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It's a cold day, it's snowing heavily. Clearly not a time to go out if you're chilly.

Luckily, for Hope, she's a super tribrid who never gets cold. (But she wouldn't complain if it could be a little warmer.)

Her cold hands slide into the pockets of her beige pants.

Why did I put on the ugliest one, wonders Hope as she crosses the road and continues her walk to the sidewalk.

She straightens her head and she sees her.

Across the street stood a beautiful brunette wearing a navy blue down jacket and a pink scarf. It was Josie Saltzman.

Hope approached the siphoness with a quicker step.

She didn't expect to see her here. 

But they were on a date. So it's a good thing Josie didn't stand her up. That would have been very humiliating, because it was Hope who asked her for a date. The Mikaelson and the Saltzman had admitted their mutual crush (which Hope still found hard to believe) and had been dating for a few months now. Yet Hope still had the fear of ruining everything between them.

The Saltzman smiled at her and kissed her cheek, Hope only managed to get out a shy "Hi". This made the younger girl smile even more happily and she took Hope's hands, which she tucked into her trousers.

Hope cursed herself for having such cold hands, the Mikaelson hoped that Josie was not cold with her hands. She let go of the witch's hands, not missing Josie's slightly disappointed look.

She tries to ignore her hands that want to return to Josie's.

A little behind, the two girls don't talk much so Hope was easily distracted by a cat, she didn't see the patch of ice that Josie had carefully avoided, so, the big Mikaelson tribrid spread majestically on the ground.

This is... Very humiliating.

"Oh my god! Are you okay?" Asked the brunette worriedly as she lifted the other girl up.

"Yes... It's.... I was a little distracted..." Whispers Hope as she blushes and looks down.

Josie giggles slightly as Hope is currently dying of embarrassment on the spot. She quickly glances over to the cat who is waddling around with some mischief.

The Saltzman runs her arm over Hope's, which looks very much like a tomato. "We're almost there, look it's right in front of the pie shop." Explains Josie as she points to the bistro where the two girls will spend their first date.

The older girl gallantly opened the door as her uncle Elijah had taught her. Hope must have lost her lucky star because she was hit by a heavy snowfall from the roof.

Hope felt like crying.

"Hope !" Exclaimed the bistro owner and Josie.

"I ..." Hope began before falling silent. "I'm jinxed."

Luckily, the owner offered her a nice hot tea. This warms her up, even though Hope still has cold hands.

Josie starts to complain about a trick Cleo played on her in class, after making sure Hope was okay and not dying of hypothermia. Josie doesn't buy the fact that Hope is a super tribrid and technically can't die.

"I really don't understand how you can see tea, I think it tastes like nothing." Josie comments as she looks at the tea the auburn is holding tightly in both hands.

"It does taste... Plus it's freezing cold, so it warms the whole body." Hope explains awkwardly, taking a sip to prove that it's not so bad.

"Who knew the great Hope Andrea Mikaelson would be cold with a little bit of snow, aren't you part wolf?" Josie teases with a slight laugh.

Hope blushes heavily as she mumbles an answer like she is not cold (which is not true), and looks down at her tea which is almost finished. She drinks it neatly, burning her throat in the process. Josie got up and walked towards the counter, Hope looked at her with curiosity before understanding that the brunette was going to join her to tell her that she didn't have to pay, Josie had already done so. When Hope complains (because for God's sake (even though she didn't earn the money) Hope is as rich as Croesus) Josie smiles at her and promises that at the next appointment Hope can pay.

Hope doesn't know if she's blushing because Josie says they're going on another date or because Josie is holding her icy hands again. 

"You're freezing Hope!" exclaims Josie as she leaves the bistro, she runs her hands over Hope's face "Let's go home, you're going to get sick." of course Josie doesn't miss Hope's pout "we can still continue our date in your room, but you absolutely have to change your clothes yours are soaking wet, I still don't know how you don't get cold.

Hope is cold "I'm a werewolf I'm always hot" she will simply never admit it. She has too much pride to admit the truth.

The girls go back into the room, Hope changes her clothes she joins Josie who is sitting on her bed. Hope wrings her hands in all directions, she learns some pretty poems she found in poem books for Josie.

"Do you want an orange juice?" Hope blushes because that's all she has to offer, she hadn't really planned on having anyone over. 

Josie accepts the drink, starts playing Me. & Mrs. Jones on her laptop. "It's Billy Paul, do you like it?" Hope nods.

The two girls chat quietly as they relax, Hope relaxes, despite her cold hands, Josie left them on hers after the two girls finished their drinks.

"I know a poem that reminds me of you" Hope begins "L’étincelle de la fleur." It's kind of romantic in a way, because the poem is about love, fire and plants. 

"I love you." says Josie.

Hope repeats it over and over in her head. This was new, Josie had never told her. She felt chills run down her skin and a tornado of emotion in her belly appeared.

Now, what was she going to say to her ? 

Don't worry, I feel the same way? No, I seem to be asking her the same... 

Oh (turns head dramatically) me too. Uh...

 Best to avoid the bullshit, Hope's not going to say anything at all. (a thought in the back of her mind tells her she could have just said I love you back)

What if Josie thinks Hope thinks she doesn't love her? 

"I know." said Josie, surprising the tribid.

Of course.

Josie knew it, Hope shouldn't have worried and started making crazy theories in her head. Love doesn't always need words.

The light went out, and the two girls embraced.