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"You can blindfold me, you know."

He can hear Mando sighing — a sound of slight irritation. Yeah, if you belong to a mysterious cult with murky traditions, the meaning of which knows literally no one in the whole damn galaxy, explain them, if you please.
None of this Cobb says out loud, of course.

"That's not the point. The idea is not just to keep my face hidden from you. Well, not only that. I can't put my helmet off in front of another person… or any living thing." Mando stops, but Cobb feels, he hasn't finished. "I… I've done it before, I broke the creed, and now I'm paying for it. And I don't know if I can ever make amends."

The silence lied between them.

Cobb's never met someone like Mando before, has never seen people so strongly attached to their religious beliefs… Well, Cobb never had his own to figure something worth out in response to Mando's confession.

"Was it worth it? The reason you put your helmet off."

"I had no choice."

"Was it worth it?" insists Cobb, asking slower. Din hesitates.

"I was saving the kid's life."

Cobb runs his fingers on Mando's bare shoulder.

"You see? That's the answer. You did what you had to do. What you were supposed to do. Your kid is alive and back to his own kind thanks to you. And you don't need anyone's forgiveness for…whatever you think is against your mandalorian rules."

"You don't understand."

"Okay, this becomes a real strange foreplay now," Cobb grinnes to stop this conversation, which obviously is making Mando feel uncomfortable and far from the mood. Marshal slides closer to him and taps the gleaming surface of the helmet, staring at the blind visor where supposed to be Mando's eyes (which, apparently, he'll never see with his own). "Alright, I'm going to have sex with a man wearing the bucket on his head, which is weird, but I'll get used to it. I've seen worse."

Mando moved back.

"It is not a joke, Vanth! One more word and I'm leaving."

"Oh really?" Cobb raises his eyebrow, eloquently looking at the ropes on Mando's wrists and ankles. He bet that Mando stares accusingly now.

"You being funny, hah?" Mando leans to the wall, head back. Cobb sees his bare neck, and can't stop himself from putting his hand on it. Gently, just to feel how moves Adam's apple under his fingers when Mando swallows.

"I didn't mean to hurt you. That's just… Damn, that's weird. But I'm an asshole, you're right."

Mando remains silent, and Cobb starts thinking that he broke that special mood at all. Great job, Marshal. He put his hand away from Mando's neck.

"No, I can understand." Mando finally breaks the silence and changes position to get closer to Cobb. "It's hard for both of us. In different ways."

"But we'll figure something out?"

"We'll figure something out. And since you have to deal with 'the bucket' on my head… You can do anything you want."

"Anything?" Cobb smirks and pulls Mando on his back, then puts his bounded arms above his head. "Fine with me."