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Officer!Dick Grayson x Reader

Warnings – Language. Smut. NSFW. Nipple play. Very mild gun kink. Slight abuse of authority.


It had been a long, exhausting day when you saw the flashing lights behind you and heard the siren go off.


Doesn't it just fucking figure, you thought. What could have made this shitty day any worse?


A speeding ticket. Of course.


You didn't think you’d even been going all that fast. The meeting you’d been covering for the paper had gone late, though, and you were tired and wanted to get home to your empty, comfortable bed — so it was definitely possible you’d leaned a little harder on the gas than you should have.


You pulled over on the dark road and the police car pulled in behind. You wondered if you might know the cop. You’d never ask for special treatment, of course, but after covering news in Blüdhaven for nearly a decade, the odds are your name might ring a bell and you might get some leniency.


Or get an additional fine, depending on who it was.


You watched in your rear view mirror as the officer got out of the car and you did the unthinkable — you smiled. Of all the police officers, it would have to be him .


Only your favorite police officer on the whole force, for crying out loud. Dick Grayson . It hadn't occurred to you he might be in the car since he'd told you he was working a different schedule. But boy, his tall muscular frame and oceanic blue eyes were a sight for your sore ones. Ticket pad in hand, or not.


He walked over to your passenger side window as the street was quiet and leaned on the window frame with both hands.


“Hello, ma'am”, he said, trying desperately to appear serious despite the smile dancing around his lips.


“Good evening, Sergeant”, you said, smiling back. It was impossible not to despite your vow about ten minutes earlier that you’d never smile again.


“Do you know why I pulled you over?”, he said, eyes twinkling.


“Hmm”, you hummed softly, “Because you've been just looking for an excuse to put me in handcuffs for a while?”.


Now he laughed out loud.


“I can't confirm that for the record, ma'am. But the speed limit here is 40…You were doing 50”, he said.


Cars suddenly whizzed past you on your driver's side.


“Do me a favor — pull in here. You're impeding traffic”, Dick said, directing you to a vacant parking lot for a business closed for the evening on your right.


“Ok”, you nodded. Was he really going to give you a ticket? Shit. Of all people. You didn't think he'd be the one to bust you. And it was only 10 fucking miles over. Fucks sake. What an end to the day. You huffed, pulling into the lot and he followed, no sirens or lights this time, and parked up next to you.


He got out of the car again. Dick was adorable any day but in his uniform, his waist heavily flanked by his symbols of authority — your heart thumped. He could give you a ticket — anytime .


“Please step out of the car, ma'am”, he said, his deep voice made your spine shudder.


Now what?


You could hear his police radio crackle and hiss with insignificant crimes that often took up his time in the dark city of Blüdhaven. 


You opened the car door and got out, closing it behind you quickly. You looked up at Dick, always surprised by how much he towered over you when you stood next to him. You weren’t short but he made you feel tiny.


You looked up at him with a face bordering on adolescent pout.


“You're not really going to give me a speeding ticket, are you?”.


Still, the smile danced around his mouth, trying so hard to maintain his law enforcement seriousness.


You always broke him with a laugh. Your sense of humor was one of the many places you felt connected.


“Listen, cop ”, you said, mocking the many local teens and their attitude toward the law enforcement you’d heard stories about for years.You crossed your arms, sticking your hip out to the side, “My father’s a lawyer. You wait till he finds out you pulled me over. He'll have your job”.


He laughed out loud again.


“Is that so, princess?”, he teased.


You smiled.


“Turn around and put your hands on the hood of your vehicle”.


You blinked for a second, “Huh?”.


“You heard me. The more you cooperate, the easier this will be for you”, Dick said, once again failing to look entirely serious.


You realised you’d never really seen him face to face without him being a few degrees into a smile when looking at you.


“Now turn around, and put your hands on the hood of your truck”, he said, lips twitching at the corners.


Your heart and breathing level increased their beats in simultaneous speeds. You turned around and followed his instructions, placing your hands on the hood. You were entirely alone in the parking lot. It seemed even the cars on the nearby road had stopped.


It was as if the whole world had stopped, breathing along with you, waiting to see what would happen next. No sound was available to mask your thumping heart.


“Now, spread your legs”, Dick commanded.


Your eyes fluttered in shock. You moved your legs apart, swallowing thickly. What was Dick doing? Your casual attire was hardly lust material.


Instinctively, feeling the flare of lust ignite through you, your fingers tried to dig into something like muscled forearms, but only found the unyielding metal of your car hood.




This time he moved his leg between yours and gently nudged your right leg out further, opening you up wider.


“Is there anything I should know about before I search you — anything you might be hiding?”, he said softly from behind you.


Your eyes closed again. There were a lot of things you were hiding at the moment. And not well, either.


“No”, you whispered.


You felt Dick move behind you, slow and steady like a shadow. His hands started at your left ankle.


Both hands cupped your ankle, massaging it in the guise of a search, and moved up, fingers probing your calf. You could feel the heat, the pressure of his broad shoulders behind your legs.


Now to the knee, his thumbs pressed into the back of your knee, fingers firmly but gently moving over it, and you began to tremble. You could feel it all over. Buzzing like vibrant electricity.


The rough material of your jeans made his movements all the more sensual, rubbing against your soft skin, and still, his search moved higher. His hands moved over your knee to the thigh.


You fought and failed to control a gasp in your throat as his fingers dug into the millions of nerve endings he discovered in your inner thigh, where he seemed to be most focused. Dick’s thumbs rotated and teased your inner left thigh until you lifted one hand from the hood of the car to bite your knuckle.


“Hands back on the car, ma’am”, he whispered, but his voice sounded different. You realised you weren’t the only one feeling it.


“I don't want to have to cuff you”, he said. A light hint of tease tainted his words. You imagined that handsome smirk adorning his face too.


Cuff me, you thought. Cuff me, please. Fuck .


His hands moved up, further, reaching the top of your legs, pushing his thumbs just below your ass and then pulled away.


Again, he started the same movements on your right side, massaging, teasing your leg with his fingers, finding that sensitive spot on your inner knee, and easing up your thigh. His thumb circled, his grip strong. Fuck, you couldn't breathe.


“Are you sure you aren't hiding anything?”, he asked.


You nodded. You were suddenly at a loss for words. And, if you did speak, would it even be coherent?


You felt him against your back now, hands on your hips, tightly holding them.


Then Dick moved his hands slowly up to your stomach — through your T-shirt, up your ribs, under your arms, over your shoulders, stopping briefly to squeeze them.


“You're moving your legs back together again”, he said, putting his hands next to yours on the hood of the car so his mouth was by your ear. Dick’s body was pressed against your back. You could feel his muscles flexing, or was that your imagination?


“I told you to spread them. Now do it ”.


You bit your lip and inched your feet further apart.


He moved back from you and placed his hands over yours, on the car, at your wrists, covering every inch with his clever fingers. His thumbs moved in a circle inside your elbows, stroking them up to your forearms, digging into them harder.


You let out a small gasp involuntarily. The clash of so many sensations and emotions was beginning to overwhelm your brain activity. You were nervous and excited. You felt embarrassed but eager.


You wanted desperately to run, while at the same time wanted him to throw you on the hood of the car and fuck you senseless just as badly.


His fingers reached your shoulders again, the pads simulating an actual search poorly by then.


“I can't help but feel like I'm still missing something”, he murmured.


With that, his hands inched their way down from your shoulders and slowly ran over your chest, holding your breasts in his hands, moving his hands over them in gentle motions.


Your nipples, already the first to respond when you were turned on, were already over-sensitive, after his hands had been all over you. With his hands pawing over them — they were so nerve-charged under his touch — impossible to hide. Your eyes clenched shut in embarrassment and sensual agony.


Sergeant… ”.


Behind you, he bit his lip at feeling your pebbled nipples against his palms through your thin T-shirt. He was glad your back was to him so you couldn't see his face.


“I knew you were hiding something”.


“They weren't there before, Sergeant. I swear”, you whispered, feeling flush all over.


Your hips had begun to move with his touch, moving back, urging him to press against you again. Dick was initially stalling, because in doing so, he would be revealing some secrets of his own.


His fingers squeezed your nipples gently at first, tugging on them, and you sighed, finally, impatiently reaching behind you to grab him by his heavy belt and pull him to you.


The hardness against your ass certainly wasn't his gun, and it wasn't helping you gather your thoughts at all.


You moved against him, finally lifting your hands from the car, and reaching behind you to find his neck, pulling his mouth to your skin. Dick moved you both around to lean himself against the car, his hands moving up, under your shirt, your back to his front, moving and softly grinding together.


He moved down to lift you up against him because he was so much taller than you were, and it was hard to reach your neck with his mouth, but Dick managed. You felt his hot breath on your neck, and his hands found your bare nipples, working them harder, squeezing them over and over.


He could feel your heart, feel your sighs coming faster, turning more into ‘Oh....yeahs’ . Dick knew where this was headed.


You did too and there was nothing you could do to stop it. You felt the pending orgasm throbbing in the pit of your stomach. The heating pouring through your over sensitive nerves as Dick worked you perfectly.


Somewhat embarrassed, you tried to pull his hands away for a feeble moment.


“No, I...I can't. don't understand. I can't do this in front of you”, you whimpered.


He turned your face to look up at his, over your shoulder.


“Yes you can”, he murmured into your mouth, “And you will…You have to do what I tell you? Remember?”.


His crystal blue eyes held that hint of smile, as delicious as honey.


You knew you were done for. You closed your eyes, and felt him lift you against his solid body again, your hips back to front, feeling him hard against you. His mouth on your neck, whispering to you, urging you on, until you finally felt your aching nipples teased and tugged for the last time you could stand it.


You came shuddering against his body, his arms wrapped around your ribs to hold you up, to feel the shocks go through you. You reached behind you, wanting to feel him, looking for his…


No ”, he said, warmly but firmly.


And you were too tired and hazy to argue.


After a bit, he let you go and you were shyly finding it hard to meet his eyes. He smiled to himself and walked you to the driver's side door.


You stopped before getting in and looked him right in the eye.


“So”, you said smiling, “Do I get a ticket?”.


He laughed softly, eyes crinkling in the corners.


“Not this time, ma'am — just a verbal warning”, he gave his most dazzling smile and winked, “But please be more aware of the speed limit, and slow down”.


You turned to get in the car, and turned back once more, “You sure you don't want to threaten me with a ticket?”.


Dick’s eyebrow quirked up in curiosity.


Your eyes, recovered from your momentary shyness, were hot. He could almost hear them crackle and burn. They reached through his, into his heart and took hold of his cock with both hands — which was coincidentally where your eyes were now focused.


“Because if you wanted to threaten me with a ticket, I've got all sorts of propositions to offer you to try to get out of it”, you said, smiling at him wickedly.


God, was he tempted to write you a thousand tickets. But fuck. He knew couldn't. Fuck, fuck, fuck.


Dick grabbed you by both elbows and pushed you against the passenger door of your car. Your smile never left, eyes locked with his — but you did let out a small, pleasurable gasp with his movement.


He bent his shoulders to look directly into your eyes, his mouth almost touching yours, “I was easy on you this time sweetheart—Remember that”,  he growled, using his full authoritative tone.


“Next time, you might not be so lucky”.


You watched his mouth form the words and drowned in the need to kiss him. It was a dark, physical ache. Instead, you just smiled. Fine. You’d play his game. His way.


“All right, Sergeant”, you said softly, “Thank you”.


He backed away from you toward his car, your eyes still locked together. Dick cleared his throat and licked his tongue over his bottom lip, “Have a good evening, ma'am. And please, drive carefully”.


Dick was unable to mask the smile that lit up his blue eyes like moonlight on the ocean. You smiled back, gave him a salute, and with shaking hands you put your key in the ignition. You sat in your car for a few minutes, pondering if turning to a life of crime would be worth it.


A few days later, Dick heard his phone buzz with a text message. You’d proceeded as usual since the 'speeding incident' , talking about work related topics. It was easier that you didn't have to see each other — usually just talking by phone or by text. Looking into each others' eyes might have been hard, especially if other people were around. You knew people would be able to tell instantly something had happened. Especially Barbara. You’d never been able to hide much from your best friend. Plus, she was convinced Dick had the hots for you.


He was certain you’d blush. But he couldn't be so certain he wouldn't have also. Dick was glad it seemed that your little moment hadn't affected your relationship for the worse. He’d been worried you’d avoid him. Maybe even report him. Dick truly did like you and liked giving you information that you needed. Generally Dick enjoyed talking to you in a whole. You had the same sense of humor and laughed a lot. You were gorgeous too. Your sparkling eyes drawing him in, your plush lips looked divine.


However, he couldn't help but have his mind steal back to that night. He couldn’t forget it. He was having trouble sleeping sometimes, thinking of your body shivering in his hands. 


His mind was drawn from his fantasy when his phone vibrated. It was you. Telling him you’d heard of reported criminal activity that might take place that night. And an address. Your address.


That was all.


Dick didn't respond. He just looked at the phone for a while until his police radio cracked again. Then he put it out of his mind. After all, his shift didn't even end until the early hours of the morning. What was he going to do? Drive all the way there at 2am?


But that's exactly what he did.


When he pulled up, the house was dark save one light somewhere upstairs. Dick told himself it was insane. But then he closed his eyes, as he'd done many times over the last week, and breathed in the scent of your neck. He heard your struggling sighs. He felt your body warm and tight against his, his arms holding you to him.


He shut the door of his police car. He’d been in such a rush to drive there he hadn't even changed into his civilian clothes. Something told him if you were still awake, you wouldn't mind.


He quietly tapped the sliding glass door but the downstairs was dark. Still telling himself he was utterly insane, he slid the door open. Nothing like a cop breaking and entering, he thought.


Dick’s belt and all its equipment clinked and clanked his arrival. Somewhere upstairs, you sighed in your sleep, sensing it — waking up.


He walked up the stairs, slowly. His nervous energy was more intense than he felt during any bust he made on a regular basis. Why? It was you. It’d always been you. Fuck. He swallowed, his hand tracing up the wood of the bannister.


He still had time to bail on this, he told himself as he walked down the hall to the lit doorway. He still had time to bail. But his body wasn't listening. Neither was his mind anymore. Intent on finding you. Giving himself to you.


As he got to the doorway, you stirred and opened your eyes.


“Fuck”, was all that left his lips.


The room was dark other than a thick candle on the dresser. It lit the pale blue walls faintly. You were sprawled on the bed in a midnight blue silk nightgown, clinging to your body exquisitely, finishing at your mid-thighs.


You lifted yourself onto your elbows. Your nipples were outlined through the nightgown.


“Come on in, officer”, you murmured, voice still heavy with sleep, “I'm sure you've handled worse situations”.


He choked, “Y-You shouldn't sleep with a candle lit”, Dick mumbled, defaulting to focusing on safety, “You could start a fire”.


You snorted, “I knew you were coming”, you smiled at him, “I never have to worry about being safe with you around to protect me”.


Dick’s fists clenched in his hands. He found himself counting to ten trying to control himself. It was simply too much. The sleepless nights. The aching in his heart. In his cock, remembering the other night. Thinking about all the possible outcomes. The darkness that hid him stroking himself hard and fast to take the edge off.


And now, here you were, hair a sleepy mess, naked under a layer of silk, on a bed. With that look in your eye.


Ready. So ready.


He counted to ten again.


You sat up on the bed, “Come here”, you patted the space next to you softly.


He listened, but sat on the edge of your bed cautiously, Dick’s heart was pounding. You moved behind him. He felt your body against his back. Your delicate hands on his shoulders.


“Is there anything you are hiding from me?”, you said playfully, reminding him of his words from earlier in the week.


He smiled. Uh, yeah? He thought. But something told him you’d find it fast. Your hands moved over his back, feeling it rippling with just enough muscle, born of pain and sweat, of years of special police training…maybe even something else you couldn’t quite pinpoint. You moved down his hard arms, pushing your chest against Dick’s back, reaching his waist — and finally finding it.


He grabbed your hands as they took hold of his gun.


Wait ”, he said.


His skilled hands took it from you and carefully emptied it of ammunition. Then he handed it back to you. Your arms under his, holding his gun, stroking it. He swallowed thickly, wondering how those hands would feel on his body.


“Show me how to hold it, please”.


He took your hands in his steadily with the gun in them and you were pleased to feel his trembling in yours. Together you took the gun in your hands, raised his arms, and aimed it, his finger over yours on the trigger. Your heart thundered in your chest.


You let go of the gun and he laid it on the side table. The weight of it making a loud knock on the oak. Your hands continued to search him while your mouth, your hot tongue, moved across the back of his neck and he leaned into it, his hands reaching behind him to find your supple thighs under your silk slip.


“I want the handcuffs", you whispered, nipping his earlobe.


Dick laughed quietly, and reached for them, but stood up and turned you on your back on the bed.


You watched him intently as he kneeled over you, holding his handcuffs over your body.


“You know what darling? I should arrest you”.


“Really? On what charge?”, you grinned up at him.


He pushed his hands down on your arms and said, “For distracting the hell out of a police officer”.


You laughed, the sound made his heart swell.


“I’m serious!”, he said, but the curve of his lip gave him away.


He took the handcuffs in one finger, and lowered them onto your upper right thigh. Slowly, he made a path along your body with the other end of the handcuffs. Over your stomach, up your body, over your nipples, your back arching, your fingers seeking him out.


He dropped the cuffs on the floor with a loud thud.


“Since the other night, I haven't been able to think about a Goddamn thing other than fucking your brains out”, he said, his tone strained with lust.


And that he said it so matter of factly made the impact all the more intense.


That was it for you.


“Oh yeah?”, you purred.


Yeah”, he answered, feeling your perfect hands under his clothes, opening his buttons one by one.


His shirt over his head, you greedily found his body with your mouth, finding his arms, his chest, his nipples, but then you pulled back.


“W-What is it?”, Dick panted, worried he’d done something wrong.


“Do you know what I can't stop thinking about?”, you questioned gently.


His fingers were in your hair now, your back on the bed, him on one elbow over you, “What's that?”, he said, those shimmering oceanic blue eyes always made you feel naked in the most delicious way.


“Kissing you”.


His eyes warmed.


“We haven't done that yet, have we?”, he nudged his nose against yours affectionately.


You shook your head no, shyly.


“Well I certainly haven't been much of a gentleman”.


You began to say something but then Dick’s fingers found the back of your head, his eyes locked on yours, his thumb finding your lips, opening them to him. Your hands stole to his neck, and your open mouths met.


Explosions of heat burst behind both of your eyes, swallowing all noises of excitement. You pulled him closer, aching to feel all of him at once, desperate for him to know how he made you feel.


Your mouths opened, your tongues found each other, and all his misgivings melted away in the molten lava that was that kiss, your bodies tightly together, your tongues circling one another, your hip locked around his.


“God”, you gasped into his mouth.


“I know sweetheart”, Dick whispered back.


Your fingers dug into his muscled back and you rolled him underneath you to tease his mouth with yours, tongues taunting each other. He pulled your nightgown over your head and sat up, his mouth eagerly finding your nipple, as he'd been aching to do since the last time.


Your arms locked around his neck as his tongue teased your nipple, easily working an orgasm out of you in moments, his face scratchy against your breast, his teeth teasing you gently.


“Fuck—oh!”, you whispered. There was something underlying wholesome in him, that made you somewhat embarrassed to be so wanton and sexual with him, while still he turned you inside out. His taut tight body, his amazing blue eyes.


You pushed him away gently.


“What is it?”, he asked.


“I want you so badly”, you whispered.


Dick smiled, “Sweetheart—I think I've made it clear the feeling is mutual”.


You went to speak but he cut over you, “I care a lot about you Y/N, you are such a good person—But I want to fuck you until you can't walk. Is that disrespectful? Maybe, but I can’t help it…I want you…All of you—Fuck sweetheart, I really do”.


Your eyes locked again.


“I know exactly how you feel”, you threaded your fingers through his dark hair, tugging it playfully.


“Well then, I think there's only one way to fix it”, he said.


You lowered your eyes, waiting for the inevitable, reaching for your nightgown. He got off the bed, helping you rip the silk fabric away. Dick tossed it to the floor before eying you fully, appreciating your beautiful form.


“You’re so beautiful”.


He leaned over you on the bed, pulling you to the edge, “This way”, he whispered, his gaze boiling over, sending you into the breakable end of the thermometer.


You reached for the button of his pants together and they fell to the floor quickly. Dick held your hips tightly and watched your back arch, your hardened nipples in the air, as he slid slowly, so slowly, inside your tight, wet heat.


“Fuck—I really should arrest you”, he groaned, sinking his teeth into his bottom lip hard.


You nodded quickly, mind reeling at the delicious sensation of Dick stretching you.


He dipped his face down to your ear and whispered, “You have the right to remain silent”.


You laughed, breathily and laced with desire, “No fucking way that's happening”.


“I really hope not”, Dick planted hot, opened mouthed kisses down the curve of your neck as he picked up a dangerous pace.


Harder, faster, he slid deeper inside you, exactly as you’d both dreamed the last week, probably longer, if you’d both dared admit it.


Your fingers were buried in his hair, yanking hard as he found that sweet spot. Faster he moved, harder, deep into your soaking wet pussy.


“Faster—please…oh fuck”, you moaned.


And like you’d requested Dick drove faster. Just like he'd obsessed over, wanting to, needing to, the connection there, every laugh you’d shared, every long, meaningful stare, every smile you couldn't explain — it was lost inside your fucking.


And you felt the rumbling, the inner rumbling, both of you, surfacing, close, closer, faster. You came first, riding it once, twice over, until Dick followed, finally, that blessed relief he'd been aching for. He'd wanted, needed so badly.


Dick lifted you up higher onto the bed and wrapped himself around you. Almost immediately you both gently closed your eyes, both sleep deprived, both exploded with relief.


You whispered his name, his first name, for the first time.


Dick ”.


“Yes?”, he answered quietly, pulling the covers around you both, but suddenly wide awake, on fire, again.


“What will you do if I go 20 miles over the speed limit?”, you asked, a teasing smile on your face.


Dick couldn’t contain the smile and chuckled lightly. He reached off the bed for something and came up with the handcuffs in his hand, “I'll show you”, he winked, “But can I at least take you out for dinner first sweetheart?”.


You blushed but nodded quickly, “I’d really like that”.