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Heartache becomes anew

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The Grinch looked down at the photo of him and Tony the Tiger. Their relationship, while not perfect, had brought him so much joy. Joy that was now replaced by crushing silence. It suffocated him, and the only person who could pull him out was out of reach. Wanted nothing to do with him.

He wiped away his tears, although there was no one around to see him. Who would want to be near the Grinch? A selfless monster? Tony was the only one who saw past that front. Saw the true Grinch, who wanted love but didn’t know how to express it. Was never given the chance to, for it was snatched away before he could express it. In turn he was labeled as a monster.

He never thought he’d ever get to talk to another being that wasn’t disgusted with him. But love had other plans, and Tony showed up at his dirty, snow covered door one day in need of shelter. Two days tops, until he could find his way home. Tony was hiking, exploring other lands, when he got lost. Except he was right where he needed to be. Tony had no previous knowledge of the monster who lived on Mount Crumpit. And that was just what the Grinch needed.

To be seen as who he was. But their relationship was doomed.

The Grinch wasn’t experienced in giving himself to another, and lashed out in his insecurity. They always made up, but one time he went too far. Bit with too much ferocity. In fear of their love not lasting, that Tony would listen to the town and see him in the bad light. But all he did was push him away. Tony explained that he discovered the town’s opinion of the Grinch. But he ignored them, since he knew the real Grinch.

The Grinch had buried their relationship like the snow that surrounds their home, for no good reason. Tony had planned to stay, but the Grinch’s fears drew him astray.

And there wasn’t a day that went by where he didn’t regret it.

One year, the pain was too much. Perhaps the Grinch really was the monster that Whoville said he was. So he channeled that pain into destroying thier Christmas. Why should they be free of scrutiny? They never loved him, they never showed him an ounce of compassion. It was formed on assumptions and an incident that happened when he was a young child. How dare they decide who he was? Never give him a second chance, instead labeling him as evil? They deserved to feel a fraction of the pain he feels every day of his life.

So he showed them exactly what the Grinch was. He should be feared. There’s not a soul that could love him, he knew that for sure. And yet, a young girl—just like Tony—saw through that. She treated him with kindness, even though he was lashing out with evil intent.

Cindy-Lou’s kindness gnawed away at his small heart. The sickness of compassion poisoned his body, and he finally let go. He returns the presents, he returned the guests, the decorations, the whole lot.

And they forgave him. They actually forgave him. The Grinch couldn’t believe it. He was stiff, frozen with terror that they were playing yet another trick on him.

But someone approached.

Tony—his fur a little darker, his scarf a little dimmer—stepped forward. He gently held the Grinch’s face and said,

“You’re finally home”