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knights merch got me here

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It was a normal day at school, as an average knightsP you turn on your knights phone using a knights phone case with a knights screen protector, you realize that your battery is low so you pull out your knights power bank and plug it into your phone with your knights charger cable.

It's now lunchtime, you go to the cafeteria and buy food. The lunch lady asks you to pay so you pull out your knights coin purse from your knights bag with knights pins and knights keychains on it to pay her. She said that you need to pay extra if you want your drink to be in a plastic cup so you pull out your knights mug to drink from.

School is now over and your mom says that she’s busy and can't pick you up, so you pull out your knights phone that's using a knights phone case that's plugged into a knights power bank to call an uber. The uber arrives and you sit down, put your knights bag down and plug in your knights airpods to listen to knights. The knights airpods hit your knights earrings.

When you arrive home, you get off the uber (not forgetting to pay the driver with money from your knights wallet) and you forget to zip your knights bag with knights pins and knights keychains on it so your knights mug falls out and breaks. Eh it's fine you have 72 more in your knights cabinet.

You walk into your home and take off your knights jacket and put it on your knights hanger. You take off your knights shoes and toss your knights socks into the knights laundry basket so you can wash it tomorrow with your knights washing machine and knights laundry detergent.




It is now the next day, you wake up and take off your knights sleep mask and make your knights bed by rearranging your knights pillows and plushies. Oh and you’re also wearing your knights pajamas.

You go into the bathroom to take your morning piss in your knights toilet, oh shit you got your period! You can't decide if you want to use your knights pads, knights tampons or knights menstrual cups. You go with the knights menstrual cup because you want to cut down on plastic waste. You take it out of the box and put it in hot water.

You take off your knights pajamas and step into the shower that has a knights shower curtain, you turn the shower on and use your knights shampoo, knights conditioner, knights body scrub and knights soap.

Once you're done you step out and dry off with your knights towel, you use the knights menstrual cup and decide to wear a knights t-shirt with knights jeans. Of course you don't forget to brush your teeth with your knights toothbrush and knights toothpaste and gargle with knights mouthwash and water from your 33rd knights mug.

You go downstairs and see that your mom has prepared breakfast for you on a knights plate, along with knights coffee in one of your lovely knights mugs that you stirred with a knights teaspoon.

Once you finish your meal you say goodbye to your mom who's washing the dishes with knights dish soap and a sponge that's shaped like Tsukasa Suou’s head. You put on your knights shoes not forgetting to wear your favorite knights socks and head off to school.

You get out of the knights bus that you paid the school bus driver to pick you up with and get to class. Your teacher ran out of whiteboard marker ink and there aren't any refills, you hand her your knights marker as well as a knights whiteboard eraser just in case she needs it.

CRAP! You get the sudden urge to pee so you ask the teacher if you can go to the bathroom and she agrees. SHXT! They’re out of toilet paper, but that's not a problem for you because you always carry around knights toilet paper in your knights bag. FRICK! You need to shxt! You accept the outcome and use your knights soap to wash your ass.

You go back to class and the teacher told you there was a sudden change in the schedule. The real teachers need to attend a meeting so you have to go to P.E. You usually bring your P.E. uniform because there's no space to put it in your locker (that’s filled with knights merch), so you use your knights gym clothes instead.

After P.E. you go to the shower rooms to do your usual shower routine, after that you use your knights deodorant and knights perfume.

OH NO! YOU GOT A CALL FROM YOUR MOM AND YOUR HOUSE BURNT DOWN! Your teacher dismisses you early and you rush home. No… you left your knights paper clip in there… you cry a little. After a short crying session, you find a nice plot of land and start building your knights castle, it’s about the size of Buckingham Palace. You feel that there’s something missing in your brand new palace, ‘what is it…’ you think to yourself. Ah right, of course, you need your own KNIGHTS. You bought tickets to a knights concert this weekend, getting your own knights won’t be that big of a deal.




Finally, it's Saturday. You’re in a really good mood because you dreamt of marrying Arashi, god she looked so beautiful in that dream.. You can't wait to see her in real life. You do your morning routine. You made your bed and changed your knights bedsheets to a new one (that is also knights of course), it smells so good, smells like knights because you washed it with your knights laundry detergent. You proceed to shower with your knights body wash, shampoo, and everything. You know, the usual.

For once, you use your knights makeup that you’ve been saving for this special day. You did your hair, blow-dried it with your knights hair dryer and curled it with knights curling iron. Can’t forget the knights perfume too, gotta smell good in front of knights.

You wear a nice outfit with knights thigh-high socks (as in with their faces on it), a knights shirt, knights pants, knights shoes, and to top it all off, a knights jacket. You look at your closet to see if there's anything else to wear and you find a brand new knights headband, you decide to wear it along with knights jewelry.

You ride your knights car to the concert venue. While waiting for the concert to start you buy even more knights merch with the money in your knights wallet. The person selling the merch said that you could only get 5 things per person, that's a shame, there were a lot of things that you only had 3-10 of.

You go to your front row seats and only had to wait about 3 minutes until the first song started playing. “AAAAAAAAAH OH MY GOD ITS KNIGHTS” you scream out loud from excitement. Your throat kinda hurts after that so you grab a few knights cough drops from your knights bag while still staring at knights singing onstage of course.

After knights finish the first song, they do that talking thing that they do in every concert. While Izumi is just standing there, you two make eye-contact, he winks at you and you blush. You knew the blush was very clear so you took your knights foundation out of your knights bag to cover it up.

Arashi just finished talking and she ended her line with a wink at you. Arashi had always been your favorite knights member and you started hyperventilating. You took your knights paper bag out of your knights bag and it didn't work. It… doesn’t work… it feels like you're underwater, your limbs feel numb and you’re lightheaded. Before you realize it, Arashi has jumped off the stage and is giving you CPR.

Arashi’s CPR doesn't work so you pass out.




You wake up from your slumber and realize you're back in your knights bed in your knights castle. ‘AH! I missed the knights concert’ you feel frustrated. You’re about to cry, but when you look to your left to grab your knights tissues, you see Ritsu Sakuma of knights sleeping on your knights bed cuddled up with one of your knights plushies.