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Honeymoon Fantasy

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The ceremony is truly extravagant, the tent was completely filled with guest, friends and the people he respect as his own family.

It had been a wedding law, ordered by the new minister newly appointed after the demise of lord voldemort.

The first wedding was his, the boy-who-lived with the brightest witch of her age, hermione granger one of his best friend.

It's not so much of a betrayal to anyone, considering the fact that ginny and him broke up before they went to the horcrux hunt, where he fell in love with hermione.

Of course, she doesn't know that because he had a suspicion, that she and his another best friend ron weasley have feelings for each other.

But not at all, there hasn't been anything happened romantically between them to prove Harry's suspicions after the War.

So he is clear of his route, of starting a new life with hermione.

She looked like an angel, straight from heaven with her bride's dress flowing around her as if she is flying.

He turned around to get the ring from ron, who was smiling at him tight lipped in a handsome tuxedo.

The wedding vows got completed and he pecked hermione on her lips for the first time in his life and it felt so good.

He clasped his hands with hers, both smiling at each other before he dragged her away running through the crowds ready to get teleport to Hawaii, where his manor is waiting to accomodate him and his newly wedded wife to celebrate their honeymoon.

He ran to the back yard of the house, beaming like a fool to touch the bottle surrounded by aurors guarding it, when hermione abruptly stopped altogether.

He turned to look at her before creasing his eyes in confusion "What is it hermione?" He asks softly.

"Harry....If..If you don't mind. Can we bring ron along with us. You know? We never done anything without the other and, to reminiscent of the hunt" she ask biting her lip, like a child.

He smiled back, why not? He's their best friend and they'll enjoy themselves there "Sure".

They reached there early morning, as the wedding happened near midnight but here they are, in his potter manor at hawaai.

Ron is with them too, even though they got many protest against the decision from the red head's family, even from ron himself they travelled together.

Once they arrived and after taking bit of a rest in seperate rooms, Hermione showed Harry the outfit that she had picked out for him to wear, a set of swim trunks and a light shirt to wear. As he was changing into his outfit harry looked over at Hermione's outfit and was surprised by how little there was of it.

It consisted of a top that barely covered her nipples and a thong bottom that showed off her bountiful arse. Harry stared at Hermione as she finished dressing up with only a near sheer sarong that did little to cover her ass and nothing else.

"It that all you are going to wear Hermione?" Harry remarked, "It's a little revealing isn't it?"

Hermione gave a light laugh, "Harry, we are in Hawaii, if anything I am overdressed." And with that Hermione lead Harry out of their room.

All of a sudden hermione flushed scarlet looking somewhere, following her gaze he saw it was ron in just his swimming trousers, it was so short making his thighs bulge, reaching above his knees.

He didn't wear any top exposing his toned and muscular chest and biceps. True harry had developed into a good body, but that was nothing compared with what ron had, as he is already bigger than harry.

Hermione laughed awkwardly "Let's get out and enjoy then? Shall we?"

"It's alright. I'll stay here, you two can go on" ron said rubbing the back of his neck.

"Ron" hermione warned with her hands on her hips.

"Seriously mione, you don't have to tug me along, just to make me feel not alone" he just pouting his lips.

Hermione walked over to him and gave him a quick hug kiss on the cheek "You're never going to be alone. I....we want you here, with us". She said and he nodded, his face red.

Harry's cock twitched seeing ron and hermione in an embrace, practically naked. His hard body covering her soft as if she is jammed in a mess of muscles was turning him on.

For the next several hours the trio wandered around the beachfront portion. Harry noticed that while Hermione was getting looks for how she was dressed, it was more in appreciation than in the looks condemning her for being dressed the way they were.

Hell during their walks along some portions of the beach many of the women were wearing even less than she was as they were going completely topless.

The spent a good part in the beach while harry watched from the shore, ron and hermione playing like four years in the water, pushing each other and touching the others body inappropriately not a care for harry watching, but hermione giving some sideway glances and knowing smile.

It is almost night and hermione was so turned on, she could read harry clearly. His thoughts and feelings even without him knowing.

She knows that he knows legilimency but she also know that he isn't thorough in it, whereas she is.

Her orginal plan was to get ron alone, so she could open up to him about her feelings for him which she harboured from her age 11. But now after knowing that her lust from seeing ron like this is spiking her husband's lust too, she is almost on the verge of losing it.

She never know that harry was into cuckolding. Hermione saw that her plan was coming to fruition and she knew Harry was ready to go along with it. Looking over Harry with her mind, Hermione saw that Harry had a more strongly pronounced submissiveness and bi-sexual tendencies.

"Harry, I set up a special surprise for us at the Villa. I am sure that you will enjoy it. Head on to the master bedroom, after freshening up. I just need to organize things with ron for later." With that she lead ron away leaving harry to get on with it.

Harry entered into the room and was somewhat surprised by what he saw. He was not sure what it was going to be, but this was definitely not what he was expecting. Ron was standing in front of the bed completely naked and just looking at him brought about a feeling of inferiority in him. He knew that ron was well built, but without his clothes on it was even more evident, but what really brought about the feeling of inferiority was what was between his legs. Already growing hard Harry could tell it was easily twice as long as his cock and much thicker as well.

Harry watched as Hermione closed in on ron and gave him a long hug and a deep kiss on the lips. After a moment Hermione turned around and walked over to him before giving harry a peck on the lips.

"I know legilimency better than you harry, i can feel you, i know you want it. So please... Don't fight it" she said softly and harry felt himself agreeing to it.

He felt a sudden tension, before his brain was completely shut off by the lust emitting from her.

He thought he might of been angry at seeing her in another embrace but seeing how happy she looked he could not help but feel happy for her. Harry smiled at Hermione and asked, "I take it that this here is a part of the surprise you were talking about Hermione?"

"Yes, harry you have to understand that me and ron.... we both are in love with each other since the day we met, i would have probably cheated on you, if I hadn't sensed what you felt. But seeing how that there is no need for it anymore.... we could work this out, you know, a three way relationship. It you're okay with it?" She suggested her eyes searching his.

"You mean... you want both of us?" Harry asked smirking.

A blush arose on Hermione's pale cheeks at both of Harry's comment, "It's not that. I don't want to cheat on you harry, you're my best friend. But if you can adjust me...being with ron whenever I want, we can work our marriage"

"But what if ron get married to another girl"

"He will NOT!!" Hermione shouted turning around and glaring at ron "I'll make sure of it".

Harry laughed at seeing Hermione glare at his best mate "Well Hermione, we are all here now so how do you want to do this?"

Smiling at Harry, Hermione slipped out of her minuscule bikini top and showed off her, in Harry's mind, perfect teardrop breasts to her quest and husband. Both Harry and ron watched Hermione as she continued to strip for them, tugging at the knot in her sarong to loosen it and let it drop to the floor and Harry did not know where to look, at her amazing plump arse that was all but completely on display or her lovely breasts that jiggled as she moved.

With a joyous smile on her face quickly finished stripping by removing her thong bikini bottom. Hermione looked over at Harry and commented, "Harry, I think you are a bit overdressed now."

She watched as harry removed his clothing, exposing his four inch dick.

Smiling at Harry, Hermione dropped to her knees in front of ron and gazed upon his cock, her eyes taking on its immense beauty. With tentative hands Hermione reached out and grasped his beautiful cock. She marveled at how large and warm it was in her hand. Now, Hermione was about to finally fulfill her greatest fantasy. In a quiet whisper that was barely heard by the rest of the rooms residents, Hermione sighed "God, ronald, your cock is so beautiful, I can't wait to worship it." With that Hermione leaned forward and first placed a loving kiss on the tip of his cock and then took the head of his cock into her mouth.

Harry watched as his wife went down on another mans cock, a large cock that put his small cock to shame. Watching Hermione bob her head up and down on Ron's cock brought up conflicting feelings in him. One one hand the sight of her betraying her vows angered him, but on the other hand Harry had never been so hard as he was now as he watched his wife stretched her pretty pink lips around Ron's thick cock.

Hermione marveled at the feel of Ron's hard cock in her hands. She reveled in the fact that Harry watched as he was cuckolded by her and did nothing to try and stop her from doing it.

With a wide smile Hermione took more of his cock into her mouth, savoring its foreign taste. Hermione bobbed her head back and forth over the small portion of his cock she was able to take into her mouth, running her tongue over his ridged crown, occasionally gagging as she tried to take more in.

Ron was in heaven with Hermione's wet and hot mouth around him, changing the hold on his dick to instead be a solid grip on his base, pumping quickly as she leaned forward and began to lap at his cock tip, where a few beads of pre graced her tongue, set it alight in excitement and arousal. She pushed her head down, taking his cock deep into her mouth and bobbing her head quickly.

Her hand and mouth worked in sync, head bobbing amid plenty of smacking kiss sounds and sucking noises. The top of her hand met her lips in a point a little further down than the middle, moving away to his base and tip before meeting up again, encompassing his entire shaft between her efforts. Saliva leaked down into her grip, letting her slide her hand more easily along his cock, until he was completely slick and her hand glided along his flesh despite the very firm grip.

With that ron withdrew his cock from Hermione's suckling mouth and laughed lightly as he looked at her face, she looked like he had just taken her favorite toy from her. Ron walked to the bed and lay down on it, with his head and back propped up by pillows and his large cock waving in the air for attention.

Harry never felt so much aroused in his life, knowing Hermione is his wife and watching her going down on another man was captivating.

Hermione waddled on her knees following ron as he retreated to the bed. As he lay back on the bed his large cock served as a beacon. His cock-head was glistening and calling to her. So entranced was she with his cock that all else fell by the wayside, thus she was caught unaware when Harry caught up to her and helped her along.

Harry helped Hermione onto the bed, but when he saw her leaning forward to take Ron's cock into her mouth again he stopped her, "Enough of that for now love, it is time to move on." Harry looked Hermione in her eyes and told her, "I want to watch as your pretty pink pussy is wrecked by his large cock."

Hermione looked at Harry as he told her what was coming up next. A wide smile broke out on her face, "I love you so much Harry, thank you for letting me be with him." With that Hermione leaned into Harry and gave him a peck.

Breaking off the kiss Harry helped Hermione onto the bed until she kneeled over Ron's cock. "Here Hermione, let me help you." With that Harry lay down on the bed and reached out and took a firm hold of Ron's cock with both hands to steady it for his wife.

Hermione watched as Harry lined up the cock for her. She slowly lowered herself onto it, feeling stretched as she took the ridged cock-head into her tight cunt. Hermione slowly tried to force more into her cunt, but it was so much thicker than she expected so it was slow going. So concentrated, Looking up into his face she saw him smile. Then her cunt was filled with his cock as he thrust into her as he pulled her down onto him. Hermione had never felt so full as she did now as her thighs rested on his. She felt pain, but also felt pleasure at being so full.

Harry watched as Ron's dick was jammed up Hermione's pussy as far as it would go.

Harry notices a small trickle of blood rolling down Ron's balls and figured he just popped his wife's cherry.

As ron hilted himself fully into Hermione, a large smile broke out onto his face.

He so loved fucking her and nothing was better than having her husband watching as he ruined them for anybody else.

With that he rolled Hermione over onto her back with his cock still firmly lodged in her cunt.

Hermione looked up into his eyes as he rolled her onto her back and smiled happily as she felt his cock still stretching out her cunt. "Show me what a real man fucks like." With that Hermione wrapped her arms and legs around his body, trying to pull him even deeper into her body. She felt empty as he started to pull out, leaving all but the head of his cock inside her.

Harry watched as she let out a sudden cry of pleasure and pain as Ron's cock buried itself deep into her with one single, powerful thrust that shook her body. “Ron!” she howled, gripping handfuls of the bedspread. He was big, and she was not prepared for something so girthy, so long, to be hilted inside of her. Ron slowly withdrew his cock from his wife's cunt, waiting to see what would happen next. It did not take long.

Ron slammed his cock into Hermione and started to piston in and out of her tight cunt. He leaned into her, holding her down with his body as he ravaged her cunt, feeling it stretch to accomodate him. "Going to ruin your cunt," he told Hermione with a rough voice. He could feel her cum to his rough fucking, so he kept going, fucking her as hard as he could. Hermione came so easily from feeling so filled by Ron's large cock. She had never come so easily or as often before as she reveled in the pleasure as it roared through her body. "Wreck me, make me yours," Hermione gasped out between waves of pleasure as she was fucked harder than ever, "make me forgot about my husband and make me a slave to your large cock ron".

Harry watched enthralled as ron fucked his wife hard into the bed, the site of his large cock piercing her pale white flesh was making him hard. To see his wife being taken infront of him by what the Dursleys called a subhumans turning him on even more.

Ron moaned as he fucked the cunt hard. "About to cum," he groaned out, "where?"

"Oh god," Hermione moaned over and over as ron kept fucking her hard, all her orgasms making it hard to think. "Cum in me ronald," she moaned, "give me a ginger baby to let them know what a cuck Harry is." Spikes of pleasure shot through her as she felt hot cum gush into her as he came hard, filling her womb with his potent seed and that was the last thing she remembered before getting blacked out.

Hermione awoke to Harry fucking her abused cunt and hooked her legs around him, making him fuck her harder. Feeling Harry's cock thrusting into her, she noticed after taking in Ron's cock, Harry's cock didn't gave her any feeling. While pleasant, being fucked by Harry just did not give her the immense waves of pleasure and fullness that being fucked by ron did.

Harry pistoned into his wife's loose cunt faster, getting closer to cumming with each thrust. He leaned forward and said, " Your cunts so loose now i can barely feel it, ron stretched you out so much." Harry kissed Hermione passionately, "God I love it." With that Harry came harder than he had ever cum in his life, knowing that he was a cuck and loving it.

Hermione kissed Harry back with all the love she could muster as she felt Harry cum his comparatively puny load into her cunt. "Love you Harry. You let me have ron, my greatest fantasy even if my pussy is so loose now that i can barely feel your cock as you fuck me," Hermione replied as Harry continued to thrust into her as his cock slowly became flaccid.

Hermione then pushed Harry down between her spread legs, "Clean me up Harry, I need it clean for ron to fuck again. He does not need any sloppy seconds."

Harry did as she told and licked up all the cum from his wife's pussy.

After finishing up he lay down and wrapped his arms around her.

Hermione basked in the warmth of Harry's arms, savoring the feeling. "Where is ron?".

"He's gone out, said he wants to give us both some time alone". He said and she sighed.

"You know Harry, no matter how much better ron is at fucking me, this here is something I would never give up," she told Harry. "I know our relationship is a bit different, but our love for and our friendship with the three of us will always keep us together."

"So, do you have any more adventures for us to try out together?"

Hermione beamed at Harry's comment, happy that he seemed more than willing to go along with her plans. "I have plans for ron to fuck me again, all day today Harry. But all that's for later love, now it's all about us." With that Hermione embraced her husband, prepared to give him one last great time before ron arrive.