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you're pretty (when you do not speak)

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"Miko, what brings you here in Tenshukaku?"


"My, my… don't I have a right to visit you some days before you burrow yourself on your work, Your Excellency?" Yae Miko answered back, gently closing the grand doors of the Shogun's chambers. "In fact I actually met with the Traveller and Paimon as they both treated me for lunch, quite a feast that was." Her ears fluttered behind her, and with a stride she settled on Ei's massive bed, crossing her arms and staring at her right back. "Don't you miss me? I already gave you a reply to your rather… chastising letter."


The Shogun merely looked back before sighing, placed her searching hand to the stack of letters she momentarily placed beside her desk as she searched for Miko's letter, and when she found it she quickly opened it up, just to discover that it was blank with no ink or whatsoever from the Guuji. Ei raised an eyebrow to her direction but she was rewarded with a snicker. "What really brings you here, Miko? And this is a rather bad time to play mind games with me, I have so much to do… with the Irodori Festival fastly approaching."


"Nothing," Yae leaned back on the futon, pleased to watch how the electro archon stood up and strode towards another room within her wide chambers, soon she heard the faint sounds of water before Ei was in view once again. "Just visiting an old friend. So how are you fairing? Still keeping up with the time and date? Maybe your skills have deteriorated from the five hundred years of self isolation you did, hmm?"


"I am not weak, Miko." Ei stated, glaring at the amusement filled Kitsune. "Nor weak-willed, just tired from all the documents I've read.." she massaged her temples when a throb made itself known. 


"Poor Ei… how about you relax with me for a bit? Like brush my tail like you always do when we're lounging?"


Ei staggered for a moment, a very tempting offer, she remembered all the years where Yae would only show her one of her tails, a privilege she only had. Now she was actually offering it again, even for hundreds of years of separation. 


"...Are you sure?"


Yae nodded, already turning around and unbuckling her clothes. "You don't want to? It's been five hundred years I'm pretty sure you missed touching it and admiring my fluffy tail… or am I wrong?"


"No… it's just," Ei chose to not comment further when Miko completely stood naked in front with her back towards her. "Alright I'll get your brush." She had an inkling that this was Miko's purpose in coming here, casual visitation be damned.


When she got towards her bed, Miko was already bearing her back towards her. The clear view of her pink glistening sex with her small button of another hole presented itself just above was making Ei a little tense. The Archon sighed at the Kitsune's ministrations, her large fluffy tail covered a large portion of Ei's king-sized bed, and she carefully grabbed a hold of it settling just a little behind Miko's backside.


"You don't need to bend like that, you know?"


"Oh but I want you to completely brush all of it. From the base to the bottom."


She used the comb that was passed down from the Hakushin clan. With Yae being her familiar and so much more, she was entrusted to it and she had always kept it in safe conditions. The ivory white brush ran past Yae's tail like silk, each brush Ei delivered was smooth as butter with not even one tangled knot in sight. It was clear that Yae didn't need the brushing, she maintained it perfectly well she could tell but it appeared that Yae was just using this to make her relax and it was rather helping. 


"We should go to the place where the Traveller treated me someday… just the two of us but you're the one who's paying, Your Excellency."


"Why do you even have to say that, isn't that automatic already? I hardly remember you paying for all the times we spent together, Miko."


"Why such blatant display of a lie," she arrogantly said, the Kitsune huffed with her tail wiggling in denial. "I remember the times when I paid for your meals as well as mine."


"No you didn't." Ei frowned. "You keep on lying Yae Miko, and speaking of lying, what was the thing the Traveller almost said before you cut them off? Does it concern me or Inazuma perhaps?"


"Nothing, nothing, it certainly doesn't concern an archon such as you, Your Excellency…" Yae said. She crawled backwards and towards Ei with the woman suddenly alarmed, as Miko pressed her backside on her crotch, rubbing it gently. "Such nonsense that was! And even if it has something to do with you, Ei, I won't dream of blurting it out."


"Miko…" Ei breathed in. "Stop doing that."


"No, because you talk too much, hmm?" Miko bit back, her stare connected towards Ei. "You've been nosy, Your Excellency. It's best that you- Ah!"


Her tail was viciously tugged as a result of defiance. Ei gulped hard, she was only in her robes and she didn't have anything underneath, and now with Miko ruining the tie of her robes with her incessant rubbing on her body it awakened something in her. When she looked down she wasn't amused in the slightest. "Now look at what you've done, vixen."


Hard and erect that she was, Ei throbbed furiously on her bed. "What did I say about not obeying me?"


Miko slowed down, her eyes dilated but she lowered her stance but not once stopping her grinding on Ei. "But Ei-"


"What was that?"




"Can you repeat that again?"


Miko laid her head deep on the futon with her bare ass on air whispering, "Ei."


The aforementioned woman dropped Miko's tail as well as her brush. She scooted away from her, leaning back on her headrest as she covered her cock away from Miko's view. "I don't think we're on the same page, vixen. In the bedroom you answer to me but what can I expect from a brat like you, huh?"


Ei scoffed, her eyes glowing brighter with Yae looking so dumbfounded. "As your punishment you won't be able to taste my cock, understood? Until you address me properly then feel free to watch me finish myself."


Ei began pumping her shaft against her palm, her calloused hand worked wonders as her dick grew harder, she slowed down her ministrations when a tail brushed past her opened thighs, and she saw Yae again bear her pussy in front of her, something like tempting her, testing her patience once again.


"Ei enough of that, look at me."


"You want me to pound you silly? Is the heat coming back?" Ei husked, watching her pre-cum leaked down her shaft.


"Yes… I want you, Ei…"


"Say my name again vixen and I won't fuck you."


Yae shivered. She knew the word. Really, she did. But she was also testing Ei's patience. Would she really not fuck her this time?


"Please… Ei…"


"You silly girl…" the shogun growled. She leaned forward and grabbed a hold of Miko's tail, "You clearly want to be spanked, brat? Then so be it."


"Come here then." Ei gestured for her lap, but the Kitsune only muttered a no and a shake of a head.


"For fuck's sake." The way Ei pulled Yae towards her awaiting lap was a feat. Though Yae didn't offer resistance when she felt a hand ghosting over her ass, only whimpered needily when Ei tugged her large tail away from her behind. Miko cuddled with it as she watched how Ei spread open her ass cheeks, cold air washed over her being. "You're dripping wet." 


She stated it like a fact. Ei made her watch when she got her two fingers and stuck it on her snatch, she saw that she was right. The way her juices cascaded down Ei's fingers was like honey. Slow but thick, it dripped down her palms before Ei licked it clean.


She dipped her cock on her outer lips to catch the fluids as Ei used it as her lube. "You're such a slut for this, vixen." Ei tsked for the ninth time of the day. "You make me jack myself off with the annoyance of you, is that it? What a fucking brat you are…" she rubbed her throbbing head on her cunt, watching Yae swallow a whine. "You need to be disciplined, you've been a bad girl… lying to me, disobeying me, I'm your god, or am I not?"


It was when Yae Miko finally let out a moan so loud the whole Narukami must've heard her. 


"Oh?" Ei stopped from rubbing circles on Yae's shivering bottom. "Was it something I said?"


But Yae remained quiet.


Ei inhaled. Much for some gentle warnings beforehand. "One."


Yae gasped when a slap striked her ass. "Ahh!"


"Two." Spank. "Was that connected to something the Traveller almost said?"


"Three." Spank. "Aren't you going to answer?"


"Four." Spank. "Speak, fox. Look at your ass blushing in pink. How cute."


"Five." Yae moaned loudly, gripping sheets wasn't enough she also gripped her tail when Ei spread her ass open. While she spanked her, Ei wasn't stopping from rubbing her cock on her entrance. A simultaneous bouts of pain and pleasure, one she admittedly longed after all these years. 


"Six." Spank. "Are you enjoying this, fox?"


"Seven." Spank. "If only you are compliant… then I could've let you suck my cock for all your worth, vixen. Let you be choked on my cock, make you swallow my cum, isn't that what you want?"


She whimpered uncontrollably, she felt herself gushed more on her cunt. And she would've finally yelled the word Ei longed for, but then she spanked her again and Yae saw stars.


"My god!"


"Was is it?"


"My god! I-It's my g-god…"


"The one Traveller…?"


"Yes!" Yae choked out. Her position was akin to a bitch in heat. "Yes M-Ma'am!"


"Can you repeat that again?" Ei's voice got deeper, she stopped her spanking.


" Ma'am… yes ma'am…" Miko whispered, she shivered as she uttered that word. A word that made Ei swallowed loudly and made her grab the Kitsune to finally face her. 


"Good… very good…"


Ei stood up and Yae followed suit. Ei smiled, amusement clear in her eyes. " Your god commands you to kneel, my beautiful fox…" and when Yae obeyed for the first time, Ei presented her with her throbbing cock, just waiting to be pleasured. "Go ahead and indulge, you earned it."


She groaned when Miko began to pepper kisses down her shaft. Yae grabbed her by the hips, steadying Ei as she took her inch by inch, relaxing her tongue down her mouth and making her throat wide open to accommodate her size. Ei couldn't help but to press an arm on a bed post to balance herself, closing her eyes and biting her lip to the warm sensation that was Miko's mouth, and she wasn't even finished yet, it seemed that Yae wanted to reach the base of her cock on her first try since hundreds years from now. Ei didn't hide how she grinned, caressing Miko's scalp as a way of showing affection.


But as expected she didn't make it to the base, as she choked for the duration as her vision became blurry with tears. Yae pulled back with a gasp, breathing in loudly for oxygen, her neck and face flustered beyond. "That was amazing, my love…"


Miko shook her head, "I couldn't do it. It's been so long…"


"Then we can practice," Ei husked, wiping the tears that streaked down her lover's cheeks. "But you did exceptional… I almost bust a nut."


She guided her back towards her cock and little by little Yae licked her way towards her base. Yae first pumped the shaft with her hand, her smooth palm was a vivid contrast towards Ei's own hand that it was making her moan out loud. Miko then took her by the mouth, with her tongue twirling the head, sucking the tip that made Ei cursed. She took it further even if Ei wasn't ready for it, as the archon gasped in shock as she leaned back, snarling at Yae for catching her off guard. 


"Still a brat, even when you're now sucking my cock off…"


Ei, with a scowl in place, placed both her hands on Miko's head. The Guuji gave her a questioning gaze but was silenced when Ei began to move inside her. Yae moaned as slowly Ei rutted deep on her mouth.


Slow , she fucked her mouth. Slow , she let Miko feel the pleasure. "Fuck you're so warm…"


She looked at her lover and she couldn't help but to stare at the image in front. Her lover was in her heat induced daze, her eyes dilated to a notch with her cheeks in flames, mouth widely opened to accept her cock graciously, serving head like the good Head Maiden that she was. Ei moaned at the thought, and felt like she was possessed all of a sudden. There was a pleasure on knowing that this woman right here was so possessive of her, stating to others like she owned her, it made her fucked her mouth faster, hearing her moan was music to her ears.


"'My god', huh? That's nice hearing that from you…"


Ei rasped, steadily fucking Miko still. "Inazuma may have their Raiden Shogun, the citizens may have their Electro Archon, but Yae Miko may be the only one to have Raiden Ei…"


"...That… I promise you."


It was when the Kitsune finally took her the farthest, successfully reaching the base. Ei buckled back, feeling the height of the climax building inside her. "M-Miko…!"


"Ughh!" She spurted her cum inside Yae's mouth and the fox gladly gulped it down, the thick liquid made its way down her throat and she was having a hard time swallowing all down as Ei carried her back to bed, placing her in the middle of her large futon.


"Now…" Yae amidst her daze, she saw Ei splitting her legs open, her cock still itching to go another round. "How about I take care of your heat?"


"Kitsunes are more fertile than the others, right? How about you give me pups? Five of them? Girls and boys?" Ei whispered softly in her ear and it made Yae gasp out loud, bottom lip numbing from the hot breath and the words that registered on her mind. "Surely, you can take it. You're my Guuji after all."


"Ei…" she shivered.


"Uh-uh, wrong, vixen…" the thunder god nibbled her ear, now she was paying attention to her breast, circling her nipple until it went erect. 


"M-Ma'am!" Yae breathed in, her tail going haywire on her side. "Please breed me, I want your cum in me. Please u-uh! It hurts…! Please get inside, please-"


"No commanding your god, fox. Get that straight on your thick head." 


"O-Okay-please…" Yae gripped tight on Ei's arms, she was sweating now. The effects of her heat was suddenly striking her as soon as Ei placed the thought of being impregnated with her seed on her head. "Yes Ma'am…"


"Let me carry your kid," she hushed. She kissed her with passion, their hands interlocking. "Let me- oh fuck…"


Ei pumped three fingers inside Yae, staring at her while she fucked her full, looking at those red abused lips and her heaving chest. "Keep talking…"


"Please fuck me and fill me like the filthy hole you know I am."


"Fuck." Ei snarled, she took her fingers off and started pumping her cock. It was raging as it pressed towards Yae's center, it gave a delight to the pink haired woman, seeing Ei wilding looking at her with the power of her words. "I'm going in…"


They both moaned when Ei's tip got inside Miko's cunt. It was a tight fit, but Ei managed to slip the half of it a lot easier with the wetness of her lover. "You're so fucking tight, Miko. I don't think-!"


"Shhh, Ei…" Yae hushed on her ear, kissing her jaw down to her neck. "You can do it, push it deeper, I need you, my love…"


"When you put it on me you will spray your cum inside me. I will feel your throbbing cock inside my pussy and I won't let any single drop go to waste and let it stay inside until I am fertilized, successfully breeding me. Your hot cum will litter my womb like a promise, owning me for eternity in the most primal of ways, marking me for the world to see when they finally see my belly swell. They will know that the Raiden Shogun will have an heir with the Guuji and they will throw a feast, celebrating it as a blessing of the ages. Soon you will see me in robes waiting for you here in your chambers, swelling belly and breasts, lactating, you'll lick my wet spots dry in my breasts, answering to my every call, fulfilling my wishes, pampering me whole."


Ei stopped as she processed what Miko whispered. It was like a prayer or something that was sworn deep in stone, like it was bound to happen one way or another, like it was a known fact and they were here finally in the process of officiating it.


She breathed in and breathed deep. Air got knocked out from her lungs while her cock throbbed the hardest. When she got her bearings back was when she pulled out of Miko and pushed her way back in just as fast.


"AH!" Yae yelped as she locked her arms and legs onto Ei, gripping tight when the archon began pounding viciously on her cunt. "Fuck a-ah!"


"I'll fuck you the best because you need me so much, Miko…" Ei said deliriously. She was huffing and breathing deeply, but not once did her stamina falter. "You want my cum so much I will make sure I put a baby on you fast."


"You wanna be my wife so bad? A housewife?" She husked, grazing Yae's neck with her teeth. "You only want to stay hidden in my chambers and stop being the Guuji? Well that can be arranged… I can make you suck my cock and fuck you all day. You'll only eat and be fucked in here, I'll pumped babies inside you just the way you like it…"


"Ahh please…!! Ei!" Miko, in her hungry heat daze, began to thrash wildly in Ei's embrace. She began biting Ei, marking her on every place, scratching her back with her sharp nails. Mysteriously, her other four tails appeared to wrap around them, hugging them both as comfort, successfully obstructing them from the world outside. "Give it to me!"


The archon could feel herself running to her limit. She could feel the incoming climax bellowing her, Ei calmed down for a second and still her breath, wanting to make Miko come first before she could have her release. She hugged her lover tighter, in this position they both got to stare at one another, locking lips and holding hands, they were the most intimate at the moment. 


Ei unclasped one of Yae's legs and threw it over her shoulder, pushing herself down and making Miko stretch herself wider. "Take it," she urged. "Take it, baby!"


"Yes yes, fuck yes!" Miko yelled as Ei pounded her silly, her tails wrapped around Ei possessively. "Oh my god!"


"I'll knock you up so bad you'll have me carry you wherever you go."


Miko was just gasping for air, couldn't even utter words with how spent she was. And Ei stared at her transfixed, blindly enchanted at the dazing gaze of her lover. She did this to her. She fucked her so good she was left speechless.


"You're so pretty…" she confessed. "And beautiful, and gorgeous, enchanting, ethereal even."


One last push was when she felt Yae tightening hee walls around her. Ei could hear her cock throbbing from the squeeze and she controlled herself not to cum still.




Miko gushed so much. And it was the time Ei pulled out and sprayed her cum all over Yae's body, painting her with her thick seed, not wanting to really impregnate her because they still hadn't had that certain long talk about starting a family. For now, it was all fun and roleplay. 


She gave a low moan as she saw her large amount of spurt decorating Miko, to her breasts and down to her clit. She realized that her bed was also drenched.


Yae was heaving and Ei slowly got down and jogged towards another room. There she quickly filled up a basin with warm water and soak a towel. She quickly walked back and wiped her traces on Miko's body, cleaning her from the sticky substance and also cleaning her from her juices, sweat and anything dirty. Next she grabbed a new set of blankets for them, wrapping Miko's naked body with the warm press of it. Soon, after she cleaned up her hands and lower body she returned to Miko's arms. 


"Ei…?" Yae blindly wondered aloud before could spoon her.


"I'm here, I'm here…" Ei embraced her from behind, kissing her nape once. "You did good, my love. You were amazing…"


"Thanks… you too, I can even feel the soreness now." Yae turned around to face her, she cupped Ei's cheeks and kissed her lightly on the lips. "Where did you learn some of those words? Not that I'm complaining." She let out a laugh.


"I'm just going with the flow of your dialogues, Miko. And…" Ei sighed. "From the ah… books you said you liked, I read some of them…"






"That's fantastic!"


"Thanks?" Ei scoffed, placing a gentle kiss on her lover's temple. "By the way, want some water? I can get you some-"


"No, don't you dare move an inch Raiden Ei! Stay here and keep me warm."


"But you have your five tails-"


"Not enough."


Ei chuckled, "Honestly Miko…" she let her eyes closed, listening to the gentle heartbeats of her lover. "Such a brat…"