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“‘Morning, Love,” said Ron, entering the kitchen.

Hermione, who was already eating toast while reading the prophet, replied, “Good morning, Ron,” before looking up at him. “Well, I see you dressed to charm me,” she added sarcastically, taking in his appearance.

“Huh?” he mumbled, letting out a loud yawn as he scratched the side of his head. He was wearing an old, tattered t-shirt with holes on it, baggy pants that hung too low on his left hip, was barefoot and his hair was sticking to all sides. “I’m wearing old clothes, Hermione,” he said, looking down at himself.

“I hadn’t noticed,” she retorted. “I was thinking you were going to a gala.”

Ron furrowed his brow, clearly still half asleep. “Uh?”

Hermione shook her head. “You should wake up before getting out of bed, Ron.”

Ron dropped onto a chair, reaching for one of her toasts.

“Hey, that’s mine!” she protested, smacking his hand. He didn’t release it, however, and took a good portion of it in his mouth.

“I’m ‘ungy,” he said, chewing.

“Make your own breakfast.”

Ron pouted. “I make you breakfast when I get up before you.”

“Something that happens once every six months or so.”

Ron stuck his tongue out at her before getting up and moving towards the cabinets.

“Really mature, Ron.”

Hermione looked at him, and couldn’t help but smile at the portion of his left buttock that was visible over the stretched waistband of his pants. “The fact that we’ve been together for five years doesn’t imply you can dress like a slob when you’re home, you know,” she commented, teasing.

“What’s the advantage of being home, if you can wear comfortable clothes?” he replied as he grabbed the pan.

“Comfortable clothes are one thing, what you’re wearing is another,” she countered. “I want you to seduce me every day.”

Ron looked at her over his shoulder. “Well, I could take it all,” he replied smugly. “That seduced you all right last night.”

“Yes, you’d be charming wearing just an apron,” she said, ignoring the rest of the sentence.

Ron, using his wand to fetch bacon and sausages, smirked at her. “Well, you’d know, right? I remember wearing just that your last birthday as I cooked you breakfast and you practically forced me to fuck you on the table.”

Hermione felt herself blushing. Images of that morning popped into her head and she felt her body warming up a bit. “Mmm …” she said noncommittally.

Ron laughed as he fried the sausages and bacon. “‘Mmm’” he repeated, imitating her voice. “That was, if I remember correctly, what you said after seeing me.”

Hermione didn’t respond and looked back at the newspaper, trying to maintain a dignified expression. It wasn’t easy, though, with Ron smirking at her every minute. She kept ignoring him even when he sat down next to her.

“By the way, Love, you’re not dressed in your sexiest dress, either. Maybe I want you to impress me as well.”

Hermione raised an eyebrow at him. “Well, you don’t know what I’m wearing under this, do you?” she challenged, nodding at the blue t-shirt and grey leggings she was wearing. “Besides, you love these leggings.”

“Yeah, I do,” he admitted, taking a mouthful of bacon, then swallowed before adding, “They look fucking amazing on that sexy ass of yours.”

“See? You like my ass, and I give you a good view …”

“Oh, and I didn’t?” he replied, a knowing smile on his lips. “I saw you ogling my bum, Hermione.”

“I didn’t,” she denied. “I was merely taking in the sloppy way in which you dressed this morning.”

“Yeah, yeah. Whatever you say, Love,” he replied, not believing a word of what she had said.

“Humph,” she muttered, then, to change the subject, focused on his plate. “By the way, shouldn’t you be eating something less greasy?”

“Less greasy?” he repeated, looking at her. “You know me, right?”

“I do, but taking into account you and Harry have those physical tests next week …”

At the mention of the tests, Ron groaned. “Don’t talk about those. What a waste of time …”

“You said yourself that it was good that, under Kingsley, Aurors are required to be in good physical shape. And I agree.”

“I know, I know,” he admitted. “It’s just — why did they have to schedule them in the middle of fucking July? Especially the hottest July in the history of England,” he complained.

Hermione rolled her eyes at his tantrum. “Don’t exaggerate, Ron. Besides, if you had woken up earlier, you could have trained while it’s still fresh.”

“But it’s Saturday. I’ve got the right to enjoy a bit of a lie-in on weekends when I’m not working. Besides, someone was in a playful mood last night, keeping me awake until it was late,” he added, licking his lips. Hermione pressed her lips tightly to prevent herself from moaning, as an image of him making that same gesture from between her legs appeared on her mind.

“Well, I don’t remember you being displeased by it.”

“Oh, I definitely wasn’t,” he said, leaning in to press his lips against her cheek.

“Ron, your lips are all slimy!” she protested, moving away from him and grabbing a serviette to clean herself.

“Well, my lips were also quite slimy from your tasty pussy juices last night and I didn’t hear you protest …”

“Do you have to be so vulgar?” she retorted, though she knew it was a stupid response. She could be quite vulgar sometimes, after all …

“I do. And you love it.”

“I do not.”

He laughed again. Urgh, he was so infuriating at times!

Infuriating but so sexy.

Shut up.

Ron gave her that lopsided grin that always disarmed her and which was telling her he knew exactly what she was thinking about.

“What if we go to the beach in the afternoon?” he said, changing the subject completely.

“The beach?”

He shrugged. “We have no other plans, it’s sunny and hot, you’ll be wearing a bikini … need more reasons?”

She loved the idea, but acted as if she was pondering it. “I don’t know … You’re being quite an idiot this morning.”

“I’ll put sunscreen on you,” he offered.

“How chivalrous of you, ready to have your hands all over my body!” she exclaimed in mock admiration.

“Of course,” he said. “Gryffindor through and through, that’s me.”

She couldn’t help it this time and laughed. “You’re such an idiot …”

“An idiot you love. Now what — do you like the idea or not?”

“Okay, we’ll go, but on the condition that you do some training now, that way you’ll have the afternoon free.”

He leaned back on his chair, arms folded, and looked at her, half-amused, half-exasperated. “You know we’re no longer at Hogwarts, do you?”

Hermione got up and ruffled his hair (more!) before taking their plates to the basin. “I do, but I’ve still got to keep you in line, don’t I?” she teased.

Ron got up as well and put his hands on her waist, resting his chin on her right shoulder. “I suppose,” he admitted. “By the way,” he whispered, so close to her ear it sent a shiver down her spine, “I really love these leggings.” And to prove his point, he gave both buttocks a good squeeze, almost making her moan.

“Come on, you horny prat, go change and work out. And open the windows of our bedroom if you didn’t when you got up!”

“I will,” he said. “What are you gonna do?”

“I’ve got some documents to revise, so I’ll be in the library.”

“Okay. See you in a while, then.”

He gave her a quick, noisy kiss that made her giggle and left the kitchen. Hermione, with a wide smile on her face, charmed the dishes to wash themselves, then headed for the library. She was already sitting on her chair behind the desk and opening her briefcase when she heard him running down the stairs, making as much noise as if he were a stampede of hippogriffs. She shook her head.

“Ron!” she yelled when he heard her pass in front of the door to the library. The door opened and he leaned against the doorframe, still clutching the knob. He had put on trainers, shorts and thin t-shirt but hadn’t bothered to comb his hair.

“What?” he asked her.

“Remember the Sunscreen Charm,” she told him.

Ron rolled his eyes. “I’m not daft, Hermione.”

“I know, I know. I just wanted to make sure.”

He blew her a kiss and then closed the door. Hermione heard him open the one to the backyard, and then tried to concentrate on her work, grabbing the first parchment.

After revising documents for almost an hour, she leaned back to stretch her limbs and her neck. Letting out a yawn, she turned the chair around to take a quick look out of the window, but, at the sight of Ron, she stilled.

He was running around the backyard, now coming towards the house. His hair, which had got a bit long, was now plastered to his forehead due to the sweat. His t-shirt was almost soaked, especially under his arms.

Merlin, he looked hot, and not just because he was running under the Sun. She bit her lip and her eyes roamed all over him, desire awakening in her body. As he had his eyes fixed on the ground, he didn’t see her when he passed near the house and turned to do another lap. She watched his back, sweaty as well, and the way his shorts tightened on his bum as he moved.

Stop ogling him like a teenage schoolgirl, Hermione.

Why? He’s my boyfriend, and he’s hot, and now I can’t stop thinking about the kind of exercises we did last night and which also got him sweaty …

She shook her head and rubbed her eyes, clenching her thighs a bit. She took another look and saw that he was now approaching the cedar trees. Feeling her throat dry, she got up and went to the kitchen. She poured herself some pumpkin juice and drank it quickly. Taking a deep breath, she poured herself a second glass and went back to the study. After sitting down on the chair, she tried to concentrate again on the parchment she had been reading, but to no avail. It seemed that her mind was no longer focused on work. After staring at it for half a minute, she turned round again to look out of the window.

Outside, Ron was about to complete another lap. However, before reaching the point where he had turned to his left the last time, he slowed down and then stopped. Bending his body, he put his hands on his knees and shook his head. Hermione watched him brush his forehead with the back of his hand, then shake it to get rid of the sweat. After taking a glance at the sky, he took off his t-shirt, revealing his sweaty torso, and Hermione bit her lip again, barely suppressing a moan.

Ron would never be the muscly type, and in fact he was still quite lanky, but his years as an Auror had given him some broadness and definition, and he couldn’t help but ogle his pectorals. As she watched, he extracted his wand from his pocket and lifted it over his head. Hermione couldn’t hear the spell he cast, but a moment later, a stream of water erupted from the tip and fell on him.

In some deep part of her mind, Hermione knew that this didn’t look as erotic or sexy as it did in certain TV ads, but she couldn’t care less. The image inflamed her with lust and, as she kept staring at him while he washed his face, she couldn’t help it and let her right hand slid under her leggings and her knickers to touch her already damp pussy.

“Mmm …” she moaned, biting her lower lip again. Unaware of the fact that his girlfriend was touching herself while looking at him, Ron used his sweaty t-shirt to wipe his face and torso. Part of her wanted to roll her eyes at the idiocy of using a dirty t-shirt as a towel, but the hormonal woman in her didn’t care one bit. Her desire increased and she spread her legs wide, rubbing her clit, while her other hand moved up her belly and under her bra to caress her breast.

She couldn’t remember ever masturbating while Ron was home, at least after they had moved in together, but she simply couldn’t help herself. She began to conjure images in her mind that overlapped with the sight outside. In those images, Ron turned his head and looked at her, giving her that lopsided grin she loved, then his blue eyes turned a bit darker, revealing his lust for her, as he lowered his shorts and underpants, revealing that hard penis that could do wonders in her cunt.

She let out a whimper and began to move her fingers faster, giving herself to the fantasy. She could see Ron stroking the shaft, his testicles swollen and tense with excitation, his tongue licking his lips as he devoured her with his eyes …

Feeling her orgasm approach quickly, she opened her eyes to get another glimpse of him, and stopped moving altogether when she realised that he was no longer there.

“Where —?”

“Need help, Love?”

Ron almost moaned when the cool water fell over him, alleviating the heat in his body. He shook his head and then brushed his face to get rid of the sweat. Feeling a bit better, he pocketed his wand and used the t-shirt to clean himself, realising, a bit too late, it was a really stupid idea, given its state.

“Well, enough workout for today,” he told himself, and marched towards the house. Really, running under this Sun was stupid, but he really wanted to do well at the tests. He was proud of his trajectory in the Auror Department and wanted that continue. Besides, working out had other advantages, when it came to Hermione.

That brought to his mind their plans to go to the beach that afternoon, and his smile widened as he opened the door to the corridor between the kitchen and the study. He closed it carefully after walking in, not wanting to disturb Hermione in case she was concentrated. He’d had plenty of opportunities to distract her later.

Deep in those thoughts, he was going to pass the door of the study and go straight to the shower when he realised it was ajar.

And then he heard a soft moan.

Surprised, he froze on the spot, wondering if he really had heard it or it had been his dirty mind playing tricks on him. However, a moment later his doubts were erased when he heard another. Curious, he moved towards the door stealthily and peered into the room. His cock twitched when he saw her, with her right hand moving in her trousers and the other under the shirt, eyes closed and moaning in pleasure while facing the window. Ron stared at her open-mouthed for a couple of seconds, too astounded and too enthralled to move or say anything. Fuck, this was hot. He had seen her touch herself before, of course, but always with him. He had never caught her masturbating alone.

Suddenly, she opened her eyes and looked out of the window, then frowned a bit, confused, as if she were seeing something unexpected — or not seeing what she expected to see. And his cock hardened completely when he realised she had been watching him.

“Where —?” she started to say.

“Need help, Love?” he blurted out, his lips curved into a smirk.

Hermione gave a jolt on the chair and almost fell off it in her haste to take her hand out of her panties. She was blushing fiercely when she looked at him.

“R-Ron! What are you doing there?” she asked with fake cheeriness.

Ron arched an eyebrow. “Really, Hermione? Shouldn’t it be me who asked you what you were doing, touching yourself while ogling me?”

“I — I —”

Ron walked into the room, still holding his t-shirt. He saw her eyes give him a quick once over and his smirk widened. “No need to be embarrassed, Love. There’s nothing wrong with wanking, especially when the other option is revising legal parchments. In, fact, if you want, I could show off a bit and you can go on. Or I could help you …”

She bit her lip, desire pooling in her pretty brown eyes. “Help would be nice,” she said in a low voice.

He beamed at her. “Good, I’ll take a quick shower and then …” he trailed off.

But before he could move, she got up from the chair, her eyes ablaze with lust.

“No, no shower,” she told him, her look feral.

A bit surprised, Ron simply stood still in the middle of the room until she reached him. She stopped a couple of feet away from him, and he observed her as she took in his sweaty appearance. He could hear her excited breathing as she raised her right hand, slowly, almost unsurely. She moved it to touch his chest but, before she could, Ron grabbed it, remembering that was the had she had had in her panties, and brought it to his mouth, sucking her fingers.

She drew a breath.

“Mmm, you must be really wet …” he moaned before releasing her hand.

“I am,” she admitted, then put both hands on his chest.

“Hermione, I must be reeking, and you always complain —"

“You do reek,” she confirmed, licking her lips. “But we can make an exception today.”

He was going to ask, ‘Can we?’ but he couldn’t, because she threw herself at him and kissed him hard in the mouth, her tongue pushing against his lips and demanding entrance.

Ron groaned but his hands went immediately to her ass, cupping her cheeks over those leggings that drove him mad. He pawed and squeezed them hungrily as the kiss intensified. Meanwhile, Hermione moved her hands all over his chest and back, apparently enjoying the fact that he was damp by the water and the sweat, which only turned him on more. When her hands moved under his shorts and pants to grab his own cheeks, he knew he needed more contact and grasped the hem of her t-shirt, yanking it upwards with force. She quickly let go of his bum and allowed him to take the offending garment of her. Immediately, Ron’s eyes zeroed on her tits, covered by a simple white bra. His hands flew to them at the same time hers went back to his bum. Groaning, Ron kept his right hand on her breasts but moved the other to her ass to press her more against him (and squeeze it again!). She moaned, and then kissed him once more, feverishly.

Grunting, he broke the kiss and latched his mouth onto her neck, sucking and biting. Hermione moved one of her hands to his soaked hair, raking her fingers through it while she kneaded his firm ass with the other. She was emitting the most amazing noises, and Ron felt about to explode with want. Feeling quite animalistic, he pulled back a bit and, roughly, turned her around so she was facing away from him. He focused his gaze on that amazing ass and groaned again. She tried to look at him over her shoulder, but Ron pushed her against the desk, forcing her to put her hands on its surface to avoid falling face down on it. Normally, giving that her work was spread over part of it, she would have scolded him. Today, however, she only moaned, giving him a look full of lust.

Inflamed, he looked down at her ass once more, which, as she was bending at the waist, looked even more amazing. Without thinking, he raised both hands and then smacked both cheeks noisily, making them ripple deliciously. Hermione arched her back and let out a cry of pleasure, and Ron went wild. After spanking her ass again, he grabbed the waistband of her leggings and, crouching down, pulled them down her bum forcefully, baring her cheeks and the simple, white lace thong she was wearing.

Of course, he knew she wasn’t wearing normal knickers, giving the absence of lines under the fitting leggings, but seeing it was infinitely better. Salivating, he grabbed handfuls of her ass, relishing in its firmness and the way it felt in his hands.

“Fuck, your ass is fucking amazing,” he growled before leaning forwards and biting it playfully.

“Oh, Ron!”

Encouraged, he kept kissing, licking, biting and squeezing her ass, her taste, scent and feel making him dizzy with want. However, after a minute or so, that was no longer enough, so he pushed her trousers down to her lower thighs and used his hand to press on her back, forcing her to bend almost completely over the desk. Then he spread her legs as further away as he could and, yanking the crotch of her thong to the side, drove into her cunt from behind, stretching out his tongue to lap at her folds.

“Yes, Ron, yes! Ohhh, yes!”

Her musky taste made him feral, so he pushed his tongue deep in her, burying his face in her ass, and moved it all around, wanting to catch every drop of juice her pussy had to offer.

Hermione squirmed over the desk, twisting her body as she whimpered and moaned. Ron’s cock felt about to explode in his boxers and, eventually, he knew he couldn’t wait a second longer.

Spreading her cheeks wide, he gave her a long lick from her cunt to her asshole and then got to his feet. He spanked her again, delighting in the way it rippled before lowering his shorts and boxers just enough to take his dick out. It was hard as steel and Ron gave it a good stroke before pointing the tip to her hole and thrusting hard, burying himself in her pussy to the hilt and causing his hips and lower belly to smack noisily against her round ass.


“Aaah, fuuuuck!” he exclaimed, the blissful relief of being deep in her tight hole filling his body. He savoured the sensation for a moment, then took hold of her hips and began to fuck her hard, his eyes glued to her jiggling ass.

“Oh, gods, oh, gods, oh, gods!” she started to chant, her hands moving all over the surface of the desk, even pushing a few of her parchments against others. Ron grunted and thrust harder, the tiredness of having been running for a hour vanishing under the power of his lust for her.

Clenching his teeth as he pounded her, he moved his hands to the clasp of her bra and then undid it, allowing her tits to spill free. Burying himself as deep as he could in her, he reached under her and squeezed them, then held onto them to keep thrusting into her willing pussy.

“Fuck, Hermione, you’re so fucking tight … Unnngh …”

Hermione arched her back and got into a standing position, turning her head and reaching for him behind her. Seeing her desperation, used his hold on her tits to bring her closer to his chest and then leaned forwards until their mouths clashed into a savage kiss. They swallowed each other’s moans as Ron resumed his frantic thrusts.

Eventually, she disengaged her mouth from his, panting and moaning, and used her hand and her ass to push him back.

“What —?” he started to ask, shocked, when his cock slipped out of her warm, perfect pussy.

“Lie down. NOW!” she demanded as she turned on the spot, her gaze wild.

Her tone caused Ron to drop to the rug-covered floor almost automatically and he lay on his back, with his cock sticking out of his shorts.

Meanwhile, Hermione hurried up to take off her leggings and thong, struggling in a way that was half-comical, half-arousing.

Once she was completely naked, she focused again on him, eyeing him hungrily and quickly got to her knees, straddling his lower legs. Ron thought she would mount him at once, but she took him completely by surprise when she engulfed his cock to the hilt and sucked hard.

“Oh, fuuuuuck!”

She hummed around him and began to bob her head, her tongue moving all over the shaft. Ron squirmed on the rug, the pleasure too intense. Fuck, she was slurping on his cock, covered in a mixture of her juices and his sweat and that was bloody — fucking — HOT!

Groaning again, he surrendered to the amazing blowjob as she kept sucking and sucking, her right hand cupping his balls while the left moved all over his abs. Was she trying to make him cum like this? Because if she was, she was doing an amazing job.

However, when he thought he was going to explode into that hot, sinful mouth of hers, she stopped and released him, looking at him like a thirsty person who had just drunk a large glass of fresh water.

“Fuck …” he muttered.

She crawled over him until she was straddling his waist, and then began to rub her soaking pussy against his aching dick, making sure the crown touched her clit every time. She arched her back in pleasure and lowered her chest over his mouth. Ron didn’t need her to tell him what to do and immediately took her right nipple into his greedy mouth, sucking with relish, while his hand took possession of the other breast.

Hermione’s hip movements became faster until, quite abruptly, she stopped. Sitting up, she aligned herself with his cock and slammed down forcefully, impaling herself in him.


“Fuck, Hermione!”

Without pause, she put her hands on his chest and began to ride him fast and hard, her ass hitting his thighs noisily. Ron closed his eyes and groaned, arching his back. The pressure on his cock was immense, the pleasure, overwhelming, and he felt on the verge of cumming explosively.

“‘Ermione, fuuuuck … So fucking close … Gonna cum …” he muttered through clenched teeth.

Her only response was a loud moaned and she sped up, fucking him like never before.

“Spank me!” she demanded as she moved furiously.

“W-what?” he asked, his mind fogged due to the sensations flooding his body.

“Spank me!” she repeated.

Too dazed to think, he moved his hands and brought them down onto her ass as she slammed down, pushing her even more towards him. At once, she arched her back, her body seizing, and came like a fucking banshee.


Her pussy grippted him like a vice, yet he couldn’t stop now. Holding onto her hips, he began to thrust upwards with all his might. The forceful impact pushed forwards, falling onto his chest, yet she continued moaning loudly, her eyes wide open under his assault.

“Oh, gods, oh, gods, Ron! I don’t know what you’re doing to me! I don’t know what you’re doing to me but dontstopdontsoptdon’t — OHHHHH, FUUCK! AGAIN! I’M COMING AGAIN!” she screamed.

Ron buried himself in her, his balls smacking loudly against her ass, and he exploded under the pressure of her constricting cunt, shooting stream after stream of cum deep into her while he let out a completely inhuman shout.

“Oh, fuck … Oh, Hermione, bloody fucking fuck …” he muttered, completely spent.

She managed to lift her head from his chest, her curls in complete disarray, and smiled at him brightly, though looking completely worn out.

“Gods, Ron, this was fantastic …”

“Beyond amazing, I’d say,” he amended, sighing blissfully. “Shit, Love, not that I’m complaining, but what got into you?

Her smile turned mischievous when she said, “Well, it seems I needed a workout as well, Ron …”

And with that, both of them burst into laughter as they lay on the rug, happy and completely sated.