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Ready Player One

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Anthony had been ignoring Kate all day.

Actually, make that all goddamn month. Ever since Colin had introduced Anthony to gaming with a headset and he’d realized that he could actively talk shit to his brothers and in laws while killing them in cyberspace, that stupid console had received more attention than Kate could’ve dreamed of.

For the last three weeks, Anthony came home from work, they ate a quick dinner and talked about their days, gossiping about this coworker or this cousin and for a few fleeting seconds, Kate was reminded of the days before that damn robot where she was Anthony’s main source of… entertainment once the sun went down.

But now, once the dishes were washed and put away, its seemed to be only a few seconds before he was promptly seated in front of his monitor with his headset on, talking shit to one of his brothers (or Hyacinth), usually not coming to bed until long after Kate had done her skincare and fallen asleep in their bed alone.

But somehow, that wasn’t the worst part.

Oh no.

The absolute worst part was the complete halt of their sex life. No groping, no grabbing her ass in the kitchen and absolutely no sex.

On day 23 of the sex drought, as Kate had taken to calling it, she’d decided she’d finally had enough and decided to put this to an end once and for all.

On night 23, while Anthony was yelling at his brothers to stop killing each other, Kate shut the door to their bedroom and then the door to their bathroom, locking both doors with a quiet click before drawing herself a bath. Kate decided to go the full nine yards, dumping half a bottle of bubble bath into the tub, lighting various candles that made the bathroom smell like lemon and rosemary and putting a speaker in the corner of the room with lo-fi music softly flowing out of it. Kate had even gone far enough to lay all the products she was planning on using on the fancy wooden tray that Penelope had gotten them as a housewarming present when they’d finally decided to move in together.

Taking full advantage of her situation, Kate spent the next hour lavishing her body and mind in self care practices, washing her hair and applying a hair mask to her curls and using a clip to fasten them to the top of her head. While the mask soaked in, Kate set about exfoliating her entire body and shaving every nook and cranny. Kate prided herself on her attention to detail and that extended to her personal routines.

After the water had cooled and the bubbles had all dissolved, Kate rinsed her hair and body and lifted herself from the bath, wrapping herself in a fluffy towel before slipping into an old shirt of Anthony's. Before she got in bed, she opened the bedroom door to peer into the living room and lo and behold, Anthony was still there, parked in front of a screen. But strangely enough, it didn't bother Kate as much as it usually did.

The next night, Kate excused herself from dinner early, claiming to be drained from the day. As she locked the door to the bedroom behind her, Kate walked over to the dresser and pulled out a lingerie set she’d bought online and had shipped overnight for a ridiculous price. But it was so goddamn hot, Kate justified the extravagance. It was dark purple lace two piece set, the bralette with a plunging v neck that lifted and parted her breasts in a gravity defying way while the panties barely covering her sex and leaving her ass completely exposed.

Applying some dark purple lipstick and a cat eye sharp enough to stab someone, Kate added some texturizing spray to her hair to add volume and give it that bed tossed look that she knew drove Anthony particularly crazy.

Looking in the full length mirror in the corner of the room, Kate looked over herself with a critical eye, something she was quite an expert at, with years of experience. And frankly, Kate couldn't find a single thing wrong with her appearance.

For lack of a better term, Kate looked hot as fuck.

Slipping on a short black robe and tying it in a loose knot, Kate opened the door of the bedroom and walked toward the living room where she could already hear Anthony cursing out his brothers. Standing behind him, Kate cleared her throat to grab Anthony's attention, his head briefly turning to acknowledge her presence before releasing a single ear from his headset. ‘Did you need something Kate?’

Biting back a barb, Kate put on her sweetest voice ‘Why yes, darling, I needed to speak with you about something rather important, if you could spare me the time.’

Anthony’s head had swiveled back towards the screen, but his ear was still free for now. ‘Can it wait for a few minutes? We’ve gotten to a really important part of the game and if I stop now, it would screw everything up.’

Moving forward, Kate positioned herself next to the monitor, watching as Anthony's eyes flitted back and forth between her and the screen. ‘No Anthony, it really can't. I understand that you’re enjoying playing your games and I'm glad you've found a hobby that you’re genuinely enjoying, but if I'm being honest, you're completely disregarding me and our relationship and you’ve been doing so for quite some time and I'm not happy about it.’

That caught Anthony's attention, his eyes widening with panic ‘Oh darling I didn't realize you were feeling like that. I know I've spent a lot of time playing games and I could probably stand to do it less, but I never meant to make you unhappy.’ hearing the compassion and panic in his voice, Kate decided to show him a little mercy. ‘No darling, but given how much attention you’ve given this little box, I thought it might be a good idea to remind you of what you've been neglecting….’ As she said this, Kate undid the loose knot of her robe and let the fabric slip from her shoulders, putting the lace set she wore on full display. And unsurprisingly, the new outfit had the expected effect on Anthony, the controller in his hands falling to the floor as his eyes fixated on her pushed up breasts encased in purple lace.

Pushing himself up off the chair, Anthony slowly made his way to her, his movements reminiscent of a tiger stalking its prey as he moved closer.

‘Ahhhhh… darling, this is quite an unexpected surprise, I must admit,’ Anthony said in a soft voice, his hand ghosting up the side of her bare skin, ‘but I'm certainly enjoying it.’

Stepping forward, Kate pressed her lips against the pulse point of his neck, letting her teeth scrape against his skin ever so slightly, soothing the spot with her tongue a moment later as a moan escaped Anthony's lips, his breath quickening and his trousers becoming incredibly uncomfortable.

Cocking her head to the side, Kate whispered into Anthony’s ear in a seductive tone as her hand began to rub against the front of his pants, causing the already impressive bulge to grow even harder ‘What I would enjoy is you throwing me against the wall and making me cum so many times, my legs won’t be able to work tomorrow.’

Kate watched with delight as Anthony's eyes darken and an evil grin spread across his face. It seemed only a second before Kate found herself pinned against a wall, one leg hitched up over Anthony's hip as they started to kiss in a particularly filthy way, their tongues wrapping around each other as his hands around her ass, squeezing and massaging the round cheeks as he dipped his head into her neck.

Anthony’s hand dipped into her panties, letting out a moan as his fingers slid through her soaked folds, his thumb circling her sensitive clit as he began to thrust his fingers inside her, a groan of approval escaping him.

‘Fuck Kate, have you been this wet this entire fucking time?’

Her head falling back against the wall, all she could do was make a whining sound against the back of her throat as she pushed his head back to her throat.

As his fingers continued to rub circles around her clit, Kate felt herself get closer and closer as he crooked his fingers to find that special spot that he knew made her go wild.

‘Anthony, please, please, I want to cum, please, god your fingers feel so fucking good inside me’

Groaning into her neck, Anthony forced his fingers to go double time inside while he prayed to whatever god was up there to not let his hand cramp up. Anthony watched in awe as Kate fell apart as her pussy tightened like a vice around his fingers, soaking his hand as she came.

‘Thats it baby, fuck, cum for me, fuck, you look so good like this. Im gonna fuck you so fucking hard that you're not going to remember your own fucking name by the time I'm done with you’ Anthony whispered in her ear as she came down from her high, her dazed expression stretching into a relaxed smile as her body relaxed.

Not wasting a second, Anthony wrapped her legs around his waist and started towards the bedroom as Kate attacked his neck with her mouth, her dark lipstick staining the collar of his shirt and his neck.

Slamming the door of the bedroom behind him, Anthony dropped Kate onto the bed as he began to strip his clothes. Kate sat up on her elbows, enjoying the view as he stripped down to only his boxers, his erection on full display.

‘Goddammit Ant, get over here.’

Pulling him onto the bed, Kate flipped them over so she was on top, as she pulled his cock out and ran her hand up and down the length of it, eliciting a choked moan from Anthony.

‘Fuck Kate, don’t tease me like that, please baby’ Anthony whined as Kate stripped off her underwear, leaving her bare before him.

Taking his cock in her hand, Kate gleefully rubbed it between her folds, the two letting out a simultaneous moan as the head of his dick rubbed against her clit, sending waves of pleasure through her body.

‘Did you miss this? My soaking wet pussy all around you, squeezing your dick so fucking tight while i grind against you?’

Kate watched as Anthony's breathing quickened, slamming his head back against the pillows.
‘Yes Kate, I missed this so fucking much, please baby, stop teasing, it’s not fair.’

Letting out a laugh, Kate took his hands in her own, bringing up to her breasts as he began to play with them, Anthony forcing himself into a fitting position as his mouth attacked her left nipple, rolling and squeezing the nub between his teeth while his hand toyed with her right, pinching and hardening her nipple

Breathless with pleasure, Kate continued her verbal assault.

‘Did you miss my tits too? Playing with them, watching them bounce while I ride your cock? Burying your face in them? I bet you even missed sliding your dick in between them too, so soft and wet and cumming all over my tits and my face too. It felt so fucking good didn't it, Anthony?’

His mouth still on her breast, Anthony's eyes met hers as he nodded vigorously.

Using her unoccupied hand, Kate pushed his shoulders so that Anthony was lying flat on his back as she positioned his cock at her entrance, her arousal dripping onto him.

‘Do you want to fuck me?’ she asked simply, a single eyebrow raised in question.

Groaning, he said ‘please Kate, let me fuck you, please.’

A devilish grin on her face, Kate began to slide achingly slow onto his dick, letting herself feel every ridge of his dick until she was buried to the hilt, her pussy stretching deliciously as she began to ride him, her hips moving back and forth as she could already feel herself growing closer to climaxing again.

‘Oh fuck Kate, I don't know how much longer I can hold out, your pussy feels so good.’

The pleasure coursing through Kate was too much to speak, all she could do was nod as her movements became more and more frantic, Anthony reaching out to rub circles around her clit as Kate fell apart for a second time that night.

The feeling of her walls squeezing around him was too much Anthony, letting out a groan as he flooded her pussy, her pulsating walls squeezing every drop out of him,

Collapsing next to Anthony on the bed, the two looked at each other before bursting out laughing, Anthony wrapping an arm around her and pulling her into a deep kiss

‘We are never going that long without sex again.’