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Ensemble Impact Headcanons (Ensemble Stars x Genshin Impact)

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Hiyori: *sigh* what a boring day...i don't know what game should i play...*scrolls*

He saw the video of hu tao showcase and he...

Hiyori: hmm?...this game looks interesting and that girl looks strong..let me search that girl *searches* ohhh so this is who....tao?... Ah it's hu tao! Gonna watch her demo then...

He started watching hu tao's character demo and he seems likes it. So after he watch he started like hu tao for her personality and moves and heard that she is very strong dps.

Hiyori: time to download that game...i'm gonna told everyone about this game after i download it! ii hiyori ~

*few hours later*

Hiyori: took me hours to download resources, that game really heavy and the version was just 2.1! Ah it started it started!

*next day*

Jun: o-ohi-san! What's with your eyes?!
Hiyori: hu-huh?? Did something wrong with my eyes?...
Ibara: *sigh* you're sleeping late, aren't you?
Hiyori: i have discovered the game which it's make me wait while waiting to download resources and i was enjoy playing it!

- part 2 next -