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"Some Valentine's Day! First, I get yelled at by Mark Sandrich at the studio, then, you decide to play caveman and be rude to a guy who was only being polite, praising my acting!" Complained Ginger, as she and Fred exited the hotel's bar and headed to the elevators.

"Polite my eye! I left our table for two minutes to take a phone call and I come back to see that son a gun sitting on MY chair, with his hand resting on the back of yours, almost caressing your shoulder." He mentioned to her dress, a sleek one made of red satin. The front of it was quite modest, giving just about the barest hint of cleavage, the straps going up and around her neck. The back of it was the real ding-ding: it was basically non-existent, except for a beautiful thin strip of red satin covered in fake diamonds, that ran from a strap at the nape of the neck to the enticing small of her back, where the dress properly started, covering the area below in a u-shape.

He absolutely loved it when she turned around and showed it to him and throughout the entire evening, he couldn't keep his hands from the area, always stroking some part of her lovely skin. But other men ogling was another story entirely. "Couldn't have you put on some dress that covered more of you?" He asked, his steps becoming faster as the anger built in him. The idea alone of someone lusting after her made his blood boil.

She huffed outragedly, hiding the fact that his question hurt her a bit. "I thought you liked my dress!" She hissed, trying to keep up with him. "You said-" she stopped what she was going to say as they reached and entered the elevator, the operator nodding to them.

They said the floor they were going to - the fifteenth - and just as the door was about to close a man yelled. "Hey, Jack!" They heard someone shout and the door opened again. "Your sister just called, your wife just had your baby. She won't tell me if it's a boy or a girl- she's waiting on the line to tell you!"

The employee looked hesitantly between them and the door. "I'm sorry, sir, ma'am, but I just have to take this call. Here." He pressed the fifteenth button. "It will stop on your floor. Please excuse me." He said and ran out of the elevator, the sound of his hurried steps fading away as the door automatically closed.

They stared at the door, a mortal silence filling the car and the tension so thick it could be almost cut with a knife. Finding the situation unbearable, she opened her mouth to speak but was interrupted when the lights suddenly went out and the elevator stopped, bouncing slightly.

Fred automatically took held into Ginger's arm to keep her from falling. "Are you alright?"

"Yeah, I was caught by surprise, that's all." She replied in a small voice.

There was another moment of silence. "I'm sorry, Ginge." He spoke up.

"I chose this dress because of me and because of you too, you know. I wanted to feel sexy and beautiful for you." She was resting against the elevator wall, her eyes adjusting to the lack of light. It was almost completely dark, apart from a sliver of moonlight bathing them, that came from the very narrow vertical rectangle high above them on the wall facing the doors, the hotel's idea of a panoramic design of sorts, she guessed.

"First, you could dress in a sack of potatoes and you'd still be the most beautiful girl in the room to me. And second...I love this dress of yours. The moment I saw you in it I wanted to lock you in the room and have my way with you." He took a step closer the more he talked. "And as for treating that guy badly, I won't apologise. You make me show a possessive side of me I didn't even know I had." He touched her cheek. "I really wanted to punch his face for being so close to touching you."

She exhaled loudly, her anger vanishing, but she added. "I wouldn't have let him. I can give a very hard slap in the face, you know." She left out any comments on his jealous trait, not wanting him to know how much of a turn on it was to her.

He took her hand, kissed it and rested her palm against his left cheek, usually the receiver of said slaps. "I should know. Never received more realistic ones than the ones you gave me when we were filming." As they both laughed, he took a step further and wrapped his arms around her, his hands once again going to her bare flesh. "I'm sorry this Valentine's Day stank. I can't even give you your gift, it's up in our room."

"Mine's in there too." She took a step closer to him, feeling a bit chilly in the thin dress.

He felt her shiver and took out his suit jacket, but instead of giving it to her, he threw it on the floor and turned her back to his chest, wrapping his arms around her waist. "Nothing like body heat to warm you up." He smiled into her shoulder. "It
looks like we're going to miss the holiday stuck in here. I wanted to be a romantic evening for you."

She ran her hands along his arms. "Valentine's Day is way overrated, anyway. Did you know some historians say the holiday actually originated from Lupercalia, a Roman festival which’s on the 15th?"

"Really, professor?" She playfully elbowed him from behind. "So what do you say we make this our private holiday from now on? As soon as we get outta here, it's on." He said as he started kissing her neck. Being alone and in this close proximity made it impossible not to touch her.

Ginger rested her head on his shoulder and said breathlessly. "My thoughts exactly, except that...why do we have to wait till we leave here?" She asked, throwing caution to the wind when he started pressing sensual open-mouthed kisses down her neck and now on her shoulders, the cold air hitting her now moist flesh and making her shiver with the sensation. She was starting to feel overheated. She threw one arm being her, her hand going around his neck and she turned her face to his. "We could get stuck here for hours", she pressed her lips lightly in his, "and hours", he took her bottom lip between his, "and hours." Opening her mouth, she finally met his tongue with hers, moaning so intense and deep this kiss was.

Still in the same position, he started gathering up the skirt of her dress with his right hand, while his left slipped inside the front of her dress from the back and cupped her breast in it, this thumb and forefinger rolling the nipple. She pushed herself away and turned to face him, lifting her hands behind her neck and struggling a bit with the clasp- the only thing keeping her dress on her body- and finally undid it, the dress fell from her body, pooling on the floor around her feet. She wore nothing underneath, naked except for the sapphire and diamond chocker he had given her on her last birthday and the red high heels on her feet.

Wasting no time, she pressed him again the wall, kissing him as if there were no tomorrow and started unbuttoning his waistcoat, followed by his shirt.

Fred quickly regained control over the situation and pressed her against the wall, "You're mad", he sucked hard on the spot behind her ear, "sexy", he kissed her jaw, "and I love you", his open lips kissed hers again, the need to dominate the kiss from both of them making them light-headed.

"Oh God, I love you, too." She panted as his mouth descended over her breastbone. She was trying desperately to remove his dress shirt, but the buttons weren't cooperating, so she gave up and taking a hold of each side, pushed and ripped it apart, buttons flying everywhere.

She didn't even have time to push it off him before his mouth closed over her nipple, sucking hard on it and bitting it slightly then running his tongue around it, making the heat pooling on her lower belly increase tenfold.

By the time he repeated the movement on its twin, she couldn't take it anymore. She took the hand that was on her other breast and ran it down her body, opening her legs slightly and putting it on her sex, desperate for some release. "Touch me."

He teased her, running his fingers around her entrance, but not entering her. He started with the open-mouthed kisses on her neck again and finally touched her clit, making her whimper and her knees buck.

His ring and middle fingers slid over her opening, circling it twice before thrusting in, her muscles squeezing him welcome.

She rested her face on his neck, trying to muffle her cries of pleasure as his long fingers started to move, quickly, efficiently in and out of her and she bit his skin as he curled his fingers, their tips hitting her G-spot over and over again. Her right leg wrapped around him, she felt him insert a third finger into her as his thumb stroked her clit and she fell, her climax hitting her so suddenly she clung to him to keep herself standing. She threw her head back, not even caring it hit the wall, and cried out his name.

When he felt her stop spasming, he gently removed his hand and making sure she was watching his every move, sucked her essence out of his fingers, an involuntary mix of a moan and gasp leaving her at the erotic move. He brought his other hand to her head, his fingers tangling in her hair and brought their mouths together forcefully, the passion he felt for her talking control of his actions.

The taste of her on his tongue as always brought her want right back where it started and this time he wouldn't distract her from removing the rest of his clothes. Dress shirt on the floor, she opened his belt and the buttons of his pants, pushing them down along with his trunks as she worked on his undershirt.

As he kicked off his pants, she wrapped her hand around his erection, so hard and thick she closed her eyes in anticipation, she could almost feel it inside her. She stroked him slowly a few times, her thumb caressing the tip and spreading the moisture already present there around, before he removed her hand, "Can't take it anymore, baby. I have to be inside you." He squeezed her arse cheek, his hands wrapping around her thighs and he lifted her, using his weight to hold her up against the wall.

Both arms wrapped tightly around him, she whispered intensely, "Make love to me, Fred.", positioning him at her entrance.

He wasted no time and filled her slowly, her mouth opening in delight. "A perfect fit", he groaned as he started moving inside her, "so fucking tight."

It thrilled and turned her on to no end to see the usually reserved and polite Fred Astaire lose control with her, measuring no words as he told her everything on his mind.

She wanted to spur him on and clenched her muscles, making him squeeze her thighs as he thrust hard into her, hitting so deep into her that her eyes rolled back into her head.

He suddenly changed his angle slightly and she cried. "Yes, right there! Don't stop!"

He didn't, only pressed her harder against the wall and now with every thrust he gave, he caught her clit with it. Her left arm smacked against the wall, trying to hold onto something solid as her body was quickly losing control to the extasy she was feeling, all she was capable of controlling her body was the thrusting of her own hips, moving in time with his the best way she could, given the position they were. His right hand untangled from her thigh and covered her hand against the wall, their fingers entwining and squeezing each other's with each thrust.

His movements quickened, he could feel her breath becoming even more ragged. "Open your eyes", he ordered her as she barely complied and she saw his eyes were on hers, the thing they could see most clearly given the dark atmosphere. She soon had to close them again, as he upped his thrusts even more, each time he penetrated her she squeezed his hand hard, her climax building up very fast.

"Kiss me", He complied heartily, his tongue sliding sensually against hers and she started to come. She threw her head back. "Yes! Oh yes, my darling!" She felt him start to swell even further inside of her.

Feeling her fall apart around him, he couldn't hold out any longer. He thrust two, three, four times and he was coming hotly inside her, groaning in her ear, before he took her lips again with his own, their breaths mingling together. He broke the kiss but remained with his head close to hers, less than half an inch separating their mouths. "I love you so fucking much." He said, their eyes not leaving each other's.

His declaration of love- which always made butterflies appear on her stomach- combined with his coarse vocabulary made a thrill run down her spine and her intern muscles squeeze one more time around him. "I love you." She confirmed her declaration with another kiss.

Not wanting to leave their position, but realising how long he was holding her up, she unwrapped one leg from around him, planting it firmly on the ground. Thankfully her choice of heels made her height the same as his, so they remained connected still.

She untangled her right hand from his and now had both arms around his neck while his free hand now stroked her cheek, neck, breast, before settling on her waist. His other hand was still on her thigh, stroking the flesh and keeping it wrapped around him, making sure he wouldn't slip out of her just yet.

"I was right, Valentine's Day IS overrated." She grinned, biting her lower lip.

"I have to agree with you on this. Happy Lupercalia, honey." He kissed her softly.

She wrapped her arms even tighter around him. "Hmmm", she hummed in contentment, "happy Lupercalia indeed."


~~~ Fin ~~~