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Love and its Time

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Loving the Count Almaviva was like loving the midafternoon sun. It was unrelenting and bright and warm. Riding his bicycle through the streets of Seville, the Count shone through the crowd, high above every layperson of the city. Figaro always found himself pulling up next to the jaunty youth no matter what else he had to do that day. The Count was always up to mischief, which Figaro eagerly participated in. Even when it seemed like the rain would cloud over the whole day, Figaro knew that the Count would return, and the sun would shine again.

Loving Susannah was like loving the night sky. Every night was a different moon and stars, their soft silvery glow enveloped him and brought peace to his life. He could look at her for hours, never guessing what wonder he would behold next. She delighted him with the glint in her eyes as she did clever things, as she tricked and deceived as well as he did – better even. None had matched him like her, and none ever would. She would stand by him, love as he did, for the rest of their lives.

Loving Rosina was like loving the dawn. It was a lot of work to find, but once he had it, it was all he wanted. It snuck up on him and painted his life with colors unimaginable. Figaro didn’t think mornings were his cup of tea until her. Seeing her in the morning light with neither fear of what was to come nor grief for what had been before made him a different man. She danced through his life with near-silent laughter and small smiles that grew like the rising light of the sun.

They all agreed loving Figaro was like the sunset. There was no doubt that it would happen to them every day. Even if it felt like they couldn’t bear the darkness that would follow without him, they basked in the time that they had with him. His love was the kind poets wrote sonnets about, painters detailed in every stroke. His love was every child who saw the sunset every day like it was their first sunset. He looked at them as though they would fade away into the night and he wanted every second with them in the light he could get.