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A Spouse Afloat

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A Spouse Afloat

It wasn’t uncommon to get a case in the middle of the day while working on cold cases. Even cases that would send them to Bethesda, the Naval Hospital.

But Tony expected to probably be one of those that would have to speak with their Commander or XO. But he could already imagine the headache he was going to get when Gibbs ordered for him and Kate to go.

But he couldn’t help the grin on his face once Gibbs said what ship they were going to.

“DiNozzo, take Kate with you and board the USS Kennedy. She docked the other day and I want you to speak with the Agent Afloat assigned there.”

NCIS Agent Afloat’s wasn’t the most pleasant job, though most didn’t like you. But Tony couldn’t help the grin that spread across his face. He could feel his bloody pumping and didn’t hesitate to throw his backpack over his shoulder.

“Let’s go, Kate,” Tony called, already at the elevator. He already had the keys to the sedan they were to take to Norfolk.

Kate looked back and stared at Gibbs, unsure. She wasn’t used to him being so pumped to go on a carrier.

“Why is Tony so excited?”

"Because the NCIS Agent Afloat happens to his spouse," Gibbs replied

"Tony is Married?!"

Tony grinned, "there is a lot about me that you don't know about, Katie, dear."

"I just can't believe that a woman would have agreed to marry you."

"Why? You don't believe that someone may married me because of my attractive looks?"

"No, because you are such a—"

"Don't finish that sentence Todd," Gibbs warned as he grabbed his pack. "Enough Yabba, get moving!"

Tony gave her a smirk as he swung the backpack onto his shoulder

"Oh, and Kate?" Tony turned as he stepped into the lift before her. "Who said I married a woman?"

The doors closed on her stunned face

"Well... boss did say spouse, Kate," McGee pointed out before being glared at by Gibbs. "Sorry, boss," he muttered

"Move!" Gibbs ordered.

"Yes, boss!" the two of them scrambled to grab their things to reach the lift at the same time as Gibbs.

McGee still had to head back to Bethesda and Gibbs was accompanying him there.

Tony was already by the car, clearly waiting on Kate.

He was almost vibrating on the spot with excitement. Kate actually thought it was rather cute at how eager Tony was to see is 'Spouse' She still didn't understand why someone would want to marry him though

There wasn't any idle chatter while on their way to Norfolk. Tony mostly focusing on the road until they reached the USS Kennedy.

Kate didn't know how to even go about asking for details on his spouse, so she stayed quiet until they parked the car and were heading inside.

"So, What's your—"

"We're splitting up. I'll be heading to 02-35-6-Q, and you will need to speak with the company XO," Tony interrupted her question.

"And why shouldn’t you do that?" Kate countered.

"Because I'm the Senior Field Agent and outrank you. Besides, I didn't think you were a voyeur... or was I wrong?" Tony lifted an eyebrow at her.

"Don't get lost," Kate remarked, starting to walk down the hall.

"I'm not you. Besides, you're going the wrong way. You need to go up," Tony remarked as he continued walking in the other direction.

Tony walked until he came to the door. You could read 02-35-6-Q on the door. That was when he knocked.

There was a familiar voice as they said, enter.

Tony opened the door as Harry was turning around. He was wearing a dress shirt and slacks.

"Well, this is a pleasant surprise," Harry grinned at him.

"An unwanted one?" Tony asked.

Harry had a playful smile, "no... I didn't say that. Otherwise, I would have said ‘an unwanted surprise and not pleasant.’"

"Do I get allowed a kiss?" Tony teased, "given that I haven't seen you in nine months."

"And since when have you ever asked permission to kiss your own husband?" Harry laughed

Tony beamed and covered the distance between with two long strides.

Tony grabbed his arms around Harry as he brought him in closer, tilting his head slightly to meet his lips. He could feel Harry's arms wrap round his upper back and shoulders.

Then they heard a shriek of, "Tony!"

"Love, I never knew you could throw your voice!" Tony teases as he broke the kiss

Harry elbowed Tony in the chest for the comment, "wrong tone of voice."

"Sorry," Tony apologized.

Harry rolled his eyes, "no, you're not."

"What's the matter Kate, you going to tell me that I'm not allowed to kiss my spouse? Tony turned towards her.

Kate stood in the doorway; her face was the reddest that Tony had ever seen it. Behind her was a corporal that had obviously guided her down to them

"I—you uh… TONY!" She spluttered incoherently.

The corporal didn't seem surprised at all.

"Ah, Corporal, did you get the remaining files that I requested?" Harry asked.

"I did, Sir."

Harry walked over towards him before being handed the file. "You're dismissed."

"Yes, Sir."

Harry looked up at Tony, "Is she always this red?"

"Nah, I've never seen her like this, but I did manage to get her to turn green once,” Tony commented and moved so he was draped over his husband’s back. This way he could read the papers and still be close to him.

"A report?"

"One of many, I'm afraid. There were several that Commander Dornan wrote up. I imagine you'll have a blast going through them all later. It may give you a lead to his killer," Harry replied.

"Oh?" Tony leant even closer to his husband if that was even possible seeing as he was already plastered along his back.

If Harry turned his head to the side, he probably could have kissed him.

"You will probably have the fun of doing that once I got them all together," Harry remarked.

"You going to stop by NCIS?" Tony asked.

Harry turned his head and grinned, "is that a request from you?"

"As your husband and as Special Agent Tony DiNozzo." He winked and pecked him on the lips while he had his head turned.

"Oh gross, Tony." Kate reminded everyone of her presence.

"Is there a problem, Agent?" Harry's voice was cold enough to freeze hell fire.

Tony smirked as she got a deer in headlights look in her eyes. Though his green eyes looked on in curiosity, wondering what she would say.

"Something you find wrong about someone not seeing their husband after six months? Or is your problem because we are both male!?" Harry's voice had a cutting edge to it.

"No, no!" She was quick to deny. She waved her hands frantically. "It’s just that… it's Tony—"

"What is the issue you have with my husband?" Harry demanded to know.

Oh dear, she had really done it now. She had activated mother dragon mode. And Tony still couldn't get over the fact that Dragons were real let alone the fact that his husband once rode one but that was something he thought about at night when he was alone, with his husband at his current age rather than the 17-year-old he had been.

Harry had a furious gleam in his eyes as he glared at her.

"Well... are you going to answer me!?" He demanded.

"He's childish!" she finally outburst. "He never takes anything seriously and all he talks about is sex!"

"So, you mean to tell me that my husband, acts like a child at work? Because as far as I can see, all I see is a very capable adult and agent that has to deal with a whiny brat for an agent! Every agent knows that you can't take everything serious when it comes to the job, it will get your worn down and eventually killed! And did it not to occur to you, he does all those 'sex talks' as you put it. To wind you up and see how much you can take. To see if you would be cut out for an agent or not. And I'm going to take a case that you probably never really looked past at what you saw. So, that tells me on who the better agent is. And if you have any common sense, you will give him the respect he deserves!" Harry snarled.

"God, I love you." Tony tells Harry in a dreamy voice before clearing his throat. "But as much as I want to ravish you because you are so hot and I love it when you get protective, we do have a case to solve." He placed a kiss on the side of Harry's head and stepped back.

Harry gave him a smirk, one that was promised for later.

"You already know my policy about that, Special Agent DiNozzo," Harry teased. He got up from his chair and picked up the box that was sitting on the nearby table on the other side of the room. The box was already filled three-fourths of the way.

"He's made himself quite a few enemies..." Tony muttered.

Harry turned around and smirked, "you could say that. But given that he was a Safety Officer..."

"He wasn't well liked," Tony guessed.

Harry nodded, "that was putting it likely. Every file in here is every complaint and those he wrote up in his reports."

"Thorough, as always, Special Agent DiNozzo," Tony grinned at him.


"Thank you very much, Special Agent DiNozzo." Harry teased back.

Harry DiNozzo did happen to follow Tony and Agent Todd back to NCIS Headquarters in D.C. From there, he met with Agent Gibbs, granted it had been a while since he had seen the older agent.

Tony wound up setting the case of files on his desk.

That was when Gibbs noticed his presence. That was when the conversation was started about everything he knew.

Agent McGee was going through the photos from the hospital when one of them caught Harry’s eye.

“I can’t say much about the others, but that is Ensign Hayes. He was stationed aboard the USS Kennedy. You could say that Command Dornan and Hayes were not on the friendly terms,” Harry commented.

“The Commander rode him,” Tong guessed.

Harry nodded, “more than the others. Though there had been an incident where Ensign Hayes had threatened the Commander. I never really found out why the reason why or least one that sounded plausible to me.”

“Was a Report of Investigation filed?” Gibbs asked.

"Commander Dornan happened to ask me to not file the official report. Given that he liked to have the direct approach whenever there was a conflict," Harry started.

"And since when is it okay not to file a required report!" Gibbs growled; this temper was spiking.

"Special Agent Gibbs, I don't take kindly to being talked down to when I don't even work for you. And if you had let me finish, I would explain... I don't take in requests to avoid required documentation. So, if you would have let me finish, you would have seen the required Report of Investigation is there," Harry crossed his arms.

Perhaps he had said it that way to get an idea on how Gibbs would react. He had a few interactions with him but not enough to take the former Marine.

"Yeah Gibbs, you should know by now that my Harry doesn't let anyone get in the way of doing his paperwork properly," Tony chimed in with a pout. He wouldn't even let Tony distract him with sex. That didn’t mean he hadn’t tried.

"You're right." Gibbs grunted which was the closest that he ever got to an apology. "Continue."

"It seems that the Commander had a personal vendetta against Ensign Hayes. The Commander wouldn't say why when he was questioned on everything that happened. But he wasn't nearly as hard on the others as Hayes.  Course, Ensign Hayes said that he hadn't meant to say what he did. He was stressed by everything and it kind of boiled over. I felt there was something he wasn't saying and so I asked the crew and the Company XO. That perhaps they could share some light on the matter," Harry went on. "I was informed that apparently being on the USS Kennedy was payback for the Commander. Ensign Hayes' father, Captain Hayes had ridden his ass in the Commander's early career as a Lieutenant in the Navy. I noted all of that in my report, including the fact that Commander Dornan had requested the report not to be filed."

"I want Ensign Hayes in my integration room," Gibbs ordered. "Tony, go with him. But no funny business."

"Yes, Boss. Thank you, Boss!" Tony beamed at the fact that he was going to have the chance to spend more time with his husband.

"Agent Gibbs, I don't even allow Tony to do any... as you call it... funny business," Harry grinned at him as walked towards the elevator.

Tony didn't follow Harry immediately as he was too busy checking out his ass.

"Stop ogling your man, DiNozzo!" Gibbs barked but there was a fond smile pulling at the corner of his lips.

"Oops!" Tony scrambled to catch up with his husband.

Kate just looked between the two, still a bit in shock on what was just said. And the fact that Gibbs would have Harry and Tony go back to the USS Kennedy... knowing...

"Gibbs... are you sure that was advisable... given with Tony..."

"Given that Tony is what? Agent Todd?" Gibbs narrowed his eyes on her. "Is this going to be a problem?"

"Ah, no, I have no problem with Tony being married to a man—"

"Good, not that it’s any of your business." Gibbs cut her off. "Now go see if Ducky has anything for me."

Kate looked disgruntled at the order and almost looked like she was going to argue before turning away.

McGee didn't say anything until Kate took the elevator to Autopsy.

"She... doesn't know Tony's husband very well? Does she?" McGee hesitantly asked.

"Or Tony." Gibbs shook his head. "I thought she was supposed to be a better profiler than she apparently is."

"I have the info on Dornan's family that you wanted, Boss." McGee decided to get things back onto topic. "His father, Captain Hayes has been retired and he and his wife live in Scottsdale. His mother has been frantic with worry since their son hadn't checked in with him since they made it to port. Do you think Tony and Harry would have luck finding him?"


"Harry is like a bloodhound, if anyone can find him, its him." Gibbs took a deep draw from his coffee cup. "Let's go see what Abby has for us."

Harry and Tony were back on the USS Kennedy, trying to find a sign of Ensign Hayes and he was not happy.

"What do you mean you have no idea where Hayes is?!" Harry roared.

The Corporal didn’t flinch.

"Do you not check to make sure that all your men are accounted for given that he is not supposed to be on leave!?" Harry's eyes narrowed

"We did, but he still managed to get off the ship." The Corporal impressed Tony by not cowering from Harry. The kid had balls. "He was on rivet but vanished two days ago. We've put out the usual calls."

"Not good enough!" Harry snarled.

He quickly dismissed the Corporal as they began tossing Ensign Hayes' rack, trying to get a clue on where he may have went.

"There's nothing here," Tony reported.

Harry hissed under his breath; he would need to make a UA report later. But the important part right now was finding Hayes.

"Cover me." He ordered Tony as he discreetly pulled out his wand. "Point me Hayes."

The wand spun in a circle showing that he wasn't on the ship or in a 3-mile radius.

"Damn it," He snarled.

"Babe," Tony gently rested his hands on Harry's shoulders. "You're starting to make the boat shake and not in the sexy fun kind of way."

Harry took in a deep breath and tried to calm himself.

"Right... sorry about that. Perhaps your team will have better luck than us," Harry's said, shoulders tense.

"Come on, let’s go see if the scuttlebutt can shed any light on the situation," Tony guided his husband from the tight bunk room.

They didn't make it very far when Tony's phone started to ring.

"DiNozzo," he answered. He didn't say anything more, only hanging up a few minutes after.

"What's up?" Harry asked.

"McGee found a lead, we're to meet him at a hotel in Alexandria."

"And don't you be getting any ideas," Harry said, his voice went stern

Tony raised his hands in surrender, “would I do such a thing?”

“Yes… you would. Now, let’s go,” Harry led the way off the carrier.

"You know me too well." Tony smirked before becoming serious. "Honestly, I'm just happy that I get to hold you at all. Six months is just too long."

"Yeah, I won't be volunteering to do another stint onboard," Harry promised him.

Tony followed quickly after; he already couldn't wait until Harry would be reassigned from being Agent Afloat. He was a bit thankful that he at least got to see each other during the case. It felt weird not to have someone sleeping beside him at night.

"Wait... you volunteered for this?!" Tony asked.

Harry snorted, "there is a little phrase that is called, volun-told, Tony. I'm sure you've heard of it."

"Oh yeah, Boss is a big fan of it." Tony grinned and linked their hands together while they walked to the car. "Next time try and duck out of the way and let some other poor sod take your place."

"I'll try my best," Harry rolled his eyes as his husband started to swing their arms as they walked.

It felt so long since Harry had held his husband's hand in his own, so he let Tony milk this for all it was worth. He never saw a point in swinging their arms while walking. It was these moments that made him hate his current assignment and it didn't matter if Tony always saw him when they docked the carrier. That was months at a time. And he knew he was definitely not going to be sleeping on that carrier while it was docked, no way in hell.

He let Tony take the wheel as he took the passenger's seat. And unlike other agents, unless you were Gibbs, he was accustomed to his husband's driving.

What Harry didn't know is that Tony always drove more carefully when he was with Harry. He didn't do it on purpose, it was subconscious.

"You'll have to be my GPS." Tony told him as he reversed out of the car park. "It’s been on the fritz; I can't get the voice to change back from Joe Pasquale. And man is he hard to understand while going down the highway."

Harry snorted, "you sure that isn't because Agent McGee decided for a little payback at you? Granted... he doesn't understand your methods and why you give him a hard time."

"Probably." Tony agreed. "Would you mind explaining it to him? If I tried, he would probably think I’m just making up excuses."

"Sure thing, love." Harry promised. "Oh, you need to turn left at the next turning."


Harry grinned as Tony made the sharp turn, didn't have to bother grasping as the handheld hold above his head. He probably would talk to the Special Agent McGee when he got back to the Navy Yard. And unlike the others on Gibbs' team, he had known Agent McGee before them. He had been the one to recommend the agent when Gibbs had needed an additional agent that was a bit familiar with technology.

Their trip to that hotel was a complete waste of time, well… maybe not entirely. It gave them a look into what Ensign Hayes may be thinking. There weren’t very many reasons why he would give a bunch of high schoolers his credit card. Though he gave him ponder to thought what they were teaching at the hotel. They were obviously not doing their job if they weren’t able to match the credit card to the driver’s license. And they were obviously not at an age to be old enough to be at a hotel. But it wasn’t his job to lecture a bunch of receptionists and managers on how to run their hotel.

It was obvious on what their next stop would be, the pool at Alexandria Central High.

“Watch them, Kate,” Gibbs ordered. “Till their parents show up.”

“Why me?” she complained.

“Because I told you to,” Gibbs barked. “Come on, DiNozzo.”

Harry gave her a raised eyebrow as he followed after Tony. Though the sight he came to with the lights being off didn’t surprise him. He had given up his credit card, there were only a few things that came to his mind.

Tony shared a glanced with Harry.

Gibbs was watching Hayes intently, his gun raised at him.

Harry gave Tony a brief nod as his wand appeared in his hand. He did a minor Disarming Charm and it did the trick.

It was enough to appear that Hayes fumbled with the gun and dropped it.

Gibbs moved in quickly to restrain the man. He looked behind him to see that both Harry and Tony had their weapons raised at Hayes before lowering them.

Harry watched as Tony read him his rights, he was a suspect for the murder of Commander Dornan after all.

Next place was NCIS, in interrogation.

There, Gibbs did the interrogation as Tony and Harry watched. Ensign Hayes pleading to Gibbs that he had never killed the Commander. He had never even gone into his room and that at the time of the murder, he had called Coach Morgan and had been with him.

“Be right back,” Tony whispered before leaving the room.

The interrogation was starting to wrap up when Tony returned.

“What is it?” Harry asked.


“Ensign Hayes is telling the truth; he never saw the Commander. He was with the Coach when the murder happened.”

Harry was still there when the case wrapped up. Which both Tony and Dr. Mallard were able to figure out.

Tony had figured out on how Commander Dornan’s body had blown up, a match sat by a filter. And Ducky had figured out the actual case of death.

The frustrating part was being unable to arrest their suspect. Because of the victim dying, due to negligence, but natural causes, Commander Byers was the Navy's to deal with. They weren't needed anymore as it was a premeditated murder. She would face the Naval higher-ups for trying to cover her mistake, but it was very possible that she would receive a Dishonorable Discharge instead of a prison sentence. She would lose the job offer. There definitely would be an investigation opened up with the intervention of JAG. This was going to be very similar to the case back in 1995.

But Harry didn’t go back to the USS Kennedy.

That morning he had order come in that he had been reassigned. It happened to be Agent Gibbs that gave him the folder.

“Agent Gibbs? I was supposed to be on Agent Afloat for another nine months?” Harry was confused.

“Not according to the Director,” Gibbs corrected.

“And the fact that you have two agents married on the same team? Isn’t there a rule against that?” Harry arched an eyebrow.

“You won’t be permanently on the same team; this is only a temporary reassignment until the one opens up. You would have a choice between D.C. and Norfolk. I’ve seen your record; you’ve been trained as a Senior Agent and worked for NCIS for years. You will either be training as the Senior Agent or a Team Leader’s position,” Gibbs replied. “And I have no arguments against that right now. I’ve seen all I need to.”

Harry nodded, “then I look forward to it, Agent Gibbs.”

"Does that mean I can be the one that tells Tony?" Harry asked with poorly hidden excitement. He was home, home for good and he couldn't wait to see the look on his husband's face when he found out.

"Tell me what?"

He tried to fake a look of despair, "USS Kennedy leaves port in the next day or two."

"I was hoping we would have more time than that," Tony frowned, his shoulders slumping before he forced them back and slapped on a smile. "Well let’s make the most of it, then."

Harry couldn't stop the grin forming. Even Gibbs and McGee were looking amused as they looked on.

"What?" Tony's face scrunched up in confusion. "What's so funny? What did I miss?"

Harry couldn't help the laughter that slipped through.  Showing the folder that he had been hiding behind his back.

"I've been temporarily reassigned!"

"Where?" Tony asked, feeling as if he had really missed something.

"Oh, not far just..."

"Stop torturing the man," Gibbs chuckled

Harry snickered, "you know it's amusing, Agent Gibbs... or rather...Boss."

"You—your new posting is here?!" It slowly dawned on Tony and a blinding smile bloomed across his face. "For real?"

Harry gave a fast nod, "it's only a temporary placement until there's an opening. Could be here or Norfolk. I would be training as their next Senior Field Agent or Team Leader."

Tony didn't need to hear anymore he took long strides until he reached his husband and crushed him to his chest, lifting him a few inches off the ground.

“Tony!” Harry laughed.

"You owe me so many date nights," He murmured into his ear.

Harry had a wide grin on his face. He was positive he could manage that just fine.

Tony didn’t hesitate to bring him in for a kiss, not caring for anyone around them. He was too happy to pay anyone else any mind. All was on his mind was that he could finally spend more than just a few days or even a week with the person who stole his heart. It probably would take some getting used to and a lot of false starts, waiting for the day when Harry would have to leave again. It would eventually sink in and he couldn’t wait for that day.