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how i feel for you

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"look at her" jinsol huffs under her breath, staring at something, someone, across the field they were in, the students laying on the grass and taking advantage of the shadows from the trees, "does she always have to be that smiley all the time? it's midterms seasons for fucks sake"

sooyoung lifts her head at her friend's comment turning to look at where jinsol is looking, on a distance in front of them is choi yerim, a well known sophomore around campus, along with her friends kim jiwoo and jeon heejin. the three of them were easily known for, and sooyoung is quoting haseul here, being literal rays of sunshine, so cute.

she chuckles, shaking her head at her friend, "i don't understand how you're still bitter about her, jinsol. the reason you and jungeun broke up was simply because you slept with someone else, i'm pretty sure regardless of whatever choi yerim told her, she would've dumped you"

jinsol grumbles, "i was drunk that one time"

"yeah? and what about the others?" sooyoung doesn't hold the snort she lets out at seeing her friend's face turn red from anger. jinsol was sometimes too easy to tease.

"whatever, you're just saying that because you want to get into her pants"

sooyoung scoffs, you have no idea, "what makes you think that? she's not really my type"

"oh please, she so is your type. cute, innocent, easy to break. too bad jungeun probably told her all the shit you do to girls" there's a smile on jinsol's face, the type that sooyoung really doesn't like, the one she uses when she wants to fuck with her head. but no, she won't let jinsol have this one.

"that sounds more like your type. you know, i'm starting to believe that all of this personal vendetta against yerim it's just your weird way of letting out your sexual attraction towards her"

sooyoung smirks at the almost offended look on the dark haired girl's face, her mission acomplished when jinsol curls one of her hands into a fist, frustration clear on her face.

"that's it, fucker. i'm leaving" she hastily says, standing up from the grass and quickly gathering her things, ignoring a laughing sooyoung still on the ground.

"we have practice tomorrow, don't be late" with a last grumble, sooyoung waves goodbye at her friend's retreating figure, snickering under her breath.

it's almost unconsciously how her eyes find yerim again. she is still talking with her friends, her usual bubbly smile on her face, with the sun shining down on her and her hair falling down in soft waves, sooyoung thinks that haseul is right, she is cute.

and yes, maybe she has a pretty good idea of how cute yerim is, especially when she is on her knees and having her mouth filled with sooyoung.

but that's probably something that haseul doesn't need to know.


sometimes sooyoung thinks that coach kang is the devil incarnate, making the team practice at 7 am on a saturday it's just one of the collection of proof sooyoung has gathered on the case.

(the rest of the proofs including, but not limited to, how she makes her run 10 laps around the field whenever she caughts sooyoung flexing a bit too much in front of the cheerleaders)

practice doesn't end until past 10, and when coach kang finally tells them they are done for the day the team doesn't waste time to flee the scene, by the time sooyoung is done showering and is gathering her things from the lockers, she is pretty much alone. only two of her teammates - no jinsol in sight, rude bitch - remaining in the dressing rooms.

she sets her duffle bag next to the bench she is sitting on, pulling out her phone to text jinsol about how she was supposed to wait for her. instead she gets distracted by a notification, a new text displayed on the screen.

choi yerim

[10:18] are you done with practice?

[10:18] i thought maybe we could meet at our spot?

sooyoung feels the buzz of anticipation settling on her body, their spot being behind the bleachers, during the week it's a place where most stoners from campus would hang out, but during the weekends after the lacrosse team and the cheerleaders are done with practice it's practically deserted.

it's also extremely convenient how there's an old ratty sofa there. it reeks like pot and sooyoung is pretty sure that she is not the only one leaving cum stains on the surface, but it does the job quite well. the job being having a surface to fuck yerim into.

ha sooyoung

[10:47] yeah, i'm done

[10:47] let's meet, i'll wait for you there


it's not long before footsteps are heard around her, after all yerim's dorm was on a walking distance from the field, looking up from her phone sooyoung sees yerim making her way in.

short shorts hugging her hips and a white t-shirt made her still look fucking delicious to sooyoung.

"baby, hi" sooyoung calls out, her voice soft as the way she was looking at yerim. even after months of their hook-ups she still gets somewhat awestruck with yerim.

"i've told you to stop calling me that, sooyoung" yerim huffs, a faux annoyance on her face.

"it's still unnie for you, brat. just because i eat you out twice a week doesn't mean you can lose the honorifics" she grumbles, scooting to the side of the couch to make room for yerim.

"i don't call unnie to dumb fucktoys that keep me waiting. you didn't answer my text until almost half an hour later"

sooyoung feels the arousal spreading through her, it was always so hot hearing yerim curse, her angelic features and those lips spitting obscenities at her, because of her.

"is that what i am to you, a fucktoy?"

yerim rolls her eyes, "not now, i really want to get off"

she climbs into sooyoung's lap, legs straddling her, and the heat sooyoung feels from her center makes her member twitch against her. her cheeks flaming from how fast the situation escalated.

if there's one thing that she loves about yerim is how she doesn't waste time getting into what she wants.

"tell me something, baby. did you miss me?" she grips yerim by the hips, hoisting her up in her lap and smirks at the sharp intake of breath the younger girl lets out.

her smugness is short-lived though, when yerim grinds down on her bulge, her clothed cunt pressing directly against her dick.

the younger girl lips arms curl around her neck "you know i don't like it when you get cocky" the younger girl husks between them, lightly biting her lip, "now be a sweetheart and fuck me"

she starts grinding her hips, the friction rubbing sooyoung in the best way. "shit, i'd fuck you right on, darling"

sooyoung tightens her grip on yerim's hips, guiding her movements and pressing her down harder. the girl on top of her letting out a strained groan. sooyoung could feel her growing erection making contact with yerim's leaking center, the heat engulfing her hardness.

"god, feels so good" yerim moans out, one of her hands scraping sooyoung's nape, causing a shiver to run down her spine.

"christ, you're so hot" sooyoung grunts out when yerim presses particularly hard onto her member. she feels flushed, her face burning up and the both of them breathing harshly.

she takes a handful of yerim's ass, hands sneaking up the back of her tiny shorts to grab her, the younger girl moaning in appreciation.

"you're so hard already" yerim moans, "i can feel you leaking" she continues before sooyoung is pressing their lips together right as she starts grinding her hips into her.

their tongues start exploring each other's mouths and sooyoung whimpers into her mouth when she feels the smaller girl's hand rubbing her cock over her sweatpants.

"i can't ever get enough of how big you are" yerim says when their lips part for a second, making sooyoung groans at the praise.

"see, that's what you do to me" sooyoung answers, "everytime goddamn time, yerim, you drive me fucking crazy" she continues, her voice almost wrecked by the want cruising through her.

she gets desperate when yerim keeps stroking her over the fabric, tugging her waistband down along with her underwear, freeing her leaking cock into the air. yerim wastes no time in wrapping her hand around the length, giving it a pair of pumps.

"fuck. is this mine?" she mumbles, right against sooyoung's lips, voice as affected as the older girl's. sooyoung moans at the friction on her bare member, turning into a whimper when yerim squeezes hard.

"i asked you something, whose dick is this?" she growls out, her grip strong.

"fuck, yours-ah, yours, baby. you know that, only you get me like this. god" sooyoung blabbers, already too dumb down to thing about anything other than shoving her meat into yerim's tightness.

yerim giggles breathly, softening her grip and rubbing at the slit with her thumb, collecting a glob of precum in an attempt to make her strokes easier.

"that's right, unnie" the younger girl starts kissing along her jaw, before mapping down her neck, making sooyoung buck her hips into her hand every time she sucks on the skin.

it wasn't long before sooyoung started to fuck herself into yerim's fist, impatience clear on her actions. yerim licked her lips at the sight of her, lost in pleasure.

"fuck, yerim, you're going to make me cum" she groans out, her grip on yerim's hips turning bruising and her breath puffing out against her skin.

at sooyoung's impatience, yerim becomes ruthless, her strokes quickening and her fist closing tighter around the hardness. the older girl moans uncontrollably, hiding her face into yerim's neck and hotly licking the skin.

with a final loud moan, sooyoung's hips stutter and she explodes. bursts of cum landing on yerim's hand and their clothes. she lets out a muffled whine when yerim prolongs her orgasm with slow tugs at her cock.

she closes her eyes for a moment, the pleasure blinding her. when she opens them again, sooyoung is met with the familiar sight of yerim licking her cum off her fingers, humming under her breath at the taste.

"god, you're menace" she mutters, her dick already hardening at the wink the younger girl throws her way. with her hands still wrapped around yerim she lifts her up, making her gasp in surprise. she turns them to the side, laying her down on the couch.

sooyoung hovers over her, her arms resting on the sides of yerim's face, "i'm going to make you feel good" she whispers against her lips, kissing her the next second.

with their tongues swirling against each other, sooyoung starts feeling down her body, her lips following the same path as her hands. traveling from the side of her neck, to the shape of her breasts over her bra, after losing her shirt, and ending at the waistband of her shorts.

sooyoung hands deftly undo the button, pulling it down with her underwear and parting her legs. "so pretty" she breathes out, her words hitting yerim's cunt.

when she comes up to kiss yerim, the girl is a complete vision, hair tousled, face flushed and lips swollen from their kissing. it makes sooyoung just want to take, take and take.

"do something, fuck" yerim groans, "don't look at me like that"

sooyoung chuckles at her impatience, kissing her softly before running her fingers over her folds, spreading her wetness. she whines at the feeling of yerim being absolutely drenched.

yerim whimpers when she starts to rub her clit, small hands coming to grip her forearms. "yes, like that"

sooyoung spreads her folds, circling with a finger her hole. she prodes the finger in, swallowing the moan yerim lets out against her mouth.

when she finally enters her cunt, she can't help a moan of her own at the tightness. it doesn't matter how many times she stretches yerim around her cock, she is always so tight.

"mmfuck, add another one" yerim whimpers against their kiss, sooyoung following her instructions and pumping her fingers in and out of her sopping hole.

"you're so tight, yerim. i feel you're going to suck my fingers up" sooyoung mutters, a breathless chuckle following her statement.

yerim gasps when sooyoung amps up the rhythm, her fingers curling every time she pulls them out. the younger girl covers her mouth, trying to quiet down her sounds.

sooyoung frowns at the action, using her other hand to snatch away the one obstructing yerim's mouth. "let me hear you, you're so pretty when you moan like that"

yerim whines at her words, high and needy, arms curling around sooyoung's back to pull her fully on top of her. moans sounding directly on the older girl's ear.

the feeling of having yerim's moans right on her ear, hot breath hitting her skin makes something in sooyoung snap. the need of making the younger girl a complete mess too strong to ignore.

she hears the loud moan that rippes out of yerim when she starts thrusting her fingers at a brutal pace, the tip of her fingers hitting that spongy spot on her insides that makes the younger girl trash around.

"yes, yes, yes, fuck, right there" yerim shrieks, high-pitched and with her back arching into the pliant body on top of her, she moans when she feels sooyoung's hardness poking her thigh. sooyoung just pins her down with her own body, a thumb coming into play to rub at her clit, making yerim buck against her hand.

"you feel so good, baby, so good" their lips meet each other messily, sooyoung not letting up her thrusts. she feels yerim nearing the edge when she clamps tighter on her digits, wetness drenching her hand.

yerim disconects their lips when she lets her head fall back, her nails diggin harshly into sooyoung's back, "fuck, i'm so close, so close, fuck"

sooyoung's thrusts turn erratic, her wrist burning with the effort, and yerim's lips part so beautifully when she flickers her clit one, two, three times before she comes. yerim bucks, her body turning rigid for a second as she lets out her loudest moan yet.

the younger girl pants harshly as sooyoung helps her ride out her orgasm and whines lowly when she removes her fingers from her cunt. sooyoung marvels at the gush of wetness that follows, her fingers soaking with yerim's juices.

"you always do a number on me, unnie" yerim chuckles, trying to catch her breath.

"i can't help myself, yerim-ah, you're always so good" sooyoung says, leaning down to nuzzle against the younger girl's neck. kissing the soft skin, she maps out the curve, her lips turning impatient when she becomes aware of how hard she is against yerim.

"yerim-ah," she moans, grinding her cock into yerim's thigh, searching for any friction, "let me put it in"

yerim's breath hitch at her words, grabbing a fistful of hair when sooyoung bites sharply into her neck, "yes, please, fuck me now"

sooyoung sucks one last mark on her neck before taking her cock into her hand, aligning the tip against her hole, desperate to rail all the way inside.

she pushes the tip in, an obscene squelching sound coming out of yerim's pussy as it starts to swallow her dick. "oh my god, you feel so good". she isn't even halfway in and she is already delirious from the feeling, if yerim wasn't so bratty, sooyoung would use her as a cocksleeve 24/7.

when she reaches the three fourths mark, sooyoung slams all the way in, pressing against yerim, making the girl scream in surprise. the sting making her trash around and moan when sooyoung starts thrusting, a hammering pace from the start.

"god, so fucking tight, you're choking my cock" sooyoung says, feeling in a trance with the way the sight of her cock fucking into yerim makes her feel.

yerim keeps gasping in pleasure at each thrust, "so big, you're ruining my pussy" she moans out, her walls clenching down on the hardness when sooyoung sneaks a hand into her bra, pinching her nipple harshly.

it seems like sooyoung has no plan in slowing down her pace, instead turning almost animalistic with her movements, yerim's body being jostled under her.

"so good, this pussy it's so good" she blabbers, "my pussy, it's mine, right yerim?" sooyoung groans out. too dumb down for anything other than fucking yerim.

"god, no, you know i'm not yours, dammit" yerim whines, her pussy thightens at the possesive tone in sooyoung's voice, her eyes glazed over with lust and too lost in her own world. it's not like she was fucking someone else, but god, she loved to push the older girl's buttons.

sooyoung growls at her response, the hand pinching her nipple coming to cup her jaw harshly, turning yerim's face to stare at her own. "shut up, i'm fucking this pussy and it's mine"

yerim tries to shake her head as a negative, but sooyoung's hand just holds her tighter, "i'm going to cum inside you until you're fucking stuffed, yerim, i'm going to knock you up, god"

sooyoung turns even more desperate at the moan the girl lets out, yerim hips grinding up to meet her halfway. the smacking sound of their fucking resounding around the area.

"you'd love that, wouldn't you? sweet little yerimie being my breeding whore. what would people think, yerim? huh? if i get you pregnant, would you be a good mommy for me?" sooyoung smirked wickedly at her, her favorite version of yerim was this: stripped of her facade and lost in her pleasure.

"no, god, you're disgusting" the younger girl whines, her actions a total contrast to her words, walls clenching down so hard around sooyoung that it makes it almost impossible to move.

"it's chocking me, fuck, i'm going to cum" sooyoung trembles, the peak of her pleasure coming nearer. she starts swiping yerim's clit in quick strokes, trying to get her to the edge along with her.

"yes, yes, fuck!" it takes no more than a few thrusts before sooyoung slams all the way inside of her and spills her cum inside of yerim's walls.

yerim takes her lips between hers, biting sharply when her orgasm crashes over her, the feeling of sooyoung's cum (and her words from earlier) making her reach her edge. she lets out a strained moan when the taller girl pulls out, their combined cum spilling out and adding a stain on the couch under them.

"god, look at that" sooyoung mutter, still lost in her lusty haze, swirling a finger into their fluids and slightly pushing it into yerim's cunt, only for it to pull back and offer it instead to yerim, who eagerly sucks on the tip.

they kiss lazily when yerim lets sooyoung's finger go with a pop, bodies sated and warmed with each other.

"are you going to come to the game tomorrow?" sooyoung mutters as she pulls away, features soft and relaxed as she tucks a strand of yerim's hair behind her ear.

"well, i have to, jungeun unnie still insists in watching your dumb friend play"

sooyoung hums, "and what about me? are you going to watch me too?"

yerim takes a few seconds to answer, making a show of thinking an answer, she lets out a shriek when sooyoung tickles her side, "stop!" she laughs,"you big baby, you know i'm coming to watch you, i'm your good luck charm, aren't i?"

at that sooyoung smiles, really smiles at her, her yerim, the real yerim.

"yes, you are"