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Ensemble Impact Headcanons (Ensemble Stars x Genshin Impact)

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Rinne birthday hc (May 18, 2022)

Niki: rinne-kun, *pops the birthday popper*
Them: happy birthday!
Rinne: ooohhhh!!! Thank you thank you, everyone! Where's the photo? I wanna see it i wanna see it!
Himeru: here you go *gives it to him*
Rinne: oohhh ~ look how hot am i, right my little brother?
Hiiro: ye-yeah! You're cool with other hairstyle! I wonder how i look like
Rinne: *headpats* ahaha, you look hot and handsome if you try that but you will have one next year! Gyahahaha!!
Hiiro: ni-nii-san!....*flustered*
Niki: yahoo yahoo! I have some noelle and itto's specialty dishes i made *put it down on a table*
Kohaku: (waaaahhhh....that pancake!)
Himeru: yakisoba on a bread? What kind of dish is this?...
Niki: it's arataki itto's specialty dish! Not just one tho, i have 4 of them and some 2 mini cakes as well, one for noelle theme and for itto
Kohaku: (!!!.....) *starts drooling*
Himeru: what's wrong, oukawa? You're drooling
Kohaku: ah! *cleans it* no-nothing, himeru-han....
Rinne: ohhh looks like kohaku-chan is hungry! Wanna try one?
Kohaku: no thanks! I have to eat along together

Hiiro's phone vibrates.

Hiiro: huh? What is this?...
Niki: little brother-kun, what is it?
Hiiro, whispering: his favorite characters are went in the banner...
Niki, whispering: re-really?!
Kohaku: hm? *Looks at the phone* hmm...another xiao rerun? Did he just have 2nd rerun in version 2.4?
Himeru: huh?.... that's because he was involved in a some quest
Rinne: oi oi, what're you guys talking about? I heard the name xiao?
Niki: ah nothing! We just saw some leaks of a ba-
Hiiro: *covers his mouth* no it's about uhh... A new character!
Niki: *mumbling*

He accidentally show the picture of a leaks.

Rinne: !?....
Kohaku: wah! Niki-han, you! You accidentally show it to him!
Niki: fwah! Oh?.....*shakes* the-the-the phone! I accidentally surprise him!
Rinne: ....
Hiiro: nii-san?
Them: eeeehhhh?!?!
Rinne: noe-noe chan!!!! She's in a banner!!!! Wahahaha yatta!!! I can now make her c6 since i'm saving it for my miss gambler! Wohooo!!
Hiiro: miss gambler? Who?
Niki: ah, it's yelan
Hiiro: ??? I haven't see that person
Niki: *shows it* that's her
Hiiro: ooohhh, she's beautiful! *imitates*
Himeru: ohh....what a pretty lady...*imitates how hiiro did but sexy*
Kohaku: pfffttt!!! *blushing*
Rinne: merumeru pretty guy!
Himeru: *embarrassed* ....
Niki: himeru-kun!....waaaahhhh why he look so hot and handsome!
Himeru: shiina!....himeru got embarrassed..
Rinne: it's alright it's alright, look great
Himeru: anyways....himeru planning to pull on her banner since i only have 3 5 stars
Rinne: eh? Really? Ooooohhhhh!!! Why won't we pull each other and take manifestation? But we have to wait since the 2.7 delayed due to china's lockdown...
Himeru: yes...himeru have more time to farm as long as i have time
Kohaku: haven't spend primogems?
Himeru: i did...but good thing i lost 50/50 in early pity
Niki: lost 50/50? By who?
Himeru: qiqi.
Kohaku: hehh~ producer also lost 50/50 to c2 qiqi and she was grateful that she's guaranteed kazuha
Himeru: i see...then i'm guaranteed to yelan, interesting..
Rinne: now now guys, enough talking let's celebrate my birthday!
Niki: oh right, let's eat!

They celebrate his birthday and some other idols came to celebrate too.

- end -

PS: i advance this headcanon cuz i go to sleep early