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I Get Breathless at the Buzzing of the Bike

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Annie:  I get breathless at the buzzing of the bike
when we're speeding down the road from town to town;
and I quiver like a feather when you're dressed up in your leather
and side by side we mow the vampires down.

But a partnership successful
should relieve you when you're stressful
after nights of taking vampires down.

Ripper: Well, magick's very well for getting high
and I've a passion for the printed word.
There's little that could dim moi's passion for a grimoire.
But to turn you down would be absurd.

Yes I'd like a night of nesting
if that's what you're suggesting
and denying you would surely be absurd!

There is no chorus, because Dru was supposed to sing it but every time she got started all she came out with was "At the moment I'm afraid I am as mad as any hatter . . . " so we had to Basingstoke her into submission.

Ripper: On the bed or on the floor or on the desk,
is there one position you prefer?
I'd be glad to nibble just to prove that I'm flexible.
Is there a special sort of spot that makes you purr?

Annie: If you have a handy toy kit,
we could certainly employ it.
But I don't think there's a doubt you'll make me purr.

Are we ready to attempt this do you think?
Should we study Kama Sutra til we're saved?
Information I'm inviting on a subject that's exciting:
do you think we are sufficiently depraved?

Ripper: I don't think you could slight us
on this subject Aphroditeous.
Yes, I think we are sufficiently depraved.

No chorus, just lots of breathless happy noises and a vague hum from the next room where Dru's busily tracing her family ancestry back, back, back, to a prehistoric protoplasmal primordial globule.