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honey, just put your sweet lips on my lips

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The gentle call through her bedroom door is followed by said door opening a crack and a head of soft blonde hair poking through. Lana turns from where she’s sitting on the bed, buttoning up her pyjama shirt. Her lips stretch into an easy smile at the sight of the taller woman, the weight of the day lifting from her shoulders in a way that not even bi-weekly therapy can manage. 

“Mary,” she greets. “Come in, sunshine.” 

Mary Eunice blushes at the nickname, the pink in her cheeks contrasting beautifully with the rest of her porcelain skin and accentuating the sharp blue of her eyes. God, I love her, Lana thinks to herself. 

“I just wanted to check on you,” the blonde explains nervously. “I know you’ve been through so much, and revisiting it all in therapy so often must hurt, so I just wanted to come and see if you’re feeling alright and if… if there was anything I could do for you.” Her voice grows quiet and unsure near the end as if she’s afraid Lana will be offended by her empathy. “That’s— uh, that’s all.” 

Lana’s heart simultaneously melts and shatters at Mary’s timid tone of voice, and she beckons her closer with a bend of her finger. Mary follows hesitantly, crossing the threshold and shuffling over to the edge of the bed where Lana sits. The older woman pats the comforter next to herself, the side closer to the headboard, and Mary seems to face a moment of contemplation before sitting. 

“I’m perfectly fine, sunshine,” Lana offers as an answer once Mary is seated, a little shocked to find that she actually means it. “Even better now that you’re here.” 

Mary blushes even harder and looks down at her feet swinging back and forth over the shag carpet next to Lana’s bed. She mumbles something into the modest collar of her shirt, something the brunette doesn’t quite catch. 

“What’s that?” She gently takes Mary’s chin between her thumb and index finger, turning her head so she’s facing the brunette. Mary’s breath stutters a little, eyes widening and dancing nervously over Lana’s face. 

Mary meets Lana’s eye timidly, hands fidgeting with her long skirt as she reluctantly repeats herself. “You don’t have to say such nice things about me all the time.” 

Lana furrows her brow in confusion. “What do you mean?”

“I mean…” Mary pauses, clearly unsure how to say it. “You’re always complimenting me and calling me sunshine and— and I know that I’ve been living in your house for over a year now but just because we’re friends it— it doesn’t mean you have to lie to me just because you pity me or— or something.” 

Lana looks at the former nun, and she feels a sharp pain in her chest at the almost betrayed look in Mary’s eye. Lana takes Mary’s hands in her own and holds them between their bodies, stroking her thumbs over the younger woman’s knuckles, hoping to comfort her a little with the action. 

“Mary Eunice McKee,” Lana says, as sternly as she can while maintaining a gentle tone, “in the year-and-a-bit that you’ve lived here and the two-ish years we have known each other, when have I ever said something I didn’t really mean?”

Mary’s teeth dig into her bottom lip as she thinks for a moment. “You got me there,”  she admits, smiling sheepishly. 

Lana smiles softly, giving her hands a reassuring squeeze. “See?” she says. “I say nice things about you because there are lots of nice things about you. You’re empathetic, you’re honest, you’re generous, and you’ve never judged me for what I am and for that, I’m endlessly grateful. I compliment you because I want you to know that I appreciate you, okay? You deserve to know how loved you are.” 

Mary’s eyes shine with unshed tears, and she extricates one hand from Lana’s grasp to dab at her eyes with the sleeve of her sweater. She takes a deep breath, chewing on her lip out of habit. Lana can’t help but stare, thoroughly captivated by the action. She wishes, for a moment, that it’s her own teeth tugging on the taller woman’s lip. She mentally shakes herself, chasing that thought away before it runs amok. 

“I love you, Lana,” Mary says suddenly, barely more than a whisper. 

Lana smiles. “I love you too, Mary,” she returns easily. 

Mary furrows her brow and shakes her head. “No, I mean…” she trails off weakly. “I mean I’m in love with you.” 

Lana is stunned silent for a beat, not quite believing her own ears. She feels like she’s floating, but at the same time, she can’t remember a time in her life she’s ever felt more grounded. 

“What did you say?” she breathes, lips curling into an incredulous grin. 

Mary squeezes her eyes shut, hand going limp where it’s laced with Lana’s. “Please don’t laugh at me, I— just forget I said anything. I’m sorry.” 

She moves to get up, but Lana urgently pulls her back down by the shoulders. She uses the pads of two fingers to turn Mary Eunice’s head toward her, dipping her head to try and meet her eyes. 

“Mary,” she hums. “Look at me, sunshine. Please?”

Mary reluctantly meets her eye, lips curved into a frown and her lower lip trembling the faintest bit. Lana’s heart aches at the sight. She takes Mary’s face in her hands, thumbs rubbing gently over her cheeks. 

“I’m in love with you, too,” she whispers, and Mary lets out a wet little laugh. 

“You are?”

“Yeah,” Lana says vehemently, nodding her head with enthusiasm. “I really, really love you, Mary.”

Mary bites her lip again, and Lana doesn’t try to hide the way her eyes are drawn to it. Mary giggles quietly, watching Lana watching her. 

“Can I kiss you?” the brunette asks, and Mary gives her own nod. 

They both seem to gravitate towards one another, faces drawing nearer until both women’s breath flutters against the other’s skin with every exhale. Lana brushes their lips together for a second; not a kiss, just the barest hint of a touch. Mary is clearly not satisfied with this, and she grabs Lana by the collar of her pyjama shirt, pulling her in for a proper kiss. 

Lana squeaks quietly, but quickly recovers and brings a hand up to the back of Mary’s neck, tilting her head into the kiss. Mary is clumsy with her movements, clearly unsure of herself, but Lana thinks it couldn’t be any more perfect. 

Their bodies are still sitting parallel to one another, and Mary must find this frustrating because she huffs and twists her body around, severing the kiss and lifting her long skirt up to her knees. She swings a leg over Lana’s thighs so she’s straddling the older woman, legs covered again by the billowing fabric of the skirt. She rests her forehead against Lana’s, breath quickened with their new position, blue eyes boring into brown. Lana’s hands find purchase on Mary’s waist, revelling in the warmth of the other woman through the fabric of her sweater. 

“Is this okay?” the younger woman breathes into Lana’s open mouth.

Lana nods, licking her lips before once more capturing Mary’s mouth with her own. The blonde on top of her gasps quietly, hands rising to tangle in Lana’s hair. The brunette moves her left hand up so it’s pressed into the small of Mary’s back. The taller woman’s spine arches into her naturally, and Lana feels heat bloom between her thighs. 

Lana drags her tongue over the seam of Mary’s lips, sighing softly when she opens her mouth to welcome her tongue. Mary lets out a small whine, tightening her grip on Lana’s hair and eliciting a hiss from the older woman. 

Mary pulls back, worried. “Sorry,” she whispers. 

Lana shakes her head with a sigh. “No, I liked it,” she gently assures the younger woman. 

Mary lets out a small huff of laughter, breathing out a faint, “Oh,” before she’s leaning in and initiating another open-mouthed kiss, much to Lana’s surprise. 

Every slide of Lana’s tongue against Mary’s makes them both shiver, every stroke across the roof of Mary’s mouth prompting her to curl her fingers harder into soft brown hair, which in turn makes Lana pull the other woman closer. With each whine and shaky exhale from Mary, Lana finds herself sliding her right hand around the blonde’s slim waist and down to rest on a soft, warm thigh. 

Lana pulls away from the kiss to breathe, nipping lightly at Mary’s lip just as she’d imagined doing earlier. Mary breathes out a quiet moan; a soft, vulnerable sound that makes Lana dig her fingers into the blonde’s thigh a little harder than before. Drowning in arousal, Lana dips her head, pressing swollen lips just under the ridge of Mary’s jaw, careful not to be too harsh. She can feel Mary Eunice’s pulse racing against her tongue when she presses it against the skin. 

“Lana,” Mary sighs, and the brunette resists the urge to suck a mark into her neck. There comes a small whine, then, firmer than the first time, “Lana.”

The older woman snaps back to reality, tearing herself away from Mary’s throat and searching her face for any sign of discomfort. 

“I’m sorry, I got carried away, I— are you alright?” she stammers. “I’m sorry.” 

Mary giggles softly, tucking a lock of mussed hair behind Lana’s ear. “I’m perfectly fine,” she hums. “I was just going to ask if I could, uh, maybe lie down for this.” 

“Are you sure? I don’t want you to feel pressured to do anything. I’d be perfectly happy just lying here with you, honestly. ” 

“Yes, I’m certain,” Mary assures her, a slight tinge of desperation making its way into her voice. “I've wanted this for so long. Please, Lana.” 

Lana shushes her gently, smoothing down her soft hair with a steady, comforting hand. 

“Okay, sunshine.” She can’t help but repeat, “You’re completely sure?”

Lana can tell that Mary only just refrains from rolling her eyes. “Yes, I am completely sure.”

“Okay,” she chuckles. “Lie back, now.” 

Mary hurries to obey, crawling to the centre of the bed and flopping down on her back, head sinking into a pillow. 

Lana lies down and stretches out beside her, the length of her body pressed against Mary’s, one leg slipping naturally between the younger woman’s. She strokes her hand up and down Mary’s arm, the fabric of her sweater bunching up with the movement. 

“To do this right,” Lana whispers, “I’m gonna want you to be wearing a little less clothing, if that's okay with you.”

“That's very okay with me,” Mary replies. 

Lana nods, mostly to herself, and helps Mary sit up and strip the sweater from her torso. It barely has time to hit the bedroom floor before Lana is tugging questioningly on the waistband of Mary’s skirt, looking up into her eyes for permission. Mary wordlessly reaches back to undo the buttons at the top of the skirt. Once they’re unfastened she pushes the skirt down and Lana tugs it down the rest of the way, leaving the former nun in only her bra and underwear. 

Lana leans back on her haunches to admire the newly exposed skin before her. She’s seen it all before when Mary was first dropped on her doorstep and she had to bathe and clothe the woman for weeks, but this is entirely different. Now they trust each other, and they love each other, and this isn’t Lana averting her eyes whenever she possibly can for fear of coming off as predatory; this is Lana tracing every line, dip, and curve of the younger woman’s body with her eyes, not even bothering to try hiding the desire that’s surely burning in her gaze. 

Mary blushes under the attention. Really blushes, skin turning red starting at the face, then steadily working its way down her neck and over her already heaving chest. Lana bites back a grin at the sight, lying back down beside the blonde with a sigh, pressing a quick, chaste kiss to her lips. 

“You’re so gorgeous,” she murmurs, stroking a finger over Mary’s collarbone and watching as goosebumps rise in her wake. 

Mary’s breath hitches at Lana’s words and the brunette watches the bob of her pale throat as she gulps. She’s trembling faintly, a small glint of anxiety evident in her wide eyes. 

“You okay, sunshine?” Lana asks. 

Mary nods shakily. “I want this,” she says, “I’m just nervous, is all.”

Lana gives a little nod of her own. “I know, honey.” That’s a new nickname, she thinks. “It’s me, though, you know that. I’ll listen to anything you say, especially if it’s stop.” 

“I know,” Mary whispers, a slow smile taking over her face. “Can you take those pyjamas off, my love?”

They’ve been tugged off her figure and flung onto the floor within ten seconds. Mary giggles at Lana’s eagerness at first, but the humour in her gaze is rapidly overtaken by want as her eyes roam Lana’s naked body kneeling before her. 

She presses her thighs together and makes a grabby hand at the older woman, her voice hushed when she says, “Kiss me, please.” 

Lana obliges happily, wrapping an arm around Mary’s bare waist, using her other arm to support her own weight beside Mary’s head. She tries to kiss her slowly, softly, but Mary nips at her lip determinedly and slips her tongue inside Lana’s mouth. Lana moans quietly, shifting so she’s positioned more on top of the other woman than before. 

Mary grabs at her side, fiercely clutching the soft, tender skin of her waist with twitching fingers. She eventually manages to get a secure hold on Lana’s waist and uses the new grip to pull the older woman down completely on top of her. They both gasp at the feeling of their bare skin pressed together. Lana’s nipples scrape against the fabric of Mary’s bra, making her groan quietly. She adjusts her positioning, accidentally pressing her thigh up between Mary’s legs, which pulls another gasp and a feeble whine from the younger woman. Lana greedily swallows the sound, only just managing to keep her own hips from mimicking Mary's needy movement at the feeling of the warm, slick wetness between Mary’s legs rubbing against her bare thigh. 

Her hand sweeps up Mary’s side, long fingers fluttering over her ribcage before settling atop a still clothed breast. She gives an experimental squeeze to the soft flesh, basking in the sigh that puffs out of Mary Eunice’s nose. She easily locates the younger woman’s pebbled nipple and drags her thumb over it through the plain fabric of her bra. Mary squirms, arching her back up into Lana as her hips give a little stuttering jerk against the older woman’s thigh. 

When Lana's fingers slowly start to edge under the hem of her bra, Mary reluctantly severs the kiss, breathing heavily. 

"Take it off," she pleads. 

Lana obeys, using a hand at her waist to urge her to arch her back again, then sliding her hand around and up her spine to unclasp the garment. She leans back to pull it off Mary's arms, flinging it to the floor to join the blonde's sweater and skirt. She stares for a moment, too desperate to be on top of the other woman again to spend too much time ogling her, and Mary is already squirming against the rumpled bedsheets. 

“Beautiful,” she whispers, and Mary Eunice whines. 

She smoothly lies back down, half on top of Mary, and pushes her knee back up between the younger woman's thighs. Mary breathes out a quiet whimper, pushing her hips up into Lana with a hand in her hair and the other on her waist. Lana kisses the woman beneath her with a lazy sort of passion, one that Mary quickly replaces with that familiar burning want with only a high, breathy moan and a tug of soft brown hair. 

Lana dances her fingers over soft, warm skin, pressing her hand to the centre of Mary's chest, right at her sternum, just to feel the way it's heaving for her. She slowly circles a nipple with her index finger, waiting for Mary to shiver before she rolls a thumb over it again, making the muscles in the former nun’s stomach twitch and tense. She takes the soft, warm flesh in her palm and squeezes gently, eliciting a sigh from Mary. 

Lana breaks away from the kiss, leaving their lips connected by a thin string of saliva. Mary tries to chase her mouth, but Lana leans back, holding the other woman down with a hand on her chest. She slides it up, gliding over her neck to rest on her jaw, using her fingers to roll Mary’s head to the side. Veins and tendons stretch out beautifully before her eyes and she wastes no time in pressing an open-mouthed kiss to one, feeling Mary’s throat moving under her lips as she swallows thickly. 

The hand in Lana’s hair relaxes as Mary seems to almost melt into the mattress, scratching her nails against Lana's scalp and sucking in a fluttery breath. Lana presses a series of tender kisses along the column of her neck, dragging her lips over warm, pale skin to feel Mary shudder. She moves down to her collarbone, running her tongue along the ridge of it and revelling in the way Mary’s hips shift against her thigh. She moves down on the bed so she can kiss down mary’s sternum, and the blonde lets out a little whine at the loss of pressure between her thighs. 

Lana shushes her gently, kisses migrating down to the underside of a breast. One hand goes to the other one, index finger circling a nipple teasingly, while the other strokes along her waist. She brushes her lips over the skin around a pebbled, dusky pink nipple, smiling into it when Mary arches her back impatiently and presses her chest into Lana’s mouth. 

“Please,” the blonde sighs. 

Lana gives in at the breathy word, finally swiping her tongue over a straining nipple. Mary squeaks, breath hitching audibly before she lets out a heavy sigh. Lana swirls her tongue around the pink bud; tight, firm circles that make Mary’s breath come out in harsh bursts. When the brunette wraps her lips around the nipple and sucks, a strained whine makes its way up Mary’s throat, pushing past her lips as she rolls her hips upward. A lance of heat shoots down Lana’s spine at the sound, settling insistently between her thighs. 

Once Lana feels she has paid sufficient attention to that breast she switches to the other one. The hand at Mary’s waist comes up to flick and tug at her swollen, wet nipple as the other slides down to hold her thigh. She repeats her early ministrations until Mary is squirming underneath her, whining faintly on every exhale. 

“Lana, please,” she whimpers, “touch me.”

“Do you know how it works?” Lana asks, still concerned. 

Mary nods. “I haven't been a nun for over a year now, remember? I’ve moved past maintaining a complete celibacy vow, and I live with a very beautiful woman.”

Lana chuckles in spite of the hot, heavy feeling that’s been gradually building between her legs since the moment Mary sat in her lap. 

God , I love you,” she rasps. 

She reaches down to pull Mary’s underwear off, dragging the fabric down long legs and tossing it to the floor along with the rest of Mary’s clothes. She uses her left arm to hold herself up over Mary and presses her hand just below Mary’s navel, splaying her fingers across the soft skin and feeling her abdominal muscles twitching erratically. 

“Tell me if you want me to stop,” she whispers into the other woman’s open mouth, fingers playing absentmindedly with the wiry hair between her legs. 

Mary Eunice nods, bringing a hand down to loosely wrap delicate fingers around Lana’s forearm. “Don’t stop.”

Lana moves downward, just barely brushing her fingers over the outside of Mary’s sex and gasping when she feels slick heat immediately coating the pads of them. 

“You’re perfect,” she breathes, and it forces a whimper out of Mary’s mouth. 

Lana presses a lazy kiss to her lips, pulling away to watch Mary’s face as she parts soft, hot folds and runs two fingers up and down the utterly soaking wet length of her. 

Mary’s eyes threaten to slip shut, but Lana whispers a quiet, “Look at me,” so she forces them to stay open as best she can. 

Lana runs her fingers lightly over Mary’s clit and the blonde’s hips jump up into her hand, a soft moan spilling from her mouth at the barely-there touch. 

She repeats the motion and Mary whines, rolling her hips again. “Please,” she mumbles breathily, “more.”

“More how?” Lana asks. 

“Inside me,” the blonde pants, “please, Lana.”

Lana kisses the tip of her nose gently, moving her fingers down to the source of Mary’s slick arousal. She slowly eases the tip of one finger inside the other woman, just to the first knuckle, feeling Mary clenching around practically nothing with a mixed sense of pride and wonder. She slides it in further, meeting zero resistance, so she keeps going until she reaches her third knuckle. She isn’t sure if the low moan resonating through her ears is hers or Mary’s and at this point, it doesn’t really matter. 

Mary squirms impatiently against her hand, so she starts pumping slowly, dragging the tip of her finger along the inside of Mary’s sex every time she pulls out. The younger woman is letting out soft, high noises with every stroke of Lana’s finger inside her, and Lana wishes they could stay just like this forever. 

“My beautiful girl,” she breathes, eliciting a strangled moan from deep within Mary’s chest. 

Mary tightens her grip on Lana’s arm for a split second, whimpering, “More, please, please .” 

“Okay, sunshine,” she croons, kissing the corner of her mouth softly. 

She pulls her finger out, slowly easing another one in alongside it on the next stroke. Mary tips her head back at the feeling of Lana filling her like this, jaw hanging slack with a high moan that makes Lana let out one of her own. Mary’s fingers dig into her arm, hips rolling in time with every pump and curl of her long fingers. 

A thin sheen of sweat glistens on Mary’s chest, their skin sticking together with every roll of the taller woman’s body. Her mouth hangs open with a needy moan as her head digs into the pillow, the brilliant crystal blue of her eyes complementing the soft pink in her cheeks and the honey of her hair, making Lana’s heart sing. 

When Lana’s fingers push into Mary particularly hard on one thrust, she urgently pulls her hand away from Lana’s hair and slaps it over her mouth, muffling a loud moan against her palm as her eyes roll back in her head. Lana furrows her brow, wanting to hear the effect she’s having on the blonde. 

“Mary,” she hums, pressing a gentle kiss to her wrist. “Let me hear you, sunshine. Please.”

The younger woman blushes fiercely and somewhat reluctantly pulls her hand away, curling it around the back of Lana’s neck. Lana gives another strong thrust of her fingers, and this time, Mary moans out loud, maintaining eye contact with the older woman as she bites her lip. 

“You’re stunning, my love,” Lana murmurs tenderly, loving the way Mary whines at the words. 

Watching in awe as Mary’s moans gradually become louder and more frequent, she moves her fingers faster than before, rubbing the palm of her hand deliberately over Mary’s swollen, sensitive clit. She can feel the younger woman’s wetness pooling in her palm and slick, heavy noises reverberate throughout the room with every smooth thrust of her long fingers. 

“Lana, please,” Mary whimpers, a heavy sigh fanning against the older woman’s face. She’s not begging for any one thing in particular and Lana knows it, pressing an open-mouthed kiss to Mary’s jawline and nipping teasingly at the pale skin. 

“You’re so beautiful like this,” Lana whispers, kissing Mary’s lips even as they’re parted in ecstasy and she struggles to kiss back. “So good for me.” 

Mary’s sex squeezes Lana’s fingers while she moans, high and breathy, eyes slipping shut as her head tilts back on the pillow. Her breath comes in sharp bursts that blow across Lana’s face. 

“I’m— oh , I think— Lana!” 

She presses a soothing kiss to Mary’s cheek, whispering, “I know, sunshine. I know. Let go, my love.” Her fingers pick up speed a little; still gentle, but less languid than before. “Good girl, c’mon, let go for me.” 

Mary’s spine arches sharply and she cries out into the room, pulling Lana impossibly close as her hips roll incessantly against the older woman. Her whole body shakes as waves upon waves of pleasure roll over her, a long moan flowing past her lips. Lana just buries her face in the blonde’s neck and presses her lips to warm skin, holding her steadily through it. 

As Mary Eunice’s moans quiet into faint whimpers and her breathing slowly but surely returns to normal, Lana extricates herself from the younger woman’s grip as gently as she can. Mary whines meekly, reaching out for Lana’s retreating form as she murmurs hushed apologies back at the blonde curled up in her bed. The older woman quickly runs the softest cloth she can find under warm water, returning and wiping up the warm, slippery mess between Mary’s legs as gently as she can. Still, Mary squirms away from the contact where she’s still so sensitive, but Lana whispers soft comforting words to her, wiping off her own hand then tossing the damp cloth to the floor. 

Mary shivers, missing the warmth of Lana’s body tangled with hers. But then, Lana is tugging the rumpled sheets out from under the younger woman and lying down next to her. She pulls the comforter over the both of them, pulling Mary on top of her and wrapping her arms around the taller woman, tangling their legs together. 

Mary murmurs a faint little, “I love you, Lana,” as she rests her cheek on a warm chest and lets her eyes slip shut, her breaths immediately beginning to even out. 

“I love you, too, Mary,” Lana replies with a smile on her face, fingers stroking the soft hair at the crown of Mary’s head.