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Under the moon

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On a silent and cold night, the Ushiromiya mansion was dead silent. As if no one was alive, not a single shadow could be seen. Everyone was probably sleeping. Everyone but a single tiny and lonely soul.

A little girl was playing alone in her cold bedroom. A full moon was shining above the Rokkenjima island, making her lonely windows sparkle. She was alone, yet it wasn't so lonely. There was no light except for the one of the moon, so her face couldn't be seen. But her long blonde hair was moving due to an unknown golden wind.

As dancing, golden butterflies welcomed her into a wonderful tea party, in a world only she could enter.

That world, her world, was like a golden paradise where she could meet her most precious friends...who could only be touched in that place. On the girl's face, usually so sad and gloomy, appeared a little smile. So warm, so precious. A smile only offered to those friends of hers only.

But the party couldn't last all night long... Why so ? Because she had to wake up and face her cruel reality one more day. But one of the parts inside herself didn't wish to wake up ever again. This golden world was good enough.

Was it love ? It was probably it. Sayo had to wake up and live. She couldn't give up yet. But still, that part of her...wished.

At what cost will she wake up ? If only she wasn't who she was. If only... he didn't forget. Maybe nothing of these would have happened. The golden butterflies change themselves into a fire. When the little girl opened her eyes, the room was burning all around her.

She was now alone in her bed, surrounded by a hot burning fire. That fire soon became blood that splattered on the windows and the walls of the lonely room.


What remains of what appeared to be a lonely and sad girl was actually someone else. Their sleep seemed to have been disturbed by an unknown...magic. They were crying.

It was Lion.

Lion woke up with a terrible pain in their chest... and were those tears on their cheeks ? What a weird dream, but somehow, it didn't feel like a dream. It reminded them a bit too much what they watched in those fragments where Lion doesn't exist as Lion. The cruel other worlds where they become Beatrice and kill their whole family. The cruel worlds where their name is not Lion Ushiromiya.

Lion didn't want to remember those fragments... but they also couldn't just forget them and live as if nothing happened. If they're here today, tonight, it's still thanks to the Witch of Certainty, Lambdadelta. But if they ended up going back in that one night in Rokkenjima early October... would they have to face death one more time ? Lion couldn't stop thinking. As much as a phantom pain grew into their chest, as if it already got pierced before. The fragments. Beatrice's funeral. Kinzo's sin. Battler's sin. Clair's told story. Bernkastel chasing them... Will's blood. That dream.


That thought brought something important to their mind. Will. Where is Will ? As their thoughts kept on repeating themselves, endlessly, Lion put their hands on their face, maybe to hide their tears, or maybe to hide from the cruel reality. In the dead silence of the night, their confused and lonely tears were the only thing that could be heard. Suddenly, Will spoke to them, gently, as if he was there since Lion had woken up. Just like magic.

« Lion. »

They gasped a little at his voice. When Lion removed those hands from their face, Will was there. He was sitting on their bed, next to them.

« I'm sorry... I thought... you weren't there anymore... »

As if coming back to this reality, Lion was able to look at Will.

« I'm not going anywhere, I promise. »


The sound of his name was almost inaudible. Tears were still falling from their eyes. This immense pain couldn't be washed off like this... It wasn't magic after all.

This cold night was the same as in Lion's dream... It was lonely and silent. Will and Lion were probably the only souls awake at this hour. The moon was just as full as in the dream. The darkness was hiding everything but Lion's pain. And only Will could see through it. He looked at them and then put his hand on Lion's cheek. It was cold but soft, as well as wet. He wipe their tears away, gently, softly. As if it was only natural. Lion couldn't do anything but look back at him. The anxiety and the pain in their eyes were heartbreaking, defenseless. But... Will's presence was warm and reassuring in this madness.

Slowly, Lion approached Will and huddle themself against his body.

Warm. Comforting. The night was cruel, but next to him, Lion knew they could breathe a little. Will hugged them back.

Even after wiping their tears, the warmth of their hug brought back mixed emotions inside Lion's heart. Now, close to him, they could let it go. Lion wasn't the type to usually show weaknesses easily, but still, they knew that Will was here for them, supporting them. His kindness was enough to make Lion blush. So they let themself cry and sobbed a little, in a silence only Will was able to hear.

The moon, still high and clear, was looking after them. Golden sparkles were flying around, then changed themselves into golden butterflies and flew through the air, though, no one could ever see them. Not even Will, not even Lion. They returned into the deep forest to rest next to the legend of the Golden Witch, as the two souls of the ones awake this night could take a breath from the insanity of the catbox.

Lion's voice trembles a little, as they let a sigh go. Their eyes were tired from crying. Will held them tight one more time before letting go. He probably wanted to look at Lion to make sure they were alright. Lion didn't let it happen. They held him back once more, so Will had to ask.

« Are you alright ? »

Lion wasn't sure how to answer, as they didn't know themself if they was alright. But...

« I think I'm fine if you're here. »

Yes, this was probably the most honest answer.

A light smile rose to Will's face. He decided to bury his face onto Lion's head and kissed it. Somehow, Lion expected it, yet the weight of his head and the kind feeling of being kissed this way made their heart jump. It was enough to make them move. They lifted up their head and looked at Will. An annoyed expression rose on their face that was still messed up by their sobs. Red eyes, tired from crying, trembling lips, even their nose was a bit messy... Still, Lion remained beautiful. Will couldn't help but catch their face in his hands. Another jump their heart made. This time they almost felt the urge to pinch Will's butt. Too bad he was sitting.

How long has passed since Lion woke up from this supposed dream ? The night was still at its peak. The moon was moving slowly, but it remained bright enough to light the bedroom. And when it did, the only thing that could be seen was the two lonely souls kissing softly on their lips. It was such a delicate and gentle gesture, so fragile, the wind could have broken it. The night still had a long way to go.

When they both let go of each other, only the sound of their breath remained.

« Shouldn't you go back to sleep ? »

« Please don't go away. »

Lion gripped Will's clothes in their fists, as in pain. They was now more at peace, sure, but the fear of Will going away haunted them. Will wanted to reassure them, but he already knew no words would be enough. He knew them better than anyone else, after all. The only thing they wanted was... a happy fragment. Didn't Clair tell them ? Lion's happiness is more than enough for her. It was their job to stay happy. Even if it's only 1 of 2,578,917, it's enough for her. For them. But that tragedy... couldn't be avoided, could it ? Then, what about this lonely happy life ? Would it be vain ? What about Clair and Beatrice ? If this wasn't for themself, then Lion should do it at least for her. But that's not quite right. You should live for yourself. You're fine as you are. Didn't Will tell them something like this once ?

« Lion, don't think too hard about it. »

You'll get a headache. Lion knew. Still, it was particularly difficult now that they knew everything. And that they somehow made a promise.

« I have not given up yet. We will find that one happy fragment. I will find it, right ? »

Yes... Lion shouldn't give up either, even when those dreams happen. Even when the fear comes back to their mind. Never. They just need to find a miracle. Who cares if the Witch of Miracles herself laughs at them ? If Lambdadelta didn't interfere, after all, nothing of this would have happened. Either they would have died together eaten by Bernkastel's kitties, either Lion would have been shot by Kyrie. This already was a kind of miracle, right ?

Deep inside themself, Lion could feel it. That little girl was crying, hiding behind her golden butterflies. Her, and all her other selves... Ah, I am one yet many.

Lion's fists were still onto Will's clothes.

« Yes... Let's find it. I'm sorry about this. This shouldn't be like the future Head of the Ushiromiyas. »

Will didn't answer, but his gestures spoke enough for himself. He put his hand on Lion's head and petted it. It's okay to be weak and to cry. It's fine to have worries. This isn't an easy situation.

« Let's sleep. »

« You're not going (away) ? »

« I'm not going. »

This felt right. Lion will let the worries to the moon. They will keep believing, for the rest of the night and until the morning comes back. They offered a gentle smile to Will as they hugged one last time.

Until now it's okay.

The lonely little girl whispered to herself. A breath only the moon could hear. Maybe it was Clair, maybe it was Sayo... or even the Golden Witch herself. Or... someone else. Only Lion could understand who she was better than anyone else. They embraced her deep inside themself until the morning came.