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The Year Tyranny Creates Ye Xiu

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One day, the largest chat group for the most dedicated Tyranny fans in the world paused in the middle of their chatting.

There had been no organized event or call for silence. It had just been an abrupt pause as if someone had just pushed the pause button and no one could talk.

Then... A minute later, the title of the club tentatively changed from Tyranny Fan Club - Go Forward! to Tyranny Fan Club - Beat Ye Qiu!

At the sight of the name change, the silence seemed to be released and countless texts appeared, flooding the screen with a common theme:


Tyranny Fan Club - Beat Ye Qiu!

Han Wenqing's Pecs: Oh, thank fuck, it wasn't just me. I thought I would never be able to shout this again. Beat Ye Qiu!

Han Wenqing's Shirt: I don't care if there are still people who don't understand what that means, you just have to know that he's this really irritating guy and I just have to say it too. Beat Ye Qiu!

Han Wenqing's Pants: You said it brothers, Beat that fucking Ye Qiu!

Tyranny All The Way: Yes, we have to go forward TO BEAT YE QIU!!

I Can Only Go Forward changed his name to Beat Ye Qiu!

Beat Ye Qiu!: Kill him!


Countless similar messages flooded through the chat and for once, the Tyranny fans weren't talking about Glory or Tyranny or the other things they normally talked about. Well, technically, they were, but in this world, Ye Qiu hadn't played Glory professionally. With how they couldn't remember even an One Autumn Leaf, it was possible that Ye Qiu hadn't even played Glory at all.

None of them could fathom that.

Sure, they had been excited. A few minutes ago, the chat in their original world had been bursting with excitement that Tyranny and everyone had finally beaten Ye Qiu to submission and they were dancing and hollering at that despicable bastard's cowardly retreat from the Alliance after seeing news of his retirement from Excellent Era. 

But finding themselves in a world where Ye Qiu seemingly hadn't existed... at all? 

All their dedication, energy, strengths in shouting all those years simply gone, their efforts vanished with no meaning to the hatred left within them? Their (greatest) rival, the one with (the highest) glory, the only one that they (acknowledged and) accepted as just worthy enough to be the dirt under Han Wenqing's boots, gone?

(Where was his glory? The stories? The tense showdown between meticulously planned fast paced strategies between great tacticians, the mocking taunts that caused their blood to boil, and the amazing way Han Wenqing would bulldoze through them without a care and charge forward, fists out to punch that infuriating final boss bastard Ye Qiu!?)


Su Muqiu is a Pussy changed his name to Ye Qiu is a Dirty Coward!

Ye Qiu is a Dirty Coward!: Who the fuck is Su Muqiu! Only Ye Qiu is our enemy! Beat Ye Qiu!

DesertRock: YEAH!!

I Would Eat His Dust: How dare he not show up like this! Drag him out! What the fuck is he doing not on Glory!

YES Clerics: Where is he!


Soon, all of them were clamoring to find Ye Qiu and drag him out, their blood boiling, their fists clenched, and their eyes burning with a great determination. 

Forget Su Muqiu! Forget all the other pro players (besides Tyranny's of course)! Forget the wild BOSSes in Glory!

They were going to find Ye Qiu!

There was no way he didn't exist in this world. They refused to believe it. They were going to hunt him down and bring him out, even if they had to focus on something other than how to support Tyranny for the next match.

(No! This was for the sake of the future of Tyranny's glory! The greater the enemy, the greater their captain can shine! That was the only reason why they cared about that despicable bastard!)

They were going to find Ye Qiu no matter what!


Ji Leng is an Assassin: But who is Ye Qiu and how are we going to find him?


Like cold water had poured on their heads, they all felt extremely doused and angry. They refused to compare this feeling to what Ye Qiu may have felt in Season 4 finals.

Still, one person snapped at the person.


Say Our Motto!: Are you Tyranny?! We'll just find him! I bet we can do so much better than those stupid Excellent Era rats at finding Ye Qiu anyways!


At the name of their most hated fan group, they all burned again. Yeah! They were so much better than Excellent Era! Back then, Excellent Dynasty hadn't even been able to become a part of the Great Guilds despite all the help their captain helped them with while Tyranny fans had done it without even bothering their captain's time for a single second!

Even if Excellent Era fans hadn't been able to find out who Ye Qiu was, they would definitely be able to. Excellent Era fans were idiots!

Besides, they were Tyranny fans, members of Tyrannical Ambition! They didn't know how to back down from challenges, they only knew how to go forward!

Tyrannical Ambition's future path was then decided.


They all got working, everyone pulling up a blank document next to their chat window, ready to take notes and ideas. They also halved a window to pull up an Internet browser for research. Of course, in whatever universe they were in, the Tyranny section of the Glory forums were always their home page.


Soy Sauce: First, let's find out what the hell is going on with this god-forsaken world. Anyone already know the differences?

My Glasses Won't Crack: I've already checked things out. It seems that Su Muqiu, who is Su Mucheng's older brother, has replaced Ye Qiu as captain of Excellent Era in this world. He operates a God-level Sharpshooter Autumn Tree and Dancing Rain, but had given the latter to his sister in Season 4. Although Excellent Era's records are a bit better than those in our world, Su Muqiu has shown no sign of retirement like Ye Qiu.


There was a pause in the chat group as My Glasses Won't Crack began typing his next wall of text and everyone else were a little dazed upon realizing that they were indirectly learning the backstory of their Su Mucheng. Although Su Mucheng was part of their most despised enemy Excellent Era, she was still a goddess in Glory and no one had known anything until now. That was the only reason why they were awestruck. They still hated Excellent Era! She was still the enemy! Beat Ye Qiu!

My Glasses Won't Crack finished typing.


My Glasses Won't Crack: The notable differences between the Alliances are: more reliance on silver equipment in this world whereas our world had more tactical strategies, more commercialization and gorgeous performances in this world whereas our world has more dirty and rough but practical tactics, and the level of Glory overall seems to be higher in our world. 

Soy Sauce: What do you mean?

My Glasses Won't Crack: There are no Ye Qiu class strategy guides and Ye Qiu-esque reversals in wild BOSS fights between guilds. It will be a lot easier to PK someone in the wild and steal a BOSS with numbers here.


That caused an uproar. No Ye Qiu class strategy guides?! The guides that they all were still willing to read despite them being written by Ye Qiu because their God Han's existence was the one to singlehandedly cause the entire Battle Mage class to suffer and force his inferior rival to even the grounds by releasing the best ways to PK the other classes to the general public? (Yes! That was the only reason why they were still willing to read and learn from Ye Qiu! It was so that they can laugh at how afraid he was of God Han and strikers from Tyrannical Ambition!) But if the guides and even Ye Qiu were gone, then were everyone around them tactically inferior noobs? 

(They didn't want to think about the implications of the effect of Ye Qiu's nonexistence to the wild BOSS fights. (They all could actually appreciate the beauty of some of that dirty tactician's various ways and stratagems to defeat it and to hear that they were gone in favor of some boring PvE, quantity over quality shit that could be found in every other game was disheartening. They once had so many videos and screenshots in a hidden locked folder on their computer. Along with other expert tactics.))


Ye Qiu Can Go Die: We have to get Ye Qiu back [solemn face]


No one said anything, shocked to silence (and agreeing). 

In their shock, they did not notice that their informant was still typing.


My Glasses Won't Crack: Another notable difference in the Alliance: The order in which the championship teams have won the championship until this season: Royal Style, Excellent Era, Hundred Blossoms, Tyranny, Tiny Herb, Blue Rain, Tiny Herb.


Although there was one more name added in, everyone was focused on the other one, each crying out in shock.


Beat Ye Qiu!: What the-

Cold Winter: Did I just see-

Soy Sauce: That name!

Han Wenqing's Pecs: No way!!

RockDesert: Impossible!!

DesertRock: ZHANG JIALE WON A CHAMPIONSHIP?! [shocked face]

Soy Sauce: +1

Cold Night: +2

Beat Ye Qiu!: +3

You're Too Green: +4

I Can Only Go Forward: +5

Tyranny For the Championship: +6


The list continued, even getting to the hundreds within seconds.


Offer Up Your Wallets: What kind of bizarre world do we live in?


Tyranny fans agreed and pinched themselves, now wondering if they were all in some bizarre dream.


Later, they pretended not to see anything or else they wouldn't get anything done because of that strange sight.


Soy Sauce: Then what about One Autumn Leaf?! That bastard Ye Qiu! Where did he go?! Is there really no One Autumn Leaf?!

Above the Heavens: Fuck! I just checked! I-

Above the Heavens: It burns my eyes. Here, seeing is believing. [screenshot]


And once again, all of Tyranny cursed as they saw the very cursed sight of One Autumn Leaf level 30.


[Administrator has deleted Above the Heavens's post.]

Soy Sauce: What kind of accursed photo is that?! It can't be him! Has to be some kind of noob. We should check the other variations of the name!


Each were encouraged to go. They tried 'Herald of Autumn', 'Autumn Leaf', even 'Ye Qiu', but each were more cursed than the last and they finally gave up.

Damn, they all thought. Did more sights like this exist? Now, they really had to find Ye Qiu if only to get rid of this accursed sight from their eyes. A fire unconsciously burned in them as they blamed Ye Qiu as always. What the fuck was Ye Qiu doing! How dare he let himself be like this! How dare he shame God Han's name! Did he not know that he was a rival and thus had to keep up his appearance?! Now everyone was going to think that God Han was weak! (never mind that God Han didn't know him in this world) They really had to find Ye Qiu and whip him into shape again!




Ye Xiu sneezed.

He had been sneezing a lot these days for no reason.

Was he going to have to watch his back these days for jealous competitors who might want to bring him and the Golden Leaf Corporation down through less scrupulous means?

Ye Xiu shook his head at such a thought and entered his brother's office without knocking. It was something he always did because seeing his little brother's face twist up in annoyance was something that always lightened his busy days.

He paused however when this time he saw his little brother's face brighten at the sight of him. There was a group of maybe fifteen people who looked like they belong to a fitness gym ad surrounding him.

"It's not him", "This one's a bust too, huh", "I really thought it could be him this time. He has the looks of a protagonist- protagonist's antagonist! God Han's the real protagonist!" and other things were whispered among themselves. "Where is that bastard Ye Qiu?"

Ye Xiu was confused.

But he coughed, eyes narrowing because he didn't like the sight of them surrounding his brother.

"Excuse me." He began, turning their attention to him. Ye Xiu didn't make polite as he gave them a sharp, pointed look. "Is there something you want with my brother?"

Instead of being intimidated like all the others who were the victims of his glare before, they brightened at the sight of him and Ye Xiu was even more confused.

"He has a twin! Do you think-" "No. What is this, a web novel? But..." "That would explain why he didn't show himself. What if he ran away and took the wrong ID to play games?" Even more furious whispers emerged between them and Ye Xiu wondered what was up with this group of people. They had to replace the security guards if these crazies got in.

"Excuse me!" One of the closer ones shouted, approaching him. Ye Xiu unconsciously stepped back at their frighteningly intense eagerness, but they just took three more steps forward with that zealot expression in their face. "Do you play Glory?"

"Uh... I had?"

At that, the entire group approached him, zooming over like opposite attract magnets.

"What's your ID?!"

"Leaf Heralding Autumn, but I hadn't played in years. What is this about?"

Even more exclamations and curses rippled through the mob "It has to be him!" "There's no typo, but it has to be him!" "Fuck! That makes so much sense!" "Ha! We really are superior to those EE bastards!" "We just found out the greatest secret to Glory" one person whispered in awe, but they all stopped when Ye Xiu coughed, tapping his manila folder against the door.

"Is that all now?" He didn't care anymore. He just wanted them to get out of his sight.

So tired of seeing them, he didn't pay attention or notice their exchanged looks or the gleam in their eyes. Everything also began happening too fast when they all surged forward, grabbed him, and ran.

"HEY!" Ye Xiu heard Ye Qiu shout angrily, not looking at all like the meek little brother who wanted to be rescued a while ago. "What are you doing with my brother?!"

"Making him a god!" One of them shouted as they left.

The declaration of intent made Ye Qiu forget to call the security guards. He stared blankly at his swinging door in his now empty room, wondering what the hell he should do. On one hand, they took his brother. On the other... a small, proud, childish part of him didn't mind someone admiring and worshipping his big brother.

Whatever he thought, by the time he came back to the world, Ye Xiu was already gone.


It was a difficult process, but Tyranny was proud. 

They had gotten Ye Xiu (really what a bastard! Making them call the wrong name to beat up this whole time! Despicable bastard! Beat Ye Xiu!) to Glory, power leveled his account and sent him to Excellent Era after forcing him to beat all of them to regain his skills, anonymously donated a chunk of materials so that his avatar could regain its silver, and then watched as he fought together with Su Muqiu and brought Team Excellent Era to championship. Now that he was crowned a god and a championship team captain, he was finally worthy to be their sworn enemy and to be beaten and crushed by their God Han!

Of course there were some unexpected differences.

Somewhere, along the line, Club Excellent Era was bought by the Golden Leaf Corporation and almost all of the staff and even team was revamped. Tyranny fans scoffed as they wondered if this was the real reason why their Ye 'Qiu' had retired in their world. No wonder why Excellent Era stinked so much!

Somewhere, along the line, they also might have become proud of Ye Xiu and claimed him as their own like how an artist would a masterpiece (or father would a son). Or father would a son.

And somewhere, along the way, HanYe might have been created, but they all acknowledged it. Sure enough! Han Wenqing was happiest with a rival! And it was best to see Han Wenqing with Ye Xiu whether it be watching them fight in Glory or watching the two together in other things!

Tyranny patted themselves on the back for a job well done and celebrated with an in-real-life party with drinks.

The next morning when they found themselves back in the original world, they all looked at each other again and went on another hunt. This time, bringing to light all of Excellent Era's transgressions and bringing Ye Xiu into Tyranny.

Sorry Excellent Era! Ye Xiu was their son in another world and still one of theirs now. Tyranny all the way!

This Ye Xiu was also really confused, but decided to ignore it because he could still play Glory, the Tyranny fans having gotten the Alliance to overturn his retirement so that he could return in Season 9.