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her heart is tied to mine

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She's trying to be quiet. She really is. 

But it’s so hard with the wet heat of Vi’s mouth on her pussy, skilled tongue working between her folds, nose pressed to her clit. 

One hand is buried in Vi's impossibly soft pink hair, gripping her to the point of pain, she’s sure. It’s the only anchor she finds, pulling her closer, wanting her deeper. Her other hand covers her mouth as she tries to swallow every desperate noise that rises in her throat. She knows her parents are somewhere downstairs, discussing the logistics of scheduling a council meeting on such short notice. They should be preparing as well, knowing how meticulous and particular the council is, but —

She chances a look down, breathing out hard through her nose as she sees Vi’s grey eyes staring at her. They’re shockingly beautiful, enchanting like a spell. 

Vi pulls her mouth away with a cheshire grin, lips shiny with her spit and Caitlyn’s desire. 

“Enjoying yourself, cupcake?” she teases, voice low and gravelly, enough to send shivers of need down Caitlyn’s spine. She releases her nails from where they dig into her thighs, the sting of the marks sharp but she won't deny that she loves it. She gives a helpless little mewl as she grips at Vi’s hair again, raising her hips in an attempt to get her mouth back where she needs it. 

“If you stop now, I'm taking you right back to the undercity,” she threatens, but they both know it holds no weight, no malicious intent. 

Vi snorts with an affectionate roll of her eyes, pressing a lazy kiss to her inner thigh. “Sure, cupcake,” she replies easily, using one thumb to gently roll her clit. 

Caitlyn sucks in a breath, grip faltering on her hair. Vi never stops looking at her and Caitlyn’s almost scared to ask why and even more scared to know what she’s already found.

Vi, seemingly content with what she had been looking for, brings her mouth back down to Caitly’s thighs, littering kisses over porcelain skin. Barely-there bite marks adorn her thighs, as Vi had taken the time to litter them along her skin earlier. Caitlyn isn’t exactly sure how they got here, but she isn’t about to stop now. 

Not when Vi is using her fingers to spread her open, tongue obscene as she gently licks between her folds at first. Not tentative, but savoring. Vi’s eyes are back on her, heat simmering beneath the surface. She makes sure Caitlyn's watching as she presses her mouth back against her cunt, tongue licking deep. Her legs shake, and Vi uses her free hand to keep one thigh steady. 

Liquid fire pools in her belly as Vi keeps a consistent pace with her tongue, the wet heat delicious, unlike anything Caitlyn’s felt before. There's something about Vi, Caitlyn thinks hazily, as slim fingers make their home once more in pink locks, gripping hard enough that she feels Vi moan against her folds. Vi’s grip on her is firm but still allows her to grind her hips against her mouth, needing just a little bit more. She's intoxicating in every sense of the word, and a particularly deep stroke of her tongue makes her back arch, fire on fuel, racing towards the edge. 

“Your fi — fingers, please Vi,” she asks breathlessly, a touch of desperation clinging to her voice. Vi, ever so eager to please, dips two calloused fingers into Caitlyn’s heat. 

Fuck,” she moans, undignified and uncaring, grip on her hair tightening as her walls flutter around the fingers inside her, getting used to the stretch. Vi’s fingers are warm and thicker than her own, filling her perfectly as Caitlyn shamelessly grinds herself with more purpose. 

Vi’s tongue swirls around her clit as her fingers hook, striking the spot that makes Caitlyn’s vision go white, stars scattering her vision. Caitlyn's hips still as Vi’s pace takes over, steady and unforgiving. She pants against her clit, hot puffs of breath fanning over her as she maintains her pace, not wanting to break the rhythm that has Caitlyn spilling desire all over her fingers and down her wrist. 

Vi,” she gasps as a warning, legs tightening around her head, both hands buried in her hair as her pleasure mounts and peaks. She bites her lip hard to keep herself quiet as she cums, head thrown back as she shakes with the force, rapture flooding her veins like a drug, unable to focus on anything but the way Vi drags her lips across her clit so gently, fingers still buried deep as she pulses around them.

After a quiet moment, Caitlyn finally relaxes back against the sheets with a deep breath, a new ache in her bones that wasn’t there before, satisfied. Her legs fall to the side, fingers combing through Vi’s hair gently. 

Vi runs her free hand over Caitlyn's thigh soothingly, gentle kisses pressed to her skin, a thin sheen of sweat doting the surface. 

Caitlyn's brain is frazzled, unable to cling to any thought or feeling that isn’t centered around the girl between her legs. How her muscles feel underneath Caitlyn’s inquisitive fingertips; how she’ll cradle the back of Caitlyn’s head when they’re hugging, warmth radiating off her in waves; how she’ll look at her so intensely, worlds hiding in her eyes. 

Lips between the valley of her breasts bring her back to the present. She hums gently as Vi continues her trail of kisses, Caitlyn’s fingers carding leisurely through her hair. Vi’s mouth moves to her clavicle, teeth nipping gently. 

Her fingers are still buried in Caitlyn’s heat. 

“Vi?” she questions, moving to play with the hair at the nape of her neck before she continues her exploration of Vi’s body, her fingers drifting to her shoulders. Her strength is one of the many attributes that Caitlyn shamelessly admires, nails digging lightly into the muscles beneath her fingers. 

Her lips trail from her collar to the base of her throat, continuing their path to below her ear. Vi gently bites at her lobe before pressing a kiss to her pulse, shifting her weight to rest more comfortably on her side, giving her more room to move. 

“I wish I could hear how you sound when you cum, Caitlyn,” she breathes against her jaw. Caitlyn’s nails dig in harder. Her heart jumps, breath catching in her throat. 

“I bet you sound so pretty,” Vi continues, thumb pressing to her clit as she pushes one more finger into Caitlyn’s dripping heat, filling her completely. 

She can’t think, she can’t breathe. 

The first thrust of Vi’s fingers pulls a strangled mewl from her throat, raw and needy. It encourages her.

A wolfish grin paints Vi’s lips as she watches her fingers disappear into Caitlyn’s cunt, slick and sticky and wet. Caitlyn can barely keep her eyes open, but she drinks in the sight of Vi shamelessly watching as her hips chase after her fingers, wanting more, wanting them deeper. 

“Look at how desperate you are,” Vi continues, a hushed whisper only meant for her, lips tracing her jaw to imprint the words onto her skin like the tattoos that adorn her body. 

She is desperate, nails clawing at her arms to keep her grounded, mind blank from the fiery heat of her desire.

The sound of Vi’s fingers fucking into her ruthlessly is accompanied by her murmurings of the other filthy things she’d like to do to Caitlyn when they get the chance. 

Caitlyn will make sure they get that chance. 

It doesn’t take long for Caitlyn to feel the sharp edge of her orgasm building once more, so sensitive from earlier. It’s harder to control the noises now, too far gone to care, and Vi covers her mouth with her own in a semblance of a kiss. 

Their lips brush against each other as Vi keeps the same brutal pace, grey eyes piercing as she watches each flicker of emotion that crosses Caitlyn’s face. Her eyes are so beautiful, so enchantingly haunted at times. She has enough sense to bring one hand up to cradle Vi’s face, thumb stroking over her cheek, taking a moment to admire her. 

Vi presses their mouths together, lips warm and dry over her own as she grasps the back of Vi’s neck. 

Her pleasure crests as soon as their mouths meet, moan muffled against Vi’s lips. 

Soft kisses are placed all over her face and neck, Vi finally removing her fingers from between Caitlyn’s legs. She settles back against the sheets, boneless and breathless, watching through bleary eyes as Vi wipes her hand on her pants. Vi moves stray hairs off Caitlyn’s forehead, a soft, rare smile painting her lips. 

“Thank you,” Caitlyn says before she processes it, catching Vi’s hand to place a gentle kiss on the inside of her wrist. 

Thank you?” Vi echoes with a raised eyebrow, smile widening, so thoroughly amused as heat rises to Caitlyn’s face, flustered. 

“Oh, shut up,” Caitlyn tries to counter, but to no avail. At least she got to see Vi smile. 

“You’re a mess,” Vi comments, eyes drifting between her legs, where her slick has begun to dry. “I should — ” she begins, moving to get off the bed to clean her up. 

“Later,” Caitlyn says, sitting up enough to grab her wrist lightly, fingers pressing right where she had placed her kiss, not wanting to move quite yet. “Just stay, for now. Please?” 

Vi looks at her again, and Caitlyn will never get over the depths of emotions that hide in her eyes. She wants to drown in them, she realizes, wants to understand everything about her. 

“Alright, cupcake,” she says, placing a soft kiss on Caitlyn’s knuckles before settling back next to Caitlyn, securing her in her arms. “Later.”