrug of his hand, taking his hair out of the quick tail he put it in. “Occasionally. I say this mostly because there are quite a few strong candidates so I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a murder or two. Mobei-jun himself warned me that they’re a contentious bunch and they’ve always been at each other’s necks. So now would be an excellent time for them to shed some blood in order to climb the ranks.”

Liu Qingge doesn’t really know what to say. He hadn’t asked Luo Binghe what his plans were for the day. But this sounds like the sort of thing Luo Binghe would say to Shen Qingqiu. After all, they’re the ones who are married. Liu Qingge is...well, he’s not really what he would be called in this arrangement. Sometimes Shen Qingqiu calls him his boyfriend and that sounds kind of flippant because he is definitely older than a boy and he’s more than a friend. But Liu Qingge likes it.

“Okay,” Liu Qingge says, because he feels like he has to say something.

“I’ll cook tonight,” he says. “Liu-shishu likes duck, right? We received some fowl from the South-Eastern tribes. They’re quite large. The eggs are good as well but they are probably too sweet for your tastes. I’ll save them for when Shizun returns.”

“Fine,” Liu Qingge says. He pauses. “Bye.”

“Till tonight,” Luo Binghe says with a smile.

Liu Qingge isn’t sure how to feel about that either. It makes sense they’d both come back here, as this is Luo Binghe’s home on Qing Jing and it’s practically Liu Qingge’s as well. But hearing it like that makes it sound like this is their plan, like he’s eagerly expecting it.

Even setting foot on Bai Zhan doesn’t wash away the swirling mix of confusion that is dragging Liu Qingge’s limbs. He decides to go off peak, taking Yang Yixuan and a gaggle of disciples so they can train. They spend the day slicing apart a nest of Golden Striped Bald Snake-pigs. Even the youngest disciple manages to avoid the venomous fangs.

Liu Qingge ends up patting the youngest disciple on the head, the way he’s seen Shen Qingqiu do, and it ends up being the wrong thing to do because then all of his disciples want the same. He sends them all to run errands for Mu Qingfang for a week; Mu Qingfang is delighted with the extra hands and sets up a schedule for them to retrieve rare ingredients for him in between harvesting Long Stemmed Putrid Dandelions. These dandelions are difficult to remove from the ground and Mu Qingfang needs the roots, which are of course the most potent and rankest part. It isn’t uncommon for disciples to throw up when they smell them. It usually takes four disciples to pull one out of the ground. When they hear what their tasks are, his disciples beg for mercy, and Liu Qingge is about to punish them with an extra week when Mu Qingfang takes pity on them and requests them for only three days.

It’s a hassle, being a teacher, some days. Ever since he’s taken on Yang Yixuan as head disciple, Liu Qingge has had to spend more time on peak training him. And training Yang Yixuan means he ends up training the rest. He’s spent more time teaching these brats in the last year then the rest of his time as Peak Lord.

Still, Sect Leader Yue approves of Liu Qingge’s new hands on approach. And Shen Qingqiu does too; he likes to watch him teach lessons sometimes, clapping and calling out dumb comments. Liu Qingge always tells him to stop but he never forces him, because he rather likes hearing Shen Qingqiu praise him.

Liu Qingge forgoes dinner, used to eating it by Shen Qingqiu’s side, and instead watches the sunset from one of his favorite perches on Bai Zhan. He used to spend many nights here, watching as the peak wound down for the night before he would head out on a night hunt. He hasn’t spent as much time like this, on his own, but he can’t say he misses it much. Though if Shen Qingqiu were here, it’d be perfect.

Of course, if Shen Qingqiu were here, Luo Binghe would be here too.

Liu Qingge waits until the nighttime insects overpower the sounds of cultivators then heads to Qing Jing, feet trodding the familiar path. He still hesitates slightly as Shen Qingqiu’s bamboo house comes into view. He’s not afraid of Luo Binghe, but if he said that Liu Qingge had no business being here, Liu Qingge would agree and leave.

The lamps and candles are lit, and Liu Qingge knocks, feeling ridiculous somehow. He waits for Luo Binghe to open the door, listening to the shuffling as he makes his way. There’s a quickness to his steps that relieves Liu Qingge though he ignores it.

“Liu-shishu,” Luo Binghe greets, already dressed down for the night. His robe is oddly short on him and Liu Qingge frowns at it. Luo Binghe steps aside and waves him in. “I wondered where you went to.”

Liu Qingge makes a noncommittal noise, unsure of what to say to that. He glances at Luo Binghe again; he’s used to seeing him dressed up as the demon lord he is to downright disheveled and naked, but there’s something off putting like this. Then he startles slightly as he realizes that Luo Binghe is wearing one of Shen Qingqiu’s bedtime robes. It’s unnerving in some way that Liu Qingge can’t pinpoint so he brushes it aside though his eyes keep flickering to Luo Binghe’s ankles and calves, which are prominently on display.

“Did you already eat dinner?”

“Wasn’t hungry,” Liu Qingge answers honestly. Luo Binghe nods, no sign of fuss the way Shen Qingqiu does; he understands inedia a little better, somehow.

“I’ll be up a little while longer. I’m writing out some edicts.”

“Alright,” Liu Qingge says.

“If Liu-shishu needs anything, please feel free to interrupt,” Luo Binghe says. He pulls a face as he scratches his cheek with the end of his brush. Liu Qingge blinks; he must have rushed over to open the door for him. “This is really dull work but that’s why I’m determined to get as much of it done before Shizun returns.”

Liu Qingge understands that feeling all too well. Shen Qingqiu and him will often work through their respective paperwork whenever Liu Qingge’s pile gets too big to ignore. He nods and goes to get ready for bed. It doesn’t take him long, perfunctory about it without Shen Qingqiu chiding him to brush his hair more gently, lightly scolding him for yanking the brush through it. Liu Qingge doesn’t want to climb into bed alone yet so he wanders out to the study where Luo Binghe is diligently writing.

Luo Binghe looks up to smile at him but doesn’t say anything, keeping his attention on his work. Liu Qingge stands at Shen Qingqiu’s bookcase, pretending like he’s looking for something. He’s not really sure what he’s doing here but it’s got to be better than lying alone in the dark.

Liu Qingge runs his fingers along the book spines, glancing over at Luo Binghe; he has the perfect posture that his teachers and tutors always tried to beat into him. But Liu Qingge had always preferred fighting and he had only learned enough calligraphy to be deemed passable before escaping to go hunt down yet another monster.

Shen Qingqiu is also well known for his elegant calligraphy. Liu Qingge watches as Luo Binghe writes, brush gliding against the paper and feels for the first time that perhaps he is lacking in this area. He turns his attention back to the bookshelf. Perhaps when Shen Qingqiu returns he can ask him but it’s impossible for him to ask Luo Binghe.

Liu Qingge ends up with Shen Qingqiu’s latest acquired bestiary, marking down a list of creatures he’d be interested in going to fight. Shen Qingqiu wavers between fighting them and just wanting to see them. By now, Liu Qingge is well aware of Shen Qingqiu’s admiration for monsters and creatures. They’ve come to an understanding that Liu Qingge won’t kill everything he sees unless it’s attacking them while they’re off together.

He finishes the chapter on creatures that exist around the borderlands of the demon realm and sets it aside, silently climbing into the too big bed. When he sets the book back, Luo Binghe wordlessly also begins to put his stuff away. A few minutes later, he’s joined him in bed, and to Liu Qingge’s relief he keeps his back to him.

Liu Qingge stares at the ceiling. He’s not overly tired today. Before Shen Qingqiu he’d spend many nights meditating. Nowadays he sleeps through most nights, lulled by Shen Qingqiu’s own desire for it. He determinedly doesn’t look at Luo Binghe, who is turned away.

It’s pathetic but he really does miss Shen Qingqiu. It’s easier to reach out to him.

He hopes he’s doing fine. Neither Shen Qingqiu nor Shang Qinghua have reached out for assistance, and Luo Binghe hasn’t felt his demon blood stir. Liu Qingge still wishes he had gone with Shen Qingqiu. He could fight alongside him, help him figure this monster case out; Liu Qingge is peak lord of Bai Zhan. He’s also capable of clearing out any infestations of monsters.

“Can’t sleep?” Luo Binghe speaks without moving. Liu Qingge makes a ‘mn’, wanting to respond but not wanting to admit the reason. It’s probably obvious to Luo Binghe anyway. Sure enough, Luo Binghe flips over to look at him. Liu Qingge turns his head to meet his eyes. “I miss Shizun too. It seems cruel to leave us alone.”

“Ridiculous,” Liu Qingge says. They know why Shen Qingqiu left, and they know full well why he didn’t take them along.

“Yes,” Luo Binghe says. He reaches up to cup Liu Qingge’s cheek. “But I still would prefer being by his side. Don’t you agree?”

Liu Qingge doesn’t deign that question with the obvious answer. His eyes flicker to where Luo Binghe’s hand is still on his face. He’s not really tempted to bat it away even though he could. Luo Binghe starts to rub his thumb over Liu Qingge’s mole, something that confuses Liu Qingge but both he and Shen Qingqiu seem to have a fascination with it.

“You…” Liu Qingge isn’t sure what’s going on. This feels like the prelude to the sex they have with Shen Qingqiu. But Shen Qingqiu isn’t here. And they’ve never done this without him. Liu Qingge has had sex with Shen Qingqiu without Luo Binghe and he knows that Shen Qingqiu and Luo Binghe will have sex when Liu Qingge is away on a mission or a hunt. It doesn’t bother or unsettle him. But this is completely different.

“Yes?” Luo Binghe asks, his thumb slowing down though not stopping.

Liu Qingge wants to ask what he’s doing. Part of it feels wrong, like they’re betraying Shen Qingqiu, but even Liu Qingge recognizes how stupid that is. He swallows and reaches out to grab Luo Binghe’s forearm, like he is going to stop him. But his grip isn’t forceful.

The action brings them closer. Luo Binghe doesn’t hesitate to shift over, smoothly pulling their bodies together as he brings him in for a kiss. They’ve done this before enough that it’s not a surprise; it shouldn’t be. But Liu Qingge still makes a disgustingly high pitched gasp as Luo Binghe’s lips push against his.

Luo Binghe chuckles, a single soft noise, and pulls back enough so he can lick Liu Qingge’s lips. Liu Qingge nearly jerks back but Luo Binghe slides his hand from Liu Qingge’s cheek to behind his head, pulling him forward. This time Liu Qingge responds back, always a little weak to a forceful touch. He slides his arm to wrap around Luo Binghe’s waist, pulling them together.

Luo Binghe never hesitates to kiss him roughly, using his teeth and biting at him, which Liu Qingge returns in kind. Liu Qingge is used to scabs at the corners of his lips, cuts on the inside of his mouth, and he likes knowing that Luo Binghe bears the same marks. They’re both gentle with Shen Qingqiu but it’s different between the two of them. And Liu Qingge doesn’t want to hurt Shen Qingqiu but he likes seeing Luo Binghe bleed a little. Shen Qingqiu always chides them as he cleans them up after one of their spars, tutting at the state of their torn clothing or bleeding wounds.

Liu Qingge scratches at Luo Binghe’s back when his hands are free, kicks bruises wherever he can reach; Luo Binghe darkens his skin with his handprints and chokes his cries down.

But today, Luo Binghe doesn’t seem like he wants that. He isn’t holding Liu Qingge’s wrists down, isn’t whispering filth into his ear about how he obviously likes taking Luo Binghe’s bigger cock; instead his tongue is soft, gently licking into his mouth like he’s exploring him for the first time. It’s nice, and if Liu Qingge closes his eyes, he can almost confuse it for one of Shen Qingqiu’s kisses.

Liu Qingge responds to Luo Binghe’s pace, not seeking to nip at him but equally gentle, wondering if this is some kind of prelude to their usual rougher style. He’s not opposed to anything more mellow; it’s what he and Shen Qingqiu are most used to.

Neither of them push for more, trading kisses back and forth when they temporarily break away to take a deep breath before diving back. Liu Qingge isn’t sure who starts but at some point, they’re rolling their hips in rhythm. It isn’t the frenzied need to come, not yet, but it adds to the warmth and heat they’re sharing. Liu Qingge flutters his eyes open, but there’s nothing to see that he wasn’t expecting. Luo Binghe has his eyes closed, completely focused on kissing him.

Liu Qingge slides his eyes shut and slips one hand into Luo Binghe’s pants, gripping his ass. Luo Binghe chuckles, breaking apart their kiss for a moment, but he seems content to keep his hands where they are. He does push his tongue in deeper, asking for more, which Liu Qingge gives.

Liu Qingge keeps his touch light, like he’s using Luo Binghe’s cheek for a better grip. His hand isn’t still; he digs his fingers in, matching it to how he rolls his hips. But it doesn’t seem right to grab on or grope.

Luo Binghe grows harder, but his hips don’t push for more. He pulls away for a moment to lick over Liu Qingge’s lips, which makes Liu Qingge wrinkle his brow at how odd it feels. Luo Binghe laughs.

“Alright, I won’t do that again,” he murmurs, pressing a kiss to the corner of his lips before slotting them together again.

Liu Qingge makes a noise, confirming that he doesn’t want to do that again. But he’s not sure Luo Binghe understands. Either way, he’s confused; but he’s enjoying this extended make out session even if he’s not used to it from Luo Binghe. He’s had times like this with Shen Qingqiu, where they never take off their clothes or come to orgasm. But he’s greedy for anything with Shen Qingqiu so he’s always pleased after even this much.

Liu Qingge starts to push Luo Binghe’s pants down, wriggling his hips as he aches for more. Luo Binghe doesn’t want to leave his lips, and he whines a little even as he doesn’t protest the removal of his clothes. Liu Qingge has no objections to continuing to kiss him back, but his cock is hard and ready to come. When Luo Binghe makes no move to get off him, Liu Qingge inwardly rolls his eyes and shoves his shirt up as high as he can.

It’s really cumbersome, taking off their clothes like this. Liu Qingge strokes Luo Binghe’s back, feeling the muscles shift as Luo Binghe grinds against him. It’s good, and Liu Qingge waits for a little bit to see if Luo Binghe will try to strip him in return. Luo Binghe only continues abusing his lips, barely stopping for breath.

Liu Qingge slides his hands off Luo Binghe’s body so he can pull down his own pants, gasping into Luo Binghe’s stubborn kiss as their bare cocks touch. For a moment, Liu Qingge ruts up against him, moaning at how good it feels. Luo Binghe is equally hard, that monster cock of his dripping and slowly getting Liu Qingge’s cock and crotch wet. The friction gives way to a glide, and Liu Qingge finds himself digging his fingers into Luo Binghe’s back as he loses himself to rubbing up against him.

He manages to grasp a second of clarity when Luo Binghe tilts his head, separating their lips for a moment to do so, and Luo Qingge lets go so he can pull his shirt up as high as he can. That finally catches Luo Binghe’s attention and he breaks away at last to smile down at him.

“Is Liu-shishu asking for something?” His hand snaps to Liu Qingge’s chest, groping at his tit.

“Get on with it,” Liu Qingge says, though his voice is too breathless to sound as annoyed as he is. He spreads his legs a little wider and takes his chance to pull his shirt all the way off, tossing it aside.

Luo Binghe laughs, but before Liu Qingge can get irritated, he’s also taking his shirt off. Now they’re both gloriously naked and as bruised as Liu Qingge’s lips are, he still reaches up to wrap his arms around Luo Binghe to haul him down for a kiss. Luo Binghe obliges, happily and eagerly, his hands groping at Liu Qingge’s chest and hips. Liu Qingge isn’t surprised that Luo Binghe continues being oddly gentle, as he forgoes pinching his nipples red and raw the way he usually does. Instead he’s massaging his chest, thumbing at his nipples and tracing around them.

“Get the oil,” Liu Qingge says, dragging his lips away to speak.

“Okay,” Luo Binghe says but he makes no move to do so. Liu Qingge grunts at him, using his heel to lightly knock against him. “I will, I will. Just give me a moment.”

“No more moments.”

“Liu-shishu is that ready for more?” Luo Binghe laughs. He flicks at Liu Qingge’s nipple, causing him to hiss; he also jerks as the familiar pain causes him to drip more.

“I’ve been ready,” Liu Qingge says. “You’re taking too long.”

Luo Binghe bites his bottom lip to hold back a smile, failing completely. He cups Liu Qingge’s cheek, rubbing his forehead against Liu Qingge’s, his eyes closed in blissful satisfaction. Liu Qingge lets it happen, confused by it still, but it isn’t a bad thing. He lets Luo Binghe continue for a few more moments then rocks his hips against his to get him to hurry up.

Luo Binghe is loath to get up and move away from him; he keeps a hand on Liu Qingge’s flank as he gets up for the nearest bottle of oil. They keep a spare bottle on the nightstand by the bed, with the full collection on Shen Qingqiu’s vanity. Liu Qingge ignores it because he thinks it’s absolutely ridiculous that Shen Qingqiu has amassed a wide selection. But he’s definitely grown fond of some oils and lotions over the years; he turns his face to hide his red flush and to keep himself for asking for any specific ones. Luo Binghe would never let him live it down. And he doesn’t want to touch Shen Qingqiu’s collection without him here.

Luo Binghe uncorks the bottle, letting the noise pop, and coats his fingers in the amber tinted liquid. The thick musky smell of the lubricant fills Liu Qingge’s senses, and he can vaguely hear Shen Qingqiu’s voice murmuring about the plant it was distilled from. Liu Qingge’s breath hitches, well trained to the sound, and he opens his legs a little wider.

“So good for me,” Luo Binghe murmurs, setting the bottle back down with another deliberate ‘clink’ of glass against wood. He pushes Liu Qingge’s knees apart more so he can sit in between them, rubbing his cheek against Liu Qingge’s knee. Before Liu Qingge can snap at him to just finally hurry up, Luo Binghe takes one of his cheeks in hand, spreading him apart and rubbing his finger down the crevice of his ass.

Liu Qingge exhales, some tension leaving him as he’s finally touched, and he relaxes back onto the bed as Luo Binghe coats him with the oil. He’s very diligent about it, making sure Liu Qingge is thoroughly wet before massaging his rim. It isn’t a surprise at this point that Luo Binghe is taking his time, and Liu Qingge decides he won’t rush it, letting Luo Binghe slowly play with his ass. Every move is telegraphed, so when Luo Binghe is ready to finger him, Liu Qingge barely has to nod his head before the tip of Luo Binghe’s finger is opening him up.

Luo Binghe slides a slick finger inside his ass; Liu Qingge grimaces as the excess oil is sluiced off Luo Binghe’s finger and drips down his crack. It feels exceptionally vulgar today though they’ve done far worse with Shen Qingqiu here.

Liu Qingge rocks his hips into Luo Binghe’s ministrations. He doesn’t bother to try touching his own cock, knowing Luo Binghe will smack his hand away. Liu Qingge presses a fist to his mouth, not quite silencing himself but helping hide away the wanton moans that want to escape him. He grips the bed sheets with his other hand, clenching and unclenching to release some of the tension that’s building up in him.

Liu Qingge doesn’t need to be opened up like this; they have sex frequently enough that Luo Binghe, big as he is, has been able to slide into him with only the barest lubrication to ease the way. It’s Shen Qingqiu who always insists on this step. But he’s not here. And Luo Binghe is still fingering him with just that first finger.

“Put another one in,” Liu Qingge gasps, barely managing to say the complete sentence in one breath.

“Shh, don’t worry about it, Qingge,” Luo Binghe murmurs, kissing his knee.

“I said, put another one in.”

“I’ll give you my whole fist if you want but surely Shishu doesn’t-”

“I said what I wanted,” Liu Qingge snaps. He knocks his knee against Luo Binghe’s face, unable to put enough force into his trembling legs to do any damage. Not that he’s trying to hurt him but Liu Qingge would appreciate an end to Luo Binghe’s newly acquired snail pace.

Luo Binghe sighs, like it’s so hard to hurry up and fuck Liu Qingge. He looks up at Liu Qingge with that disgusting pout that makes Shen Qingqiu fold like the weak man that he is. Liu Qingge glares at him and he opens his mouth to snarl at him when Luo Binghe finally slides a second finger into his ass. Liu Qingge gives a strangled gasp, stomach tensing at the fuller feeling.

“Better?” Luo Binghe asks, in a too innocent tone.

Liu Qingge doesn’t answer with words but he does slam his hand against the bed once, overcome with how Luo Binghe’s fingers feel inside him. He can’t hold back his pants and whines anymore as Luo Binghe coaxes more of that blissfully scorching pleasure out of him. Sweat drips down his face as he tries to meet each thrust of Luo Binghe’s fingers. But Luo Binghe has no pattern that Liu Qingge can discern, not while he’s being driven out of his mind.

He’s not sure what Luo Binghe is getting out of this but Liu Qingge is losing his mind. Luo Binghe places a hand on his thigh to keep him down as he thrashes around, needing more but unable to get it. He’s still not full, not compared to Luo Binghe’s cock, but it’s enough that Liu Qingge can bear down on his fingers and inch his way to his climax. Even with all of his struggles, Luo Binghe doesn’t let his fingers slip out; he strokes Liu Qingge from within, gently, purposefully, unendingly.

Liu Qingge tries to grab his own cock but sure enough, Luo Binghe guides his wrist away and places it back against the sheets.

“Nngh, get, ah, to it,” Liu Qingge pants out. He’s too vulnerable like this, naked and spread out under Luo Binghe’s piercing gaze. But he only drips more, unable to keep himself from moaning at how much he’s feeling.

“Liu-shishu is always so tight. I have to make sure he’s open for me first,” Luo Binghe says in a too calm voice, clearly sprouting off bullshit. Liu Qingge glares at him but he doesn’t get to say anything because all that comes out are hot, breathy ‘ah, ah, ah’s that he can’t stop. Luo Binghe’s long, thick fingers are pressing inside and it feels good. Liu Qingge clenches down on them but it doesn’t slow him down. “Do you want to come like this?”

“It’s fine,” Liu Qingge grits out which means “of fucking course”. Luo Binghe smiles at him and adjusts his wrist so he can more comfortably finger him. Liu Qingge scrunches his eyes shut, not wanting to see that irritating expression.

It doesn’t matter though because now Luo Binghe is driving him towards his climax. Liu Qingge lets his body respond, rocking his hips into each thrust Luo Binghe makes. Luo Binghe knows what he likes and gives it to him, stroking him firmly and relentlessly.

The pressure spikes and gives way to pleasure; Liu Qingge groans as he releases, his come splattering onto his stomach. Luo Binghe slows down his fingering but doesn’t stop, stroking him enough to keep Liu Qingge feeling good without hurting him. He’s so gentle as he slips his fingers out that Liu Qingge barely notices until he clenches down on nothing. Without his permission, a whine escapes him, and he clamps his lips shut as soon as he realizes it.

Luo Binghe must not notice because there’s no way he’d be merciful enough to ignore it. Instead he sidles up to Liu Qingge, adjusting himself so that he can press his cock up against Liu Qingge’s body. Liu Qingge watches him, interested to see what he’s going to do, but he still jolts a little when Luo Binghe’s cock, hot like a brand and dripping, presses up against him.

Luo Binghe rocks his hips against Liu Qingge’s thigh, not in a rush, just enjoying a bit of pleasure to take off the edge. Liu Qingge doesn’t fight it, even when he can feel some of Luo Binghe’s precome drip onto his thigh. It feels nice, in a weird way; they’re going to fuck and touch more but there’s no hurry for it.

“Qingge,” Luo Binghe moans, and Liu Qingge turns his head for a kiss, letting Luo Binghe do as he likes with his tongue. He’s enjoying his post-orgasm, mind cheerfully blank and body relaxed.

Liu Qingge shifts onto his side, letting Luo Binghe grind their cocks together. It stings but Liu Qingge welcomes it. He digs his fingers into Luo Binghe’s back in mild retribution, their kiss sloppy with Luo Binghe’s pants. Their lips break apart as often as they’re touching, strings of spit splitting and starting anew as they follow the urge of their bodies.

It’s a mutual motion to put Liu Qingge on his back once his cock grows hard again, and he spreads his legs, ready to get fucked. But Luo Binghe, as he’s been the rest of this night, takes his time. He starts kissing down Liu Qingge’s chin, neck, chest; Liu Qingge allows him until he starts making his way down his sternum, realizing that Luo Binghe is going to draw this out.

“Hurry up,” Liu Qingge says with a kick to his back.

“With?” Luo Binghe says, grunting when Liu Qingge kicks him harder.

“You know what.”

Luo Binghe grins at him, pulling back and stroking his cock like the proud beast he is.

“If Liu-shishu wants my cock then this disciple is more than happy to oblige-”

“Get on with it,” LIu Qingge wants to cover his eyes because this is exactly how Luo Binghe taunts Shen Qingqiu and he can barely stand to hear it then. Hearing it directed at himself is too much, on multiple levels. But he stares Luo Binghe down, making it clear that he’s not above leaving Luo Binghe unsatisfied if he doesn’t fuck him already.

Luo Binghe only smiles at him, a gentle curving of his lips, and he settles in between Liu Qingge’s thighs. He’s slow as he presses his cock to his hole, dipping in and out as if he’s stretching Liu Qingge open. It’s not necessary, not when he’s fingered him so thoroughly, but Liu Qingge doesn’t get the chance to point that out. The tease of getting Luo Binghe’s cock inside then having him draw back is driving Liu Qingge wild. He tosses his head back and forth, biting his lip to keep back the pitiful begging sounds that want to escape him.

The drag of Luo Binghe’s cock inside him feels too good. Liu Qingge tries to thrust back into his movements, to get him to go deeper, but Luo Binghe places a hand on his lower stomach to keep him in place.

“Patience, Qingge,” Luo Binghe murmurs. “I want you to take it all.”

“I, hah, always do.” Liu Qingge wants to say more but it’s hard when Luo Binghe slides out then back in, the head of his cock filling him up so deliciously. It’s unfair how pleasurable it feels when it’s such a tease.

But Luo Binghe can only torment him for so long at this pace. Liu Qingge inhales sharply once Luo Binghe is fully seated. He digs his fingers into Luo Binghe’s back, arms wrapped tightly around him at some unknown point, and he already knows he has no hope of controlling his trembling body.

Luo Binghe stays deep inside him, minutely grinding his hips as he kisses at Liu Qingge’s neck; usually he’s a brute about it, biting and gnawing so he can leave Liu Qinge’s neck a mess of bruises and hickeys. But tonight he’s soft about it, lapping at the delicate skin of his neck with his tongue to avoid leaving marks.

Liu Qingge tries to thrust his hips forward, but it’s hard to get any traction in this position. He’s pretty sure Luo Binghe can tell he’s ready for more but he’s just ignoring him, taking his sweet time with it. Liu Qingge kicks his back with his heels.

“Harder,” he demands.


“You heard me. Fuck me harder,” Liu Qingge snaps.

Luo Binghe blinks, stops, and stares at him for a minute. Liu Qingge squirms, not liking that searching gaze. After an uncomfortably long while, Luo Binghe smirks and shifts back, gripping his hips in warning. The thrust he makes, pulling almost all the way out and then sinking his whole cock inside, is exactly what Liu Qingge wants. Liu Qingge groans, pushing back into that all encompassing sensation.

Luo Binghe doesn’t give him time to adjust. He starts pounding into him, fucking him fast and hard, the wet slap of his hips against Liu Qingge’s ass nearly drowning out Liu Qingge’s gasps and moans. All Liu Qingge can do is hold onto Luo Binghe as he’s fucked, the way he’s used to from Luo Binghe.

Liu Qingge grabs at his own cock, pumping it wildly, eager to come. Luo Binghe joins him, their hands knocking against each other. It’s a mess but it’s enough to tip Liu Qingge over.

Liu Qingge bites down on Luo Binghe’s shoulder when he comes to cover his scream. He breaks the skin, and he spits out the blood right away, too aware of Luo Binghe’s demon blood. Luo Binghe licks the rest off his lips, uncaring of Liu Qingge’s reaction.

That’s a whole another conversation that they keep putting off, though they all recognize it’s an inevitable one. Liu Qingge trembles as Luo Binghe slows down but continues fucking him. It’s enough to prolong the pleasure without overstimulating him, and Liu Qingge rides it out, moaning at the descending waves that ease him off.

He’s panting, drool escaping the corner of his lips, when he looks at the tight expression on Luo Binghe’s face. Luo Binghe hasn’t come yet.

He’s sensitive from just coming but he doesn’t tell Luo Binghe to stop. There’s a particular bliss in being pushed past his limits, both in the battlefield and in the bedroom. Liu Qingge jerks as Luo Binghe fucks into him, biting his cries back as his cock struggles to get hard. It’s not possible yet but still, he tries, and the too sharp pleasure makes Liu Qingge go boneless.

“You’re taking me so well, Qingge,” Luo Binghe says, his laugh a little breathless. “Why hold your voice back?”

“Shut up,” Liu Qingge mutters, covering his eyes.

“Hm? Come on, we both know how much you enjoy this.” Luo Binghe gives him a sharp, hard thrust, enough to make Liu Qingge’s backside thrust up to meet him. “See? I tried to be gentle and you didn’t want it. Because this is what you like. Why else would I fuck you like this?”

It’s sex talk, nothing more or less. Liu Qingge shouldn’t take it seriously. He shudders and opens his stupid mouth. “Punishing me for not being Shen Qingqiu?”

Luo Binghe stops, frowning at him. Liu Qingge squirms under that look. He’s not really sure why he said that. Liu Qingge rolls his hips a little, asking to get back to the fucking, but Luo Binghe doesn’t rise to the bait.

“Is that what Liu-shishu thinks?” Luo Binghe has a weird expression on his face, something that Liu Qingge can’t parse out.

“Maybe,” Liu Qingge mutters. He wouldn’t entirely blame Luo Binghe. They both know that Shen Qingqiu is the glue that binds them together.

“Shizun would be disappointed to hear that,” Luo Binghe says. He still isn’t moving, his cock spearing Liu Qingge open without the satisfaction of friction. “And I won’t lie to you, I’m also rather disappointed to hear that, when it’s so clearly false.”

“Shen Qingqiu is your favorite,” Liu Qingge says.

“And?” Liu Qingge opens his mouth then snaps it shut. “Shizun is also your favorite.”

Liu Qingge throws his arm over his eyes to cover them and mumbles something, because he wants to protest but that’s very clearly true.

Luo Binghe stays quiet before he sighs and bends Liu Qingge in half so he can reach down to kiss him gently on the lips.

“This isn’t a punishment,” he says softly. “If Liu-shishu wants it rough, that’s fine. There’s no shame in that. But he can’t be allowed to go on thinking he’s only getting fucked in place of Shizun if Shizun isn’t here.”

“Isn’t that what we’re both doing?” Liu Qingge asks.

“Is it?” Liu Qingge looks away. Luo Binghe kisses the corner of his lips and pulls away, sliding all the way out. “On your hands and knees, Qingge. I’ll fuck you the way you want.”

Liu Qingge inhales sharply, and doesn’t move for a moment. He gets up on his elbows, looking up at Luo Binghe, who is watching him intently. His body throbs with the desire to get fucked, to let Luo Binghe finish what he’s started. Luo Binghe’s cock is hard, red, dripping with come from his repeated resisted climaxes. Liu Qingge licks his lips, anticipating getting filled, and then slowly gets to his hands and knees.

He’s just gotten in place when Luo Binghe grabs his arms, yanking them back as he slides back in him. Liu Qingge chokes, torn between yelling in surprise and pleasure. For Luo Binghe doesn’t enter or fuck him slowly now. He’s determined to fuck another orgasm out of him, as quickly as possible, and Liu Qingge feels like he’s on fire. It shouldn’t be possible to be aroused so quickly but he is. He throws his head back, gasping and whining, unable to hold his sounds back.

Pleasure, white hot like a freshly made knife, courses through him. Liu Qingge comes, hard enough to make his knees shake, and he’s only upright because Luo Binghe is holding him up. Liu Qingge pants harshly, aware that Luo Binghe is still fucking him, but it’s so far away he can’t register it.

“Qingge can come again,” Luo Binghe says, letting go of his arms and letting Liu Qingge crash to the bed.

Liu Qingge whines, barely able to get on his hands and knees. It’s so much, almost on the cusp of too much, and he isn’t sure how much more his ass can take. Luo Binghe doesn’t give him a chance to rest. He keeps thrusting in him, grunting into his neck as he drapes himself across his back. Liu Qingge tries to move his hips but he’s running out of energy to respond.

He submits to it, letting Luo Binghe fuck his body like it’s all he’s good for. Liu Qingge’s mouth hangs open, drool escaping the corners of his lips along with every moan and whine Luo Binghe can pound out of him.

His muscles ache, his heart is pounding in his head, and Liu Qingge can’t even shout when his climax hits him. This time when he comes, it’s only a dribble, and Liu Qingge flushes at how thoroughly he’s been emptied out. But he doesn’t have the energy to protest. He barely manages to whimper as he’s fucked empty.

Luo Binghe finally slows down, pushing Liu Qingge so that he’s flat on the bed because there’s no way he’d be able to support himself right now. Liu Qingge hisses as his oversensitive cock is pressed into the bed but he spreads his legs a little wider, because Luo Binghe is still inside him.

“You haven’t come yet,” Liu Qingge tries to say but he hears how slurred the words are.

“Mm, does Qingge want me to fill him up? Does he want my come? Want to be warmed from the inside?”

Liu Qingge whines because he can’t take when this idiot gets stupid; and he needs Luo Binghe to come before he passes out from getting fucked too much. He won’t be able to look at him for a solid week if that happens and there’s no way he’s missing out on Shen Qingqiu’s return.

Luo Binghe smothers a laugh by turning Liu Qingge’s face to kiss him. Liu Qingge tries to respond back but it’s too hard. Luo Binghe doesn’t seem disappointed. He licks at Liu Qingge’s lax lips, lapping up the saliva at the corners of his mouth, grinding his cock inside the whole time. Once he’s satisfied he releases Liu Qingge’s mouth and grabs his hips, taking his time as he drives his cock in from root to tip.

LIu Qingge pants as Luo Binghe fucks him deeply, enjoying it despite how slow he’s going. He can’t come again but his body still thrums with pleasure, and he sighs at how far in Luo Binghe reaches.

“I’m, ah, I’m-” Luo Binghe tries to warn him but he can’t manage before he groans and slams his cock as far inside Liu Qingge as he can reach.

Liu Qingge moans and squirms as he’s filled up. Luo Binghe doesn’t stop fucking him and his come starts spilling from Liu Qingge’s ass even as he comes more and more. Liu Qingge’s hips jerk as he comes without coming. There are tears coming from his eyes now, too overstimulated to fight them back, but he’s also in a state of absolute bliss.

It takes Luo Binghe a while to stop coming. There’s a mess between Liu Qingge’s legs from the oil and all of the come Luo Binghe produces. He wants to rub his legs together to feel how much it is but Luo Binghe won’t pull out.

“Qingge,” Luo Binghe says, nuzzling his nose into his neck.

Liu Qingge is exhausted and as much as he wants to bat Luo Binghe away, snap at him to behave, he’s really out of energy. He makes an irritated noise at him but Luo Binghe just chuckles, his breath hot against Liu Qingge’s neck. It would be enough to rile Liu Qingge up if he hadn’t been emptied out.

Luo Binghe takes shameless advantage, pressing sweet little kisses against Liu Qingge’s neck; he doesn’t hesitate to move to his shoulders or his cheeks. Liu Qingge rolls his eyes, but it does feel nice; then Luo Binghe licks at his ear and Liu Qingge finds the energy to jerk in surprise. Luo Binghe smiles at him, as if he’s innocent, and kisses him on the lips. Feather light and so quick that Liu Qingge almost doubts it happened, but Luo Binghe is smirking like he’s beaten Liu Qingge.

“Liu-shishu shouldn’t be so tense. Didn’t this disciple work hard to relax him?”

Liu Qingge snorts. Luo Binghe finally pulls out, his cock too soft to stay inside. Liu Qingge takes advantage to roll over onto his side, back to Luo Binghe, and it’s not a defense when he’s naked. But he is exhausted and he sighs as Luo Binghe curls up, molding his body to Liu Qingge’s. His hands don’t stop groping at Liu Qingge’s body, curling over the muscles of his chest and along the edges of his hips. Liu Qingge doesn’t mind even when Luo Binghe’s hand goes to trace the crevices of where his hip meets his groin, sighing contentedly as his gentle touch possessively catalogs every inch of his flesh.

He’s seen Luo Binghe do this to Shen Qingqiu and a tiny warm, spark rises in him once he realizes that he’s getting the same treatment. But he can’t handle that so he tries to jerk away, unsurprised that Luo Binghe’s arm tightens around him enough to keep him in place.

“Ridiculous,” Liu Qingge mutters and Luo Binghe laughs, a soft puff of heat against his neck.

“Many thanks to Liu-shishu for indulging this ridiculous one’s desires,” he says, kissing the bottom of his jaw and continuing across his face and neck.

He drags his hand down his throat, long fingers splaying across without adding any pressure. Luo Binghe is fond of choking him, to Shen Qingqiu’s dismay, but Liu Qingge won’t deny that it makes him come hard. The lack of breath is so much more stimulating than he had ever thought possible. In deference to Shen Qingqiu’s unspoken wishes, they rarely do that kind of play, and it’s hard to miss it when he can hold Shen Qingqiu instead. Liu Qingge swallows, listening to Luo Binghe’s breath shift as he feels it. He drags the tips of his fingertips across his neck, teasing him while still touching, and then chuckles as he kisses the back of his neck.

His hand goes to his chest, tracing the curves of his pecs; his fingers are gentle as they run over the pebbled skin of his nipples, like he’s trying to memorize every bump. It’s vastly different from when he pulls and twists at them to arouse him. Liu Qingge likes that better but this is fine since it’s something Luo Binghe clearly wants.

He settles a hand against his chest where his heart is pounding and pulls him closer. Liu Qingge closes his eyes, breath catching a bit; he’s done this before to Shen Qingqiu, listening to the sound of his heartbeat and content with just that simple rhythm. If Luo Binghe is doing something similar then that means…

Liu Qingge shifts so that Luo Binghe can move his hand away. He slides his hand down his stomach, fingers spread wide to touch as much of him as possible. Luo Binghe is fond of teasing Liu Qingge (and Shen Qingqiu) that he can spear his cock up into their stomachs. Shen Qingqiu always barks that such a thing isn’t possible before succumbing to the pleasure Luo Binghe inspires in him. But Liu Qingge always comes hard to the thought of being penetrated like that.

Being possessed so deeply from the inside makes him shiver and Luo Binghe presses a little harder, enough to bring Liu Qingge’s body closer to Luo Binghe’s. This man is really too possessive.

“Shall I clean shishu up or shall we go to sleep like this?”

Liu Qingge rubs his thighs together, sticky with spend and lubricant. The ripe smell is almost enough to turn him on again if he wasn’t exhausted. He licks his lips, still able to taste the salt from Luo Binghe’s sweat, and finds he really is too tired for anymore.

“Sleep,” he murmurs, reaching up to wrap his hand around Luo Binghe’s. He’ll allow this to continue.

Luo Binghe doesn’t say anything right away, then he murmurs an agreement, and using his other free hand he continues running it up and down Liu Qingge’s body. His hands are slow as they trace along the curve of his side, pausing when he reaches his hip to squeeze it gently, with so little pressure that it tickles more than anything else. Luo Binghe lets his fingers drift over his groin but he doesn’t tease at him, instead dragging his hand back up his side; he repeats this over and over, the strokes soothing and calming.

Liu Qingge, against his will, gives a groan of satisfaction. There’s a full fucked out ache that he enjoys after a rough session of getting pounded into. This tender petting should disrupt it. But instead his body is drinking up the sweet, delicate touches. If he had higher cognitive functions right now he could puzzle it out but instead he’s slipping off into a deep sleep. He jerks a little when Luo Binghe’s fingers go in between his ass cheeks but Luo Binghe murmurs that he’s not going to do more.

It’s the last sensation he can name, Luo Binghe sliding his fingers and gripping his ass, like he’s that possessive of him.

Liu Qingge closes his eyes and soaks in the feeling.


Luo Binghe is the first to hear of Shen Qingqiu’s return. Liu Qingge had been at Yue Qingyuan’s, accepting his list of monsters to fight around the Cang Qiong Mountain Sect area. The list was promptly crumpled and shoved into his pocket when he heard the news. He’ll handle them after he sees Shen Qingqiu.

Shen Qingqiu and Luo Binghe are on Qing Jing, of course, but they’re surprisingly not at the bamboo house. They’re slowly making their way there but Luo Binghe is wrapped around Shen Qingqiu, refusing to let him walk normally. It’s sickening and Liu Qingge lands before them, snapping ‘disgraceful’ at Luo Binghe, who probably doesn’t even hear him when his arms are full of his shizun.

“Oh good, you two didn’t kill each other,” Shen Qingqiu says past the mass of Luo Binghe’s hair in his face.

“Did you think we would?” Luo Binghe asks.

“No, but I did expect to see slightly more scars and blood,'' Shen Qingqiu says and Liu Qingge carefully does not react. Luo Binghe had changed all the sheets and it’s been long enough that all their bruises have faded. Their cultivation speeds up the processes as well. “Binghe, you ridiculous child, let me walk. I can’t see like this.”

Luo Binghe pouts as he releases Shen Qingqiu then he brightens up when he sees Liu Qingge.

“Look, Shizun has returned to us safely,” he says, beaming.

Liu Qingge gives a curt nod and Shen Qingqiu laughs at them.

“Of course I'm back. If I took a day longer you two would be banging on every door in that poor village.” Now that he can walk properly, Shen Qingqiu walks quickly, noticeably eager to return home.

As they walk into the heart of Qing Jing the disciples greet their shizun, though Shen Qingqiu going off peak for a few days at a time isn’t anything noteworthy. He greets each of them in return but rejects any discussions, and sure enough, he heaves a huge sigh as he steps inside the bamboo hut.

“Home,” he says sweetly as he smiles at Liu Qingge and Luo Binghe.

Luo Binghe is ecstatic, and he bounces over to kiss Shen Qingqiu on the cheek, promising to make all of his favorite foods for tonight. Shen Qingqiu pats his head in approval and looks forward to it. Luo Binghe is torn between wanting to be beside Shen Qingqiu and wanting to cook for him; Shen Qingqiu settles his indecision by declaring he’s going to take a bath and he doesn’t need your help, Binghe, he can wash himself just fine.

Liu Qingge is conscripted into kitchen duty, doing the few tasks he’s capable of like slicing apart the duck, stirring the sweet South-Eastern egg, and chopping the green onion and ginger into a thousand tiny pieces. They can hear the sounds of Shen Qingqiu moving around, sinking into the water, and Liu Qingge can’t deny how much better it is to have him back.

They sit down for dinner, Shen Qingqiu looking considerably refreshed, and he compliments everything so profusely that Luo Binghe practically glows. Liu Qingge has noticed that Shen Qingqiu rarely eats if it isn’t something that Luo Binghe has cooked though he hasn’t bothered to point it out since he’s sure it’s a conscious decision on Shen Qingqiu’s part.

“What were you two up to while I was away?” Shen Qingqiu asks, once he’s satisfied the bulk of his hunger.

“Nothing much,” Liu Qingge says and Luo Binghe gives him a small smile, hiding it by taking a bite.

“Indeed,” Luo Binghe says. “Nothing out of the ordinary.”

Shen Qingqiu sighs and sets down his bowl.

“Binghe. What did you do?”

“Shizun! Why would you accuse me of doing anything?”

“Your shishu is blushing. You obviously did something to him.” Liu Qingge’s hand shoots up to cover his face though it’s too late to hide it.

“Liu-shishu and I merely enjoyed our time together,” Luo Binge says with a too innocent smile.

Shen Qingqiu glances at Liu Qingge who nods sharply once. He studies them both then shakes his head with a fond look.

“Ridiculous,” he declares. Then he clears his throat. “Perhaps tomorrow you can show me exactly how you enjoyed your time together. But not tonight! It’s been a trying week with that Shang-shidi of mine and I’m going to thoroughly enjoy resting without hearing someone sleep talking all night beside me.”

Luo Binghe jumps into a spiel about how much Shen Qingqiu had endured but Shen Qingqiu waves him off. He gives them an abridged version of their adventures; Shang Qinghua has apparently found a rare breed of creature, having only discovered two of these beings in existence, and had suspected he’d found a third. Shen Qingqiu doesn’t look disappointed at not having found this third which is odd since he’s usually ecstatic about finding rare species.

As is their usual way, Shen Qingqiu ends up in the middle of the bed. Luo Binghe practically glues himself to Shen Qingqiu who gives a fake long suffering sigh and turns on his side so Luo Binghe can comfortably stick to his back.

“Mm, I missed this,” Shen Qingqiu says, smiling at Liu Qingge. He takes his hand. “Good night, Binghe, Liu-shidi.”

Liu Qingge nods and then glances at Luo Binghe, who is curled up to Shen Qingqiu’s back. He’s almost purring at how content he is to have his shizun back. But to Liu Qingge’s surprise he reaches across to squeeze Liu Qingge’s hand before slipping his arm back around Shen Qingqiu’s waist.

Shen Qingqiu isn’t asleep yet and he sees. He smiles softly at Liu Qingge, who stubbornly closes his eyes and pretends like he’s definitely sleeping. Shen Qingqiu laughs softly but doesn’t bring it up again, not even when they wake up and Luo Binghe makes a point of kissing Liu Qingge in morning greeting.

Liu Qingge is fine not putting words to it. He has Shen Qingqiu, and now he has Luo Binghe, and that more than satisfies him.