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O n e W e e k L o v e ♥

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O n e W e e k L o v e ♡

I am Hase Yuuki. I have a normal life...well somewhat normal.My friend Fujimiya San loses her memory of what happened on every Friday. But she keeps a diary. Everyday we would eat lunch together on the roof of the school. me I want to be more than friends...

"Hase- kun?" "H-huh?" I looked up and saw slightly pink cheeks with beautiful eyes that stuck out. Fujimiya - San. "I made a lunch for you today." "Oh! That's great, thanks" I smiled. We had started walking up to the roof.

Just thinking about it.....I wanted to see if I could do it again...but..she would forget. Only this time..a bit different. I could feel my heart pound. We sat down and opened our bento boxes and started eating. "This is really good!" I nearly choked by packing so much of the good food in my mouth.

"R-really?!" Her cheeks were pink again. "Yeah haha. Really its good.thank you." "Your welcome." She smiled softly. I looked at her and felt this"hase kun?" "Yes?" "Its always so pretty out here don't you think?" " yeah." I looked at her face. Suddenly I grabbed her shoulders but not tightly. I pressed my lips against hers.

My heart was racing...I wondered what she thought...I let go and looked into her eyes. "H-has-" "Fujimiya San. I love you." Her eyes were shimmering as the sun reflected them which made them even more beautiful as can be. I grabbed her head and put it on my chest. "Hase kun....I' sorry." I heard her voice didn't sound happy like it always is. I heard sobs.

"Its not your fault....I know you can't help please don't take it out on yourself." I could feel her arms around me. "I've never told you you too hase...all the times you've confessed to me..I've realized that all I did was run away and cry..because I didn't know what to do...I knew that I wouldn't I wrote it in my journal..."

I wish I could somehow help her with her problem but there wasn't any way..."please hase...just don't stop being friends with me...please..." she moved my bangs and kissed my forehead. I could feel my heart pounding. "Please forgive me....I've caused you pain...everytime you said you loved me...that probably hurt you so much...

I don't like seeing you go through with it...." "its alright fujimiya San...don't worry..even if Its killing me...I still will be by your side...forever."
"Thank you...for being so grateful to makes me so happy.." she smiled as she wiped her tears. I grabbed her hands and put something in them. "Close your eyes.." "okay." When I opened her hands I told her to look. She smiled. "....a ring...." she stuttered. "A promise ring...." I pressed my forehead

Against hers. "Now you'll know ill promise to stay by your side..." I smiled and laughed softly. "Thank you...this means alot to me...." she put it on. "I know its not that pretty but....that's what I found.." "its alright...I like it.." she said in her soft spoken little voice. "I love you..." "I love you too.."

That was until the day I never saw her again....