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In Which Darcy Gets A New Job

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To anyone who didn't know the two women, it would seem rather odd to be sprinting across an airport tarmac. Especially as it looked like they were on course for an inevitable collision. But to anyone who knew Darcy and Jane? It would be honestly surprising that they were showing such restraint.

Once the truly spectacular collision and subsequent collapse into laughter and tears and general shrieking had died down, the two were left to notice the befuddled SHIELD agents. Who, judging from the expressions, clearly did not know Darcy and Jane. In fact, it would be fair to say that several of them were still trying to figure out why they were tasked with escorting the world's leading authority on astrophysics and her ex-intern with a political science degree to the New York field office in the first place.

"Soooo... are you taking us to your leader or what, dudes?"