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Vice Cream

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Vi and Caitlyn had been through everything together over the past decade. From uprooting corruption within the Enforcers and helping the Firelights with establishing Zaun as an independent nation, to five years of marriage and cheating death, they stayed by each other’s side.

Their home was a two-story townhouse across the street from the bridge between Piltover and Zaun. While both preferred the fast-paced, anything-goes lifestyle of Zaun, the Sheriff of Piltover unfortunately had to live within her borders. They made the home their own, from the countless pictures on the walls to the rifle grease and gauntlet oil that stained the doorknobs.

In their living room, a painting of their first dance the day they got married hung above the couch. Below it, Vi was laying face down and groaning loudly.

“Vi, are you alright?” Caitlyn asked from the doorway. She hopped as she removed one boot from work, and then the other.

Vi groaned even louder in response as she kicked her feet against the soft cushions.

“Use your words, darling,” Caitlyn quipped. She moved through the living room and into the kitchen, where she began to look through the freezer for something quick to eat.

Vi sat up on the couch and pointed an accusing finger at Caitlyn’s backside. “She returns to the scene of the crime!” She scoffed and folded her arms. “Some detective you are.”

Caitlyn turned around with a raised eyebrow and a popsicle. “What?” she asked with a laugh. She used her shoulder to nudge the freezer door back shut.

“I have loved you for ten years, ten beautiful years,” Vi began. She turned around and looked at the picture over the couch. “Sometimes I swear you know me better than I know myself. And yet…”

“And yet?” Caitlyn prompted. She loudly sucked on her popsicle.

Vi scowled at Caitlyn. “How dare you.”

Caitlyn tried her hardest not to let out a laugh. “I apologize, darling. What did I do?” She sat down on the arm of the couch and crossed her legs while quietly sucking on the popsicle.

“I’ll set the scene for you, so that you’ll understand today’s injustice,” Vi said with a forlorn sigh. “Imagine how happy I was waking up this morning: it’s my day off so I knew I could take it slow. I woke up to the sound of birds singing outside, the golden rays coming through the window–”

“When did you become a poet?” Caitlyn asked with a grin.

Vi brought a hand to her chest and shook her head lowly. “With great pain comes great artistry.”

“What have you done with my wife?”

Vi ignored her. “I kissed my beautiful wife, we made sweet, sweet love–”

Caitlyn snorted. She had been late to work.

“–and then I made her breakfast before seeing her off. It was the perfect start to a perfect day! Then, I went to the gym, where I got a PR on the bench press–”

“Congratulations, darling,” Caitlyn interrupted.

Vi’s stoicism fell slightly at that. “Thanks, babe,” she said quietly. “Anyway. I came home feeling pumped and thought ‘let’s celebrate with some ice cream’.”

Caitlyn’s mouth turned into a perfect ‘O’.

“So imagine my despair when I was betrayed by the love of my life, the woman whose life I have saved and her mine, when she took my hopes and dreams and crushed them beneath her heel.”

Caitlyn’s jaw had dropped during the sentence. What in the world? Maybe Vi had actually read the book of plays Tobias had given her for Snowdown. “You had to have practiced this, Vi.”

“I might have,” Vi said wryly before shaking her head.

She would not be deterred from her monologue, damn it.

“I opened the freezer to get my pint of Rocky Road and couldn’t find it. ‘Oh, where could you be?’ I asked. I searched high and low, but it wasn’t there,” Vi said with despair. She stood up and walked towards the trash can in the kitchen. “And I thought. ‘No… it can’t be… Caitlyn wouldn’t do that to me…’” She reached her hand into the trash can and removed an empty pint container. She held up the small container above her head, the black of the lid reflecting in the light. “But you did,” she said with a broken voice.

Caitlyn wiggled in her seat as she bit her lower lip to keep in a laugh. Vi was really getting into character, whatever godforsaken character this even was, and it was too amusing to disrupt with her laughter. “I wanted a midnight snack,” she defended weakly.

“We have chips and popsicles, Caitlyn,” Vi seethed.

“I was in the mood for ice cream,” she defended once more.

“That brings me to my next grievance,” Vi said with a shake of her head. She opened the freezer and removed a pint of ice cream. “Your,” she gagged, “mint chocolate chip was in the freezer.”

Caitlyn stood and met her in the kitchen. “Oh, gosh, I didn’t even see it last night,” she muttered. She turned around to grab a spoon and took the container from Vi before leaning against the kitchen counter and eating. Caitlyn had a beast of a sweet tooth.

“You only had eyes for betrayal,” Vi whispered sharply as she squinted her eyes.

Caitlyn choked on her bite of ice cream and began to cough loudly until the ice cream melted and slid down.

“Suffer,” Vi whispered once more.

Caitlyn let out an ugly snort of a laugh. “Gods, Vi,” she cackled. She recovered the container and handed it to Vi who placed it back into the freezer. Caitlyn took Vi’s face in her hands and looked down at her with a soft smile. “From the bottom of my heart, I am sorry I ate the last of your ice cream. Allow me to make it up to you.”

Vi turned her head away and chewed on her lip. “I’m not sure if you can…”

Caitlyn let out another loud snort. “How does getting sundaes and coming back home to watch a film sound?”

“I’m listening…” Vi said with a small smile.

And we can buy a gallon of Rocky Road next time we go to the store.”

Vi leaned up and pressed a sound kiss on Caitlyn’s lips.

Caitlyn wound her arms around Vi, pulling her in closer. She hadn’t even kissed her since walking into the house, which felt like a crime in itself. “Am I forgiven?” she asked quietly.

“You’re forgiven,” Vi answered with a nod. She let out a quiet chuckle, which made Caitlyn laugh, and soon they were holding onto each other for dear life as laughter wracked through their bodies.

Once their breathing was somewhat under control again, Vi leaned up to kiss Caitlyn one more time for good measure. She stepped away with a grin. “Get a move on, Sheriff! You’re paying!” she called as she ran down the hallway to grab her shoes.

Caitlyn had never been more in love.