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Ensemble Impact Headcanons (Ensemble Stars x Genshin Impact)

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Akatsuki hc (ft. Shinobu)

- after 2.8 livestream -

Keito, covering his lips: *stunned*
Kuro: congrats, can now pull for him
Souma: i feel better when i finally get arattaki-dono, and hope you get his cons
Keito: *sighs* ...... *flustered* !...(I'm coming, kaedehara!....) Ah! Tsk....naganohara too? i'm pulling both of them
Them: eh?
Keito: don't you remember? These 2 are my favorites, now i'm getting their cons
Kuro: i see....well goodluck the-
Shinobu: *slams the door* HASUMI-DONO!!!!!!!!
Them: ehhh?!?!
Shinobu: he's finally get rerun he's finally get rerun!!! Aaaaaahhhhhh!!!!! I can now spend all of my primogems!!
Souma: oh? How many primogems you have?
Shinobu: i have ○○k primogems....cuz uhh....*whispers on him*
Souma: ?! really?!
Kuro: hm? What?
Souma: *whispers*
Kuro: wait seriously?!
Keito: what're you guys whispering about?
Kuro: *whispers on him*
Keito: *stunned* uhh...sengoku? How that thing happened?
Shinobu: well umm....during our live, i did announce that once kaedehara-dono have rerun, i will go whale and once we on a break, some fans and my unit mates gave me a lot of genesis crystals and i can't count cuz it's so many like how they got a lot of money to gave me this so.... that's how it happens....
Souma: i wish i have this kind of thing but well...i already got my ideal 5 star characters so no more temptations!
Kuro: well...i did pull on itto banner and have his c1 so i stopped
Keito: you guys getting cons?
Shinobu: soon hasumi-dono, soon....but goodluck on getting him!
Keito: hmp, sure...

Bonus hc:

Tomoya: she's coming, i can't wait!
Nazuna: ahaha goodluck, i'm going to get klee-chan cons and saving for the nahida-chan and nilou-san as well!

- knights -

Arashi: diluc-chan!.... he's so cool! And that al haitham too...
Tsukasa: narukami-senpai's new crush, huh?
Izumi: just wait until you lose 50/50.

- end -