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The past two weeks were a disaster for Dani.

Everything that could go wrong with her work went wrong, the operations were behind schedule, she lost several chances, ended appointments with the burdening feeling that they didn’t go well and the amount of people that had to be added in order to handle these situations kept growing exponentially, she was mentally and physically exhausted, and had to fight her own will every day in order to keep going instead of just retiring and enjoy her fortune in a more quiet environment.

But that wasn’t her, she was not the type to give up when things get tough and she knew she needed to keep herself focused, her professional aspect was more important for her than her financial well-being.

But oh god, she needed a break.

Thankfully, she had Gigi who would pick her up and drag her out of her office to make sure she is eating a proper dinner and not just some quick, junk food to get out of the way while her mind stays completely focused on the office’s task and her stomach barely has anything of worth to digest. She drives her home every night, both to get some time to spend with her, and to make sure that she gets at least some hours of sleep, although she couldn’t control how early she would go back the next day, and she suspected it was quite early.

They would have dinner together, sometimes they would pick it up, or prepare it themselves if they felt in the mood, which wasn’t often, especially when they spent the whole day at work and wanted to take advantage of that free time they had together. They would drink a glass of wine, and Dani would rest her head on Gigi’s lap, closing her eyes and feeling relieved to have some minutes to just breathe, to just enjoy Gigi’s company. But it did feel too comfortable sometimes, and 3 out of 5 nights, she would fall asleep like that, until Gigi gently wakes her up to get her to bed, before leaving to her own apartment.

Dani wanted to ask her to stay, 5 out of 5 nights, but she knew it wasn’t the best idea, although she was really, really damn tired everyday, and coffee wasn’t even doing it for her anymore, she was… feeling restless in other ways. Gigi was both her biggest distraction and motivation these days, if during the day, a small, simple and apparently innocent thought popped up in her mind, she had to hurry up and shake it off, because she knew it could spread and grow and make her lose track of where she was and what she was doing, and in a matter of seconds, without her even realizing, all her thoughts in her brain would turn into her, Gigi.

And it was hardly her fault. After so many months of troubling, repressed feelings, it was still hard for her to believe they were finally dating, it was a big concept for her mind, and every aspect of it, every single thing she discovered, learned and got used to had this exciting, thrilling newness that she was dying to savor slowly, to enjoy thoroughly, she wanted to take her time and discover everything, to really take her prize for having waited so long.

She also knew it would be long before she would even get tired of it, even completely used to it. Everything was so different, so new, not just because of the relationship itself, it was the person, Gigi was so absolutely different from everyone she dated before, she felt sometimes like she was learning all over again what a relationship was, what love is, and how everything feels.

It felt new on a very deep and structural level and she was especially pleased with that, she felt safe, loved, taken care of and wanted. And she was doing her best to make Gigi feel that same way too, wanted, now that she knew there were many layers to her want, and they were based on the deep love and connection she felt, the sheer need to love someone with every part of her, and it presented in that same way, in a sexual, uninhibited, passional, wild and vibrating way, she wanted her so much, every day, every time, every minute she spent with her, she wanted to both rest her head on her shoulder for hours just to feel her body warmth, and to get her naked, sweating and cursing, coming hard while she looked into her eyes.

Dani could only contain so much.

But it wasn’t easy to give in to those needs, she knew one of the reasons she was having such a hard time with her job was because of all the commotion this new relationship brought into her life, one she absolutely wanted, but that she needed to learn to control and prioritize, to find a balance between both, because even though these days after they started dating, where she completely forgot she had a whole company’s operations in her hands, and barely even thought of excuses while she stayed with Gigi, everyday and night, enjoying each other, were absolutely heavenly and she wouldn’t take them back or change anything about them, they created this unbalance that she has been suffering for almost two weeks now, struggling to handle all the chaos her absence brought.

So after that, maybe it is better for her to learn to not forget completely about time while looking into Gigi’s eyes and about the rest of the world while kissing her lips, and try to not spend days of constant love making and takeout foods and avoiding responsibilities. Maybe one day that would be possible, but after Gigi said goodbye with a small press on her lips, and her body acted on its own, reaching to catch them back in a long, deep kiss that felt more like the lighter to that well known flame in her blood, she understood that day was still a far.


Thankfully, her work seemed to be resettling down and by friday, it seemed like she successfully brought everything back to normal, the business operations were fluid again and she realized it was possible for her to take the weekend off, she grabbed her phone to send a message to the first person that needed to know this.

“So until monday?” A message followed by an emoji of two curious eyes answered back, she smiled looking at it, there’s always some silly emoji when she’s in a good mood.

“Maybe til tuesday” she typed back and it was barely a second before her phone started vibrating with an incoming call.

“Gigi?” She answered.

“In that case, I have an offer, but we can do other things if you prefer, it’s just an option”

Dani furrowed her eyebrows, still smiling but slightly intrigued by the tone of voice Gigi had at the moment. She sounded oddly serious, almost like she was nervous.

“My family is spending this weekend in our summer house, my mother and some of my brothers and their partners are going to be there, so I was wondering if you would like to come?”

"Oh the whole weekend? I would love to" she answered immediately, almost automatically.

If she was honest, she did love that part, Gigi talked so much about her brothers and her parents, it almost felt like she already knew them in a way, and what she could gather from all that was that Gigi had a big, warm family and that single thing was one Dani had desperately craved to have for the most part of her life, she longed for it, did many of the things she did for it and sometimes made some mistakes for being so focused on that single thing, she even wondered if she was wrong for wanting it so bad.

For that time she dated Sophie, the part she enjoyed the most was her family, how loving, genuine and accepting they were, how they treated her like a member and always tried to support her from a respectful distance, and if she was honest… It was one of the things that hurt the most afterwards, losing Sophie's family. Almost like she never belonged at all, one single thing happened, and she lost that shy resemblance of a family. Those were hard days, she spiraled, felt lost, wondered if she would ever have it, if she even deserved it.

Even though it was hard being kind to herself those days, she was thankful that Gigi kept her grounded, helped her through the healing process, even unknowingly since Dani didn’t even know how to voice those feelings back then, and helped her understand that sometimes… A family can take different shapes.

So naturally she was nervous, excited and anticipating meeting Gigi's family, even just to put a face to all those many brother's names and watch how Gigi behaves around them, what she is like when she’s with her family. Dani knew that even though it was still very recently since they started dating, she wasn't afraid of going steady and meeting each other's circles, she wanted it in fact, wanted to welcome Gigi into every part of her life.

The call ended up stretching for a few more minutes than expected and it was the booster she needed to finish her day, to wrap up nicely for the week with all the tasks she had behind completely updated, and a deep sense of satisfaction by knowing that her hard work had paid off, even her assistant congratulated her.

It helped that she was amazing at working under pressure.

She received another message from Gigi asking her if she wanted to eat out tonight. Dani felt a strong stream of emotions bubbling up inside of her with that simple and casual gesture, she couldn't stop appreciating how much of a caring, sweet and considerate girlfriend Gigi was.

She would drive across the city, sometimes to see her for just a few minutes, and there were days where Dani would come back in the afternoon to her office to find a paper bag with lunch inside and a note telling her to not forget to eat.

Even though she had a full time job too, she would always find time for Dani, to take care of her, to make sure she was ok.

Gigi's love language is availability.

And it was exactly what Dani needed, to feel her presence tangible and to know that she would always show up for her when she needed it.

Her sweet gestures would extend to other things too, Gigi was amazing at anticipating her needs and offering to help even before she knew what she need, and there was an openness to the way she talked to her and ask her about her day, her feelings and her mood that made her feel like she could tell her anything, that there was no need to pretend or hide or feel embarrassed because Gigi would genuinely try to see from her perspective to understand and support her, and she learned to stop repressing everything down or to swallow her thoughts because she knew she wasn't going to be encountered with prejudice or judgment.

And it overwhelms her because she hadn't realized how badly she needed this.

It was an emotional relief like one she hadn't felt before, it made her more than thankful for Gigi. And she tried showing it every chance she had.

Like tonight where she decided to make reservations for a nice restaurant to make sure they would get a special table so it would be just the two of them, and even though she knew materialistic things barely impressed Gigi, she just wanted to communicate in a way, how much she appreciated every single minute she dedicated to her, and she hoped this was a good way of showing it.

So by 7 pm, Dani found Gigi's Cadillac waiting for her in the building’s parking lot, just the sight filled her with so much excitement, she opened the door to find Gigi's smile welcoming her inside.

"Hey boss lady"

"Hey" Dani smiled back and leaned over to press a kiss on Gigi's lips, but as soon as she moved back she felt her overcome with the need to kiss her properly so she leaned over again and pressed her lips, this time fully, Gigi followed along, deepening the kiss and matching Dani's movements, noticing how their breathing was getting elaborated, their pulse quickening, and she felt the need again, surging and overcoming her, she forgot about where they were and ran her hands down Gigi's neck, feeling her shiver, as her fingers traced her golden jewelry and continued their path to the opening of her blouse, fingertips sneaking in, enjoying the exhilarating warmth on her skin.

Gigi sighed into the kiss and pulled away, looking at her with a teasing smile.

"So you missed me?"

"You have no idea" her hand kept dipping lower, feeling thankful for her lack of bra, Gigi's eyes were on her lips, watching her carefully, and enjoying the hitch of breath when her fingers found a hard, aching nipple bumping into them. The gentle touch consumed her whole, irradiated heat through her body.

"Dani" Gigi whispered, and she was about to lean in and forget herself in Dani's lips again, to skip over all the plans they had for the night and focus on this instead, but she caught with her peripheral view a person walking right in front of the car, way too close for comfort, who turned around to look behind her and made Dani withdraw her hand like it burned.

Gigi turned around, following Dani's eyes, focused on watching the person disappear on their right.

“Is that your assistant?”

Dani nodded and looked at her nervously "do you think she saw me?"

Gigi laughed and shook her head, there was no way she saw her through the tinted windshield but it was adorable how embarrassed Dani was for almost getting caught.

"Let's get going"

Gigi drove slowly and surely through the streets, while Dani just looked at her, enjoying the comfortable silence, the continuous and peaceful movements of her hands, she loved that concentrated look in her face, there was just so much to admire and she always found more and more details to add.

When they arrived, Gigi was slightly surprised to know they didn't have to wait for an empty table, Dani announced her name and the waitress walked them to their seats, in a private lounge in the balcony, with the city and lights of L.A. in front of them, they sat down and she looked at Dani amused.

“Are you in the VIP list here or?"

"Of course not" Dani laughed "I made reservations"

“Oh? Are you trying to seduce me or something, miss Núñez?"

"Always" Dani answered right away, her voice serious and honest, her eyes set on Gigi's lips, feeling the desire to kiss her again, to lick and nibble those lips for hours and hours until they felt like burning, Gigi raised her eyebrows, being taken back by this but feeling deeply pleased by her straight forwardness, she was mostly used to Dani flustering and admitting things out loud only when she’s not looking at her face, but slowly she's been getting more confident, enough to hold her eye contact and elaborate more and more into those insinuations, always pushing and searching for more. And Gigi couldn’t deny how the mere act burned her alive with a want.

But they had just arrived at the restaurant, and it was still too early to feel that rush to get out and head towards one of their places. She wanted to enjoy this too, to have a proper evening with Dani.

"I'm anxious about meeting your family" Dani admitted finding Gigi's eyes, she was sure she was only going to find understanding behind them, but it still made her a bit nervous being so open and honest, she still needed time to adjust to this.

"They're going to love you" Gigi found Dani's hand on her table and squeezed it affectionately "They'll love you when they see how happy you make me"

Dani inhaled deeply, still not used to it, to hear her saying those things so casually, not knowing how they created these big inner turmoils in her, it manifested in several ways, a surge of tingling feelings in her belly, a dry throat, arousal shooting straight to her core, she couldn't understand it, when she heard Gigi said the most tender things, it would cause her body to react immediately, even when things aren’t inherently sexual, but it was like a need to love and devote her body to her immediately.

She grabbed back Gigi's hand and looked at her intensely, her eyes taking in the beautiful and amazing woman in front of her, and she felt silly for just remaining there, sitting down while she should drag her to her bed and worship her whole for hours.

God, she wanted nothing but that.

The waitress came back to bring them cups and pour wine on them, it was a good timing because Dani was only seconds away from using that same hand to drag her out, but she guessed she could wait after this cup.

"Only 4 of my brothers are coming, and our mother, so maybe this will be easier for you, so you don't feel too intimidated by meeting the whole family at once"

Dani did feel better, especially since Gigi spent the rest of the evening telling her stories about her childhood with her brothers and her mom, telling her the favorite and funniest quirks of each one of them, in such an affectionate voice that even while she called them "dumb" or "annoying" she could feel how much she actually loves and cares for them. It was insanely endearing and Dani found herself unable to look away from those eyes, from that smile and even though she had a beautiful view of the city in front of her she couldn't see anything as disarming, as stunning and mesmerizing as Gigi.

Gigi smiled when she realized how different the shine in Dani's eyes looked like now, how much they were taking her in and focusing on her lips as she talked, they then went to her neck and she didn't miss the darker tone her eyes took as they slid slower.

"Would you like to stay at my place tonight?" Gigi's voice was lower too and Dani didn't miss the implication, something inside of her shook and twisted with excitement. She nodded.

After eating, enjoying the rest of the bottle of wine and watching the moon slid slowly up in the sky, Gigi drove to Dani's condo to pack some necessary things for the trip the following day and soon enough they were entering Gigi's loft, Dani's lips pressing hotly to Gigi's neck, inhaling her scent deeply with every breathe and closing her eyes as the relief spread through her body just by feeling her like this, just having her body close to her was enough, Gigi's hands were on her hair, grabbing her softly to find her lips and join them together in a quick and frenzied kiss, she realized Gigi was feeling it too, the urgency, the need to go further.

It made Dani almost dizzy, and she wondered for a second if it was the wine or maybe she was really missing and needing Gigi that bad, but when Gigi's body guided her to bed and carefully laid down on top of her, her head was really spinning and it was getting hard for her to focus on what was happening.

“Did I really drink that much?” She wondered mentally, confused at the sudden effect, she had to close her eyes to not see the way the ceiling was quaking and twisting. Gigi saw it and furrowed her eyebrows confused, then she felt Dani’s body relaxing under her, feeling her breathing become long and calm.

"Dani?" She called, rubbing softly her face and noticing the lack of reaction, her body was completely still and there was no indication that Dani was hearing or feeling her anymore. She felt slightly guilty to realize how tired she had been all these days, how it was probably building up slowly to this moment, where her body couldn’t follow through anymore, but still did her best to spend the evening with her, to prolong the night and stay with her.


The sun was covering everything in warm light when Dani woke up, feeling well rested, better than in several weeks, she opened her eyes to find a sleeping Gigi in front of her, and remembered that she stayed the night, Gigi's comforting, warm body next to her was probably the reason she was feeling so comfortable in that moment, she couldn't help but get closer to her and press a soft kiss to her lips. She closed her eyes and just stayed there, enjoying the moment, indulging in this new comfort that was becoming so essential to her life.

And Gigi's bed sheets smelled so much like her, she thought she could get high from it alone, she felt the arm that was peacefully resting over her clutching her and she turned to find Gigi's eyes looking at her, which was enough to light up that spark in her belly and she leaned over to find her lips again, kissing her so suddenly Gigi barely had time to answer, she shifted and her bare thighs hit hers and she realized she had no pants on, but was still wearing her shirt and underwear, she tried to think but she couldn't remember when she took them off last night, she couldn’t even recall falling asleep at all.

"Gigi" she pulled away, Gigi still had her eyes closed and just answered with a hum, her right hand pulling her closer to her.

"Did you take off my pants last night?"

Gigi opened her eyes slowly to find Dani's amused smile.

"I did"

"Why just my pants?" Gigi laughed

"Love, you fell asleep as soon as you touched the bed, and I know how much you hate to sleep with tight pants on, so I took them off but didn't know how comfortable you'd be with me taking anything else off while you were asleep, and you were gone"

Dani scooted closer and pressed several kisses on her cheek, not only for being so considerate to her but also that "love" at the beginning had her almost forgetting about everything else.

"Thank you" she kissed her again and then pulled back to look at her "love"

Gigi laughed, and embraced her with her arms, her smell was everywhere and Dani closed her eyes enjoying it, feeling so calm.

"Did you sleep well?" She asked, her voice still low with morning drowsiness, Dani adored it.

"Hmm so well, I'm sorry for passing out"

"Not at all, you needed to rest, you had some pretty rough weeks"

"Yeah, it's finally over"

"Are you sure you still want us to go to that summer house with my family? We could just stay here and do more relaxing things, I want you…" Gigi exhaled "to recover property"

"Hm me too, I also want you" Dani paused, Gigi awaited "to introduce me to your family"

Gigi laughed, it was so silly but everything felt so good with Dani, with this easiness, the simple act of enjoying her presence, it was enough to make her feel thankful for all the decisions that brought her here, to this moment.

Then in a very predictable way, Dani’s hands slid with more intention around Gigi’s body, she found her lips and kissed her deeper, longer, breathlessly, awakening that heat, making it start circling Dani's body, with nowhere else to go but to keep pumping into her veins, and she felt it in her, rising up her desperation, her need for more, for everything from Gigi.

She turned and moved on top of her, her lips finding Gigi's neck, in that soft place that pulsed quickly under her lips, she licked it and heard a rewarding sound, the type that would immediately put her in a state of complete ecstasy, those sounds always had the capacity to make her lose her common sense.

She was ready to jump in, to stay in that trance with Gigi for as long as her body could take it, until that need was thoroughly sated, but then a vibrating sound in her nightstand startled them, making her huff in annoyance and Dani tried to ignore it but Gigi kept looking at it

"I'm sorry, I think it's Javaher to know if we'll be going with them"

"Oh" Dani turned to find her eyes "they want us to go with them?"

"No, it’s just to let them know if we’re going so they can keep an eye on us while we're on the road, it isn't far but it is a bit tricky to get there and we try to stay in communication to make sure we all make it"

Dani nodded, understanding but at the same time really wanting more time in bed with Gigi, wanting to ask her to tell them some excuse or that they will be there late so they can have the morning to enjoy alone for longer and to forget about the rest of the world for a bit more.

She checked the time, it was already 11 am, not very early, she gave up knowing that it was better to get up before she convinced herself and Gigi to not go anywhere and stay here with her for as many days as she wanted, so when Gigi received another call, she knew it was probably better to stop avoiding it, she told her to answer while she got up to boil water to prepare some morning tea.

All this domestic newness was exciting for Dani, learning about each other’s tastes, routines, and dynamics was something she looked forward every time, Dani was the type who wants to know everything about the person she loves, she loves specific details, random ones, and everything she had learned about Gigi was so in tune with everything she was, so there was a part of her that really excited her about meeting family and seeing her interact with them, discovering yet, a new angle.

More than an hour and a half passed before they were in Gigi’s car, they did their best with the time between the constant hugs and kisses, and sudden small talks while eating breakfast, and doing each other’s makeup and trying not to get too caught up with how they looked while getting dressed, and trying to not touch too much, to not kiss too hard, and keep their thoughts of all the things they wanted, to themselves. Knowing that eventually there will be a time for that.

“It was so messy, both Cyrus and Darius had a crush on her and she came over everyday” Gigi took a quick look at Dani’s smiley face, they were already out of the city and surrounded by high trees on both sides of the road, she knew the house wasn’t very far now “And I really thought it was because of one of them, but she always wanted to hangout with me instead and I used to think it was probably because I was the only girl in the house, but no”

“She had a crush on you” Dani finished, chuckling at the idea of a cute, oblivious young Gigi not knowing how to handle this.

Gigi nodded with raised eyebrows “And I was the last person to notice!”

Dani shook her head, yeah she could see that.

“Anyway, they never really got over it, up to this day they swear I stole their girlfriend which-” Gigi used her right hand to point a finger up “It’s not true because I didn’t know I was gay back then and they weren’t dating and-”

“Did you kiss her?”

“I… Did”

Dani laughed, and loved the way Gigi was smiling in resignation too, the way her lips curled up and her eyes squinted while doing so, it all looked incredibly attractive to her.

Gigi continued with more stories involving her brothers and giving her some more background to each one of them, and she could tell there was a hint of nervousness there, like she was anxious about her meeting them too, she wondered when was the last time she did this… Was it with Nat? Probably when they started dating and that had to be so many years ago, it made sense to her that this would make her nervous and Dani only hoped everything would go well.

Gigi turned around several times, and the street got narrow and she understood why her brothers wanted to keep an eye on them, it did look tricky but Gigi seemed to know exactly which way to go, and soon enough she was slowing down in front of a huge house that looked way more luxurious and modern than she expected, it was painted in light colors and had beautiful gardens to each side, and a big pool at the front, she didn’t know what she expected, perhaps something more… rustic?

Gigi parked the car near several others, and she realized everyone was already here, it was still early in the afternoon and they were the last ones to arrive, her stomach twisted with nervousness as they walked to the front door, Gigi’s hand grabbing her own in a comforting way, and as soon as they stepped inside, Gigi greeted everyone excitedly, the whole room turned to them and she got a glimpse of a bunch of young people, matching Gigi’s excitement, Gigi walked straight to a woman that had some features she could recognize easily on Gigi’s face too, kind, expressive eyes turned to her.

“Dani, meet my mother, Huma” The woman smiled and wrapped her up in a hug that felt deeply comforting “Mom, this is Daniela, my girlfriend”

Dani felt her chest burst with these words, it felt like a shot of pure joy that hit her straight in her belly, she was ecstatic just by being called that and the realization that it was true, she was Gigi’s girlfriend, felt surreal.

"So nice to finally meet you" The woman said then walked her to show her the food table and tell her how she especially prepared everything and was hoping she would enjoy it, which really warmed Dani's heart knowing the love a mother puts in her food it's always the best ingredient.

She took in the lively living room, there was a soft music in the background, several figures sitting down in couches, chairs or standing up and talking in groups, a tall man approached them and Huma looked at him adoringly, she turned to Dani.

“Dani, meet Javaher” Dani smiled at him, and greeted him politely, knowing already for the way she looked at him that it was probably the famous Javaher, mother’s favorite. Which still blew her mind because for her, she couldn’t imagine Gigi not being the absolute favorite for the whole family.

He hugged her warmly and when she turned around a beautiful woman was approaching them, Gigi was with her, pointing to Dani.

“She is gorgeous Gigi” she heard her say, and Dani felt blood rushing to her face, when she was close enough, she greeted her with a kiss on each side of her cheeks “Nice to meet you Dani, I’m Ariana, Javaher’s wife and Gigi’s favorite in law”

Everyone laughed at the last part, including Dani who could feel that deep down the statement was true.

Dani noticed two identical little boys who had the most adorable casual clothing on, who were focused on the sweet snacks of the food table, until they caught a sight of Gigi and immediately walked to them at once, at the same time like it was a rehearsed move.

“Auntie Gigi” they greeted at the same time and they were small enough for Gigi to bend down and hug them both at once, greeting them back with little nicknames in Farsi, that had the kids giggling adorably. And even though Ariana was telling her something in that moment, Dani had a hard time listening, her heart was melting just by looking at her being so affectionate with the kids and smiling so big with every little giggle she took out of them.

“Eli and Olive?” They asked, probably hoping they would have come too to have someone to play with.

“They went to a camp, but they will come next time” The kids were visually disappointed but then Dani realized that they probably do these types of meetings quite often and it wasn’t the first time they couldn’t come.

Gigi made some more conversation with the kids, asking them about school, and the kids were ever so happy to share, filling her in with all the latest details, which she listened attentively and Dani really couldn’t stop looking at her, at the way she was so naturally good with these kids, they were truly comfortable with her and she couldn’t help but imagine her with her own kids and think of how much she wanted to see her with them too.

She continued talking to Ariana and Javaher, until another young man approached them to introduce himself and greet Dani, it was Cyrus this time, who tried hard to remain polite even as both Javaher and Gigi teased him in front of them, laughing and telling Dani that all those stories were fake, which she didn’t quite believe.

Eventually the other brothers came around to introduce themselves, giving Dani enough space and being aware of how intimidating it looked to meet such a big group at once, Jalil asked her about her favorite meal and went to the kitchen to request it himself, which was a really kind gesture and slowly, between the constant laughs and drinks, she got more and more comfortable, and stopped feeling so self conscious.

It was already night time when she started feeling slightly tipsy, and was sitting in the couch next to Gigi, while Darius told them a long story about something interesting that happened not long ago, Gigi had her fingers intertwined with hers, and was rubbing her hands slowly with her thumb, which made it increasingly harder for her to focus on the other things that were happening around them.

Gigi leaned in and whispered in her ear “Want to get into the pool?”

“The pool?” Dani asked confused, holding herself from answering that she much rather get into a bed, with her.

“You brought a swimsuit, right?” Dani nodded, she wasn’t really in the mood to get into a pool though.

“It’s a very warm night, don’t you think?” Dani thought about it, a warm night? She didn’t know, but she thought of the idea of seeing Gigi in a swimsuit and suddenly yeah, it was very hot and the idea sounded really good.

So a few minutes later, she was stepping out the changing room, finding Gigi sitting at the edge of the pool, waiting for her, wearing a tasteful dark green one piece swimsuit that hugged her body perfectly and made Dani’s throat dry just by looking at it. Her curls tied up in a bun, with small rebellious strands falling on the sides of her face, she was beyond beautiful.

They grabbed hands and stepped into the pool using the stairs, enjoying the refreshing feeling, the combination of the night sky full with stars, the slightly tipsy state, and having her close, mixing in an euphoric feeling that had her unable to stop smiling, the pool was several meters away from the house, and she realized what a good idea this was, it was private, just the two of them, their glass of champagne waiting at the edge of the pool, and the stolen kisses and sneaked touches, felt even better somehow.

Her need for Gigi came back in full force, wanting so bad to feel her, to touch her more, to look at her face carefully, reading on it exactly what she wanted, and Gigi felt it, the hands that were resting on her waist, slowly running upwards, tugging on the nylon of the fabric and finding her hardened nipples underneath, she hummed and licked her lips, looking at Dani, torn between asking her to behave, or to do more.

And Dani was sure of what it was going to be, because her hands grew confident with purpose and she ran one to the back, following the edge of the swimsuit, dipping on her lower back, her fingers were curious to dip lower and discover even more, and as she was about to do just that, a big splash caught them by surprise and all they saw was the water wetting their faces and hair, and Dani felt dread, she didn’t really want to wet her hair, that’s why she had it tied up too.

It took her a few seconds to realize that Darius had done a cannonball while Cyrus and a Nylah, his current girlfriend, walked around the edge, wearing swimsuits and apparently in the mood for a dip too.

Dani understood with resignation that their little, intimate moment by the pool had ended, she tried to not look too salty about it, and pretend she was happy to have more people to hangout by the pool, and eventually it became true, they laughed, and played games, and drink by the pool until it got late and by the time they went back to the house, everyone had already gone to bed.

They walked over to their bedroom, saying goodnight to Gigi’s brothers and stepped inside a big room, with a queen sized bed, and a huge window on the side, their things were already in the closet.

“You want to take a shower first? I’m going to prepare some tea so I won’t feel too hungover tomorrow” Gigi said, her hair wet despite the efforts she made to keep it dry and safe, she grabbed a robe from the closet and left the room quite fast, making Dani slightly disappointed, she was hoping she would convince her to shower together.

Next time then.

Once she was finished, and did a fairly good job drying her hair up, she walked downstairs to the kitchen and found Gigi in her robe, sipping on her cup of tea, her hair dry and falling down in gracious waves.

“Did you shower?” Dani asked, taking a seat in front of her, Gigi took the warming pot and poured some tea into the clean cup next to hers, she was waiting for her.

“I did”

Dani took a look at her bare face, her freshly washed hair, the black robe, and sighed, looking at her, tired.

“What?” Gigi asked, slightly worried “Is there something wrong?”

“You are so beautiful” Dani took a sip of her tea, looking down in resignation, Gigi chuckled, keeping her eyes on her face “I want you so much Gigi, it’s driving me crazy”

Hearing these words made her drop the amused smile, her eyes grew a darker shade on them and she gulped heavily, Dani turned her eyes to her and she bit her lips, like she was containing some words to leave her mouth.

“I want you too… so much”

Dani’s breath hitched and she put the cup of tea down, surrounding the little table to find Gigi’s hand, and rubbing it softly.

“Let’s go back to the room”

Gigi nodded, and they walked in a rushed pace, in silence but exchanging knowing looks, seeing hundreds of proposals, of invitations, suggestions in their eyes, and her hands were almost shaking with the desperate need to fulfill them all.

They opened the door, and Dani was about to jump her, to grab her waist and press her close, or to pull her robe and get her completely naked for her, she wondered if it would be too much if she dropped to her knees right there and grabbed Gigi’s hips to find her mouth, or if it would be better to bent her over, and press-

“Aunt Gigi!”

Before Dani’s mind would decide on any action, she had time to discover the figures of two kids standing up on their bed, and Dani was certain they were bouncing on it before they came in, thankfully they didn’t have their shoes on.

“Kids, what are you doing here?” Gigi asked, mildly surprised.

“We were waiting for you” They sat down in the bed and comfortably grabbed their pillows, hugging them “Dad told us you have very scary stories to tell us”

“Oh he did?” Gigi didn’t sound amused, Dani could almost hear her saying “ugh Javaher” through her teeth.

Since everyone else were in their respective bedrooms, they ended up accepting the kids, at first they swore and promised that they will go back to their room, downstairs where they had their respective beds, but after a few stories of quickly invented scary things that never happened, it was clear that the kids won’t be going to sleep there by themselves.

And naturally, they ended up in the middle of the bed, between Dani and Gigi who were each at the opposite extreme.

Dani sighed, once again.

“Dani?” One of the kids asked, suddenly opening his eyes, the other one was thankfully asleep, Gigi opened hers too, waiting.

“Yes?” Dani was slightly confused by the serious tone of voice of this kid.

“Are you going to be our aunt?”

Gigi bit her lips to avoid smiling, and she almost did too, but by the way he asked the question, she could feel that it was important for him to be taken seriously on this inquiry.
“I hope so” She felt warm, happy even, there was something about being accepted by the kids of the family that felt so genuine, she felt lucky for it.

“Good, mum said you’re super rich and I hope you become our aunt so you can give us very cool christmas presents”

Satisfied with this explanation, the kid closed his eyes finally, and Dani closed hers, this time hearing Gigi exhaling copiously, doing her best efforts to keep her laugh down, but eventually she and Dani cracked and they ended up laughing out loud together, with the oblivious kids sleeping soundly next to them.


It was obscenely early in the morning when they woke up startled by the sound the kids dropping things in the bathroom, Gigi groaned and turned around, but Dani stood up, her eyes barely focused when she walked in to find them with a manual air compressor pump, trying to blow air into a huge float with the shape of a slice of pizza, she looked at them confused.

“What are you guys doing?” She asked

“We’re getting ready to go to the pool”

“Now?” She looked at her phone “It’s 6 am”

Of course it had to be at 6 am, and knowing that the kids weren’t figuring out how to inflate the float, she decided to help them and unknowingly, she ended up with them, in the pool again, watching them play and jump into the float, as she sipped some orange juice, laying down in one of the of the lounge chairs, keeping an eye of them.

At around 8 am, Ariana and Javaher showed up, surprised to find the scene.

“Did they wake you up at 6?” Ariana asked, slightly embarrassed and apologetic.

So this was a known behavior here, checked.

She was so sorry about it, she brought her a full stray with breakfast meals and Dani was in the middle of eating it all, when Gigi showed up.

“So here you are” She said, her voice hoarse, she was covered in last night’s robe, Dani knew she had just woken up.

Everyone were silently surprised by the fact that the kids took a liking to Dani this quickly, they were usually shy around strangers and needed a long time to feel comfortable, but after just one day of knowing her, they were already calling her to play with them in the pool, Gigi and the brothers looked at each other confused, they had never been asked to play with them before.

The rest of the day they spent it just relaxing, either by the pool side or in the games room, and during the afternoon, they started seeing professional chefs coming in, with big boxes and politely making their way to the kitchen. Dani looked at it wondering what was going on.

“We’re having a special dinner tonight” Gigi informed her.

And it was very true, Dani took a long shower, put on some makeup and a dress on, and got to the dinner table to find it full with all types of delicious iranian typical dishes. She was excited about it, it has been a while since the last time she tried many of them.

The dinner table was big enough to fit all of them, and between talks and laughs, they ate, then drank and eventually, they remained sitting, just hanging out, seeing each other’s faces, and the night went by and the food got replaced by bottles of alcohol, especially Tequila, and after a few shots of it, Dani couldn’t take her hand off Gigi’s thigh even if she tried.

“Gigi” Dani used a tone of voice that sounded very similar… To something Gigi already learned to relate to other situations, this caused her to raise an eyebrow, looking at her with interest.

“Dani, we just started” Gigi smiled, she knew what Dani was asking for, and if she was honest, she was really wanting it too, but she knew her family wouldn’t be happy with them just retiring to their rooms, the reason for this special dinner was exactly them, Gigi introducing her new partner. “The moment they see us walking to our dorm… We will never hear the end of it”

Dani sighed, she looked into her eyes, then down to her lips, to the way they were slightly red after the last shot of tequila, she wanted so bad to lick them, to suck them into her mouth “Then let’s not go to the dorm”

Gigi furrowed her eyebrows, not following, she was hoping Dani wouldn’t try anything under the table because she knew the kids liked to play there sometimes, but to her relief, she just stood up and walked over to the social bathroom, taking a last look at her as she entered.

Gigi felt her pulse quickening, she looked around to see if anyone noticed it but everyone were encapsulated in each other’s conversation and apparently nobody saw it, she stood up, not sure if she was really going to go along with it, maybe she will just get in and tell Dani that they can’t. Yes, she was going to do that.

This bathroom had 3 separate stalls, and a big mirror at the front with a line of faucets. She hoped to find Dani there, but she saw her waiting inside one of the stalls, she shook her head, amused, she couldn’t believe Dani was capable of this.

She felt like a teenager again, walking inside and closing the door behind her, the place was spacious, it had a marble dressing table with several things on it, and she felt Dani’s arms surrounding her and her lips finding her quickly, kissing her deeply, slowly but with all intention dripping from it, she almost forgot herself while feeling her like this, while Dani sucked her tongue and bit on her lower lip.

She pulled away “Dani, this-”

“We’ll be fast” Dani whispered agitatedly in her ear, and all the resistance crumbled inside of Gigi, seeing her and hearing her like this was way too thrilling, she didn’t want it to stop.

And she didn’t. She allowed Dani to sit her down on the lid of the covered toilet, and she kneeled in front of her, her lips pressing desperate kisses on her neck, agitating Gigi’s breathing.

"I’m losing my mind" Dani whispered hushedly into Gigi's neck, her need, her intense want displaying, Gigi felt drunk with it too "I just want you"

This was a new side of Dani, she always guessed she’d be the adventurous type but she absolutely loved knowing exactly how much, seeing her like this, almost begging her to touch her, it was driving her wild too.

"Let me-" she tried but she couldn’t finish, too focused on undoing Gigi's pants and pulling them down "is it ok-?"

Gigi smiled "you already did"

"If I eat you out here?" Dani bit her lip, her voice going lower if that's even possible, Gigi exhaled shakily, not expecting the question to end like that, not expecting any of it but unable to stop it, her whole body begged her to go through and see where it would end.

She nodded.

"You can do everything you want to me"

Dani groaned, her head got filled with way too many ideas. After that sentence it was almost hard to decide, but she had something very specific in mind that she absolutely needed. She finished taking the pants off and pressed her mouth hotly to Gigi's underwear, inhaling and looking into her eyes, feeling her hips jerk softly on her face.

Gigi bit her lower lip tightly, looking at her, trying to keep the eye contact but had to close her eyes and felt them rolling into her head, when Dani teased her hard straining bud with the tip of her tongue, her hands went to Gigi's blouse undoing the buttons but her desperation got the best of her and as soon as her bra was exposed, her hands went directly there, digging her fingertips underneath, finding her hard nipples and flicking them as her tongue pressed firmly on Gigi's clit in tight circles.

Dani grew frustrated, unable to taste her directly and grabbed the edge of her underwear, finding approval on Gigi’s eyes before pulling it down and off hastily.

She went back to her position now spreading her open with her thumbs as she licked very softly from her entrance to her clit, and hummed deep in her throat, finally getting what she wanted.

"Fuck Dani" Gigi whispered, and pressed down with her hips, exhaling heavily, overwhelmed with pleasure, Dani allowed it and felt the intense tension accumulating in her body, her arousal reaching new highs as she heard Gigi, as she tasted her and traced her properly with her tongue, she couldn’t stand it anymore and without thinking too much about it, she took a hand under her dress and underwear, reaching for her clit and pressing it down softly, gasping against Gigi's as the relief washed over her in intense waves.

"Dani, let me-" Gigi saw it all, her eyes were focused on that hand and suddenly she was feeling the need to replace it with her own, she almost bent over but Dani pressed a hand to her chest to keep her down.

"I want to keep tasting you" she whispered, her big eyes boring into hers and Gigi felt unable to argue back, her lips went back to her wet center to press multiple kisses and suck gently, Gigi's thighs started trembling, and once again, Dani couldn’t stop her own hand from pressing tight circles on her clit in the same way she was doing with her tongue, Gigi felt her gasping her pleasure into her, and felt her want growing and demanding.

"Dani" Gigi called again "I want to feel you too" she wanted to know how wet she was, how good she would feel when she’s that turned on, she needed it, and it was getting hard to control how much she wanted her too, Dani saw it in her eyes.

She stood up, pulling her underwear down and her dress up, Gigi saw the hem of the dress lifting, her heart beating faster seeing every inch of newly discovered skin, and couldn’t stop her hands from resting at the sides of her thighs, Dani pressed her own over hers, and with her knee motioned Gigi to spread hers further open, she looked at her with a frown.

"What-?" Gigi was about to ask, confused.

"Support your leg here" she pulled her right leg up and pressed her against the small marble table at the side, helping her with her hand to stay in that position, as Dani stepped between her, raising her left thigh up and lowering on Gigi "you wanted to feel me?"

She managed to press down on her but the angle wasn't quite right, she tried adjusting up and down to find a better one.

"Are you seriously going to trib me in a bathroom?" Gigi asked in an amused whisper, Dani didn’t answer, she kept pressing around, trying to find the right position. Her arousal was at exponential levels now and she was starting to grow slightly frustrated with the position.

Suddenly they heard the door opening and they both froze, instinctively looking at the door, worried that whoever just came in would try to open it, Dani twisted her chest as a reflex and widened her stance to be sure to keep the balance and as her hips shifted, she pressed up and felt her clit bump into Gigi's hard, throbbing one. She immediately jerked her hips and looked down at the way they were accidentally pressed just right and then at Gigi's face, whose mouth was open in a silent gasp and her eyes were focused in the same place, right before finding Dani's, there was a mix of want and worry in her eyes, and Dani pushed her hips up tentatively, testing her reaction, pleasure burned inside of her with the smallest movement and she could see it reflected on Gigi's eyes, who hissed loudly like she just forgot everything about where she was.

"Who's in there?" They remembered the presence of the person who entered earlier, Dani stayed still, they heard the sound of makeup being closed and open, they exchanged nervous looks, until finally Gigi closed her eyes in resignation.

"Hey Ari, it's me"

"Oh Gigi, there you are, Huma was wondering where you've gone"

Dani's hips were almost shaking trying to stay still, the pressure on her clit against Gigi's was getting too much and she tried to relieve it by moving it slightly away, but her body immediately demanded more and she ended up pressing down again, closing her eyes tightly and clenching her jaw while feeling the concentrated spark of pleasure burning in her belly, she saw Gigi's eyes widening and shaking her head slowly as she mouthed a silent "no" but she was also breathing heavily, and her hands were grabbing her sides tightly, almost like wanting to keep her in place, and she couldn't help it, she pushed her hips back and forth again, it felt so good.

"Is Dani having fun?"

Gigi's face went almost pale, until she realized she was just talking in general and tried to relax, even though she felt a rising tension overcoming her as Dani kept the pressure on her clit too constant for her to have any reasonable thoughts.

"Yeah" Her voice came out too low and restrained, Dani looked at her with a very lewd smile and her belly tensed just by the sight, she couldn't believe Dani was capable of it "I think she is"

"That's good, you two look beautiful together, we were all a bit shocked when we saw her you know? She's really pretty"

Dani grabbed her dress up, which was blocking the full sight of them pressed together, she saw her looking down and she followed her eyes, feeling her trembling slightly, her clit was throbbing so hard she could feel it pulsing against her own with every small roll of her hips, she could feel it clearly and Dani's face would twist in pleasure, knotting her eyebrows together and biting her lips with her eyes slightly closed, she looked insanely beautiful.

"I thought the same thing"

Ariana laughed and opened the faucet, the sound was exactly what Dani needed, she used the chance to move harder and faster, the wet sounds they were making, masked by the water running down and Gigi had to hold herself to Dani, one hand on the back of her neck, the other one on her hip, clutching her tightly as the pleasure grew and built in an exquisite tension on her belly that wanted to burst so bad, she felt in a trance, seeing her eyes looking at her in the most lustful way, and hearing her whispering:

"You feel so fucking good" Not even that close to her ear, and Gigi was sure that she was going to completely lose it here.

Ariana closed the faucet and Dani's hips stopped dry, Gigi felt the frustration growing and her need duplicating in intensity, she didn’t care anymore she needed her to keep going, to go to Dani’s ear and beg her to move harder, to-

"Did you tell her what to say if Huma asks her if you've slept together?" Ariana continued, Gigi was once again reminded of her presence and forced herself to hold on, even though Dani's hips were moving very slowly in small but tight circles that were ruining her mind.

"Yes, of course" Gigi was having a hard time trying to get her voice to sound normal, she was trying to not let her hear how heavily she was breathing "of course we haven't"

Dani's hips shook slightly harder and Gigi saw nothing but white for a few seconds, the contact was too fucking tight and any movement felt like a lot.

Dani smiled and looked at her while licking her lips, she kept moving her hips making small 8 shapes and shaking slightly with the tension that kept building up, Gigi ran her hands around her hips and doubted, she didn't know if she wanted to make her stop or to press her down harder, the way she could feel how clearly she was flicking her clit with hers, had her seconds away from saying “fuck it” and make her move just how she wanted, to roll up and down, keeping the pressure just perfect between them. But instead, Gigi kept her hands just resting there, unable to do anything else.

Ariana laughed "Yeah, right" she heard the sound of a purse being zipped up and hoped, wished, begged, she was about to leave "You totally don't look seconds away from tearing each other’s clothes off at all"

Dani's hips then started moving side to side in a slow, teasing pace, and she leaned down to whisper as quietly as she could "well, that's true"

Gigi thrusted down with her own hips, keeping her clit rubbing on Dani's and then she moved up very slowly, seeing Dani's jaw clenching, she had to cover her mouth with her hand to make sure no sound would escape, which gave her enough leverage to move her hips up and down in longer motions, Dani's followed with her hips and her eyes almost closed completely, clouded in pleasure.

"Are you ok there?" Ariana asked, noticing the lack of engagement, but Gigi wasn't thinking clearly by then, the pleasure was building up quickly and Dani was tensing alarmingly hard on top of her, her body just wanted to let go, move hard, come fast, finally get some relief.

"Yeah, yeah, it's just that …" Gigi was breathing heavily with every word, no longer able to hide it, suddenly she felt Dani's back arching and tensing, pushing her head back, as her body was trembling hard and her clit pulsed violently against hers.

"Fuck" she whispered in surprise, Dani's eyes were unfocused, her hips were jerking against her periodically, and her thighs were shaking around her, it was too late.

"Yeah?" Ariana prompted.

"Sorry Ari, I just can't while someone's around"

"Ohh, I'm so sorry Gigi, I didn't know"

Gigi heard the door opening and closing and the rest of the bathroom remained quiet, and felt finally relieved, she looked at Dani who was coming, still riding the waves and Gigi was impressed she wasn't letting out the distinctive tiny sounds she does when she's coming, but as she felt safe that they were alone again, she moved her hand away and she heard them, the ones she loved the most.

"Fuck, fuck" Dani whispered, coming down from her high, Gigi was still extremely turned on and kept moving her hips as she rode it out, Dani gasped and she felt oversensitive, but couldn’t really stop, seeing the way Gigi bit her lip while looking at her, and that lustful look on her face, it was driving her wild again, and she moved softly as she felt arousal sparking up again.

“So this is what you like, Dani?” Gigi asked her very lowly, and the tone of voice was suddenly too much, she felt her heart beating wildly, and moved her hips down purposefully.

“I’m sorry, I wasn’t” Dani tried, the air making a mess in her throat.

“Are you really apologizing?” Gigi laughed, low and contained, she kept moving her and using her hands to press her harder against herself, she was at a point where she couldn’t stand to feel it softly anymore. “You came while she was still here, you love this, don’t you?”

Dani exhaled shakily and closed her eyes, trying hard to endure this, both hypersensitive and wanting more, while Gigi’s words kept prompting her to lose herself again, almost taunting her to take control and do it harder.

She felt Gigi’s hand on her neck, then tracing her jaw, getting to her lips and rubbing them softly, and she then pressed inside, and Dani received them, teasing with tongue, as she felt unable to keep her hips to gyrate and press down harder, exactly how Gigi wanted it.

The heat started circling round through her veins again, and soon enough they were bucking their hips into each other, keeping the pressure constant and firm, Gigi hissed looking down where they were tightly pressed and Dani sucked her fingers, feeling absolute bliss.

“You love this, don’t you?” Gigi repeated, finding her eyes, dark like black voids that were about to swallow her whole, and she couldn’t think anymore, her mind too foggy for that, she nodded energetically, and the tension in her body started rising fast again, Gigi gasped, her hands moving from Dani’s hips to her breasts, grabbing them and flicking her nipples, her fingers still wet from her mouth, feeling the highest peak approaching, about to fall.

“Come with me” Gigi begged in a small voice, that pushed her over the edge immediately, and she felt her tensing against her, moaning as quietly as she could as the waves crashed through their bodies and ended in each other, the tension keeping them still, but Dani’s hips would jerk softly with each wave, prolonging it, and making it almost suffocating.

Gigi’s whole body spasmed for several more seconds, and then she finally put her thigh down, feeling the circulation restarting there, and her whole body pulsed hard as she breathed agitatedly like there isn’t enough oxygen in the room.

Dani pulled away, standing up in front of her and looking at her intensely, taking her in, she looked like she didn’t belong to this world, her messy curls framing her face, a thin layer of sweat covering her skin, and wetness smeared all over her pelvic area, she felt her legs weak, and almost wanted to keep going, even when she knew it was not going to be possible.

She grabbed some tissue and helped her clean up, then she cleaned up herself, she helped her to fix her clothes and get everything back in place, and as she carefully did the buttons of her blouse that she almost teared apart earlier, Gigi grabbed her chin making her look at her, and then kissed her, slowly, tenderly, making Dani melt, causing her to exhale into the kiss, and almost forget about everything.

“I fucking love you” Gigi whispered as she pulled away, and Dani felt delirious once again.

After making sure they look presentable again, they finally left the bathroom, hoping their absence wasn’t really as long as it felt for them, happily, everyone were still at the table, drinking shot after shot, and by the way she could hear Gigi’s brothers voice raising higher and slurring their words, she could tell they were already intoxicated, which hopefully worked in their favor so they wouldn’t notice anything strange.

Dani walked over back to her seat, feeling her body almost too light, but her legs were shaking with every step and she was begging that it wasn’t visible to anyone else.

She felt so deeply sated, and didn’t really want to keep drinking and ruin it with tipsiness instead, so she went for the club soda and sipped on it until Gigi came back, to her side, her makeup impeccable, her curls perfectly in place, she could tell she did some retouch while staying a bit longer in the bathroom.

She sat down next to her, and she looked completely normal, but seeing her acting now like nothing, and sipping on a glass of water, filled her up with a type of thrill that was hard to shake off, knowing she is the only person that has seen her in the way she was earlier in the bathroom stall, it made something in her feel almost ecstatic.

Cyrus, who was next to them, turned around and started talking about random things, and she tried to engage him, but as she looked around, she caught Ariana looking at her with a small smile on her face that froze her blood.