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The perfectly styled white hair and the tiniest glasses on top of Miranda's nose masked her disquiet and anticipation. She was truly the face of undisturbed beauty and professionalism.

Being met with silence would not do, not today. Andy was a very patient and reasonable woman, most times, I promise, but this Monday morning was testing her limits.

She stepped back into her desk, where a very chill, new found second assistant was handling the phones like a pro.

She took a minute to search inside her purse and, when she felt the unmistakable texture of what she was looking for, she couldn't contain the grin that spread through her full lips. She hid it inside the stylishly baggy sleeves of her new favorite camisole and re-entered Miranda's office with refreshed confidence.

The older woman did nothing to acknowledge her presence. It's not a game they'd ever played in the office but how could Andy deny her this little pleasure?

The young woman stepped forward and stopped only when her body felt the cold glass of the tabletop. She gave her another chance to look up, to say a word, to sigh… In the absence of a sign that said otherwise, the game was very much on.


Andrea looked over her shoulder. The door wasn't locked.

Slowly she let her secret weapon slide from the inside of her right sleeve. She held it and with a pop the cerulean dildo was standing proudly stuck to the glass surface of Miranda's desk, right in front of the photographs she was going through.

Miranda’s cheeks were invaded by a strong Scarlett hue.

"Can't be always me washing it the next morning, love... it's dishwasher safe, did you know?"

Andy's fingers came to play with the toy that, when touched, vibrated like jelly, stuck to the table, catching the older woman's eyes and making her squirm in her seat.

"This really is my favorite one, you know? And you look like heaven when you're on your knees... I love it when you suck it, when you make it nice and wet and beg for me to fuck you with it."

"It only seems reasonable that you wash it yourself once in a while. right, love?"

For as much as she wanted to grab the damn dildo and stuck it inside a drawer... Miranda wouldn't lose it so easily.

Laying a dildo in front of me, really, Andrea, is that the best you can do? I was playing with these before you were born.

"I see..."

"It's fine, really, you look really busy and I wouldn't want to mess with your work. I'll just wash it in the sink.... do you mind if I use your private bathroom?"

"Good. I'll be right back."

As soon as her Andrea was out of sight, Miranda's shoulders relaxed with shaky sigh.
Inevitably came the realization that the girl would not give up so easily.

The first round went to Miranda but when would the second one take place?

That’s when she heard it, the tiniest of whimpers. If Miranda's thoughts were just the tiniest bit louder, she wouldn't be able to hear them, but if she paid attention...

Well, that's just not fair.

Usually Andy would sit close to Miranda on the townhouse, on a nearby couch or armchair. she'd take off all of her clothes and pick up a book. Miranda had work to do and would make that very clear. Soon it became a game that none of them could lose.

Once, Miranda had lost because Andy had brought her coffee. As soon as she registered the coffee on her table, she took a gulp and Andy laughed in triumph.

There were boundaries, though:

Andy could not pretend that anyone was in danger or poor of health; She couldn't mention the twins and she couldn't touch Miranda. A recent addition to the rules was that she couldn’t do anything unhealthy herself, such as skipping meals, smoking and so on.

All else was fair game.

But this. It was as unfair as fair game could be.

Miranda found herself smiling. A very true, very warm smile. The girl was a tiny devilish creature and Miranda was far beyond proud... and even farther beyond in love with her.

Miranda stood her ground.

Her lover was getting slightly louder.

Was she faking it for attention or was she truly fucking herself a couple of meters away from where the older woman was trying to work?


Andy didn't expect Miranda to fight back. She should have. I would have.

The new Emily was on their way.

Miranda was ignoring her moans and ragged breath to the point of calling someone into the office.

But if she stopped, round two would go to Miranda… but if she didn't…

Miranda priestly: 2

Andrea Sachs: 0

As soon as the new Emily was out of Miranda’s office, Andy relaxed and went back to work on bringing herself some sort of relief. The cerulean toy disappeared quickly inside her and Andy couldn’t help but moan a bit too loud when she hit special spot that brought electricity to her belly.

She was facing the bathroom door, leaning against the opposite wall and delirious to see if the older woman would surrender and open the door.

The thought of Miranda joining her and bringing her the pleasure she's so desperately seeking fueled her desire. In a matter of minutes she was coming undone by herself and calling out Miranda's name as her only prayer.

Miranda’s teeth were sinking almost painfully into her lower lip.

Slowly, Andy let the toy slide out of her and sighed in relief.

When she felt steady enough on her legs, she washed the dildo in the sink and left the bathroom hiding it on her sleeve again.

Miranda's shoulders slumped as soon as the young woman exited her office.

Andrea would be the death of her. The editor squirmed in her seat as she felt her own body betray her, bringing a familiar ache to her pussy and filling her mind with images of her lover.

Later, when Miranda finished her lunch, she couldn't resist looking over at her Andrea's desk. This was a risky move, since at any moment the girl could look back and catch her gaze. She’d be acknowledging her, thus losing the game.

The whole game was excruciating to keep up at the office and she found herself thinking if things weren't getting out of hand to the point that Andy would resent her for this.

But they were playing.

And her darling girl had a safe word.

She was also stubborn and might push herself too far before using it just for stubbornness sake.

That’s where Miranda, being the adult in the relationship or at least trying her best care for her Andrea, decided to make something crystal clear.

“Good morning, darling, where are you?

What's taking you so long to arrive at the office? you have no idea how much I miss you. everyone's incompetent and all I can think about is how adorable you looked last night drifting off to sleep in my arms.

I'm still sore in all the best ways.

I love you like crazy, Andréa, please hurry up.”

Andy listened to the voice message on her desk and her lover's voice did wonders for her mood.  

She texted:

A: I love you too xx

And leaned back on her chair, smiling like a lovesick fool.

The run-through was disastrous, as most of them end up being. Miranda was especially sensitive and picky that day and Andy wondered if that was part of her pretending her first assistant had not arrived yet.

As soon as everyone was out of sight, Miranda started going through the clothes in the hangers and taking her own notes.

Andrea scribbled along as the run-through took place, making sure she understood what was as ok and not ok by Miranda's standards and what were her expectations for that months issue.

Now, she just stood there, admiring the devil in her realm, so confident and focused on her craft. A woman of many passions and extremely dedicated to each one of them.

When Miranda felt her Andrea's warm hands caressing her hips, she almost let out a gasp.

She can't touch me! That's against the rules! she can't- oh... oh, you little-

"Miranda... Please, turn around? Look at me?"

She's not touching me, she's touching my clothes! The smart little minx...

"I knew you'd be hard to beat in full dragon mode, but this... you're torturing me, Mira..."

I’m torturing you? Dragon mode? How dare y-

When the older woman moved to inspect another set of hangers, Andy followed her closely. Miranda felt her smooth hands coming up, cupping her breasts above her shirt, and again had to make an herculean effort not to moan.

Andrea was pressing against her back kneading her breasts and breathing way to close to her ear.

That's it!

Without warning, Miranda moved slightly to the right, turning her head in a way that was perfectly natural for someone who was going through clothes and needed to reach the dress in the far right hanger.

Andy let her lips touch the back of Miranda's neck, she was too close to prevent it, and just like that she'd dropped the game.

But she didn't lose, did she? How can you possibly feel like a loser when Miranda Fucking Priestly is reaching out behind her to pull you closer? When she's holding your hands and begging you to tighten your embrace?

"Please, Mira, I- I need you…"

"Shhh, come."

Andy was quickly but firmly dragged into the little room adjacent to the one they were in. It was a place of make-up and hair touch ups that went along with designers presentations.

As soon as they made it inside, Miranda closed the door and turned the lock. She didn't have time to turn around because her Andrea was already pressing against her back again.

Miranda hissed when she felt the bulge in the young woman's pants again. She wasn't sure before, but this time Andrea was pining her against the door tightly enough for it to be no question.

So, instead of questioning, she ended up stating the obvious:

"You're packing."

Andy could only nod in affirmation, her cheeks fiery red.

Miranda looked at her, over her shoulder, and caught the adorable flush on her lover's face.
Teasing her and making Andrea's bravado falter a bit, Miranda pressed her hips backwards, purring "Take me then. Make me yours. As if I’m not already…"

"Fuck- Miranda!" Andy hissed, in need of taking a few breaths and taking a hold of herself. "Take off your clothes." She then whispered and stepped back.

Andy glanced back at the couch that had a couple of jackets stacked up and took her time emptying it and making room for herself. She sat down and gave Miranda a challenging look.

It was still unbelievable that Miranda's death stare had so quickly abandoned it's threatening form to become just plain sexy. It’s true, Andy thought to herself, she’d kill a million girls for this job. No, wait, that’s not-

Holding her gaze, Andy unzipped her pants. The cerulean dildo letting itself be brought out and stroked at a teasing pace.

Miranda hated to admit but her Andrea was plainly irresistible when she felt confident and assertive, her own devilish inclinations showing.

Andy let her own hand slip under and feel just how unbearably wet she was. She let out a sigh and closed her eyes, putting on a show. Miranda wouldn't let her get away with it, not twice in a day. She was hers to take.

Miranda let go of her crazy expensive clothes and, of course, after folding them neatly in her own way, she quickly made her way towards her very flushed, very close to hyperventilation, very beautiful lover.

Taking hold of her hands, Miranda pinned then up against the back of the armchair. Then, she moved with grace in straddling Andrea's hips, but careful not to touch the toy. Andy struggled to get her hands free but Miranda was strong enough to firmly hold her in place.

They let it lay against Miranda's stomach while they sought each other's lips. it had been way too long since their morning kisses.

“Had a- hmm” Miranda struggled to talk in between kisses “…good time in the bathroom, this morning? Taking what’s mine?” She bit down into Andy’s full bottom lip, making her whimper and squirm in her seat.

“I didn’t break any of the rules for this game, did I?” She was cheeky and god help her, Miranda was practically floating in bliss. She kissed her passionately and when Andy’s mouth traveled south to latch on one of her nipples, she let out a loud cry and lowered herself, the toy stretching her. She got it in cerulean as a joke but it truly was her predilect.

As she looked down to see how hungrily Andrea suckled on her breasts, she lost it. The girl switched to the other nipple and gently bit down, causing Miranda to moan a bit too loud, only to whisper right the next second.

“Play nice, An- Andy.” Andy. “Gentle… ahh, yes, so good…”

Miranda let go of restraining Andy’s hands, to able to caress her hair and pull her impossibly closer into her breasts.

She came like a firecracker, trembling violently in her lovers arms, feeling the most tender of kisses being peppered into her forehead, her cheeks, her chin, her beautiful, god, her gorgeous nose, Andy would kiss it a million times and still not get over it.

Andy's playing clearly had a strong impact on Miranda and now the time had come for her to tease Andy right back.

"You're right, Andrea, I should clean it myself once in a while… In fact I'll clean it right now."
Still stoked from literally having made Miranda Priestly come not more than a few minutes ago, but furrowing her brow in confusion, Andy let out a very weak "You will?"

"Watch me." Miranda held her gaze with confidence and mirth, meanwhile getting down on her knees in front of her.

"Mir, what- oh god you’re-"

She looked just like a dream. She felt real, tough, her scent and the wet sounds coming from her mouth felt so real Andy couldn't stop squirming in her seat.

It was just a toy, Andy tried to remind herself

It's not real, Andy, she's not exactly blowing you she's not-

"Fuck- Mm- please please pleeease"

Holding her gaze, the older woman let herself pause, smile and say "Squeaky clean."

Andy let out a shaky breath and bent down to kiss her again. And again and…

"Darling..." Miranda managed to whisper between increasingly sloppy kisses "We don't have much time- aah- Andrea- Andy, look at me."

Andrea was so far gone, Miranda cooed "Tell me what you need, baby."

"Just- ugh, please Mira, it... hurts!"

"Ooh, does it now?" she uttered softly, her amusement shining through.

Andy nodded vigorously with her eyes closed, feeling so hot that she might just explode and paint the walls in flesh and blood if Miranda didn't help her find some kind of release.

She was paying for her little stunts during the day, with interest.

"Ask nicely, Andy..." Andy.

"Please mommy- ahh please, I need-"

"What is it that you need, baby? Hm? You need only ask..."
If Miranda was surprised by the turn she didn't take too long to come back to herself. They had talked about this about a month ago, and she did prompt it, but she was delighted by the way her little girl slipped so easily into her fantasy. Miranda wasn’t sure this would feel anything other than awkward back when Andy first brought up that she might have some sort of a mommy kink, but hell it was worth the try, by the way her lover succumbed to begging her:

"I need to come… Please! Mommy… "

"So polite, such a good girl…"

Miranda praised her and Andy could only bring herself to focus on the dexterity of her lover's fingers as she loosened the straps and dropped the harness and toy to the floor.

Miranda was so kind she didn't even tease, she didn't even comment on how Andy was literally dripping for her, she just lowered herself and tasted the girls desire, from perineum to clit.

Her Andrea was a vision, all spread out for her and doing her absolute best to keep from making too much of a mess.

But the mess was made from the moment Miranda signaled they were in play and Andrea agreed to it… And now the girl was coming in sharp shattering waves and all Miranda could do was hold her free hand and help her ride it out. A mess indeed…

Miranda was late for a meeting for the first time since there’s record, Andy looked so thoroughly fucked… oh, and the dildo was dirty again for being forgotten on the floor.

Miranda withdrew her fingers as gently as possible and asked "Are you okay?"

Andy had tears in her eyes and even though she nodded Miranda was not convinced.

"That was just…” She sighed and buried her face in her hands. “Thank you, for-"

"Shh... Darling, time to dress, to do your hair and makeup... Up, up, up!"
Andrea’s smile could light up the entire state of New York “I love you. So much..."

Andy held her back from saying it back by kissing her, oh so tenderly, and Miranda was already expecting the young woman so be somewhat corny, but she still had to come to terms with the realization that she was a sucker for it.