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A black Rose with white

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When Tommy turned around he realized that the golden glow is still surrounding him but fading rather quickly. If Tommy had to guess he would say that he is here where ever here is because of that weird glowing mist.

It also seems that Tommy is alive so the revival must have worked even if Dream messed up. There must have gone something wrong tho since the mist changed color and Dream started to panic. And that something is probably the fact that Tommy suddendly is ins ome weird alleyway he never seen before prime knows where. It also looks like he isn't on the Dream smp anymore.

Tommy decides that it is probably good to explore this place so he could figure out where he is and sitting on an alleyway floor is probably not the smartest thing either. As soon as Tommy stands he notices some other things that changed.

Tommy wears different clothes. That again is something Tommy can't explain. It is also probably the fault of that spell Dream said but why would it change Tommy's clothes. He now wears a white button down and a red sweather on top. It doesn't look too bad but it only gives Tommy more questions.

Tommy walks out of the alleyway and sees that he is a city. There are a lot of people and it kinda reminds Tommy of Hypixel. It is different tho. There are also cars and many buildings. No one here looks insane or like they are planning a murder. It is a nice change but a bit weird.

Tommy started to walk in a random direction. He isn't sure where he is walking he just wants to get away from that alleyway. In this city are many things Tommy has never seen before. This place looks nothing like the Dream smp.

After a while Tommy arrived by some building that looks like an apartment. Tommy walks inside and sees that he is right. It doesn't look very good but it could have been worse.

There was a woman at the resaption. She has shoulder long hair and looks like she wants to be anywhere but here. There were a few keys behind her obvouisly for the rooms. She finally notices Tommy and quickly puts on a smile that doesn't reach her eyes. „Hello sir, how can I help you?" That women that according to her name tag is called Clamintine ask.

Tommy walks over to her. „I would like to rent an apartment" Tommy answers. He doesn't have anywhere to stay and isn't planning to go back to the Dream smp. After all he is finally away from that hell he isn't about to go back. „Of course I need you to sign some papers wait a second please" Clemantine says. She reaches under her desk and takes out a clipboard with a few papers on it.

She gives them to Tommy including an pen. There aren't too many papers so Tommy decides to look over them quickly. The information on there isn't really good for Tommy. Apperantly an apartment cost money something that didn't exist on the Smp. He isn't sure where he gets money before the end of the month out of no where but he hopefully figures something out or he is fucked.

Also in the papers it says that someone has to be atleast 18 to rent an apartment which Tommy obvouisly isn't. But it seems like Clemantine doesn't acctually care about his age so that is one problem less.

Besides Tommy doesn't really care if he gets an apartment legal or not he already commited crimes like arson, thievery, attemted murder and other shit. Getting an apartment underage is his last concern so Tommy signs the letters. Clemantine gives him the keys to his apartment which is number 69.

When Tommy arrives he notices the apartment is in a worse condition than he thought but he can manage. There are 4 rooms. A living room, a kitchen, a bedroom and a bathroom. That is more than enough for Tommy after all he used to live in a dirt shack his standarts aren't very high.

Tommy decides to look trough all rooms and notices that the person who was here before Tommy left somethings behind thank fuck. It looks like they were in a hurry when they left or were just really forgetfull, doesn't matter. There is a bit food in the frigde and 3 plates and 1 cup in a cardboard. There are a few clothes in the wardrobe which look like they are a bit too big for Tommy but it is better than wearing the same outfit the whole time.

It doesn't take long until Tommy goes to the bathroom. There isn't much just 2 towels, some trash and a scissor but the water is working normal which is good. Tommy just finished testing the water at the sink and is about to leave the bathroom when he notices his reflection.

Some of Tommy's bigger scars are gone atleast the ones that were on his face the others are all still there. But the thing that really makes Tommy panic is the white streak in his hair. Tommy is sure that he didn't have a fucking white streak before. He knows it is probably a side effect of this whole situiton just like everything else but it is still unsettling. It is hard to explain but the streak somehow makes him feel uneasy.

It is a bit like the panic and pain Tommy felt is in that dumb streak but Tommy was probably just going insane. Tho it could have something to do with his revivale in that case as stupid as it sound would make sence or not. Honestly at the moment nothing is making sence. Still Tommy doesn't like that streak so he decides to cut it out. It works semi ok. It doesn't look too bad but a bit weird.

Tommy throws it into the bin and checks one last time if all the white is gone. Now that that is done Tommy has to figure out how to get money. He leaves his apartment and starts to search. There isn't much he knows about money but what Tommy does know is that you have to get a job which could be rather difficult for Tommy considering he is sure you have to be 18 aswell to get a job but again he can just say he is 18 if someone wants to know.

So Tommy asks a few people if he could work for them so far everyone said no but he doesn't give up.

It is like faith hates Tommy. There is so much that went wrong in the last 24 hours and all he wants to do is curl up and sleep or cry but Tommy also knows that he won't be able to sleep. There is also the fact that Tommy really needs to find a job.