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Ensemble Impact Headcanons (Ensemble Stars x Genshin Impact)

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Hiyori: *sigh* what a boring day...i don't know what game should i play...*scrolls*

He saw the video of hu tao showcase and he...

Hiyori: hmm?...this game looks interesting and that girl looks strong..let me search that girl *searches* ohhh so this is who....tao?... Ah it's hu tao! Gonna watch her demo then...

He started watching hu tao's character demo and he seems likes it. So after he watch he started like hu tao for her personality and moves and heard that she is very strong dps.

Hiyori: time to download that game...i'm gonna told everyone about this game after i download it! ii hiyori ~

*few hours later*

Hiyori: took me hours to download resources, that game really heavy and the version was just 2.1! Ah it started it started!

*next day*

Jun: o-ohi-san! What's with your eyes?!
Hiyori: hu-huh?? Did something wrong with my eyes?...
Ibara: *sigh* you're sleeping late, aren't you?
Hiyori: i have discovered the game which it's make me wait while waiting to download resources and i was enjoy playing it!

- part 2 next -

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Hiyori: anyways, this game's amazing! It has many characters, stories, lores, good graphics and more so better see some characters! *gives the link to anyone* here
Nagisa: hmmm....
Jun: hmmm....
Hiyori: hm? Ibara you should check too!
Ibara: i'm busy right now!
Jun: many i can't...
Nagisa: *thumbs up* i try play this later
Hiyori: i~ bara! ~ come here and stop being bu-
Ibara: alright alright! I do it! *grabs nagisa's phone* *scrolls aggressively* i don't care if this game's amazing or something! Don't try to force me playing this game!...and who are they?! Heh! I'm not playing this game because i'm not intere-

Ibara suddenly took attention to beidou and his heart went stopped.

Hiyori: ...
Nagisa: ...
Jun: what have you guys done?...
Ibara: ....*closes his eye* (oh no why am i done what am i done?! That woman just took my attention...i regret saying these words but...) Ahahaha....I'm so sorry guys i just got spaced out...
Hiyori: *smugs* like one character don't you, ibara?
Ibara: *felts nervous* .... Ah someone call me bye! *runs away*
Nagisa: *grabs his phone* ?! *shows them*
Hiyori: Aha, i knew it! He's hiding something
Jun: so he started like that woman...GODDAMN! he's hypocrite!

*at night*
*nagisa's pov*

Nagisa: *lays down on bed* time to sleep since i've been played for so long...*sleeps*


He dream something.

During at the middle of night, he suddenly had dream where he's in jade chamber sitting in a middle between the 2 guards at the distance thinking what he gonna do for tomorrow until ningguang nears at him behind whispering then he looks at her. The place suddenly changed into the forest full of glaze lilies and fireflies and told him to stand up and take walk with her and then they both lay down in a pond with crystalflies flying around them with beautiful stars and ningguang starts holding his hands gently and stares at him and she said something...

Nagisa: *wakes up* heeeek?!?!....oh...

Yuuta and Kaoru sleeping.

Nagisa: it's...just a dream...but...*touches his chest* ?! beats fast...what's with this feeling...why am i blushing?...this woman...just appeared on my dream...*looks at the window* *touching the window mirror* ...until heart still beats fast....i was just stare at her in it because...i found her beautiful?...?!...
Kaoru: ngh....huh? ummm...what's wrong, ran-kun?...
Nagisa: ?! *goes back to bed* *covers with blanket*
Kaoru: ah?...*goes back to sleep*
Nagisa: ....*tries to sleep again* (this was actually the position where she face contact on me...)

- end -

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Ryusetai at dark forest

Chiaki: what is
Tetora: relax everyone, i protect you...

???: hirucharu no onii san ga byouki ni natta....

Chiaki: HEEEK!!!!

???: hirucharu no onee san ga kanbyou shite ~ hirucharu no onii san kusuri wo nondemo nao...




Valkyrie hc

Mika: oshi-san ~ look look!
Shu: *sigh*
Mika: *performs yunjin idle dance* hm hmmmm ~ ☆ how is it, oshi-san?
Shu: *claps* now get back to practice!


Knights hc

*knights in voice chat*

Izumi: oi leo, where are you?
Leo: hold on i'm picking whopper flowers *picks*
Izumi: ahh.....

Arashi: ara you two, you still playing?
Izumi: yea, he's farming at my world
Arashi: for who?
Izumi: for his amber, he haven't ascend it
Arashi: i see..
Leo: ah izumi, let's go to arashi's
Arashi: hm? Why?
Tsukasa: ah sorry guys, i do something lately
Leo: guys let's go ~
Izumi: oi oi leo
Arashi: eeeehhhhh ~
Leo: guys you just misunderstand! I go to narukami island
Tsukasa: ah....a pun joke huh?...
Izumi: i get's arashi's last name...


Aira birthday hc (Nov. 27)

Everyone: happy birthday, aira!
Aira: uwoooaaahhhh thank you ~ ♡
Mayoi: uh....where's tatsumi???
Hiiro: tatsumi?? idk i don't see him
Aira: i think he's late again *sigh*

PS: everyone have surprise for aira so they pretend

Tatsumi: *enter* ahaha sorry guys i'm late
Aira: you're late again! And what's with that box?!
Tatsumi: it's secret
Mayoi: uhh yea yea yea it's a secret box
Hiiro: aira, better not looking

*everyone turn around*

Tatsumi: *whispers* today's the day guys, we have to wear him a barbara outfit
Mayoi: *covers eyes* ahahaha~ it's surprise, you shouldn't spoil yourself ~

*tatsumi and hiiro stand up*

PSS: tatsumi holds barbara dress while hiiro holds hats, shoes and accessories.

Mayoi: aira ~ open yours eyes ~
Aira: let me go! *gasp*
Everyone: ehehe ~
Aira: w-w-w EEEEEEHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!
Mayoi: *stops him*
Tatsumi: nah uh aira, since you love idols you should wear this
Hiiro: it's your birthday, that's our gift for you
Mayoi: come on ~ try it

And they drag him to room to wear barbara outfit

*after wearing and do make up*

Everyone: *blushes*
Aira: *holds skirt* !..... I don't like it guys....
Hiiro: aw be grateful aira, just once
Tatsumi: do barbara dance ☆
Mayoi: hhhhmmmm ~ ♡ this gonna interesting ~
Aira: .... (wait, i know her dance step...hmp...this give me no choice....) Alright alright i do it!
Everyone: :D
Aira: (but....i lied....i lowkey loved it....) *breathes* *starts dancing* la latara ta ~ latara ta da ta! *pose*
Everyone: *claps* waaaaahhhhh! ~ ♡
Aira: *blush and smiles* .....*tsundere mode* hmp!
Everyone: EEEEHHHHH?!!


Knights hc

Knights have performance on stage.

Leo: suou~? Where are you??
Izumi: is he late again?
Arashi: he's already prepared but where is he?
Ritsu: *peeks on tsukasa* oh?
Tsukasa: *aggressively playing genshin* I FORGOT TO DO COMMISSION BEFORE LIVE!!!
Izumi: seriously? Play first before performing?

- end -

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Akatsuki hc

Akatsuki doing dragonspain event

Keito: can someone use bennett?
Souma: Kiryu, have you build your bennett?
Kiryu: ye *change team to bennett*
Keito: wait, i change too *switch team from xingqiu to yoimiya*

Note: Keito started playing since 1.5

Souma and Kiryu: ?!
Souma: hold up, you have yoimiya??
Keito: *fixes his glasses*
Kityu: i think he's started playing since 1.5
Souma: but i started playing at 1.6! And how did you reached to ar 16 if you started
playing at 2.3?!

Note 2: his ar is now 19

Kiryu: secret.
Keito: everyone get ready
Souma: alright!

*During fight*

Souma's ayaka and Kiryu's bennett died

Keito: (oh no! This can't be....)

*Got hit by a snowball*

His kazuha died.

Keito: no way! My yoimiya-

Yoimiya dies.

*Challenge failed*

Souma: *stands up* what is this?! This is Break to doooooooooown!!!! *Lays down on a floor*


Fine hc ft. Mao

Tori: oooohhhhh i didn't know that yae-sama is good at illustrating....hmmm.....*slaps the table* yae-sama!
Eichi: what's wrong, tori?
Tori: yae-sama, can you genderbend mao isara?
Mao: the....
Tori: *smugs* saru, once you wake are now a girl WAHAHAHAHA
Mao: sh-


Valkyrie hc

Shu: *doing fischl lines*
Mika: *peeks*
Shu: tanzai no kocho- KAGEHIRA!
Mika: nnngak!


Eve hc

Hiyori: ughh!!! I made it! *lays down in bed* this spiral abyss is so difficult!
Jun: you do spiral abyss?!
Hiyori: uh yeah! Cuz my hu tao is strong rn and my thoma too!
Jun: let me see some stars! *nears at him* *tries to grab his phone*
Jun: well yeah! *continues*
Hiyori: NOOOOOOO!!!!! Oh no-
Jun: Ahahahaha!!! *checks* wooohhh...*laughs* you just have 1 star per chamber *laughs*
Hiyori: You- *fights*
Jun: Ohii-san stop!!! *laughs*


Double face hc

Kohaku: *notice madara*
Madara: *inaudible noise*
Kohaku: oiiii~
Madara: HEEEK!! *Hides his phone* What are u doing?!
Kohaku: What are you ~ doing? Why u hide ya phone?
Madara: my phone?? Nah i just chat with someone
Kohaku: *left brow up and right brow down* uhh really?
Madara: *felt nervous* uhh yeah...come on shoo shoo i'm doing something right now *drags him out*
Kohaku: you what! Ya nervous, idk if ya did something... *Got an idea* (what about i go peek on a window?) *saw the window opened* hmm hmm...
Madara: *sits on a floor* that kohaku....i almost caught....(and i started playing genshin because of yae..... alright time to continue watching...) *lowers volume* *watches 2.1 trailer*
Kohaku: (HE WHAT?!?! Did he just watch genshin trailers?! I thought he's not interested but idk why! Is he lying to me?!)
Madara: *blushes silently* *smiles like a idiot*
Kohaku: *smugs* *peeks* PEEK A BOOO!!!!!!!!

- end -

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Aira birthday hc (Nov 27, 2021)

Everyone: happy birthday, aira!
Aira: uwoooaaahhhh thank you ~ ♡
Mayoi: uh....where's tatsumi???
Hiiro: tatsumi?? idk i don't see him
Aira: i think he's late again *sigh*

PS: everyone have surprise for aira so they pretend

Tatsumi: *enter* ahaha sorry guys i'm late
Aira: you're late again! And what's with that box?!
Tatsumi: it's secret
Mayoi: uhh yea yea yea it's a secret box
Hiiro: aira, better not looking

*everyone turn around*

Tatsumi: *whispers* today's the day guys, we have to wear him a barbara outfit
Mayoi: *covers eyes* ahahaha~ it's surprise, you shouldn't spoil yourself ~

*tatsumi and hiiro stand up*

PSS: tatsumi holds barbara dress while hiiro holds hats, shoes and accessories.

Mayoi: aira ~ open yours eyes ~
Aira: let me go! *gasp*
Everyone: ehehe ~
Aira: w-w-w EEEEEEHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!
Mayoi: *stops him*
Tatsumi: nah uh aira, since you love idols you should wear this
Hiiro: it's your birthday, that's our gift for you
Mayoi: come on ~ try it

And they drag him to room to wear barbara outfit

*after wearing and do make up*

Everyone: *blushes*
Aira: *holds skirt* !..... I don't like it guys....
Hiiro: aw be grateful aira, just once
Tatsumi: do barbara dance ☆
Mayoi: hhhhmmmm ~ ♡ this gonna interesting ~
Aira: .... (wait, i know her dance step...hmp...this give me no choice....) Alright alright i do it!
Everyone: :D
Aira: (but....i lied....i lowkey loved it....) *breathes* *starts dancing* la latara ta ~ latara ta da ta! *pose*
Everyone: *claps* waaaaahhhhh! ~ ♡
Aira: *blush and smiles* .....*tsundere mode* hmp!
Everyone: EEEEHHHHH?!!

- end -

Hokuto birthday hc (Dec 17, 2021)

Hokuto birthday hc

Subaru: hokke.....
Them: happy birthday! ~
Hokuto: thank you...
Mao: hey, have u download genshin?
Hokuto: uhh.....tbh....i download it but haven't started yet...
Makoto: well then....*takes the letter to him*
Homuto: what is that? *reads* is this the account?
Subaru: well....someone gave me a account without knowing that i have a account because the owner quit the game and told me to take care of it
Mao: we better not to spoil it....
Subaru: you have to open it now
Makoto: pleaseeee ~
Hokuto: alright alright..

He open the account.


Them: *holds hand together*
Hokuto: eh?... what?....
Subaru: tada!!!
Hokuto: *checks* woah really?! They have 4 5 stars and there's my....favorite character....*smiles* thank you
Subaru: hehe....your dream character is granted
Makoto: don't forget that they haven't set birthday
Mao: and farmable too
Hokuto: yeah....thank you again and...let's coop tomorrow
Them: yeyyyy!!!

- end -

Note: the 4 5 stars are zhongli, mona, klee and xiao, and the person's reason why they quit they lost 50/50 to mona on a banner that they wanted.

Tatsumi birthday hc (Dec 28, 2021)

Aira: hey don't spoil him!...and don't disappoint me!
Hiiro: i get it i get it, aira
Mayoi: guys guys his coming!
Aira: *closes the codashop* hurry hurry!
Hiiro: *turns off the light*

Tatsumi coming

Tatsumi: ?...*sneaks* (someone enter here) *open* *turns on the light* aha-
Them: happy birthday, tatsumi!! ~
Tatsumi: Ahhhh!!!! You scared me! I thought someone's get it!
Aira: ahaha we're making a surprise so don't worry
Hiiro: *giggles*
Tatsumi: hm? What's wrong, hiiro?
Aira: heheh...
Mayoi: *neko mouth facial* *blushing*
Tatsumi: ok guys why are you smiling like that?
Hiiro: hm your genshin...
Tatsumi: eh? EH?!?! i forgot to do commission!!
Aira: at least....come one open it now
Mayoi: yes yes yes....
Tatsumi: alright alright i'm doing it...

After he open his genshin

Tatsumi: ?!...wh-wha-what??...what is this?! Why there's a person on my screen??..
Hiiro: it's our gift for you to pull on ganyu rerun!
Aira: you don't like it? Well we refund it then.
Tatsumi: No aira! It's not like i hate it or something...*smiles* thanks everyone...may the god blessed me for this beautiful birthday....amen
Mayoi: eh uhm.... it's not just that... check your genesis crystal...
Tatsumi: ok...*gasp* why so much?! This is....must be be my birthday gift!
Hiiro: seems we ran out of our budget but it's worth it...
Tatsumi: thank you so much! *about to hug them*
Them: ahaha.... you're welcome...

Note: Tatsumi received welkins with 300 genesis crystal and another 300 genesis crystals for pulling ganyu by them and they ran out of money for it but they gonna work soon.

- end -

Hiiro birthday hc (Jan 4, 2022)

Rinne: Happy birthday, otouto-kun ~
Hiiro: thank you, nii-san!
Rinne: take this gacha ball
Hiiro: what is this?...
Rinne: i did gacha pull lately but i ended up get a lot so i decided to give others from my teammates
Hiiro: ...
Rinne: come on open it ~
Hiiro: ok ok... *opens* uwahhh ~ it's razor keychain, my fave character!
Rinne: i have mine too! Here *shows it* my cute daughter noenoe-chan! ~
Hiiro: ohh it's noelle, haha thx nii-san! But... You have 7 unopened gachapons
Rinne: i'm gonna give it to them tomorrow..*scratches head*

- end -

Eichi birthday hc (Jan 10, 2022)

Them: happy birthday, eichi!
Eichi: oh guys....fufu, thank you...
Tori: here have this shenhe-themed cake
Yuzuru: we made that for you
Wataru: *lights the candle* here, take a blow ~

They sing happy birthday to him.

Eichi: *blows candle*
Tori: *grabs shenhe neso* *clears throat* happy birthday, eichi...thank you for pulling me and won 50/50 hope we do our best for maxing our friendship and hope you continue being an idol...
Eichi: *giggles* thank you, shenhe...
Tori: ehehe ~ i mimick her voice even it's not exact voice like her
Wataru: ooohhh ~ *picks his barbara neso* *clears throat* shenhe let's celebrate his birthday ~
Tori: *mimick venti's voice* ehe! Let's go!
Yuzuru: *mimicking raiden's voice* *blocks them* what are you two doing?
Eichi: *clears throat* let them be, raiden we're celebrating eichi's birthday
Yuzuru: *sigh*
All: *laughing*

- end -

Tori birthday hc (Jan 13, 2022)

Them: happy birthday, Tori! ~
Yuzuru: i have a gift for you *opens the box*
Wataru: mmm pink lime cupcake ~
Eichi: *gaves him yae miko chibi keychain* i have another gift for you
Tori: uwaaahhh, yae-sama! ~ thank you, eichi ~
Yuzuru: isn't cute?
Tori: yes! It's so cute i love it! *puts the keychain to his phone* ehehe ~

- end -

Kiryu birthday hc (Jan 26, 2022)

Them: happy birthday, kiryu!
Keito: here's the itto-themed cake made by me and souma
Kiryu: thank you
Souma: wait, you said you're gonna pull zhongli?
Kiryu: hm? Did i said that?
Souma: you said that before, right?! You're gonna pull
Kiryu: ah? Ooohhh... I remember...alright time to pull! *cracks his fingers* and don't forget my itto neso *puts his neso on a table*

And they started pulling.

Keito: *sigh* why him?....why he won 50/50 instead of me?...
Kiryu: it's just a luck, you can pull again
Keito: i pulled on ganyu banner lately and won and now i didn't get him.
Souma: you can't spend more?
Keito: i don't want to spend.
Kiryu: there's 21 days left so you have more time
Keito: alright, guess i have a lot of budget so why not?
Souma: well goodluck then!

- end -


- kiryu won 50/50 on zhongli banner while keito lost 50/50 to diluc
- his pity was only 78 pulls

Natsume birthday hc (Feb 4, 2022)

Sora,Tsumugi: happy birthday, natsume!
Natsume: oh? Ah...thank you guys
Tsumugi: here, blow that mona-themed cake
Sora: HaHa! ~ look at these two, they're starting at you
Natsume: *blows the candle* so what's next?
Sora,Tsumugi: hm hm ~
Natsume: hmm?
Tsumugi: we have challenge for you ~
Natsume: wh-what is it?

They show the mona outfit.

Sora: HeHe ~ since it's your birthday, we wanted you to wear this outfit ~
Natsume: WHAT?!
Tsumugi: *pins him down to the sofa* you can't refuse it ~
Natsume: what're you up to?! I can't do that, that considered crossdressing!
Sora: come on natsume, that's the challenge for you!
Natsume: alright alright, i'll do it! Can you just let me go, tsumugi?!
Tsumugi: *lets him go* make sure you don't escape or we'll take away your gaming stuff ~
Sora, neko mouth facial: *pushes him to the dressing room* hmp! I can't wait to see it
Natsume: (i'm so sorry...)

After he wearing in a dressing room.

Tsumugi: *smiles*
Sora: *claps aggressively*
Natsume, showed up: *touches the short* h-how is it?....
Sora,Tsumugi: KYAAAAHHHHH!!!!!
Sora: *takes pic* HaHiHuHeHo! ~
Tsumugi: fufu you look cute! *laughs*
Sora: HaHa! I would save these pics but not going to post it ~
Tsumugi: hey, can you send me that too?
Sora: oh hold on ~
Natsume: (why?....this must be no choice but to mimick her lines...) "unmei wo kokoide yo!"
Tsumugi: *claps* ooohhhh
Sora: uwaaahhh ~ he also said mona's lines too!
Natsume: well that's it! i'm gonna take this off
Tsumugi: wait!!! There's one more!
Natsume: huh?!.....uuuu you guys!.....

Bonus hc

Natsume: hah! Finally wearing albedo outfit! This time it's comfortable!
Tsumugi: it look perfect too!
Sora: HiHi! It's better than lately ~

- end -

Kohaku birthday hc (Feb 5, 2022)

Kohaku: *sigh* finally came home after a livestream watch with madara and-

*opens the light*

Them: happy birthday, kohaku!
Kohaku: WOAH! You scared me! And... it's my birthday? Ah! thank you
Himeru: niki made a matsuri-themed cake
Niki: *holds his neso* *mimicks yoimiya* happy birthday, have a nice matsuri-themed cake for you! ~
Kohaku: niki...
Niki: i did the voice impression!
Rinne: kohaku! ~ i have another gift for you!
Himeru: ah there he comes... it's another gift for you

Rinne shows the letter of mihoyo acc email and password where he won the acc selling raffle.

Kohaku: hm? An account? I already have one
Rinne: aw come on, it's suprise! You don't need to spoil it
Kohaku: alright alright, i open this...

He opened the acc that rinne gave him.

Niki: how is it?!
Kohaku: *gasp* guys....thanks....*smiles*
Rinne: now you don't need to pre-farm for her, she's in front of you now...
Himeru: but his first account?....
Kohaku: it's alright...i can handle these 2 account
Niki: really?! You might forget to log in to other acc!
Kohaku: hmm...the owner's ar is 47.... This must be have much effort or maybe they just unlucky... anyways thank you for gifting me this and i able to spend on my main!
Rinne: let's goooo!!!!

- end -

Wataru birthday hc (Feb 21, 2022)

Wataru: amazing!~ happy birthday to me!
Them: happy birthday! ~
Wataru: fufu, tonight i'm showing you my dps barbara showcase ~
Tori: hm? Before that, we give a barbara-themed cake!
Wataru: Wow! ~ it's so cute!
Eichi: fufu...
Yuzuru: so... What about your showcase?
Wataru: oh yes! I you go everyone, watch this! *Starts playing video*
Eichi: on pyro resigvine?
Wataru: not just that, there's pyro cube so i did with 2 parts..
Tori: eh? You have xiao right? Why you don't use him?
Wataru: him? Uhhh i build him already but low talent levels...
Eichi: ah there it is!
Wataru: hmm hmm ~

Wataru's barbara hit 206k dmg using charged attack.

Them: woah!!!
Tori: did you use buffs??
Wataru: mmm hmmm ~
Yuzuru: that's cool! You don't even have mona, only sucrose and bennet!
Eichi: ah there's pyro hypostasis part, let's watch it

And they watched it.

- end -

Announcement: i make arashi birthday hc later and post it here but it gonna be seperated.

Chapter Text

Arashi birthday hc (Mar 3, 2022)

Them: happy birthday!
Arashi: ara! Thank you everyone! ♡
Leo: naru ~ here's the lisa-themed cake and zhongli-themed cupcake!
Arashi: kyaaaah! ~ it looks good and yummy!
Ritsu: here's the osmanthus wine too ~
Arashi: ehh?
Ritsu: fufu just's a cranberry juice
Arashi: thank you thank you ~
Tsukasa: ah narukami-senpai
Arashi: hm?
Izumi: it seems kasa-kun has a gift fo you
Tsukasa: *gives the small gift to her*
Arashi: *takes it* *opens* waaah~ a purple rose necklace! Thank you, tsukasa-chan! *hugs him*
Tsukasa:'s so tight!
Izumi: well....*shows a artificial purple roses vase*
Arashi: waaaahhh!~ izumi too thank you! *hugs him too*
Leo: you guys getting hugged by naru? I go hug ritsu
Arashi: why won't you join too? And ritsu as well
Ritsu: huuh? Ok ~ *joins in*
Leo: waahhh!!! Wait for me!

And they hug each other and take some picture.

- end -

Chapter Text

2wink birthday hc

Hinata: happy birthday, yuuta!
Yuuta: happy birthday, aniki!
Hinata: guess what? Open our genshin!
Yuuta: huh? Why?
Hinata: come on, it's our surprise ~
Yuuta: well...ok...

They open their account.

Yuuta: ?!?!
Hinata: hehe.
Yuuta: who did this? How?? We don't buy that welkin! But...thanks...
Hinata: fufu not just that ~
Yuuta: huh?
Hinata: open the character button and i check mine right now ~
Yuuta: *press character button*
Hinata: tada! ~
Yuuta: eeehhhh?! Is this keqing with latern rite dress?!
Hinata: yeah it is!...
Yuuta: waaahhh ~ thank you so much, i love that outfit!
Hinata: ibara's the one who bought welkins and her outfit as well
Yuuta: really?! He's kinda a rich-
Hinata: oh no our cake!...ah it safe.... let's eat

- end -

Chapter Text

2.5 pulls hc (Feb 16, 2022)

*11 am*

Madara: hello everyone, double face is now here! ☆
Kohaku: can you just quite...
Eichi: welcome, madara
Madara: ooohhh little tori! Mama is here how are you? ~
Tori: hmp! And i'm fine...
Yuzuru: you have to be respectful.
Tori: ...ok...good luck to us.
Madara: we will, hehe!
Wataru: are we gonna seperate?
Eichi: oh yeah, we have to divide into 2 so me, yuzuru, and shiratori will go to tori while keito, kohaku and wataru will go to mama.
Keito: (thank you, eichi...i can't deal with you when i'm there)
Wataru: eyyy amazing!!!
Yuzuru: good luck, tori!
Tori: i hope i get early pity and hope mama lose 50/50!
Madara: (he called me mama!!!...) Ohou! Don't be negative or else ~
Eichi: time to go to other room, let's go

And they go to other room.

Madara: *cracks his fingers* haha let's get this over with! Mama prepares everything and time to-
Keito: can you just start already?
Kohaku: yeah stop talking...
Wataru: no ritual? Aw man....
Madara: it's ok, mama already do ritual and i'm right here!
Kohaku: what is that?!
Madara: a ritual place and the innapropiate look....and said it was a luck
Keito: wait hold up hold up, how many primogems and fates do you have?
Madara: 12k with 30 fates! ☆
Keito: (crazy...)

*tori pov*

Aira: done doing ritual?
Tori: yep, i'm on the inazuma statue...*press wish button* uuu....i'm nervous
Yuzuru: don't get's your first time to pull, right?
Eichi: *comforts him* come on...don't get nervous...i felt like this when i pull on shenhe banner
Tori: *calms* ...i'm ok, let's go!
Aira: good luck!! *cheering with light stick*
Tori: (yae-sama come home pls...)

After 70 pity.

Madara: *nervous* oh god why?....
Kohaku: this is the last 10 wishes, madara-han!....
Wataru: *hugs madara* aaahhhhh~
Madara, weirded out: ahaha....
Keito: *prays*
Madara: *breaths* *sigh* let's go! *press*

*got gold*

Everyone: WOAHHHHH!!!
Keito: *stares* ....
Madara: OMGOMGOMG *press*

*got yae*

Kohaku, surprised: *covers his mouth*
Keito: oh god...congrats!
Wataru: AMAZING!!!!
Madara: is there another one? *press* *press*

*got c1 yae*

Keito: ?!?!
Wataru: A.
Kohaku: eh?
Madara: WAIT WHAT?! HOW??? *press* *press*

*got c2 yae*

Kohaku: that's.....insane!
Keito: what's with his luck?...
Wataru: *surprised face*
Madara: ok ok i know this is god luck! *press* *press*

*got c3 yae*

Kohaku: *touches his head* AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!
Madara: so is this....THE BEST LUCK EVER!!!! *press* ok this is the results!...*counts* oh my god 4 yaes!! *screenshots* guess it's so much screenshots right now
Keito: *sigh* c3 yae huh?...
Madara: gonna check on tori? Let's go
Keito: alright...

And they go to other room where tori was there.

Them: *entered the room*
Eichi: done pulling?
Madara: yeah!
Wataru: we better not to spoil ~
Yuzuru: time to check the gacha pulls
Tori: (i think he lost 50/50..fufu) i think you don't have her! Ehehe!
Aira: have you screenshot it already?
Tori: yeah!
Kohaku: (well prepare yourself...)
Eichi: ok, let me see your results!

After they check the results.

Yuzuru: oh no....
Aira: what?....
Tori: e-eh?....
Eichi: is this!?....his luck?...
Yuzuru: *looks at tori* ...
Tori: i won 50/50 but...why yours very lucky?!...
Madara: *scratches head* ...
Tori: *tears came out* ...
Yuzuru: ah....
Tori: UEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! WHY WHY WHY?!!!! *starts crying*
Madara: !?....

Wataru: uh oh... *come near him*
Aira: *wagging his index finger to madara*
Kohaku: ...
Tori: *run away*
Madara: to-tori! *follows him*
Eichi: *blocks him* it's your fault...
Madara: sorry... *runs away*
Keito: ...
Tori: *running*
Madara: tori!!! *runs* *catches him* hey!
Tori: don't touch me!!
Madara: oii we need to talk!
Tori: *pushes him*
Madara: uwo-
Madara: *hugs him* it's alright...
Tori: ngh....
Madara: *hugs tight*
Tori: *sobs*
Madara: *smiles*
Tori: *looks at him* ngh....
Madara: well you's just unexpected luck, this was my first time pulling in one banner.
Tori: i'm sorry...
Madara: hm? Haha it's ok, i get weirded out when i first saw you ahaha~
Tori: ehh? ~ yours too because you're cosplaying as yae-sama- hm?
Madara: *reaches his hand to him* friends?
Tori: oh? *holds his hand* yes!
Madara: congrats to us for winning 50/50, mama is proud! ☆
Tori: ehe, you too!
Eichi, arrived: oh?
Yuzuru: as expected, tori.
Wataru: hm hm ~
Them: eh? EEEEHHHH?!?!

- end -

Chapter Text

Undead hc (Feb 16, 2022)

*at backstage*

Koga: finally got yae!
Adonis: well congratulations.
Rei: i have so many primogems already and i haven't spend yet...
Kaoru: !?!?
Rei: hm? What's wrong, kaoru?
Kaoru: *shows it to them* ah-....ah-.... *runs back to the stage*
Koga: hey!!!
Kaoru: guys!....what's the meaning of this?!?!

Kaoru got 10k genesis crystals gave by many fans.

Audience: *cheering*
Rei: seems like some fans gave you a gift
Adonis: maybe...they heard that you're aiming for c6 thoma
Koga: that's because they noticed his uid!
Kaoru: they did?! Well...*clears throat* well thank you everyone for donating me...all for you heard during interview that i'm aiming my best boy from the game. Wish me luck then *gives flying kiss to everyone*
Audience: *simping*
Kaoru: well let me many cons do i have?...hmmm....i have his c1 and yet, i remembered that i lost 50/50 from hu tao banner and- I WILL GET YAE?!?!
Koga: WAHAHAHAHA!!! Hah! I remember that!
Rei: guess it's a no choice but to get guaranteed yae and her cons
Adonis: it's alright, hope you lose after getting yae...
Kaoru: ahahaha...well let's do this later then...but wait...*gaves his phone to staff* alright!
Rei: now it's time to perform again...please listen...forbidden rain...

And they performing.

- end -

Chapter Text

Trickstar and Knights hc ft. Rabbits (Feb 9, 2022)

In tonight's live.

Leo: guys! How do i look?! This new outfit is comfortable, Wahahaha!
Arashi: i can tolerate this outfit though i don't like wearing thight clothing... because Lisa's my favorite character
Izumi: fufu, i can make makoto impress by this outfit!
Staff: standby please!
Them: ok!

And they arrived at backstage.

Izumi: hey makoto, how do i look? *does the childe idle*
Makoto: ew.
Nazuna: hm? They're here, guys come on!
Izumi: maa-kun!!! Why?!?!
Makoto: *pushes him* stay away from me, you tortellini!
Izumi: *mumbles*
Tsukasa: cut that off, sena-senpai!...
Izumi: SHUT UP!!!
Makoto: oh yeah, based on genshin ships i saw, i-
Izumi: *pushes him back* if you hate me! I'll go with him! *sniff*

He hugged hokuto (cuz he wear zhongli)

Hokuto: who are you?!
Izumi: you're wearing zhongli so i saw the arts of them and it was canon so i be with him! Hmp!
Leo: sen, you're a childish!
Tomoya: umm where's anybo-
Makoto: *hugs him* mr. tomoya!!!
Tomoya: AAAAHHHHH!!!!
Makoto: you're wearing albedo outfit so we're alchemist buddies!
Tomoya: i-i don't even know you! Wait, it must be trickstar member
Hajime: oh? Tomoya ~
Makoto: yes yes i am! After live, let's coop!
Izumi: UUUUEEEEEHHHH!!!! He make me jealous!!!
Hokuto, whispers subaru:
Staff: Trickstar, on stage please!
Subaru: yahoo!!! Hokke, you're safe
Hokuto: let me go, one of the knights member!
Leo: Wahaha! I never saw him like this before!
Arashi: stand up, izumi-chan...
Ritsu: zzzz.....
Tsukasa: ritsu-senpai, you sleep like that while standing...
Rabits, off background: .....

- end -

Chapter Text

2.5 2nd phase pulls part 1

#1 Undead hc

Rei: it's raiden and kokomi banner!
Koga: already?
Kaoru: you two gonna pull, right?
Adonis: like i said i pull on kokomi banner for my kaeya
Rei: oh yeah, i pull on raiden...well then let's go
Koga: hope you two lost 50/50, losers!
Kaoru: haven't you lost 50/50?
Koga: shut the fuck up, bitch!
Rei: *nervous* what if i lost 50/50?...
Koga: then you're loser! *laughs*
Adonis: stop that.
Koga: *tongue out* bleh ~ ok ok i stop. *giggles*
Rei: ... Anyways let's go!

After they pull...

Koga: WAHAHAHAHA!!!! Rei is a loser!!!
Adonis: well this is my first 5 star then
Kaoru: well guess adonis won 50/50 for the first time
Rei: *goes to the coffin* *closes*
Koga: guess he's gonna cry!
Adonis: that's because you teased him for losing 50/50.
Koga: did i-

He got hit by rei's pillow.

Rei: ....
Koga: *leans* i'm sorry i'm sorry i'm sorry i'm sorry i'm sorry i'm sorry i'm sorry
Kaoru: hmmm....what if...yelan is 5 star?
Adonis: oohh yeah...i heard he like her
Koga: hey hey, it she's a 5 stars then you're guaranteed!
Rei: if it's true...*closes his coffin*
Kaoru: geez ~ what have you done?


Ritsu: i heard you lose 50/50 to diluc, is that true?
Rei: not my ritsu!!! Uuuu...

- part 2 next -

2.5 2nd phase pulls part 2

#2 Fine hc

They have stream at the practice room.

Eichi: have the last pull ceremony started!
Tori: wait, how many pity he have right now?
Eichi: hmm....70 pity
Wataru: start!
Yuzuru: *starts walking*
Them: *starts clapping*
Ibara, at cosmic: oh it started?
Nagisa: what's that?
Ibara: ahh that's Yuzuru from Fine... he's pulling for raiden banner and weapon right now
Nagisa: i see...
Tori: wipe your hands, yuzuru.
Yuzuru: *wipes his hands*
Eichi: take this scissor.
Yuzuru: thank you...*grabs and cuts the ribbon*
Tori: waaahhh, the moment of truth!
Yuzuru: *inhale* *exhale* *press 10x pull*


Them: !?
Yuzuru: ....
Ibara: *starts tying nagisa's hair*
Nagisa: ?
Hiyori: what's that?
Jun: is that fine? What are they doing?
Nagisa: one of the member pulling on raiden banner

*Got raiden and c1 raiden*

Them: *clapping*
Wataru: *whistling*
Tori: congratulations!~
Yuzuru: .... *feels unconscious* *leans* Thank you so much thank you so much!....
Eichi: congrats yuzuru!
Ibara: he won?! I didn't see it!
Hiyori: he is... he's very devoted!

Everyone came near at the camera.

Tori: thank you for watching! ~
Yuzuru: i'm very happy that i have her and i'm so happy that there's 2 raidens!
Ibara: 2 what?! C1 raiden?!
Jun: damn that's
Eichi: well guess he's gonna pull on weapon banner later
Wataru: muah muah!
Tori: well, goodbye everyone! May raiden wanters will become raiden havers! ~

Stream ended.


Ibara: him speedrun maxing his raiden.
Nagisa: isn't producer do the same? But on ganyu rerun

- end -

Chapter Text

Mao birthday hc (Mar 16, 2022)

Them: happy birthday!
Subaru: sarii! Happy birthday!
Mao: ahaha thanks!
Makoto: ah umm....i have to read something...
Mao: ohh? A letter? Can you read it?
Makoto: says.... Please cosplay as gorou from genshin impact... requested by unknown
Mao: hu-huh? What kind of request is that?
Hokuto: i don't know... someone put that letter on my back and glad makoto noticed it
Mao: they did?
Subaru: and here's the plastic bag with a cosplay outfits and with wigs too
Makoto: and the ear seems fluffy
Hokuto: these outfits are kinda detailed
Mao: *tries to open the door*
Subaru: *hugs him* Sarii!!! Don't reject this! It's your birthday, right?
Mao: i-i can't, sorry!

Everyone looks at him begging.

Mao: alright alright, i do it! This is once ok?
Them: hooray!!
Makoto: i bought the make-up and contact lense from unknown person and camera as well
Hokuto: *zooms* hmmm....this looks easy
Subaru: ah! There's hair net too
Mao: so many stuffs huh....why won't we make it simple?
Makoto: but it's really simple, ok...*picks the clothes* *reaches to him* here wear it
Mao: alright i try.... *Takes his clothes off*
Makoto: woah woah woah!!! Why're you taking your clothes off in front of us?!
Mao: what? We're all boys here so don't worry about it
Subaru: sheesh ukki you overreacting
Makoto: ehh uhh...i was just shocked haha...
Mao: h-how is it?...
Subaru: that look great, sarii!
Mao: seems i'm kinda uncomfortable when my stomach exposed but i like it..
Hokuto: that tail look so soft
Mao: wait there's a tail? *look at the tail* oh yeah it is...
Makoto: akehoshi-kun, i gonna take that hair net and hair pins
Subaru: ok ok ukki!~ *gives it to him*
Mao: *unties his clip*
Makoto: *wears the hair net to his head* *clips* ok there you go
Hokuto: subaru, i can handle with the make up
Subaru: are you sure, hokke? That's cool! But you have to be careful
Hokuto: hope i won't make mistake...
Subaru: make up time!
Makoto: don't move, isara-kun
Mao: uh ok...

After the make up.

Subaru: waaaahhh it looks good!
Mao: re-really?...i look like gorou right now...
Makoto: ah don't forget the shiba ears *puts it to mao's head* tada!
Hokuto: ahaha...i almost put much foundation lately but i did it right
Subaru: it's still good! And looks like you become a make up artist!
Hokuto: you what?! I can't do that and i have no experience in doing make up!
Mao: i think i'm ready...
Subaru: really? Then let's go outside and find some good places
Makoto: i have camera here
Hokuto: what about we go on a fountain?
Subaru: it's a good idea! Hokke, you're genius!
Hokuto: uhh....
Makoto: come on guys!
Mao: wait for me!

After they go to the fountain.

Subaru: waaahhh~ this place is where we shooting on finder girl mv!
Hokuto: yuuki, where did you got the bow?
Makoto: i forgot that bow was there so i pick it, isara-kun take this!
Mao: *grabs it* where's arrow?
Makoto: ah here! *gives the arrow to him*
Hokuto: can we take picture right now?
Makoto: make some pose, isara-kun! Like this. *pose*
Mao: *poses like how makoto did* like that?
Makoto: yes!...It seems windy and... that's interesting!
Subaru: what is it, ukki?
Makoto: if isara-kun stays on a position and the wind is flowing, it will be the good result!
Subaru: that's a good idea!- hokke?
Hokuto: ah, i pick some sakura petals from the floor.
Makoto: this was good too! Hidaka-kun, once i count to 1, throw it...pick one more and i think that's not enough
Hokuto: there's only petals i found here but i pick more, i be right back.

After he pick sakura petals from other places.

Hokuto: how is it?
Makoto: ok that's enough, isara-kun time to photoshoot!
Mao: i'm on it! *starts posing*
Makoto: *prepares the camera* stay still... remember hidaka-kun, throw it when i say 1
Hokuto: ok
Makoto: 3....2...1... hidaka-kun!
Hokuto: *throws*
Makoto: *takes a pic*

The result is very good and no blur during throwing the sakura petals and good timing of the wind.

Mao: how is it?
Subaru: Sarii!!! You're so cool!!!
Makoto: it's very beautiful picture!
Hokuto: i'm getting a airhead lately...
Makoto: that's ok, look! It's a good result
Subaru: one more time, ukki!
Makoto: oh yeah...we gonna take 3-5 pictures... let's find somewhere else.

After they took 4 pictures.

Mao: that was tiring...
Subaru: hehe, it was fun tho
Makoto: thank you for accepting the stranger's request...i think i'm gonna edit these pictures later
Mao: i have to change clothes right now...*walks away*
Hokuto: *looks at mao*
Subaru: this was my first time seeing sarii cosplaying as his favorite character
Makoto: me too...

- end -


Hokuto: he didn't know that Tori was the one who did the request
Makoto: i noticed that wataru ran away after he put the letter on your back
Subaru: let's keep the secret to us or else we doomed.

Chapter Text

All idols hc

After the 2.6 livestream, Everyone going out.

Keito: stop screaming, you did this all that time!
Kuro: they can't hear what they said
Souma: I can't! Because my simpness went high!
Tori: hm? You're pulling both them?
Souma: ah Himemiya-dono, and yes i'm pulling both but i go by ayato first since i'm guaranteed
Tori: eh? When did you lost 50/50?
Souma: during itto banner....look at these two....they both have itto *sobs dramatically* i was lost 50/50 to mona...
Tori: but at least she's good with your ayaka
Souma: i know
Aira: himemiya!~
Tori: shiratori, why are you here?
Aira: i finally get c1 xingqiu, ehehe! And also goodluck pulling for venti, bye bye! ~ *runs away*
Kaoru: wait.. is rei's the only one who don't have 5 sta- oh yeah he have hu tao
Koga: well...all of us have 5 star huh?
Rei: Adonis first 5 star is kokomi, right?
Adonis: yeah...and i don't know if i go pull on ayaka
Kaoru: ooohhhh you're started getting characters
Adonis: yeah but...i miss using kaeya if i have her
Leo: uuuuu.....ayato looks so cool, wahahaha!!!
Izumi: *punches him lightly* stop getting more character! You haven't max your other character
Leo: ouch!!!
Izumi: you're so dramatic!
Tsukasa: guess i'm gonna decide who should i pull
Arashi: ara? You're planning? Who?
Tsukasa: i haven't decide yet.
Ritsu: i wonder anija is still sad after not getting raiden...
Tsukasa: Rei Sakuma?
Ritsu: fufu yeah and.... don't mention him in full name...
Mika: oshi-san, did you build your yae?
Shu: no because i don't want her.
Mika: ngaaa~ she is strong sub dps! You can't bench her!~
Shu: my account, my rule, so don't convince me.
Mika: ....
Kohaku: madara-san, how's your yae?
Madara: it's so cool! And i also get big numbers (dmg)
Kohaku: wait, how many?
Madara: hmmm.....i forgot.
Kohaku: *facepalm*
Tori: mama-senpai!!
Madara: ohhh tori-san, no time no see ~
Tori: my yae dmg is reaching 13k burst dmg, is it high?
Madara: ooohhhh that's kinda strong! Mine is...only 9k....
Kohaku: (he said he forgot but actually remember!... what's with this guy?!...)
Shinobu: kazuhaaaaa~....
Midori: wait....why you want kazuha?
Shinobu: he is same speech as me like de gozaru but mine was more lively and i heard he is good support so that's why i want him de gozaru!
Tetora: but kazuha only said de gozaru, only gozaru so it's close to be same
Chiaki: i want 5 star now...
Kanata: you don't have any?...
Chiaki: yeah....until now i still don't know how wishing on banner works so i only spend it to resin
Them: you WHAT?!?!
Chiaki: oh? yes i did so what's wrong with that?
Chiaki: what do you mean?
Kanata: everyone calm down ~ let's teach him how to pull on a character ~ let's go to the yumenosaki fountain ~

- end -

Chapter Text

Tomoya birthday hc

Them: happy birthday, Tomoya!
Tomoya: waaahh ~ thank you thank you!
Nazuna: here, take this!
Tomoya: *catches* what is this??? Oh... it's that cosplay?
Hajime: we want you to take a picture while cosplaying
Mitsuru: yes yes i wanted to see him cosplaying!
Tomoya: umm.... alright?....

After he wear albedo outfit and do make up, take a picture. (Shortcut ko na to HAHA)

Nazuna: wooow! Look at these poses!
Mitsuru: he's so cool!!!
Hajime: guys....where is he?
Nazuna: hm?


Tomoya: *drinks water* fuwa~ that's kinda tiring and took group photo with Makoto and-
Makoto: Tomoya-kunnnn!!!! *hugs him* thanks for collaborate with me! ~
Tomoya: eh uh....yo-you're welcome! Ahahaha....
Izumi: !.....yu-yuu-kun?....*runs away* ueeeeeee!!!!!
Makoto: afufufu.....
Tomoya: eh?..
Makoto: success! I make him jealous by hugging you!
Tomoya: well, hugging me make him cry and ran away... that's a good way to get rid of him...i have to go now, everyone find me.

He walk away.

- end -

Chapter Text

Undead hc (ft. Ritsu)

Koga: HEY BASTARD!!!!! *slaps the coffin aggressively*
Kaoru: Reiiiii-kuuuuunnnnn!!!!!!!!!
Adonis: Sakuma-senpaiiii!!!!!
Ritsu: Anija, wake up!!!

Rei opens his coffin.

Rei: Ngh......what is it?......hmm?....... everyone....why are you- *gasp*
Ritsu: fufu.....
Everyone: *grins on him*
Rei: ayaatayayatauagatayata....*faints*
Koga: *smacks the book to his head* WAKE UP YOU BASTARD!!!!!
Adonis: why you smack him?...
Ritsu: *whispers* goodluck.... *walks away*
Them: hm?.....

- end -

Ryuseitai hc

Chiaki: Everyone!!!! New characters coming!!!!
Midori: hm? Aahhhh....all females?....lame...
Kanata: waaaahhh ~ they're so beautiful especially the blue one ~
Tetora: woah woah woah what is this??? New characters? These woman are so good!
Shinobu: *stunned* ....
Kanata: hmm? Shinobu?~
Midori: what's wrong with him? Why is he.....quite?
Tetora: are you ok??? Please tell us!
Chiaki: .....*touches him*

He fell on the floor, Shinobu is too stunned to speak.

Chiaki: HEEEEEKKKKK!!!!!
Kanata: Shinobu!!!!~
Tetora: He fainted! Help!!! Someone call 911!!!
Midori, one blinked eye: ....

- end -

Bonus on ryuseitai

Chiaki: but seriously shinobu, why are you stunned and fainted?
Shinobu: i was just starred at Kuki Shinobu and this happens...
Tetora: that woman has same name as you
Kanata: ooohhhh ~ i didn't notice that ~

Chapter Text

Akatsuki hc (ft. Fine)

Kuro: Kanzaki, aren't you gonna sleep early right now?
Souma: i can't! I have to stop to feel excited or else i sleep late!
Keito: go to sleep, really won't sleep if you're excited.
Souma: Himemiya-dono did the same tho
Tori, in his room: ueeee!!!! I can't sleep!!!
Souma: *sigh* probably that's his first time getting sleep late...
Kuro: just pretend it never happened.
Souma: *starts focusing to sleep* gunununu....
Keito: don't force yourself.
Souma: i can't feel my eyes sleepy...gonna ask himemiya-dono...*send message*


Tori: *looks at the window*

His phone rings.

Tori: *scratch his eyes* *opens message*
Souma, in message: "you can't sleep too?"
Tori: *replies* *send* .... *sends message to fine group chat*
Yuzuru, in message: "what's wrong, young master?"
Eichi, in message: "you feel excited, aren't you?"
Wataru, in message: "let's have some midnight snack! See you on ES cafe ~"
Tori: (really?....guess i'm going in...)

And the rest of fine goes to the ES cafe.

Akatsuki pov

Souma: let's go to the ES cafe...
Keito: we're not going.
Kuro: me too...i just go to sleep...
Keito: just go...
Souma: alright...

Souma goes to the ES cafe too.

Tori: *drinking* aaahhh...i think drink milk will make me go fall asleep...
Yuzuru: try to stop thinking about it
Tori: but my whole body's trembling because of excitement! And i don't wanna go sleep late...
Eichi: oh?
Tori: hmm? Ah Kanzaki-senpai, you come here too? Where others? Are you walking alone?
Souma: *sits* yea...these two don't want to come with me...
Tori: i see....glad my fellow members haven't sleep yet or else i walk alone and it's scary
Yuzuru: my phone just rings so i awake
Wataru, off background: wow! Look at the sky!
Eichi: wataru? What're you doing there?
Wataru: come watch here until you feel sleepy! ~
Tori: i think it's cool to see, let's go guys!

And they go outside.

Souma: woah... they're really beautiful....
Tori: yeah...waahh ~ look at the moon! It's so bright!
Eichi: *stares* ....
Yuzuru: ei-sama...
Tori: hm?
Yuzuru: ah nothing!... it's nothing!...
Wataru: AMAZI-
Them: shhh!!!
Wataru: *whispers* amazing....
Tori: ehehe... *yawn*
Souma: *streches* .....*yawn*
Eichi: ah you two stars yawning
Yuzuru: you're sleepy now?
Tori: yea....
Souma: me too.... let's go guys...i have to sleep too...
Yuzuru: alright...wataru-sama ~
Wataru: ok ok!~

And they go back to the room separately.

- end -

Chapter Text

Tsukasa birthday hc part 1 (April 6, 2022)

Leo: Suou! ~
Them: happy birthday!!!
Tsukasa: ah! Th-thank you...i thought there's something happens...
Ritsu: nothing's wrong, suu-chan~ we're only celebrate your birthday ~
Arashi: i have some red-themed cake!
Leo: with strawberry toppings!~
Izumi: Kasa-kun, take this gift *gives it to him*
Tsukasa: woah that's big.... what's in this gift?
Arashi: it's a surprise!~

He open the gift that Izumi gave.

Tsukasa: oh...a bow?
Leo: yep! But not just a bow... it's a eula-themed bow but red version!
Tsukasa: thank you am i supposed to use this?
Izumi: aren't you good at shooting arrows? You can use it as practice at home!- Leo! Where's the arrows!?
Leo: *points at the box* right here!
Tsukasa: woah...some arrows too...
Arashi: oh oh oh! Not just these...wait a minute...*picks something* tada!

She showed the eula-inspired outfit.

Leo: wahahaha!!! That details!
Izumi: good color combo...who made this?
Arashi: me and producer cooperate in making this and producer's the one who decided to make this
Ritsu: some hairclip too...
Tsukasa: this is so much detailed but i love it! And... what's with that hairclip?
Arashi: it's a surprise so...maybe let's do this tomorrow 12am!
Leo: ooohhhh that's a great idea!!! I wanna see him wearing that!
Ritsu: me too...zzz...
Tsukasa: this is great... i'm looking forward wearing it!
Izumi: uhhh....our food might be cold
Leo: oh yeah! Everyone let's eat!
Everyone: itadakimasu!

And they're now celebrating his birthday.

- part 2 tomorrow -

Chapter Text

Tsukasa birthday hc part 2 (April 6, 2022)

Creator's note: it's already night and forgot to do this, sorry ~

In afternoon, Knights came at the Seisou hall courtyard to do his birthday photoshoot, they go inside to change clothes and do hairstyling. Arashi did the slicked back hairstyle to Tsukasa which its suits him and they liked it. After that, they start photoshooting.

Izumi: make pose, kasa-kun!
Tsukasa: like this? *poses*
Izumi: that's right that's right! *take photo* hmm hmm...kasa-kun, you're lacking expression!
Tsukasa: sorry, i ain't good with that.
Izumi: *sigh* Yuu-kun supposed to be here but he's busy...
Leo: he knows?
Izumi: i had told him but he refused so instead he send me some pictures of him posing ideas for kasa-kun which it's great!...i love him so much! He's a really great modeler ~ ♡
Arashi: *looks at the pictures* heh~ he also made a photo style ideas so we won't get difficult
Izumi: alright, one more time and we have 5 photos left and this is first one!
Tsukasa: understood.
Ritsu: *sleeping at the table*
Leo: ritsu, wake up! ~ our king is about to take photos!~
Ritsu: ngh...he huh? Oh ~ suu-chan so handsome ~ *stands up*
Izumi: perfect! Next one...ok we're going to the table and leo, get some fancy cup and drinks
Leo: i'm on a way! ~

He gave the cup and drinks to Izumi.

Izumi: *pours ramune on a cup*
Tsukasa: strawberry flavor...
Arashi: tsukasa-chan, do this pose *shows the picture*
Tsukasa: *copies the poses* how is it?
Ritsu: *thumbs up to his both hands* *smugs*
Izumi: 3...2...1... Make expression! *click*
Tsukasa: *stares at the camera* that's not tsukasa you meet... that's
Leo: you really look handsome!
Ritsu: i wonder how i look in this hairstyle...*attempt doing it* ...
Leo: ritsu too! Aaahhhh!!!!
Ritsu: meanwhile anija looks ugly with that.
Leo: eh?
Izumi: 3rd one is... you're gonna pretend you're sneezing, same place.
Tsukasa: hmm...*pretending to sneeze* how about that?
Izumi: looks cool! Let's do this! wait let me get some position... alright, 3...2...1...
Tsukasa: *starts pretending sneezing*
Izumi: *click* nice, no blur!

After taking some pictures, they finally done and take some rest.

Tsukasa: great job, everyone! I enjoy doing this!
Arashi: fufu...i really love your new appearance
Tsukasa: hehe...ah sena-senpai, may i see some pictures?
Izumi: ah sure, take it.
Tsukasa: *looking* woah.... beautiful...
Ritsu: yeah...i like your facial expressions you made
Leo: waaahhhh!!! Suou! ~
Tsukasa: le-leader, don't touch my hair!!!
Arashi: as expected, izumi-chan!
Izumi: shut annoying! ~
Ritsu: especially the sneeze one, you're so cute ~
Tsukasa: make me embarrassed...
Ritsu: ehh?... isn't true?
Izumi: ok... who's gonna edit the picture? Leo.
Leo: eh?! I'm a composer not a photo editor!!!!
Leo: argh!....*mumbling*
Izumi: are you complaining?!
Leo: NO! Hmp!
Izumi: *pinches his cheeks* are you gonna that or not?!
Leo: alright alright i do it! Just stop pinching me, it's painful!!!
Arashi: goodluck, ousama! You have a lot to learn how to do it!
Leo: isn't hard?...
Izumi: you'll get used to it.
Leo: ah...ok i try....
Tsukasa: everyone...i have to go now...
Ritsu: hm?
Arashi: where are you going?
Tsukasa: i'm going to celebrate my birthday with my family so... i'm gonna change my clothes...and i go pick my stuffs...

He grab his stuffs and walk away.

Izumi: leo, you go with me.
Leo: eh why?!
Izumi: aren't you a photo editor? I'm teaching you how!
Leo: oh yeah! Right now?
Izumi: obviously.
Arashi: i wanna come too, ritsu-chan wanna join?
Ritsu: ehh...i wanna sleep more ~...
Arashi: no more sleeping time~ it's time to work!
Ritsu: aww....
Izumi: alright we have to go and we're going to visit his house after editing
Leo: yeah!

And they're go to Leo's house to edit some photos while Tsukasa is celebrating the birthday with his family. Leo stressed out over a lot of tutorials but Izumi helped him and ended up have good results which they liked Leo's alternative filter. Few hours later, they visited Suou household and Tsukasa surprised that they came and gave him 5 edited photos and he loved it until his parents came and felt embarrassed so he decided to let them see but they impressed and he relieved. They let them in to have some foods and celebrating but Kohaku arrived but shocked because his fellow members are there and noticed the photos so he decided to check it and said that how he get that clothes so he replied that Arashi and producer made it and he surprised that producer have a great sense of taste in fashion.


Bonus hc:

Tori, at the hall: hm? They doing photoshoot? Wait, today's his birthday?! Ugh...i forgot...
Wataru: *using binocular* oohhh ~ what a nice look!

- end -

Chapter Text

Night fest hc (Jan 3, 2022)

Kohaku: ughh where's madara?!...
Aira: hm? What's wrong?
Kohaku: he's getting late already! I don't know what he doing
Aira: i think he's busy
Kohaku: he can't busy like that! Plus, he don't have busy time
Stranger 1: *run through with them* guys look it's yae miko!
Stranger 1's friend: ooohhh!! Let's go let's go!
Kohaku: huh?
Aira: Yae miko...who is that?
Kohaku: let's go, love-han!
Aira: eh?!

And when they arrived to figure out who, the yae miko one is madara and he just shocked.

Stranger 2: hold on, this must be...yae miko with masculine body...
Stranger 3: oh! He's crossdressing!
Stranger 4: oh hello there, yae-sama!
Madara (yae): *acts* why hello there, nice to meet you ~
Kohaku: .... Madara what the heck are you doing?!
Madara (yae): HEEK?! Ah! *clears throat*
Stranger 1: ehhh??
Stranger 1's friend: madara?...oh!
Stranger: Mikejima Madara! It's really him! I have noticed his color eyes
Stranger 2: he's wearing as yae miko!
Madara: guys got me...
Aira: that's weird...a man wearing a woman clothes...
Kohaku: i thought you were late! And you just cosplaying!
Madara, ran away: *carrys him* ahahahaha sorry guys! We're having live right now so please look forward to us!!
Kohaku: oi let me go!!!
Aira: kohakucchi, you look cute!
Kohaku: aahhh shut up, love-han!!
Wataru: *sips*

They run through him.

Wataru: *spits*
Tori, eating kakigori: hm? *notice* eh?! Yae-sama?! But why masculine body?
Yuzuru: maybe crossdressing
Tori: eichi, i'm going somewhere i be back! *runs away*
Eichi: tori where are you going?
Wataru: he witnessed yae miko

Tori follows them until he saw aira

Tori: shiratori!!!
Aira: hm? Himemiya-senpai,why are you here?
Tori: i saw something, who is that person with pink hair with ears
Aira: i don't know that person, sorry
Tori: eh isn't you were with them?
Aira: he was just crossdressing but i heard that man's name...why would you discover yourself?
Tori: ... Alright then... Bye shiratori! *runs away*

He finally reach them and approaches them.

Madara: *pants* kohaki you caught me like that...
Kohaku: i didn't know that
Madara: *sits* well someone recognize me already...*speaks*
Kohaku: hm? Who are you?...
Tori: EHHHHH?! that guy! That guy who steal my fictional mom!
Madara: fictional mom? Ohhh i know you! You must be fine member
Tori: that's right! I'm Tori Himemiya! And you must be my rival!
Madara: call me "mama' instead! ☆
Tori: *pukes dramatically*
Kohaku: ah.
Tori: .... Sorry sorry...
Madara: my name's madara mikejima, nice to meet you
Tori: hmp!
Yuzuru: tori, you're here...eichi find you
Eichi: oh? He's talking with that guy...
Tori: eichi-kun, arrest him
Madara: WHAT?!
Kohaku: ahaha....hey kid we're having live tonight so you can't arrest him
Eichi: uhh...
Tori: heh...i'm just joking...from now now on, i'm calling him "slave no.9" for stealing my fictional mom!
Madara: huh?
Tori: hehe

- end -

Note: just copy paste my old hcs since i'm burned out.

Chapter Text

Alkaloid hc (April 10, 2022)

Mayoi: i....i never give up!
Aira: what's up with you?
Mayoi: i want ayato! Since baizhu isn't out yet, i go pull
Tatsumi: *sigh* guess you're determinated to get him so....goodluck
Hiiro: ooohhh- he's gonna pull again?
Aira: isn't it obvious?
Hiiro: ah sorry, late update haha....
Mayoi: please please please please please.....

After he pull on ayato banner.

Tatsumi: congratulations, now both of us are now ayato havers
Mayoi: hyaaaaa....i can now main him with my keqing ~ i love them so much!
Aira: aaaand you and ayato-kun have same mole position
Mayoi: i know~
Hiiro: have you prepared everything for him?
Mayoi: mmm mmm (yes) ~ i did since before he released
Tatsumi: are you gonna start speedrun max him?
Mayoi: i'm on a way ~ *starts speedrunning*
Hiiro: are you going to triple crown him?
Aira: common sense hiro, common sense.

- end -

Chapter Text

All idols hc (Mar 30, 2022)

- after pulling -

Souma: *rolling on a floor* kamisato-dono 2! ~ i love you!!!! ~
Tori: *spinning* I love you, venti!!! ~ thank you for coming home! ~
Hiyori: *opens the door* hey hey everyone!~ what do you think? *shows it to them*
Tori: woahhh, you really c6 him!
Hiyori: of course i am! I'm a leader of Eve and a member of Eden and... i'm a whaler of ES square! ~
Souma: huh? Really?
Tori: i already heard that he is whaling on hu tao and her signature weapon
Souma: oh god... what's with this guy?.... Tell me uhh.... What's his name?
Hiyori: oh? I haven't introduce to you yet but...I am Hiyori Tomoe!~
Souma: ah so....tell me Tomoe-dono, how many characters do you get? And how many lost 5050's you got?
Hiyori: i lost 50/50 5 times so i ended up getting c1 diluc, c1 keqing, c1 mona, jean and qiqi
Souma and Tori: Daaaaamn!!! *stares each other*
Tori: eh you get his weapon too?
Hiyori: Yes, i also got skyward bow and elegy of the end (bow) and got his signature weapon
Souma: oh god.... you're getting bankrupt for this...
Hiyori: bankrupt? Pfft....i only did this once and i know my limits

Tatsumayo came.

Mayoi: ueeee.....
Tatsumi: it's still have time to save
Mayoi: but i don't wanna spend!....
Tori: what's wrong with him?
Tatsumi: ah him? Well...he lose 50/50 to qiqi
Mayoi: if it's keqing then i'm fine with it!...eeeee....
Souma: many primogems do you have?
Mayoi: i only have 80 primogems...
Souma: a.

- ES cafe -

Niki: everyone... how's your pull?
Mika: can't c6 yunjin...i wanna give my c6 xiangling to you...
Niki: i wanna give mine too...i have c6 yunjin....
Makoto: you guys getting wrong 4 star character?
Them: yes!!!
Mika: .....

Producer sends a message to the rest.

Makoto: oh? Producer finally lost 50/50 2 times
Niki: wait really?
Mika: may i see?
Makoto: *shows it to them* but she manages to get them both and now she's broke


Tsukasa: *sigh* well guess onee-sama finally escaped from not losing
Arashi: after a year of suffering, she made it!
Leo: uuuu....i may lost 50/50...
Izumi: then don't pull.
Leo: but i want ayato!!!
Izumi: *pinches his side neck* stop tempting!
Leo: ouchhh!!!


Tetora: Nooooo!!!! Why producer have c1 diluc!!?!?!?!
Midori: probably depending on RNG....
Kanata: finally losing 50/50 ~
Shinobu: i may lost 50/50 on kazuha banner...if it happens, i quit being a samurai
Midori: aren't you a ninja?
Shinobu: i am but i'm practicing samurai things
Midori: ninja and samurai are kinda same.
Shunobu: no it's not!
Chiaki: guys...can we meet up later at night? At park?
Tetora: hm?
Midori: wait, what are we going to do?
Chiaki: i'm going to pull! *winks*
Kanata: oh?
Them: woah! Really?!
Chiaki: i found the answer, and i already get it how that thing works!
Shinobu: let's do this!
Chiaki: meet me later at night, everyone!

- end -

Chapter Text

Souma birthday hc part 1

Souma: hm? Email? What?....*opens email on genshin* best wishes on your birthday?....?!... Those that mean-
Keikuro: happy birthday, kanzaki!
Souma: WAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! You guys scared me!!!
Keito: ah sorry....we didn't mean to scare you.
Kuro: here's the cake *shows the cake*
Souma: !....eeeehhhh ~ you really made kamisato siblings themed cake! *grabs his 2 nuis* *hugs* aaaahhhhhh!!!! Thank you so much!!
Keito: uhh kanzaki.... you're tearing...
Souma: i'm not crying!!
Kuro: really? ~ *touches his shoulder*
Souma: uuuu.....*sniff*
Kuro: i knew it *laughs* *pats him* oi oi you're having tears of joy
Souma: *sobs* it's your fault for making me cry!
Keito: have this tissue *reaches it to him*
Souma: *turn around* *blowing with his nose* ah....
Kuro: your nose's red... anyways blow the candle
Keito: hurry up before the candle will blowed up
Souma: alright alright.... *blows the candle*
Kuro: not just that ~

Keito puts Ayaka and Ayato's food specialties and with 3 boba tea on a table while Kuro puts some japanese traditional foods.

Souma: so many....we can finish these foods?
Kuro: why of course it's your birthday, right?
Keito: let's eat.
Them: let's eat.

While eating, Keito said something.

Keito: Kanzaki.
Souma: what?
Kuro: (ooohhhh.... he's gonna say something)
Keito: about tomorrow..
Souma: what tomorrow? We have to do something?
Keito: nope... Well.... Someone's beside you.
Souma: who? *look beside him* eh? Who's that guy? And why he look so anxious?
Keito: this is alkaloid's Mayoi Ayase, i meet him before your birthday
Mayoi: hiih! ~ he-hello.... You must be my fellow Ayato fans....eheheh...
Souma: ?!....WOOOOOO!!!! REALLY?!
Keito: also....i told him to do photoshoot with you tomorrow
Souma: eh, really? Photoshoot, huh?..... i'm not a model tho...
Mayoi: you're going to refuse?....
Souma: no no no it's not like that, i felt different when taking group photoshoot with a stranger
Kuro: aw don't worry, probably you two start interact because both of you love ayato
Keito: hmmm....Ayase, do you like Ayaka?
Mayoi: hmmm.... I know she was Ayato's younger sister but i don't know her much
Keito: hmmm..... *stares at mayoi*
Mayoi: heeek!
Keito: to be honest, Ayase really fits on Ayato because of his similar hair length and his mole as well
Souma: ohhh ~ it really fits him while mine has similar from Ayaka's
Kuro: about the group photoshoot, we ain't do cosplay so i show you something.

He show the photo of Ayaka and Ayato-themed suit through his phone.

Souma: ohhhh~
Mayoi: so beautiful! Who made this?
Kuro: hehe, it's a secret
Souma: ahh Ayase-dono, want eat? We have a lot of these foods
Mayoi: ....guess i can eat....thank you *starts eating* mmmmm ~ delicious!
Keito: guess let's do this tomorrow
Kuro: yeah, we have to sleep but before that, i shall digest all of food i ate before bed
Mayoi: umm... Kanzaki-san...i hope we become close and good luck to us taking photos because.... it's my first time doing this ~
Souma: you too....i found my fellow Ayato fans...

After eating, they take a stroll outside to melt the foods they ate while Mayoi and Souma are talking each other.

Bonus hc:

Them: *spying*
Aira: guess i gotta go before they scream
Hiiro: tone down your voice or else we notice us...

- part 2 tomorrow -

Chapter Text

Souma birthday hc part 2

- After taking photoshoot -

Mayoi: *embarrassed* ....
Souma: it's alright, you look hot in here
Mayoi: it supposed to be solo since it's your birthday...
Souma: at least i have a solo version so no need to worry about
Keito: you two, are you done?
Them: yes!
Kuro: these two started interacting, huh?
Mayoi: umm....i have to go now, someone gonna find me, bye bye ~

He walk away.

Souma: guess let's go to the seisou kitchen
Kuro: (perfect timing!)
Keito: (he didn't know that we have another surprises)

After they go to the seisou kitchen.

Souma: hm? What's this? Why everything's so dark? Where are they? *walking* hello-

Everyone surprise him to celebrate his birthday.

Souma: GYAAAAA!!!!! Oh? Another celebration? But we already did yesterday night?
Kuro: be grateful enough, Kanzaki~
Souma: waaahhh ~ another kamisato siblings themed cake!
Adonis: here, take your nuis *gives it to him*
Souma: thank you, Adonis-dono! *Pats them*
Adonis: they're so cute, i also bring my kaeya nui *shows it*
Souma: ooohh ~ *pat* *pat*

And then everyone celebrating while others are coming to celebrate.

- end -

Chapter Text

Nazuna birthday hc

- at 11am, after photoshoot -

Mitsuru: waaaahhhhh!!!! He looks so cute
Nazuna: *embarrassed* ....
Hajime: don't worry nii-chan, you look great especially while you hold a bunny bomb plushie
Nazuna: it-it's not like i don't like it or something....i just feel embarrassed since it's my first time doing birthday photoshoot...
Tomoya: ah everyone, the....
Mitsuru: the ca-
Hajime: *covers his mouth gently* oh yeah we know it....nii-chan, we go off first
Nazuna: eh? Why?
Tomoya: sorry but.... it's a secret! Bye!
Hajime: meet us on es kitchen!

They ran away.

Nazuna: wait, you can't hide secrets from me!- ugh.... Guess i have to buy something before i go there...

He buy some drink from vending machine, after that he arrived at es kitchen until....

Them: happy birthday, nii-chan!!!
Nazuna: eh?....eeeeehhhhh ~ *starts tearing*
Hajime: aw don't cry ~
Tomoya: today is your birthday, so don't need to be sad
Mitsuru: wao!!! Bre- ahhh nii-chan whyyyy?! *picks a klee-themed cake* here's the cake ~
Nazuna: ahh....tha-thank you.... it's so cute!
Hajime: ehehe....i grab your neso ~ *mimicks*
Nazuna: so cute! *blows the candle*
Tomoya: hey...not just that cake and some cupcakes...i have this

Tomoya shows the bakudan bunny bombs doll with a basket.

Nazuna: cute! Really cute! I really really love this!! *hugs everyone*
Mitsuru: waaaah ~ we cheered him up, yahoo!! ~

And then they celebrate his birthday and play with bakudan bunnies.

Bonus hc:

*Valkyries at the door peeking*

Mika, hides: *hugging a bakudan bunny* ehehe ~ ♡
Shu: nito.....

- end -

Chapter Text

Makoto birthday hc

- at starpro office -

Them: happy birthday! ~
Makoto: e-veryone! Thank you! ~
Subaru: ukki! Have your plushie! *gives it to him*
Hokuto: have some sucrose-themed cake and some cupcakes
Makoto: so cute! Who made this?
Mao: aww sorry but it's secret... anyways, izumi gave me the pictures we made lately, here take it

He reach the photos to Makoto.

Makoto: ooohhhh ~ i look cool here!
Subaru: ukki with that hairstyle looks so handsome and mature! Waaaahhhh ~ i can't wait for my birthday!
Hokuto: but it's too far...
Tomoya, peeking: u-umm....
Makoto: hm? Oh Tomoya-kuuuunnnn!!!! *runs towards him* *hugs* perfect timing! Oh? Aoba-senpai too! *hugs him*
Tsumugi: Yuuki-kun, happy birthday!
Tomoya: ahhh happy birthday, Makoto-senpai...
Makoto: everyone, let's take a pic! But before that, i go with my fellow unit
Subaru: yay! Picture time!
Mao: yeah! Let's do this!
Hokuto: i'm going in
Makoto: 3...2...1 cheese!

He took a photo with them.

Makoto: next is....ah! Tomoya-kun and Aoba-senpai, come here come here!
Tsumugi: waaahhh~ taking a pic with him ~
Tomoya: ah! Ok! *tooks place beside makoto*
Makoto: alright! 3....2...1.... Cheese! *takes a pic* waaahhh we're so cute in here
Tomoya: ooohhhh ~
Izumi, standing menacingly: yu-yuu-kun.... EEEEHHHHHHH I WANNA TAKE A PHOTO WITH YOU AAAAAHHHHH!!!!
Makoto: eeeehhhhh!!!!
TomoTsumu: *blocks him*
Tomoya: eeeeehhhh ~
Tsumugi: not so fast!
Hokuto: one!.....
Izumi: *stands steady* !.... (goddamnit hidaka!...)
Hokuto: come here, sena-senpai.
Izumi, disappointed: *walk towards him*

And they continue celebrating Makoto's birthday.

- end -

PS: i'm too lazy to type more, sorry ~

Chapter Text

Tatsuniki hc (ft. Rinne)

Tatsumi: oya? How many dew of repudiations i have? 17? So i need another 3 to make it 20.... time to teleport to respawn *about to teleport*

*game loading*

Tatsumi: huh? I supposed to be at statue of seven...

Niki has entered the world.

Tatsumi: hm? Who is this?

- in-game message -

Niki: hm? Eh? What? EEEEEEEEHHHHHHHH!!!!! I entered in the wrong world!!!
Tatsumi: hello, who are you? What are you doing? Do you need help?
Niki: ah i'm so sorry, but i supposed to be in rinne's world because he needs help for pre-farm yelan *sends sticker*
Tatsumi: rinne? Ah this must be-

He checked the profile.

Tatsumi, reading: (niki....the bio was..."crazy:bのメンバー" and he only put xiangling on character showcase...)

- in-game message -

Tatsumi: i must be niki shiina from crazy:b, i check your profile
Niki: and you must be.....alkaloid's Tatsumi Kazehaya! Nice to meet you, kazehaya-san! *send sticker*
Tatsumi: nice to meet you too, the way...can you help me beat the hydro hypostasis? Sometimes i can't finish myself since i haven't build diona
Niki: well...rinne never said what time to start so maybe sure..i can help
Tatsumi: thank let's teleport to respawn
Niki: ah alright!

They teleport to the statue of seven.

- in-game message -

Rinne, in-game chat: oi niki, where are you?
Niki: ah sorry rinne but i'm currently help someone *sends sticker* i ended up entered the world by accident!
Rinne: with who? *sends sticker*
Niki: aaaahhhhh sorry sorry!! Also it was kazehaya-san! He's from alkaloid! Please wait for me! Collect some starconches for her ascension!
Rinne: ah...that guy who do something religious? Hmmm never saw that guy before but i know that he was my little brother's fellow unit....and alright, since i have plenty starconches for miss gambler's ascension mats ehehe ~ go on, niki take your time
Niki: thank you! *sends sticker*
Tatsumi: hm? Looks like you're afk for a moment
Niki: ah sorry, rinne talk to me so he give me more time since he's collecting some starconches for yelan
Tatsumi: i see... let's go, i think it respawned
Niki: wait, let me change team since i build mona and diona
Tatsumi: mona?
Niki: yep! I attempted pull on raiden banner/but sadly i lost 50/50 to mona so that means i'm guaranteed to any character/but i can't decide who to pull so i decided to wait for another new character
Tatsumi: why don't you try to pull yelan?
Niki: be honest, i usually don't find her appealing nor interesting/so i'm not planning to pull from now on...i need some male playable characters that can cook as xiangling *switches character to mona and diona*
Tatsumi: understandable./anyways let's teleport
Niki: oki dokie!

They teleported to the hydro hypostasis and starts defeating.

After defeating the hydro hypostasis.

Tatsumi: finally, 3 pieces of dew of repudiations/thank you, niki-san
Niki: ehehe you're welcome *sends sticker*
Tatsumi: have to go with rinne-san, he might wait
Niki: oh yeah, thanks again!/i have to leave

He sends a friend request then leave.

- end -

Note: the "/" means it was separated because the in-game message have chat length limit

Chapter Text

Leo birthday hc (May 5, 2022)

Them: happy birthday! ~
Leo: waaaahhhh!!! Thank you so much!
Tsukasa: leader, here's the photo we made *gives it to him*
Leo: i'm so cool in here! Especially while holding a baron bunny! Wahahaha! ☆
Izumi: but you almost throw it into the fountain and think it will explode
Leo: Aaahhhh stop, sena! I never hurt my baron bunny anymore!
Arashi: your younger sister gave me a photo of you with your favorite characters
Leo: eh? Eeehhhh?! Ruka-tan really made it?! It's so cute like i met them in personal!
Ritsu: it seems she made that drawing herself, how cute...
Leo: as expected, ruka-tan! Your big brother loved it! Wahahaha!
Tsukasa: speaking of your younger sister, the candle will melt and went through the icing...
Leo: AAAAAHHHHHH!!!! Hold on hold on! *blows the candle* phew....
Arashi: *clapping* afufu.... Happy birthday ~
Leo: everyone, it's time to eat!
Them: yeah! Time to eat!

- end -

PS: sorry if too short cuz i have special occasion and have to woke up at 3am since it was my elder sister's daughter birthday on may 5th which it's same birthday as leo

Chapter Text

Madara birthday hc (May 16, 2022)

Madara: yahoo! Today's is my birthday! ~
Kohaku: happy birthday, madara-han
Leo: waaaahhhh mikejimama, happy birthday! ~....ooohhhh you're so cute and handsome when you hold the fox form plushie!
Tori: may i see may i see? *Looks at the picture* waaaahhhh ~ he's so cute in here! Mama-senpai, where did you find this yae's fox form plushie?
Madara: oh that? Hmmm.... i open that gift lately so i realized that this supposed to be my present... ahaha!
Tori: eh really? That's why you use that for your photoshoot
Kohaku: uhh....can i get some cupcakes right now? I heard that this yae-themed cupcakes has a unique flavor and that cake as well
Tori: i try one! *munch* mmmm! It's so delicious and he's right, there's a unique flavor which it taste like cherry!
Kohaku: so it's a strawberry flavor with cherry syrup, huh? That creator really make the cupcake unique
Leo: is that true? Lemme try one!....wooaaaa it's delicious! Hey hey rittsu, try this cupcake!
Ritsu: hmmm....*sniff* *eat* !....zzzz
Leo: eh? Eeeehhhhh?!?! A-are you ok?! Rottsu wake up!!!
Ritsu: zzzz.....i like that flavor....*grabs* *eating while sleeping* mmmm ~
Madara: ohoho~ looks like everyone likes the cupcake and cakes eh? Hehe let's celebrate my best birthday ever!
Kanata, entered: ahhh mama ~ happy birthday!
Madara: oooohhhh thank you, kanata-san!
Kanata: i have a gift for you ~ here take this! ~

He gave the gift to madara and got MaM themed gohei stick wand.

Madara: ooohhh! It's so cool! *swinging with the stick* you really use my unit color palette! I like it, thank you so much!
Kanata: ehehe, you're welcome~
Kohaku: and madara-han, where you gonna use that stuff?
Madara: i think i- *got an idea* ooohhh ~ i think i can use this while performing, but i gonna teach myself how to use it so maybe someday i able to perform that.
Kanata: ah wait, not just that....i also have a sakura-themed gohei stick wand and has 2 of them
Madara: heh~ oh i gonna give it to Kohaku-san then
Kohaku: eh?
Madara: come on~ we can use this someday
Kohaku: eh...thanks...
Madara: now it's time to celebrate my best birthday ever!
Everyone: yaayyy!!!

And they celebrate his birthday and started using the gohei stick wand.

- end -


- the 2 pairs of gohei stick wand theme is from the latest DF event (no name yet)

Chapter Text

Trickstar hc

Them: *opens the door* *running*

Everyone made noise and speak at the same time.

Subaru: sari sari sari sari sari sari sari sari sari sari sari sari sari sari sari sari sari sari sari sari sari!!
Hokuto: isara isara isara isara isara isara isara isara isara isara isara isara isara isara isara isara isara isara isara isara isara isara isara isara!!
Makoto: isara-kun isara-kun isara-kun isara-kun isara-kun isara-kun isara-kun isara-kun isara-kun isara-kun isara-kun isara-kun isara-kun isara-kun isara-kun isara-kun isara-kun!!
Mao: what what what what what what what what what what what what what what what what what what what?! Everyone, why're you make such noise?!
Subaru: *panting* look! It's a new character!

He show the picture Shikanoin Heizou.

Mao: ohh? So that's why you started running on me just for that
Subaru: yes! That guy has same color palette as yours!
Mao: tte...he has black thingy on his hair
Makoto: and his eyes as well
Hokuto: (kinda irritating when i spam him...) *glares at him*
Makobaru: *glares at him*
Mao: eh? What?
Them: mwehehehehe~

They slowly walk away while laughing like a demon.

Mao: these three....*sigh*....guess i admire this guy

- end -

Chapter Text

Rinne birthday hc (May 18, 2022)

Niki: rinne-kun, *pops the birthday popper*
Them: happy birthday!
Rinne: ooohhhh!!! Thank you thank you, everyone! Where's the photo? I wanna see it i wanna see it!
Himeru: here you go *gives it to him*
Rinne: oohhh ~ look how hot am i, right my little brother?
Hiiro: ye-yeah! You're cool with other hairstyle! I wonder how i look like
Rinne: *headpats* ahaha, you look hot and handsome if you try that but you will have one next year! Gyahahaha!!
Hiiro: ni-nii-san!....*flustered*
Niki: yahoo yahoo! I have some noelle and itto's specialty dishes i made *put it down on a table*
Kohaku: (waaaahhhh....that pancake!)
Himeru: yakisoba on a bread? What kind of dish is this?...
Niki: it's arataki itto's specialty dish! Not just one tho, i have 4 of them and some 2 mini cakes as well, one for noelle theme and for itto
Kohaku: (!!!.....) *starts drooling*
Himeru: what's wrong, oukawa? You're drooling
Kohaku: ah! *cleans it* no-nothing, himeru-han....
Rinne: ohhh looks like kohaku-chan is hungry! Wanna try one?
Kohaku: no thanks! I have to eat along together

Hiiro's phone vibrates.

Hiiro: huh? What is this?...
Niki: little brother-kun, what is it?
Hiiro, whispering: his favorite characters are went in the banner...
Niki, whispering: re-really?!
Kohaku: hm? *Looks at the phone* hmm...another xiao rerun? Did he just have 2nd rerun in version 2.4?
Himeru: huh?.... that's because he was involved in a some quest
Rinne: oi oi, what're you guys talking about? I heard the name xiao?
Niki: ah nothing! We just saw some leaks of a ba-
Hiiro: *covers his mouth* no it's about uhh... A new character!
Niki: *mumbling*

He accidentally show the picture of a leaks.

Rinne: !?....
Kohaku: wah! Niki-han, you! You accidentally show it to him!
Niki: fwah! Oh?.....*shakes* the-the-the phone! I accidentally surprise him!
Rinne: ....
Hiiro: nii-san?
Them: eeeehhhh?!?!
Rinne: noe-noe chan!!!! She's in a banner!!!! Wahahaha yatta!!! I can now make her c6 since i'm saving it for my miss gambler! Wohooo!!
Hiiro: miss gambler? Who?
Niki: ah, it's yelan
Hiiro: ??? I haven't see that person
Niki: *shows it* that's her
Hiiro: ooohhh, she's beautiful! *imitates*
Himeru: ohh....what a pretty lady...*imitates how hiiro did but sexy*
Kohaku: pfffttt!!! *blushing*
Rinne: merumeru pretty guy!
Himeru: *embarrassed* ....
Niki: himeru-kun!....waaaahhhh why he look so hot and handsome!
Himeru: shiina!....himeru got embarrassed..
Rinne: it's alright it's alright, look great
Himeru: anyways....himeru planning to pull on her banner since i only have 3 5 stars
Rinne: eh? Really? Ooooohhhhh!!! Why won't we pull each other and take manifestation? But we have to wait since the 2.7 delayed due to china's lockdown...
Himeru: yes...himeru have more time to farm as long as i have time
Kohaku: haven't spend primogems?
Himeru: i did...but good thing i lost 50/50 in early pity
Niki: lost 50/50? By who?
Himeru: qiqi.
Kohaku: hehh~ producer also lost 50/50 to c2 qiqi and she was grateful that she's guaranteed kazuha
Himeru: i see...then i'm guaranteed to yelan, interesting..
Rinne: now now guys, enough talking let's celebrate my birthday!
Niki: oh right, let's eat!

They celebrate his birthday and some other idols came to celebrate too.

- end -

PS: i advance this headcanon cuz i go to sleep early

Chapter Text

2.7 pulls hc

After pull.

- Seisou garden -

Rinne: *mumbling* i won i won i won i won i won i won i won i won i won!!! This is my first time winning 5050!!! I should pull her weapon later!
Hiiro: congrats nii-san, i also won too!
Rinne: aaahhhh congrats, my younger brother! I heard you haven't farm for her so i help you doing it
Hiiro: thank you, nii-san!
Rei, covering his face: thank you thank you thank you...thank god i'm guaranteed....
Kaoru: congrats for us, i won 5050 this time!....but....i don't wanna leave my faves...
Rinne: oi merumeru, congrats for winning 5050!
Himeru: thank you, i'm happy that i didn't get bad luck
Madara: i won again! Ahaha i've been so lucky!....lemme send it to kohaku-san and tori-san...*sends*
Rei: nagisa, how's yours?
Nagisa: i won again...i haven't pull since a month....oh, and congratulations for getting her
Rei: fufu....i hope ritsu would proud of me....

- ES cafe -

Tsumugi: yanfei-san ~ where will you give me another cons? ~
Natsume: many cons do you have?
Tsumugi: i have c4 and it keeps giving me barbara~
Sora: HaHa~ don't give up, senpai! Sora hoping you get her
Tsumugi: but but.....i might get 5 star
Natsume: stop complaining...
Tsumugi: *sigh* well guess it's a no choice......

He continue pulling for c6 yanfei but he lost 50/50 to mona and got 2 yanfeis.

- in medical office -

Jin: hey akiyan, how's your pull?
Akiomi: i'm on 70 pity and it's my last pull
Jin: aaahhh....well too bad, i lost 50/50 to diluc....*sigh*
Akiomi: eh really?...
Jin: yeah....well guess he's cool...
Akiomi: what the- *shows it to him* ....
Jin: no way!.... You're so lucky....
Akiomi: why would you try again?
Jin: but i don't have enough primogems...well i have to grind since i'm already ar 28...
Akiomi: hmp....i have to fight that metal snake..

Bonus hc:

Nazuna: how's your temptation, tomo-chin?
Tomoya: i finally cured... I now waiting for yoimiya

Bonus hc 2

Makoto, nervous: *pressing anywhere*
Hokuto: looks like you're now tempting to pull
Makoto: but i want itto! And she's hunting me right now!
Subaru: but isn't she a hydro dps? She seems cool
Mao: *touches his hands* i try to stop you from that....whoop-
Makoto: i-isara-kun!!!!!! What have you done?!?!
Mao: eh? I haven't pressed anything
Makoto: i keep pressing because i was nervous!
Mao: well sorry, i didn't mean it~
Subaru: what? Ukki you got yelan in early pity!
Makoto: WHAT THE?! Eeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!
Hokuto: now you have 16 5 stars...

- end -

Chapter Text

Mayoi birthday hc

Tatsumi: mayoi-san....
Them: Happy birthday!
Mayoi: eh? Eeeehhhh??? Th-thank you....
Aira: here's the photo from yesterday
Hiiro: wooaaahhh he's so cute!
Mayoi: aaahhhhhh pls don't look at my picture!!
Tatsumi: heehh.... Why? You look adorable especially when your hairstyle was cat ear half pigtails
Mayoi: heeeeekkk!!
Aira: oi oi stop complaining, at least you have that birthday picture
Mayoi, embarrassed: ....may i see?....
Hiiro: ah, here.

He gave it to mayoi.

Mayoi: i really cute?...
Aira: of course! That's why everyone adored you!
Mayoi: *blushing*
Wataru, entered: *pose* Happy birthday, phantom-san! ~
Shinobu: happy birthday, mayoi-dono! I brought a present!
Tomoya: hello and happy birthday, ayase-senpai
Mayoi: aahhh everyone ~ and what's with the present, shinobu-kyun ~?
Shinobu: ah, it's a secret but i give it to you right now, here!

He reach the present to him and open it, but he got the love album of his faves.

Mayoi: KYAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Thank you so much, shinobu-kyun!!!
Wataru: oya oya, you have 4 faves already?
Mayoi: y-yes.... there's keqing-sama, baizhu-san, ayato-san and herrscher of sentience-sama
Aira: wait, you're playing honkai? I didn't know that! Can i have your game id? Let's coop raid together!
Mayoi: oh wait....

They show their game ids and adding friend.

Aira: fufu, i hope you play a lot since it has a good story~
Mayoi: i haven't spend crystals and saving it for HoS
Aira: eh? Isn't her banner ended?
Mayoi: eh? Well....then i wait...
Tatsumi: he's so loyal....fufu hope you get her someday
Mayoi: amen...
Hiiro: i wanna taste that cupcake
Aira: oh yeah, come on everyone let's eat!

Nagisa and madara entered and they celebrate his birthday.

- end -

Chapter Text

Shinobu birthday hc

Them: happy birthday, ryusei yellow!
Shinobu: aaaahhh thank you so much!
Tetora: ooohhh look at him, this is our first time see him in other hairstyle!
Kanata: so cute ~
Shinobu: ehh uhhmm....well i preferred cover my other eye...
Chiaki: *imitates* nin nin!
Midori: where are they? Looks like they gonna be late
Shinobu: hm? What do you mean, midori-dono?

The 2 arrived.

Mayoi: shinobu-kyun! Happy birthday~
Souma: happy birthday, sengoku...and lisa-dono
Shinobu: lisa? Ah i get it, wait-
Mayoi: hm? What's wrong?
Shinobu: i realized that she has same birthday as me! Eeeehhhhh
Kanata: ooohhh~ it looks rare to have same birthday as some characters
Shinobu: i know but...guess we gonna celebrate 2 person from now
Mayoi: uhmmm shinobu-kyun ~ since you give me the love album of my faves, i have some present for you~
Shinobu: oohhh what is it?
Souma: well not just that...

Mayoi and Souma gives the presents to him.

Shinobu: waaaahhhh ~ a kuki-dono themed kunai and sayu-dono themed shuriken! Thank you kanzaki-dono!.....and this one....*opens*.... Eh? It's just a letter...
Mayoi: read it.... Waahhhh don't disappoint, just look at it!
Shinobu: *reads* ...."please open your genshin!..." Wait a minute!....

He open his genshin.

Mayoi, embarrassed: *holding souma's arm* ....
Souma: oi....
Souma, shocked: eh-ehhh!!!
Chiaki: what is it what is it?!
Shinobu: *slowly show his phone while shaking* ma-ma-ma-mayoi-dono!....this is....THE BEST GIFT I'VE EVER GET RECEIVED!!!!!
Mayoi: Kyaaaaahhhhhh!!!!! Yo-yo-you're welcome!! I hope you'll get kazuha-kun ~
Shinobu: ueeeeee~ i know i have 32k primogems for him but thank you! I also save primos for kuki-dono so i hope i c6 her!
Kanata: congrats ~
Midori: that's too much....60 days remaining...
Mayoi: i have save it a lot of money for that so...i may run out right now...
Chiaki: have you pre-farm for him?
Shinobu: in a month, yes....but i keep struggling for viredescent domain as i keep getting maiden artifacts and i already have r3 iron sting
Tetora: too much devotion, i guess?...
Shinobu: of course! I always watch some showcases of him

Some other idols came in to celebrate, he now announced to celebrate.

- end -

Chapter Text

Hitsugi Kurone hc (ft. Hajime)

Hitsugi: Shinohaji-kun, hello! ~
Hajime: oh Hitsugi-kun, hello
Hitsugi: *looks at his phone* oh? What's that?
Hajime: ah this? It's a game
Hitsugi: oohh...i heard most idols playing the popular open world game, is it interesting?
Hajime: yes, of course! That's why everyone love this game especially some stories, events, characters and rewards...and this is my favorite character, qiqi-chan
Hitsugi: oohhhh, she's so cute!
Hajime: she's a zombie though, she died from her young age which she has the saddest tragedy
Hitsugi: eh? No way...ah anyways, where do i download it?
Hajime: you really want to play it? Sure, go to google play store then search "genshin impact".
Hitsugi: so that game named genshin? Haven't heard that....*searching* oh this? The chibi posing in peace sign?
Hajime: yes, that's her, then press download

After downloading the game in google play store.

Hitsugi: it's done!
Hajime: well...if you press it, you will take 1 hours to download for full resources
Hitsugi: eh?! What do you mean?
Hajime: that game has 15gb so it will took 1 hours to wait
Hitsugi: uuuuhhhh....i think i need to check my storage...*checking* oh, i still have 53gb left so i'm gonna wait
Hajime: wait, how many total gb?
Hitsugi: i have total 64gb since i don't download a lot of apps... alright, i'm gonna wait to download full resources.
Hajime: good luck playing it since you have a lot of things to do
Hitsugi, onee-san mode: fufu, this is gonna be interesting...
Hajime: eh?

After 1 hours of waiting.

Hitsugi: ah, the door appeared, what should i do??
Hajime: just press it and then there's a cutscene
Hitsugi: ah ok...*press*
Hajime: oh! The cutscene started
Hitsugi: Eh?! Really?! *watching the cutscene* cool!...w-what?! Who's that girl who came out from that diamond thingy?!
Hajime: that's unknown god, she's the one who took one of the twins away and make them separated
Hitsugi: woah! Those wings are so cool! And swords as they're fighting against the red cubes...oh no...what? It stopped.
Hajime: you mean that? You're gonna choose one of the twins to continue....*pointing* this girl named Lumine while that boy named Aether, you have to choose one
Hitsugi: hmm...err...what should i choose....EEEEEHHHH i can't decide who!!! *tries to calm down* ...phew...ok, i'm going to choose this girl *chooses Lumine*
Hajime: are you sure? If yes, enter your username
Hitsugi: yes i'm sure...i have no idea what to type my username so...

He type his username to "ひつぎ and press confirm.

Hitsugi: ah, it continued i'm gonna watch it!
Hajime: *watching the cutscene*
Hitsugi: Aahhhhh noooo!!! Aether-kun got trapped!!! shrinked, go Lumine-san!- No no no! Now it exploded....ah she's still here!...oh no she's getting trapped too!...and it ended *sigh* that's a good introduction cutscene.
Hajime: fufu, i feel the same though.
Hitsugi: ah, another cutscene and there's the chibi!
Hajime: that's Paimon, she's the one in the app icon
Hitsugi: and *laughs* Lumine-san got Paimon from the seems she will be her companion,
Hajime: exactly! That's what she said in a cutscene
Hitsugi: ah, it ended and now i'm going to travel everywhere!..hmm hmm ~ oh she can swim too! *dash*
Hajime: wah! Don't swim too much or else she-
Hitsugi: eh? She drowned...
Hajime: actually there's stamina in here, once it drops they will drowned and back to the place, anyways you should follow Paimon-san
Hitsugi: Shinohaji-kun, i started like this game! I can go everywhere, fight with enemies, swim and more! I hope i play this game longer!
Hajime: hehe, good luck my fellow traveler!...

And he now started following Paimon and enjoying the game.

- part 2 next -

Chapter Text

2.7 pulls hc (2nd phase)

- Training room -

Shinobu: tetora-kun, how's your pull?
Tetora: Woooohooooo!!!! I finally got Itto-senpai!!
Chiaki: ooohhhh!! Congratulations, ryusei black!
Kanata: congrats! ~
Midori: and....what about sengoku-kun?
Shinobu: me? I haven't pull yet...but let's do this!
Them: alright!
Tetora: wait, who will you aim for?
Shinobu: i will c6 kuki-dono
Midori: ah that shinobu-san?
Shinobu: ehhh don't call her by her first name, i getting confused everytime someone talks about her first name and i don't know which shinobu is!
Kanata: oooohhhh 2 shinobus!~ but i prefer Kuki ~
Chiaki: are you ready? Ryusei yellow?
Shinobu: yes! And i hope i won't get 5 star! Now, i'm gonna start pulling! Nin nin!

After pulling, he's in the corner right now.

Shinobu: uuuu....
Midori: what did he glooming for?
Chiaki: instead of getting c6 kuki, he ended up got itto and c3 kuki
Kanata: awww ~ *comforting* it's alright sengoku, you can get her at standard banner ~
Shinobu: w-wait! I'm not crying! I was just disappointed! And hey i'm not complaining! Although i still have remaining primogems so...*stands* let's do it again until i c6 her!
Chiaki: as expected, ryusei yellow!
Midori: *sigh*
Tetora: oohh we both have itto-senpai!

- at fountain -

Mao: aaaahhhhhh!!! Why do i keep getting chongyun?!
Makoto: just how many pity you have?
Mao: 20 pity so it's far to get 5 star
Subaru: keep pulling, sari! Until you get his cons!
Mao: but i'm waiting for Heizou! I can't just spend much here
Hokuto: do you have cons of him?
Mao: i have c4 gorou so i need to get 2 gorous
Subaru: hehe, wish you luck!
Mao: ah thank you! (Just give that chongyun to ritsu...)

- end -

Chapter Text

Akatsuki hc (ft. Shinobu)

- after 2.8 livestream -

Keito, covering his lips: *stunned*
Kuro: congrats, can now pull for him
Souma: i feel better when i finally get arattaki-dono, and hope you get his cons
Keito: *sighs* ...... *flustered* !...(I'm coming, kaedehara!....) Ah! Tsk....naganohara too? i'm pulling both of them
Them: eh?
Keito: don't you remember? These 2 are my favorites, now i'm getting their cons
Kuro: i see....well goodluck the-
Shinobu: *slams the door* HASUMI-DONO!!!!!!!!
Them: ehhh?!?!
Shinobu: he's finally get rerun he's finally get rerun!!! Aaaaaahhhhhh!!!!! I can now spend all of my primogems!!
Souma: oh? How many primogems you have?
Shinobu: i have ○○k primogems....cuz uhh....*whispers on him*
Souma: ?! really?!
Kuro: hm? What?
Souma: *whispers*
Kuro: wait seriously?!
Keito: what're you guys whispering about?
Kuro: *whispers on him*
Keito: *stunned* uhh...sengoku? How that thing happened?
Shinobu: well umm....during our live, i did announce that once kaedehara-dono have rerun, i will go whale and once we on a break, some fans and my unit mates gave me a lot of genesis crystals and i can't count cuz it's so many like how they got a lot of money to gave me this so.... that's how it happens....
Souma: i wish i have this kind of thing but well...i already got my ideal 5 star characters so no more temptations!
Kuro: well...i did pull on itto banner and have his c1 so i stopped
Keito: you guys getting cons?
Shinobu: soon hasumi-dono, soon....but goodluck on getting him!
Keito: hmp, sure...

Bonus hc:

Tomoya: she's coming, i can't wait!
Nazuna: ahaha goodluck, i'm going to get klee-chan cons and saving for the nahida-chan and nilou-san as well!

- knights -

Arashi: diluc-chan!.... he's so cool! And that al haitham too...
Tsukasa: narukami-senpai's new crush, huh?
Izumi: just wait until you lose 50/50.

- end -

Chapter Text

2.8 pulls hc part 1

#1 Ryuseitai

Shinobu: *crying* aaaaahhhhhh kaedehara-dono! ~ he's home he's finally home!!! I love him so much!!!!!!
Chiaki: ooohhhh congratulations!
Tetora: at how many pity?
Shinobu: 76 pity
Midori: well, you still have leftover primogems...are you planning to pull his weapon?
Shinobu: but....i might get other weapons so maybe not
Kanata: i wanna see your builds on him ~ you already prepared for him, right?
Shinobu: oh yeah, wanna see me speedrunning it? Ok, i do it right now! *starts building him*
Kanata: ooohhh so many wits ~
Tetora: also the artifacts too, didn't he get tired for farming in the same domain??

After building him, he has great number of crit rate, dmg and elemental mastery.

Chiaki: that's a great ratio! And 300+ em
Shinobu: hehe, i'm so much patient farming there
Midori: if i were you, i give up easily...

#2 Eden

Ibara: kakka, how's your ningguang cons?
Nagisa: almost c6 her and it's currently c5 so i have more primogems left
Hiyori: you just have 65 pity and once you 10x pull, it will get gold!
Nagisa: it's fine, the only 5 star i have is tartaglia so i need another 5 star
Jun: well, you better sacrifice yourself than to suffer
Ibara: going to pull now?
Nagisa: yeah, i'll do it right now

He press 10x pull but he got kazuha and c6 ningguang with c2 heizou.

Hiyori: ehhh?
Nagisa: hey, i heard he's a 5 star sucrose? I think it's useful for me so no need to worry as he's my 2nd 5 star
Jun: wait, i haven't saw you pulling on standard banner
Nagisa: i haven't, lemme show you....*press standard banner*
Hiyori: you have 50 acquaint fates!!!
Jun: you should pull it right now!

#3 Fine

- at helicopter -

Tori: hibiki-senpai! ~ where are you? I thought we're gonna coop
Yuzuru: he's online but what he doing? Hm?...

「Eichi is trying to enter the world.」
「Eichi has entered the world.」

Eichi: ya.
Tori: eichi-sama, do you know where is hibiki-senpai?
Eichi: sorry tori but i don't know..
Tori: *sigh* oh wait i realized i was the host!

「 Wataru is trying to enter the world. 」

Eichi: he's here
Yuzuru: what's so long? I think he's busy with something.
Wataru, appeared suddenly: SURPRISE!!!!!!!!
Tori: eeehhhh!!!! Where have you been?!?!
Wataru: fufu, i've been here already and hiding before all of you came!....*smugs*
Eichi: what's with that face, wataru?
Wataru: *laughing*
Tori: i sense something...
Wataru: just look at screen ~
Them: *looks at the screen*
Wataru: *uses elemental skill* AMAZING!!!!!!! *plunges*
Tori: What?!?! How?!
Wataru: heheeee i won 50/50 on canada-kun ~
Yuzuru: canada-sama? Eh Kazuha-sama?!
Wataru: hmm hmm ~
Eichi: well then congrats, how about your xiao?
Tori: oh yeah, i saw his xiao on his bio and it's only lvl 50 with awful artifacts and weapon!!
Yuzuru: how awful is his build, tori-sama?
Tori: well look, he has 4 pcs maiden beloved with mostly def and no crit rate and dmg on it, but not just that, he have cryo dmg bonus and healing bonus! And the weapon is dragonspine spear which it's useless to polearm users except rosaria-san! Although the crit rate was 3.00% and dmg was 6.80%, see? This was the most cursed xiao build i've ever seen in my entire life!
Wataru: ahaha.... actually i don't know how to use him and build to him since i focused a lot on idol shoujo-san
Eichi: isn't he need 2pcs veridecsent and 2pcs gladiator? Since you already have 2 5 star anemo
Yuzuru: then you can focus 3 of them in a same domain
Tori: and it's better for you to watch some videos for guide!
Eichi: you must max xiao-kun to lvl 90 and get some better weapons like deathmatch
Tori: blackcliff pole is also good and 4pcs Vermilion Hereafter as well
Yuzuru: and your crit ratio should be 1:2, example if your crit rate is 60%, your crit dmg should be 120%
Wataru: *writing* hmm hmm noted! Oh what about let's farm on domain?
Tori: ooohhhh it's a good idea! Let's go and please don't make such a cursed build...
Wataru: alright alright, but don't worry i'm gonna start watching building guide!

And they're now farming for his 3 charas.

#4 Undead

Kaoru: i finally c6 him!
Rei: really? Congrats! Hm? You got jean again?
Kaoru: yeah! And i'm happy that i lost 50/50 on her again and now she's c1!
Koga: what kind of luck you got? You lost 50/50 on hu tao banner and got guaranteed yae and this again, when will you get another 5 star aside from her?
Adonis: hoyoverse knows he love them
Rei: hm...well i'm back to 50/50 so i wait for sumeru
Kaoru: what if i pull on standard?
Koga: *stares at him*
Kaoru: i have 20 acquaint fates so i give it a try

He pull 2 times on standard banner but got early pity and got his second 5 star weapon.

Koga: seriously?! Early pity, hah?
Kaoru: i got skyward spine! Aahhhhh i give it to thoma-kun!
Rei: have skyward blade for jean and now this, they really give you a good weapons
Adonis: as expected...

- end -

Chapter Text

Fine hc (ft. Wataru's roommates)

- in group chat -

Eichi: wataru, are you awake?
Wataru: yes, why?
Eichi: i'm going to sleep right now and i have no time to chest hunt on GAA (Golden Apple Archipelago)
Wataru: ohhh~ good timing! I was about to open your account as always! ☆
Eichi: thank you, i think the last thing i haven't collect is broken isle
Wataru: understood!~ well then, goodnight! I'm doing it right now ~ ☆
Eichi: goodnight


After they chat, he open genshin and log eichi's acc in until.

Wataru: (?!....wait a minute, did he just got canada-kun?! He didn't even told us! Oya~ it's because i pull him? Fufufu....i know canada-kun is such a great support so why not?)

- at seisou hall 1st floor -

Tori: *yawns* uuuu.... where are the other chests?...
Yuzuru: *entering* *gasps* young master!
Tori: *shocks* heek!!!
Yuzuru: why are you not sleeping?!
Tori: wahhh wahhh! Sorry sorry yuzuru but i'm doing chest hunt and i'm have to finish them all!
Yuzuru, pouting: that so?
Tori: *nods*
Yuzuru: well then....*comes near*
Tori: eeeeeekkkkk!!! What are you going to do?! Aaahhhhh don't do this to me!!!
Yuzuru: *goes to the bed* me too! I have to do chest hunt right now since we don't have to do tomorrow so let's do this!
Tori: eh?.... Eeeeehhhhh!!!! *comes near at him* aaahhhh you stupid yuzuru!!! Wah wah wah wah!!!!
Yuzuru: ahhh young master, stop it!
Tori: gununununu.... anyways i'm go back and continue my chest hunt, hmph!

- 2am -

Yuzuru: what time is it, young master?
Tori: *checks time* eh?! Yuzuru, we stay awake for 3 hours!!!
Yuzuru: oh no! Let's go to sleep!
Tori: yeah!

- meanwhile -

Wataru: oya? It's 2am? Well time to sleep, goodnight everyone ~
Subaru: eh? It's 2am already? I feel like it's 12am
Madara: oh my, i stay awake for the first time
Sora: HuHu~ sora almost finish but i have time limit when playing, well then, goodnight!~
Madara: goodnight!
Subaru: night night ~

Bonus hc:

Aira: my body clock don't want me to sleep so i decided to do chest hunt until i feel sleepy, ufufu!

- end -

Chapter Text

Rabbits hc (during first day of yoimiya banner)

- at the beach, night -

Tomoya: i have 70 pity now! I don't know what to do, i might lost 50/50!
Nazuna: calm down calm down, you can get her again since you have a lot of primogems
Tomoya: but i'm going to pull on weapon banner!
Mitsuru: i wanna eat bread~
Hajime: na uh uh, not yet we should wait for him getting yoimiya-san
Mitsuru: but i'm hungryyyy ~
Nazuna: just wait ok?- are you ready?
Tomoya: *aggressively pressing 10x pull then canceling* 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10! *press ok*
Nazuna: *stares* wo- woahhhhhh!!!!!
Hajime: it's gold it's gold!
Tomoya: waahhhh what do you mean! I don't wanna see it!!
Mitsuru: *eating hajime's hair* !!!
Nazuna: 3, 2,1 - Yayyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!
HajiMitsu: Wooooooooo!!!!!
Nazuna: tentenen! *shows it to tomoya*
Them: congratulations!!!
Tomoya: AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! I won i won!!!!
Mitsuru: hooray! I can now eat bread! *picks bread and eats* nom nom nom!
Hajime: *noticed* ahhh~ the fireworks display!
Tomoya: what?- *looks at the fireworks* oh god is that a fish-shape? That's cool!
Mitsuru: dash dash! Wohoooo!!! Come chase me everyone- *trips*
Nazuna: wah careful!
Mitsuru: ahahaha i'm ok! *stands up* *continue dashing*
Hajime: this must be fun running while having fireworks display! *starts running*
Nazuna: hey wait for me!
Tomoya: hey don't leave me!- oh no my phone! Whoops i got it!

And they're having fun running on a beach and they take a selfie.

Bonus hc:

Mika: oshi-san look, i got yoi-chan!
Shu: you got WHAT?!

- end -

Chapter Text

Fine hc

- 1 day earlier, at night -

After finishing the 4th one of "Reminiscent Regimen".

Wataru: (fufu...time for call it a day since it's almost 12am...*yawns* and i already done doing chest hunt on eichi's account)

- present day -

Wataru: good morning, everyone! Hibiki Wataru is now What's wrong everyone?
Them: *looks at him*
Tori: *glares at him cutely*
Wataru: oya oya? is something wrong? Hime you look cute today~ ♡
Tori: shut up.
Wataru: what a ouch ouch, Hime.... I don't even do wrong! Everything is successful yesterday and-
Eichi: Wataru.
Wataru: yes, Eichi? ~
Yuzuru: don't speak, Hibiki-sama.
Wataru: ....?
Eichi: nee Wataru, is that true?
Wataru: what do you mean is that true?...
Tori: *shows the picture of fan's post*
Wataru: oya....*reads*

- in that post -

Fan 1: "i really have a good day that one of the fine member is in the coop from the previous event yesterday until i notice him that he use Kamisato Ayaka-san... Hibiki Wataru-kun has Kamisato Ayaka-san?!"

- in comments section -

Fan 2: really?! Too bad i didn't play genshin anymore....
Fan 3: wait, you're the one who steal my boat?! Anyways, i was really surprised that he even have good dmg!
Fan 4: after his boat explodes, he go back and started using elemental skill
Fan 5: I'm surprised!

Tori: see?
Wataru, shocked: eh? EEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!
Yuzuru: don't make loud sound, Hibiki-sama!
Wataru; so-someone noticed it!! I didn't know that!
Eichi: looks like you're hiding something from us, tell me why you have Ayaka-san?
Tori, angry-cute: yeah, explain to us!
Yuzuru: if you don't tell us and make a joke instead, i'll take that as an disrespectful and attack you.
Wataru: alright alright, i'm telling you a story-
Eichi: before you start, sit right there in front of us.
Wataru: here as you wish...*sits* alright, it was started during the delay of 2.7, i was bored and i have a lot of primogems as well as i tried to pull on a banner for boredom but i got her at 47 pity like i was so shocked and surprised that i experienced early pity for the first time, although i do have a lot of mora and wits so i ended up make her lvl 90. Unfortunately, i don't have a good weapon for her since i mostly use polearm and catalyst and i never use sword before so i started farming on dragonspine domain and suffering not getting a proper artifacts. My first impression on her is her atk quite impressive and i also enjoy her sprint, i like her burst too, now i ended up putting her with Barbara, Xiao and Kazuha... this is why i got her...oh wait, i was supposed to tell all of you about it but i suddenly forgot so i ended up keep this thing to myself.
Eichi: hmmm....i actually pulled on her out of boredom, huh?
Tori: well, at least you have good explanation and reason
Yuzuru: *sigh* you already have 3 5 stars right now, i thought you only have 2
Eichi: you're like Sakuma-kun, he hide it from his mates that he have Hu Tao-chan and now he currently use her after he max Yelan's friendship
Wataru: i'm not alone then!
Tori: since i no longer mad at Long hair, i go back being cute mode! ~
Wataru: aaaaahhhhh Hime!~ *hugs*
Eichi: tte....i forgot to tell something too
Tori: hm? What is it, Eichi-sama?
Eichi: remember what i said last time that i wait for Ayato-kun? *shows the photo of Ayato* i'm currently main him as i still have Shenhe-san on my team, i can't let her go tho
Tori: eh, Eichi-sama too?! You didn't even tell us too!
Eichi: fufu, sorry...i was supposed to tell that before either
Wataru: we both have Kamisato siblings haver, Ayaka-san for me while Ayato-san for you!
Yuzuru: you guys getting another 5 star? I only have 1 because i was so loyal to Shogun-sama
Tori: aren't you waiting for Yae-sama? I told you about that before...also your team getting weak so i recommend you to pull more and not just her, that's why you don't have much stars when you're doing spiral abyss.
Yuzuru: you shouldn't underestimate my Shogun-sama, Young master.
Tori: eh?...
Yuzuru: she was well-built as much as i have her signature weapon
Tori: i didn't know that, i'm sorry!
Wataru: *speaks in Ayaka lines*
Tori: aww man....not even him affected the Kamisato Ayaka syndrome...
Yuzuru: what do you mean by that?
Eichi: it's a thing where she always said that during idle and some people got irritating and tired of it
Tori: i also saw the meme of her... "Just Ayaka" isn't it?
Wataru: yes that! Cuz you know....delay and it says it extended to 240 days but it's actually not
Eichi: oh, It's time? Guess let's save some chit chat later
Tori: oh yeah, i'll be busy right now!
Yuzuru: i come with you, young master
Wataru: bye bye everyone! Time for me to practice for upcoming drama ~

Bonus hc

Hiyori: eh? That guy from fine has Ayaka?!
Nagisa: you saw that post too?

- end -

Chapter Text

Idols cameo hc

- After watching 3.0 livestream -

Subaru: wohooo! I can't wait for the 3.0!
Makoto: seems i'm going to pull tignari-kun to try and collei-san is free too
Mao: goodluck, but i heard he will be added on standard banner
Makoto: eh really? Then umm... it's far so maybe i pull early cuz i might be impatient
Hokuto, shocked: !....
Subaru: hm? What's wrong, hokke?
Hokuto: my....m-m-my dad!.... he's about- he's going to pull zhongli-kun!! Look *shows them*
Makoto: ohhhh....
Subaru: goodluck for your dad then!
Hokuto: but...i think he told me about it before...
Seiya in flashback: "i'm planning to get zhongli-kun since you have him, I started play this game because of you! ~"
Hokuto: aaaahhhh....well wish him *looks at them*
Wataru: nee eichi, let's pull zogi-kun! I need shielder
Eichi: eh? Are you sure? I have planning to pull him too cuz i need shielder
Wataru: yep! I think i have 3 5 stars now so i need another
Yuzuru: but you haven't max ayaka-sama's friendship
Wataru: it's alright, i can manage it since i have already good artifacts for 3 of them
Yuzuru: i see....nee bocchama, are you planning to pull?
Tori, thinking: ....
Eichi: it seems he's thinking something
Yuzuru: what are you thinking, bocchama?
Tori: *sigh* .... I don't know if go get ganyu-san or kokomi-san because dori-chan was there....i think i wanna get zhongli-kun
Wataru: hooo?~ you too, hime?
Tori: yeah...i don't have any shielder and i haven't build diona-chan
Eichi: why not all of us pull zhongli-kun?
Wataru: what a great idea!
Tori: i never saw yuzuru pulling anymore
Yuzuru: ....guess i'm going in
Tori: oh wait, i think he pull venti-kun i just don't remember
Yuzuru: ah yes, i have him but unfortunately he's only lvl 70
Tori: Huh?!
Yuzuru: sorry bocchama, shogun-sama is the only character i have lvl 90 while others are only lvl 60
Tori: aaahhhhhh why?! Are you lazy or something? Didn't your other teams easily died?
Yuzuru: nope, i'm expert at dodging...that lazy thing? Remember, i'm a butler so i might unable to spend time playing games unless it's day off, although you didn't think opening my account just like how hibiki-sama did to eichi-sama's account
Tori: eh? Long hair did? Why he didn't even told me about that?!
Wataru: me?
Tori: yeah, i overheard about your conversation between eichi-sama
Hiiro: waaaahhhh nilou-san!!! I'm a biggest fan of you!
Aira: stop it, the livestream is over!
Tatsumi: keep that enthusiasm to yourself or else you'll lost 50/50
Mayoi: also you both share the same color palette as you and your brother as i might think you're falling in love with your counterpart
Aira: it seems you like yourself, don't cha?
Hiiro: me, liking myself?! Hey!
Aira: *putting his head on his shoulder* nee hiro when will you get us another live where we're wearing the outfit like her?
Mayoi: *did the same as aira* we're looking forward dancing like that especially yours ~
Tatsumi: ufufu, we have to make a new song and make our own dance steps of their culture
Hiiro: eh? But i don't have any knowledges about their represents
Aira: then let's do some research!
Mayoi: ehehehehhehe~ i wanna see hiiro's belly~
Hiiro: hey wait don't do it right now!
Aira: he has abs so i bet he can't show it to everyone even us
Hiyori: collei-san is free?! Then i have to stop pulling when she hits on c5 or lower
Jun: yeah, so i think you might ended up get tignari
Hiyori: it's fine, he's cute so i don't mind getting 5 star...oh wait i'm getting zhongli too!
Nagisa: you're whaling again, hiyori?
Hiyori: not this time
Jun: heehhh, really? But you said you're going to whale for collei-san?
Hiyori: did i said that? Yes i did but i have to limit right now
Ibara: well, goodluck cuz for me, i'm waiting for al haitham-kun
Nagisa: you too? Well i have no idea who to pull right now- oh wait, i must get tignari cuz i heard he's like ganyu
Arashi: kyaaaaahhhh!!! Haitham-kun i love you!! I will save this for you
Izumi: shut, he's not playable yet! He only show up in archon quest
Leo: wahahaha! Tigutigu looks pretty interesting and now my both hands shaking because i have to pull
Tsukasa: leader, he will be added to standard banner, don't you noticed it?
Leo: but i want him so bad!~ look i still have many primogems!
Izumi: but you pulled kazuha right?
Leo: i lost 50/50, ok?! So he's now my guaranteed! Wahahaha!!
Ritsu: oh yeah....i hear him crying after he lost tho...
Leo: eh?!
Izumi: ooohhhh, is that true? ~
Ritsu: yeah....he was like "waaaahhhhh i lost 50/50 nooooo waaaahhh waaahhhh" like that
Tsukasa: *about to laugh*
Leo: waaaahhhh suou too?! Eeeeeehhhhh~
Izumi: otto, he did it again
Leo: seeeeennnnnnaaaaaaaa!!!!!

- end -

In conclusion: fine will aim for zhongli, alkaloid will make a new performance for nilou-theme, hokuto's dad will get zhongli, hiyori aiming tignari,collei and zhongli, leo will use his guaranteed to tignari