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I don't like it when people lie to me. Those words kept circling Kagami’s mind. He didn't recall telling a lie recently, although, he did tell a few white lies, but nothing major. His father approached him further, closing the gap between them. Kagami braced himself, expecting a blow to his face, since his dad would normally get a bit violent whenever he drank. Kagami just stood there waiting for it to happen, but after a few seconds of waiting nothing came. He slowly opened his eyes and noticed his father had no intention of hitting him; he just looked immensely frustrated. His dad began to speak, “Your teacher called me earlier to day. She said that your grades were falling and the recent math homework you turned in had no work attached to it, which means that you had copied it. I thought you said you were doing fine in school, but you’re obviously not”.

Without thinking Kagami talked back, “Well what was I supposed to do?! Tell you that my grades suck and I’m barely passing. I can’t help it, I don’t understand anything!”.

His father became very agitated at what he had said, “Are you stupid?! If you don’t understand the material how about you stop sleeping in class and pay attention for once; or maybe you can ask questions when you don’t understand something. Is that so hard to do? Don’t be complaining about not understanding the material when there are obvious ways to fix that.”

Kagami understood what his father was saying, but he wasn’t too fond of the way he said it, “Can’t you put that in a nicer way? You don’t have to make me sound so stupid…”.

The man smirked and looked down on Kagami, “A nicer way? Do you honestly think you deserve that? You can’t do anything yourself, that’s why I always have to give you the answers. However, I’m done helping you. I don’t need to help anyone as pathetic as you. I can’t even rely on you to succeed the company.” Kagami was seriously getting pissed. Pathetic? He was not pathetic. Someone who chases after what they want until they get it is not pathetic, and what was this about succeeding the company?

“I was never planning on succeeding the company” Kagami’s thoughts slipped out and he quickly covered his mouth knowing that that was something his father certainly didn’t want to hear.

The man just stared at him, his face burning with anger, “If you weren’t planning on succeeding the company, then what were you planning on doing about your future?”

“Basketball of course!” Kagami quickly replied.

“Basketball? Ahhh yes, I remember you liking basketball, but I figured it’d be something you’d grow out of” His father said looking up at the ceiling. The hell? Why in the world would Kagami grow out of basketball? It was what he loved ever since he was a kid; basketball was his life, it was what he was good at. And his father just outright told him that he thought he’d grow out of it.

“What’s so wrong with wanting to do what you love?!” Kagami protested.

His father made eye contact with him and with a stern tone he said “Doing what you love? Don’t be so naïve. Do you really think you can gain a stable career with basketball? Don’t joke with me.”

This pushed Kagami over the line, “How could you say something like that?! Isn’t there-“ Kagami abruptly stopped speaking when his father shook his hand in his face, indicating that he didn’t want to argue anymore. Before Kagami stormed off to his room he gave his father a well-deserved glare. He flopped on to his bed and buried his face into the pillow. How? How could his father say such cruel words with no hint of emotion in his eyes? “I don’t get it” Kagami muttered right before dozing off to sleep.



Kagami sat in his desk, pondering over the events from last night. He didn’t want to think about it, but it just bothered him so much. He was used to his father saying harsh words, but last night was too much. He kept mulling over the thought until class was over. “Ah, I forgot to take notes again today” he whispered to himself. A voice spoke behind him, “You can borrow mine”. Kagami immediately turned around, surprised to see Kuroko staring right at him.

“K-Kuroko, you shouldn’t sneak up on people like that. You’ll seriously end up killing someone from the shock”.

“I’m pretty sure that’s unlikely and besides I tried to greet you, but you weren’t responding” the light blue-haired boy explained to him. They walked towards the locker room chatting for a bit. “Kagami-kun you still seem to be deep in thought. Is it about your father again?” Kuroko asked.

“Ya, he’s throwing more insults than usual so it’s bothering me a bit more than it should” that wasn’t everything that was bothering him, but Kagami thought that it was fine to tell him that much.

Kuroko just stared at him a bit longer, “Well if that’s what you say. Just make sure those insults don’t get to you okay?”.

“I sure as hell wont!” Kagami smiled at Kuroko.

“Why aren’t you guys dressed yet!?” They looked up to see Hyuga, who was already dressed for practice.

“Well we-“ Kuroko immediately cut Kagami off.

“We were just about to get changed” Kuroko responded.

Hyuga sighed and told them “Well hurry up, I heard coach was planning on making practice 100 times more difficult than usual today. So try not to be late, I wouldn’t want her to add any more conditioning.” After he said that both Kagami and Kuroko quickly changed out and headed to the gym.




It was true. Practice was difficult today. A majority of it was conditioning because Riko said we were lacking stamina after our game with Rakuzan, which was true. “But she didn’t have to put in this much!” Kagami yelled as his sweat dripped off his skin. Everyone seemed to have heard him, especially coach. She blew here whistle and yelled, “okay you guys, do another 3 laps!”. Everyone groaned and stared at Kagami, but Kiyoshi seemed to be laughing.



After practice ended Kuroko came up to Kagami, “Please don’t do anything like that ever again”.

Kagami quickly retaliated, “I didn’t mean to say it out loud!” He felt the rest of the team’s menacing stares behind him. He turned around and looked towards all of them, “I didn’t mean to! It was an accident! Geez…” Kagami said sounding somewhat apologetic. Everyone began to laugh. “W-what’s so funny?” Kagami slightly blushed.

Kiyoshi approached him and placed his hand on his head, “We’re just glad we got to run an extra 3 laps”. They were all teasing him. He ignored all their comments, grabbed his stuff and left the gym. Before he was out of sight he heard everyone yell out to him, “Be sure to come tomorrow! And don't mess up like today!”. Kagami just turned around for a bit, seeing everyone smiling and waving him goodbye. “Geez, they just don’t know when to stop” Kagami chuckled to himself.




Kagami did not feel like going home at the moment so he went over to the outdoor court that was a couple blocks away from his place. There normally wasn’t anyone on the court around this time, but he was surprised to see someone there for once. As he walked closer he noticed who it was there. Aomine was casually dribbling the ball around the court occasionally shooting lay ups. Kagami had an idea pop into his head. Maybe he could sneak up on him and scare him. Haha that’d be a sight so see. Kagami attempted to sneak his way towards Aomine, but was immediately caught. “The hell you doing?” the tanned skinned teen asked him.

“N-nothing…I was just…walking” Kagami nervously replied.

“Hmm well if that’s what you wanna call that” Aomine started to laugh a bit. Everyone just wanted to tease Kagami today. Changing the subject Kagami asked him “So why are you here? No one is ever here at this time”.

Aomine just shrugged his shoulders, “No, particular reason, I just felt like going out for a bit”. There was a brief pause for a while. “Hey, how bout a one on one since you’re here?” Aomine asked. Kagami was certainly tired from practice, but he didn’t want to go home quite yet.

“Ya sure, but I’m gonna win this one” Kagami proclaimed.

Aomine smirked, “We’ll see about that”.